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Event Three: Padfoot and Prongs by ohmymerlin
Chapter 1 : Padfoot and Prongs
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At Platform 9 3/4, Sirius Black was impatiently waiting to board the train for the first time.

His mother was warning him not to taint the family name. He didn’t care. He was finally going to Hogwarts!

His mother finally released him and Sirius raced towards the train, eager to meet new people. He promptly knocked someone over.

“Watch it,” the boy muttered, rubbing his head and standing up.

Sirius eyed the boy with interest. It seemed like he was also starting Hogwarts. “Are you starting Hogwarts?” he asked, looking at the boy’s messy hair and rumpled clothes. His glasses were a little lopsided. Maybe he’d be Sirius’ new friend.

“Yeah, you?” he asked, mussing his hair up even more.

“Yep! Sirius Black,” he said, holding his hand out as taught by his father.

“James Potter,” he replied, smacking his hand as a high five instead.

“Oi, Sirius!” James shouted.

“What?” he yelled back, looking up from his breakfast.

They were sitting far apart as James was suspicious that Sirius was going to pour pumpkin juice on him from Sirius’ threat.

He yelled, “Truce?” He was grinning, knowing Sirius would agree. They’d hardly talked, other than yelling at each other from distances.

“Yeah,” Sirius affirmed, moving the pumpkin juice away. However, James didn’t see the goblet sitting precariously on Sirius’ legs. Sirius acted innocent as James bounded to him.

Remus looked suspicious but hid behind the newspaper so that he couldn’t be held accountable for the following events that would undoubtedly occur.

James sat next to Sirius. “Ah, I can finally relax—” He swore loudly when Sirius poured juice over his head.

“Truce.” Sirius smirked at James’ scowl.

James and Sirius researched Animagi. Sirius was extremely enthusiastic about it and constantly had his shaggy head buried in books, writing notes and worked extra hard in Transfiguration. People believed he’d started studying for exams early.

James, Sirius and Peter snuck into an unused classroom whilst Remus was doing patrols to practise. After a long time, a grand stag and beastly dog chased each other around the room while the small rat darted around. Sirius popped back into human form and said to Peter, “Hey, it looks like you’ve got a worm for a tail.”

James, back to his human self, said, “It does! We can call you Wormtail!”

Peter, no longer a rat, shrugged. “I suppose you could. And Remus could so be Moony!”

“That’s a brilliant idea!” Sirius clapped Peter on the back. He glanced at James. “You could be Prongs because you have ugly antlers.”

“Cheers,” James said sarcastically. “You could be Snuffles because you’re so terrifying.”

Sirius went to kick James but he dodged it. “Get your filthy foot away from me, Black — wait. Padfoot! You could be Padfoot!”

Sirius mulled it over. “That’s a wicked name!” he said, giving him a high five.

“Prongs,” he said.

“Padfoot,” James echoed, beaming.

Sirius packed up his things and left the house, slamming the door behind him, silencing the howls of his mother.

Begrudgingly, he held out his arm and boarded the rickety Knight Bus. He would’ve preferred to walk but he was already sopping.

The man behind the wheel asked where to and Sirius said the first address that popped into his head. In hardly any time he arrived. Quickly throwing the conductor some sickles, Sirius hopped out of the bus, ran to the front door and knocked.

Prongs answered. He took one look at his best mate and grabbed the trunk off of him without asking why Sirius was at his door, dripping. He only said, “Blimey, you smell like wet dog.”

Sirius was polite to Lily but he never really liked her that much. James never stopped talking about her and honestly, he was rather sick of her.

Prongs was disappointed in him, but he tried to hide it. Sirius pretended not to notice his friend staring at him dejectedly every time he brushed Lily off. Eventually Lily stormed up to him. “We need to talk.”

Sirius raised an eyebrow at her. Lily said, “I’m staying whether you like it or not. It’s easier if we get along.”

“It’s always been me and Prongs,” he moaned, unwilling to admit she was right.“Now it’s you guys and me on the side, like a salad,” he grumbled. “No one likes salad.”

She smacked him. He rubbed his head and looked at her reproachfully but she didn’t offer any sympathy. “It’s always going to be you and James. I’m the extra in this trio. It’s how it’s always been and how it’ll always be,” she said the way one would speak to a small child when explaining why people shouldn’t have sweets before supper.

“You know what?” he said fondly. “I think we’re going to be mates.”

“Not too much though,” Prongs said from behind them. “I don’t want to fight for Padfoot.”

Lily looked at Sirius with an amused smirk. She mouthed, ‘Told you.

It was Prongs’ wedding. Sirius was the best man. He was extremely proud and didn’t stop boasting. Moony nearly jinxed him. But none of that mattered because Prongs and Lily’s wedding finally arrived.

He had a grin the whole time he was by Prongs’ side. It wasn’t even his wedding but it was one of the happiest days of his lives, seeing his best mate finally marry the girl he never shut up about.

Sirius wasn’t asked to be godfather. He was told. Prongs didn’t allow any arguments, even though Sirius insisted Moony would have been the better choice.

Lily, who was lying in bed absolutely exhausted, snapped, “I just gave birth. If I’m telling you to be the godfather, you’ll do it. Otherwise I’ll make James kick you.”

Prongs smirked smugly. “I’ll follow through. Now come on and meet Harry.”

Sirius held his godson, feeling overwhelmed. “Poor guy’s got your hair.” He grinned at the new parents.

Prongs laughed. “At least he’s got Lily’s eyes.” Sirius looked down at Harry, beaming.

Prongs was staring at the both of them, bursting with pride. He looked tired but his eyes were far too bright for him to be able to rest. Sirius knew that look well. He’d seen it every time they’d snuck out for a full moon at school.

Harry gurgled and Sirius almost threw him at Lily in fear that he broke his tiny godson.

Prongs laughed at him. “Don’t be too nervous, he’s only a baby. What can he do?”

“He’s got our genes so probably a lot,” Lily laughed.

Sirius and Prongs were sitting in the backyard, letting Harry roll around between them. Sirius noticed that the trees were losing their leaves.

Sirius yawned and fidgeted. “Getting restless, Padfoot?” Prongs picked Harry up and rested his cheek atop his messy hair.

Sirius shrugged. “Maybe.” He tickled Harry’s foot making his godson squeal.

Prongs grinned. “Wanna run?”

Sirius perked up like a dog who’d heard the word ‘walk’. Prongs had the familiar mischievous twinkle in his eye — he was also ready to let loose.

“Let me put Harry inside. I doubt Lily’d appreciate if we left him.” Sirius laughed as Prongs went inside with Harry, imagining Lily’s anger if she found out they deserted Harry. Sirius was sure they’d be cursed.

“Let’s go,” Prongs said, no longer holding Harry. They walked to a concealed section of the yard and transformed into their Animagi.

Prongs hit his antlers across Padfoot’s stomach and he barked happily in response. To an outsider, it may have seemed odd seeing a dog and stag together.

It was just another day for them.

Sirius decided to check on Peter. Leaving the motorbike by the mailbox, he bounded up the front porch. He knocked on the door.

There wasn’t any sound of the familiar scurrying. Sirius knocked again, this time much louder. After repeating Peter’s name, he unlocked the door with his wand and entered. He held his wand out, heart thumping loudly.

He looked around wildly. “Peter!” The eerie silence was the only response. He panicked at the thought of Peter being captured. Then he noticed something. Everything was in order. A mug was drying in the sink. The blinds were closed. The only thing lying out of order was an old photo of the Maruaders lying face down on the carpet.

His heart dropped.

Stumbling out, he started his motorcycle to check on Prongs, Lily and Harry. When he was up in the icy air, he knew Peter had betrayed them.

He sat by their graves. Placing a hand on the headstone, he murmured, “I’m sorry. It’s been twelve years. Every day hurts more. I’m sorry I haven’t been there for Harry. I’ve been locked in Azkaban. Lily’d be proud.”

He laughed weakly and wiped the tears from his face. “I didn’t deserve you as a brother. I miss you so much, Prongs,” he said finally, his voice cracking. He then slunk away as Padfoot but not before barking at the full moon.

Final word count: 1,497 words!

Wow. I wrote well over 3,000 words so I had to cut out more than half of this o.o But I finally got it under! It nearly sent me insane but I did it! I DID IT WOOOOOOOOOOOO

*deep breath*

So this was for the House Cup over at forums! This is prompt 3: 'Write about a friendship to remember that fraternal bonds can last an eternity.'

So hopefully I did their friendship justice? Whenever I think of the Marauders I get an ache in my heart because their circumstances were so unfair :( But this is not the time to mope :P

Hope you all enjoyed! Please leave a review telling me what you think! ♥

- Kayla :)

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Event Three: Padfoot and Prongs: Padfoot and Prongs


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