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Deadly Affairs by DracosSexxiSlytherins
Chapter 12 : An Opportunity
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 Disclaimer: We do not own any characters referenced in this story that are the wonderful J.K. Rowling's, such as Hermione, Draco, Astoria and of course the magical world. 




I winced as my foot sunk into a puddle, quickly soaking through to my sock. It had been pouring, so the streets of London were flooding. I could have apparated, but walking helped me to remember Mom and Dad. Two other people who aren’t in my life anymore. I thought to myself as I trudged along, this rain is so ironic- sad mood, sad weather. Creating a bright red umbrella with my wand, to match my red rain boots of course, I walked on to the muggle entrance to the Ministry.


Walking gave me a sense of being content. It gave me time to sort through all of the thoughts that were crammed into my head like an overfilled filing cabinet. It gave me time to reflect.


I winced again as my reflections took me to this morning, when I had waken up in Gavin’s flat. If I could obliviate that whole four hours out of my head I would. Without batting an eyelash.


His voice came back to my head…






Slowly extracting myself from Gavin’s vice of a grip, I slid from the bed and ran to where my clothes were strewn across the floor.


“Whereyougoing?” his sleepy voice mumbled across the room to me.


I was struggling to put my shirt on when I answered in a muffled voice, “Clearly this was a mistake, one big misunderstanding. I do not know what we did or what events occurred. I don’t know where my friends are or what happened to them. So, I’m going home.”


I heard a creak of bed springs and felt the footfalls coming closer to me, two hands grasped the bottom hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head.


I glanced up and saw Gavin’s handsome face gazing down at me, “Thanks…I think.”


He gave me a small smile, “No problem.”


I smiled at him, suddenly I realized the proximity of us I backed away and started looking around as if I was searching for my shoes.


I heard a whisper behind me, “Looking for these?” Gavin’s deep voice said to me as he held up my teal Converse.


“How did you-“ I started in wonder.


He pointed at himself with his free hand smiling, “Wizard.”


I rolled my eyes in mock astonishment while I snatched my shoes back, “Oh really? I didn’t know!”


He laughed, “Well, since you’re in such a rush to get out of here,” he gave my hand holding the rest of my clothes a pointed stare, “I might as well make you breakfast before you take off.”


“I really shou-“ I started to protest, but got hushed by Gavin’s big hand covering my mouth.


“No arguments.” He said firmly. “It would be a pleasure to make breakfast for you…” he paused awkwardly.


“Oh!” I exclaimed, he doesn’t even know my name! I thought, annoyed at the fact that I was in his home, he is going to make me breakfast, and he didn’t even know my name. “It’s Hermione.”


He smiled, regardless of my icy tone, “Hermione. That’s a pretty name.”


I shuffled my feet and looked at the ground, “Thanks…I think.”


 I switched from staring at my feet to staring at the corner, where I noticed dust bunnies collecting and beige paint chipping away to show the beginning of mold against the carpet. “Well…” I said, not knowing what to do.


Gavin clapped his hands. “Right! Breakfast!” he said bouncing backwards a couple steps and then turned around in one fluid motion to go into the kitchen.


“Okay, then.” I mouthed to myself as I finished getting dressed. I heard the pots in the kitchen clanging and clinking against one another. I sighed to myself, a little bored as I waited. I could always just apparate out of here. I thought to myself, but that would be rude, and I am nothing if not polite.


So I sat. I flopped onto the bed, splayed out in a star formation. I got up and rummaged through his closet, looking at the brand names of his clothes. American Eagle…wonder what that is. I looked at the few pictures that sat on his dresser. They showed him smiling in a white, red, and blue muggle graduation outfit and standing with two men on his right and a woman on his left, in the background there was a big rock with four faces carved into it. Right above the picture, on the wall there was a pennant of a muggle American football team with signatures on it.


“Do you know the Packers?” Gavin’s voice boomed loudly from the doorway. I jumped, almost knocking over his picture. He laughed at me again, “Breakfast is ready and waiting for us, unless you want to skip the bacon and eggs and just look at my beautiful face all day.”


“Ha! As if! Now where are these eggs I’m hearing about?”


I followed Gavin into his kitchen, and look at the small wooden table in the middle. It is laden with eggs, toast with various preserves, bacon, bagels, muffins, a homemade yogurt parfait, and my favorite…waffles. “Gavin! This is quite extensive for two people!” I exclaimed, but I was wasn’t complaining. He had waffles!


“I know, but what is the point of magic if not to make lavish meals?” he said to me while he helped himself to some toast.


We talked throughout the meal- I asked various questions about him, his family, what he was doing in Britain, and other random topics. But one question was on my mind. What exactly did we do last night? For I could not remember any of it. Just blurry shapes and music.


I hadn’t realized Gavin had asked me a question while I was having an inner monologue with myself. “Huh?” I asked stupidly at him.


He rolled his eyes, “I asked why you are in such a rush to leave my apartment on this fine morning.”


“Oh… umm…” I trailed off, not knowing how to word the utter embarrassment of being in a strangers flat.


“Umm?” he prompted.


“You know…I woke up in a strange place with a stranger. Who wouldn’t want to get out of that situation?”


He nodded slowly, then understanding flashed in his blue eyes, “You don’t remember anything about last night do you?”


Heat flooded my face, making a blush creep up the back of my neck. “Is it that obvious?”


“Well, you’ve been distracted all morning. You ask me questions about everything but last night. I think it is pretty obvious.” He smiled his blinding smile at me, “Or, I’m just extremely intuitive.”


There was a pause, I could see that he was enjoying having this power over me. I usually don’t not know things. I thought to myself. Look at this git. This is a change…I don’t like it. “Well? What did we do last night?” I asked impatiently.


“I don’t know. What did we do last night?” he asked smugly.


“Ugh!” I got up and grabbed my blazer turning to the door of his flat. “Fine, whatever, don’t tell me. See if I care.”


“Wait!” he jumped up and grabbed my wrist, “I’m sorry, okay?”




“We didn’t do anything last night, Hermione.”


“You mean…we didn’t…”I stumbled in my wording as my face lit up again, “We didn’t…sleep together?” I whispered the last part.


There was a pause, then Gavin started to laugh. I mean big, booming laughter. He was doubled up on the floor by the time I got over the shock of being laughed at. “This-this isn’t funny!” I said to him angrily.


“Oh, but it is!” he said between bursts of laughter. “You say ‘sleep together’ is such a bad thing!”


“But-but-but…” I sputtered.


Gavin stood up, towering over me, and wiped some laughter tears from the corners of his eyes. “It’s okay, Hermione. I get it. Nothing to ruin your reputation, don’t sweat it.”


I nodded silently, I was slightly biffed that he thought it was about my ‘reputation’. Are you sure it wasn’t? Asked a voice inside my head. “Well, I really must go. I have work and have to find my friends…” I trailed off, wondering where in the world Luna and Ginny had gotten to.


He smiled again, Does he ever stop smiling, and pulled me into one of those hugs that squeezes the air out of your lungs. “I’ll see you later, Hermione” he whispered into my hair.


Unable to hug him back, because he started to freak me out, I nodded and turned away towards the door. Once I stepped over the threshold I felt the pulling and tugging sensation of apparition.




“Ermgh…” I groaned as I struggled to sit up. My tie was askew, pants and shirt were wrinkled. Running a hand through my already disheveled hair, I took in my surroundings.  


I had gone out with Blaise, Pansy, and Theo, but that was two days ago. We all went out, of course got drunk on firewhiskey, and apparated mostly across the world having fun in the different places we went. We lost Theo in Singapore, but had found him again in a wizard club in Moscow.  Blaise and I left Pansy and Theo in Paris to go back home. Fun times…I thought to myself, sad that it was over.


I was on a couch, obviously made of cheap gold fabric, contrasting with the expensive looking rugs covering the hard wooden floor. I was in a sitting room, a grand piano in one corner and a muggle gun case in the other. The walls were painted a dark maroon color to go with the golden accents. This looks like a Gryffindor common room. I thought disgustedly to myself. The was light streaming through a big bay window to my left, whose curtains were still swinging with the momentum of someone pulling them back.


Two big hands clapped down on my shoulders, “Hey, mate! I see you’re finally awake!” Blaise…I thought tiredly to myself. Blaise had a thing for getting up early, and disturbing people when they don’t want to be disturbed. “You’re going to be late for work if you don’t hurry!”


“Ugh, don’t remind me!” I groaned, rubbing my hands over my face.


“Well you could always just skip.” He said smiling. “Like me!”


I glared at him, “Blaise, you don’t even have to work. You’re rich enough not to!”


“And so are you! But you still insist on wasting your time with the foreign affairs of the Ministry.”


“It’s not a waste of time… it keeps me busy!”


Blaise rolled his eyes, turning away from me to walk somewhere in his mansion, “Merlin’s beard! You are just so dull! Now get out of here!”


“What kind of host are you!? Where is my breakfast?!”


“Oh go get your own bloody breakfast you git!” Blaise yelled back at me.


I laughed and grabbed my coat and headed towards the black intricately carved wooden door. “See ya, Blaise!” I yelled to the empty entrance hallway.


Why aren’t you gone yet?!


Smirking I walked out the door, and got poured on. Bloody hell! I thought to myself as my clothes got drenched. This is exactly what I need, I’m already late and now rain! Cursing, I dried my clothes with a spell and put a waterproofing charm over myself and walked to a muggle café a couple blocks down, not caring about work- I was already late.


A bell chimed as I walked through the French style doorway. The blonde girl working at the counter threw me a flirtatious smile. Muggles. I thought to myself as I smirked at her. I sauntered my way up to the counter, enjoying the girl’s look of anticipation. Why not have a little fun at this? “So…” I glanced at her name tag, “Melinda, what’s good here?”


“Well, there is this Carmel mocha that’s delicious…” and the girl droned on about items I did not care about. I just kept staring into her brown eyes making the young girl squirm.


Until suddenly a flash of color caught my eye from the window in the front. I looked over and saw none other than Hermione. “On second thought, never mind.” I interrupted the girl at the counter and left her sputtering as I went outside.“Hermione!” I called to the girl in the red rain boots.


Hermione turned, curly hair whipping around her face. ‘Draco!”


I jogged towards her, “What are you doing out in the rain?!”


She sent me a look, “Walking, obviously.”




She looked at me skeptically, “What are you doing in the muggle region of London? Shouldn’t you be at work?”


“Shouldn’t you?” I shot back at her.


“Well-I-I” she stuttered for a while, “You can’t answer my question with a question!”


“Then you shouldn’t inquire so much.” I told her as I put an arm around her shoulders. “But I do agree with you that we should be at work right now.”


She pushed my arm off and started to walk away from me, “Indeed.” I apparated to stand right in front of her. She looked frantically around to make sure that no passing muggle had seen, “Draco! You can’t do that!”


I smirked and shrugged, “Oh well, what more can happen? My wife is already in a coma. Hey! I never did ask you, did you find anything when you went to the Library?”


A strange look passed over her face, one that looked both fearful and cautious. “No…I couldn’t find anything.”


“Are you sure?” I said, suspicious at her tone and expression.


Her brow furrowed as she sent me a glare, “Of course I’m sure. Who do you take me for? A liar? When I tell you I didn’t find something, I didn’t find it.”


“Umm… okay then.” I said, not knowing how to respond to Hermione’s sudden change in demeanor. To be honest, I was a bit put out that she didn’t find anything, but I wouldn’t say anything to her.


She started walking again, with me right beside her. It was a long, awkward silence between us. I didn’t know what to say. Like, what do you say to an obviously angry, distracted girl? How are you supposed to respond to that?! So I filled the silence with dramatic sighs and bouts of the fake clearing of my throat. She glanced at me, “Will you shut up? I’m trying to think.”


I put my hands up, “Sorry, your highness.” That earned me another glare.


The rain continued to poor as we walked on the sidewalks to the muggle entry way. I glanced over at Hermione, she had a determined look on her face. Her brow creased, eyebrows pinched together, and eyes straight forward. Her brown hair was untamed today, a mess of waves and curls brushing and swaying in front of her face as the wind blew. She was biting her lip, as if something made her nervous. Her lips…I thought to myself as I unconsciously continued to stare. As if sensing my gaze she looked over at me, “What? Do I have something on my face?”


Startled out of my reverie I pushed my embarrassment of being caught down and smirked at her, “No, nothing at all.”


“Okay…” she said giving me a weird look.


Merlin’s beard, Draco! Get your head out of the gutter! I shoved my hands in my pockets and stared at the ground and everything other than Hermione as we walked on. We rounded the corner of the grey stone building and came to the bright red phone booth of the Ministry. Hermione made her umbrella disappear and stepped into the booth. She turned around to look at me, “Well, are you coming?”


“Obviously.” I said, mock rolling my eyes and smirking at her.


A ghost of a smile graced her lips as we started our descent into the Ministry.




The proximity between us was almost nonexistent. The small booth could hardly fit tall, muscular Draco and small me. I could feel the heat radiating off of his body, warming the left side of me. I looked out the windows and saw that the main hall was almost empty. Only the Daily Prophet boy and a couple of workers discussing business by the fountain. They all looked up as the phone booth floated down to the floor.


I felt the thump run through the whole booth, the vibration making me lose my balance. I squeaked as I stumbled through the open door. I saw the floor rushing up to meet me, but I stopped. I then noticed a strong arm pulling me back up. Draco set me in front of him, “You alright?” he asked in a concerned voice.


I shrugged his hands of the shoulders, Play it cool Hermione. “Yeah, I’m fine. You didn’t have to…” I trailed off as I got lost in the steel grey eyes. So much for playing it cool.


He smirked at me, which sent shivers up my spine. “I didn’t have to? You wouldn’t have gotten seriously hurt! Talk about clumsy!”


I rolled my eyes at him, crossing my arms, “Am not!”


“Are too!” he said smiling. In one fluid movement he turned me around with an arm on the shoulder, pointing me in the direction of the fountain. “But now is not the time for arguments, especially when the Head of the Magical Creatures office is giving us strange looks.”


I gasped and looked where Draco had said. Sure enough, the Head of Magical Creatures was giving the both of us disapproving stares. I felt a blush creep up, and hurriedly made my way to the elevators. As I passed a group of wizards and witches I looked at the ground, wishing I could sink into it and disappear. Then I noticed that Draco had been right beside me the whole time. I looked over at him, “What are you doing?”


He looked around, not knowing I was talking to him. “What do you mean?” he asked confusedly.


“I mean, why are you following me? Stop following me!”


“But, I think I’m going to work.”


“But, why don’t you go some other way?”


We both stopped in front of the elevator, “Does it bother you?” he asked.


“What do you mean?”


He smirked again, “I mean, does it bother you that I’m hanging around with you?”


Yes, I wanted to say, I’m thinking thoughts about you that I shouldn’t. “No, why should it bother me? It doesn’t bother me. No.”, blushing furiously I turned back to the elevator and waited for it to open.


Thankfully, the door opened right as I turned and I stepped in quickly. Much to the logical part of my mind’s disappointment, Draco followed suit. I stepped into a corner, trying to look bored. Maybe then he won’t talk to me? The logic thought. Are you kidding me right now?! You know you want him, in every way possible. Don’t lie to yourself, it’s unbecoming. Said my conscious.


I looked at him, studying him. He has grown up. He was no longer the brat from Hogwarts, not even the Death Eater. His face was more chiseled, and he had a 4 o’clock shadow dusting his jaw. He didn’t still have the same bright blonde hair, it had turned a light sandy shade, and he wore it scruffier. It was messed up, as if he had just woken up and walked out the door. His physique had definitely changed, for the better. No longer was Draco a stringy, scrawny twig, Hermione likey! My conscious tight. Oh my goodness, shut up! You’re acting like a fangirl!


Draco gave me a sideways glance and went back to looking straight ahead, “And you said I was staring.”


“Oh don’t flatter yourself.” I sneered at him.


“Welcome, to the Department of Magical Education. Have a nice day!” chimed the welcome witch’s voice.


The doors clattered open, and I stepped out quickly and saw that Hooty McOwlface was waiting for me. “Hermione! Where have you been?” he paused as I stuttered  -racking my brain for a good excuse, “It doesn’t matter, I don’t care. I have a special job for you Hermione. Come on! We don’t have all day, and you need to get going immediately.” He glanced back into the elevator, “You come too, Draco. I’ve already cleared it with your boss.”


He started waddling quickly away, I followed, keeping my pace next to his. He glanced at me as if I shouldn’t be walking in such a ‘high position’. Oh please I basically do his job for him. He can go somewhere else if he doesn’t like it. Draco was strolling behind us, confused. But when you worked in the Dept. of Education you get used to weird. “Um, sir…” Draco started, “Why exactly do I have to be here?”


“Shut it, Malfoy. I’ll tell you when I want to.” McOwlface said gruffly.


Draco opened up his mouth to reply, but I shook my head silently. It was better not to argued with Hooty, it just made things worse. Draco sent me a look that said, What the hell is this about?! I shrugged my shoulders, trying for a look of nonchalance.


We took a right into the hall of the main office. I saw Astoria’s desk sitting there, empty. Nothing had moved since she left it. There was no sign that she had ever left, except a thing coating of dust across the stacks of papers filed neatly on the right side. Draco looked at the desk a long moment, before following me into Hooty’s office.


Hooty sat heavily upon the chair, making it creak with the strain. “I have a job, and a special one. It came from up above.” Hooty had a thing about referring to the Minister and his advisors as ‘up above’. Some stupid muggle thing he picked up.“I need you, Hermione to go on a trip to several different schools across the world. This will supposedly help us incorporate new ideas into our educational system and ‘better our next magical generation’ blah, blah, blah.” He waved his hand in a vague way, “You will be going to Brazil, India, Norway, America, and…” he looked at his papers, “Bulgaria. I trust you would be able to handle yourself, but they insist you need a foreign affairs representative with you.  So I got it cleared that Mr. Malfoy would be your partner in this little escapade.”


My face paled, I’d be going to Bulgaria?! And even worse, I’d be going with Malfoy! Can I control myself? Of course, I’m Hermione after all, I tried to reassure myself. “Uh-uh- yeah. This is great!” I said with fake enthusiasm, Please, Merlin let this not be true. “Thank you for picking me-“


McOwlface laughed at me, “You think you were my first choice?” he laughed some more, “You were my fourth choice. I was going to pick Astoria, but she is indisposed, and all the others had other events going on.”


Why that little- I made a grab for my wand, about point five seconds away from hexing him across his fat face. My anger was getting the best of me, That little, no good, cock sucking…I went on in my head swearing at him for what seemed like minutes, but was only seconds.


Draco made a grab for my hand, stopping me just in time from obliterating my ‘boss’.  He pulled himself close, as if he was escorting me. “Thank you for this opportunity, it means a lot to the both of us I’m sure. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go plan our assignment.” And on that note, Draco half pushed, half dragged me out of McOwlface’s office.









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