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(Event Three) Moony's Memories by HeyMrsPotter
Chapter 1 : One.
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23rd June 1977
The wolf was running so fast that the damp ground barely made contact with the paws he travelled on. The forest around him was a blur of earthy colours, but he barely looked at it for his eyes were fixed on the back end of a shaggy black dog just a few feet ahead. The thundering of hooves coming from behind told him that the stag was close, and he knew the familiar rat was the something small darting in and out of his peripheral vision.

It was a Saturday and the last night in the cycle that the moon would be full, much to the relief of Remus Lupin. His body was wolf but the thoughts in his head were becoming more his own: the first sign that the end of that month’s torment was coming to an end. Though the three days a month he spent as a wolf were easier since the previous year when his friends became Animagi, his eyes still flicked to the sky so that he could watch it turn lighter. The inky black of night was gone and was replaced with a deep blue that he knew meant his transformation would happen soon.

The thought spurred him on and his body surged forward making him in line with the dog he knew as Padfoot. He heard a low growl coming from the dog; Sirius never liked to be beaten. The frustration of his friend only served as incentive for Remus to win, with his next steps he pushed harder than ever and consequently it was his nose that reached the edge of the forest first. He skidded to a stop and shook off the mud that sprayed his face during the race. Sirius joined him and lay down panting heavily.

When the rat and the stag came, the four unlikely companions walked slowly across the grounds until they were faced with the Whomping Willow; Remus’ constant reminder that he was dangerous. Peter darted forward and performed his usual dance around the whipping branches. He disappeared and then the tree was as still as its surroundings, leaving the others to enter the passage it concealed.

As he walked along the dark hallway of the house, Remus could feel the ache in his bones that told him it was almost morning. He curled up on the floor next to the bed and tried not to whimper at the increasing pain of his transformation. His eyes were closed but he knew if they were open he would see his nose shortening, the fur covering his body disappearing, and his limbs normalising. As always, his friends stayed in their animal form until his transformation was complete.

“Welcome back Moony!” James grinned and Remus gave him a weary smile.

“Nice finish,” Sirius added. “You know I let you win, right?”

“If you say so, Padfoot,” Remus replied, elbowing Sirius as he walked past him. Peter guffawed and followed.

The sun was rising over the castle now, casting an orange glow over the grounds. Remus was relieved that it was Sunday and he could head straight to Gryffindor tower, and his warm four-poster bed. The boys walked across the grass in silence, then into the deserted Entrance Hall. They were heading for the stone staircase when a voice spoke.

“Either I’m dreaming or there are four boys sneaking in from the grounds at six in the morning.”

Remus spun round to see Professor McGonagall standing just outside of the doors to the Great Hall, wearing a tartan dressing gown and a stern expression on her face. One hand was on her hip and the other was holding a mug of tea.

“You’re dreaming, Professor,” James said with a nervous laugh.

McGonagall raised a thin eyebrow. “Nice try, Mr. Potter. Would you care to explain why you were out so early?”

“Well, we, er-“ Sirius began, but Remus interrupted.

“It was my fault Professor!”

“Remus?” she asked, surprise evident in her tone.

“Yes. I dared the others to jump into the Black Lake because I won a bet. That’s what we’ve been doing.” Remus crossed his fingers behind his back praying the Professor would believe him.

“Foolish as that is of you, that doesn’t explain why you were out so early.”

Remus wracked his brain for a reason but thankfully Sirius piped up. “Remus dared us to do it naked, Professor. We didn’t think it wise to do it later in the day.”

For a split second, Remus thought he saw the corners of McGonagall’s mouth twitching, but it quickly pressed back into its usual hard line.

“Twenty points from each of you. And detention. I will be informing your Head of House, and rest assured Professor Dumbledore will speak with you about this. Do you have anything to say for yourselves?”

Sirius nudged Remus’ arm before turning to McGonagall. “You’re absolutely right to give us a rough time, Professor.”

It took all of his strength to keep a straight face, but Remus quickly caught on to Sirius’ joke and added, “Howl we ever show you how sorry we are?”

McGonagall opened her mouth to speak, but Peter distracted her. He started to laugh but quickly covered it with a cough before saying, “Rest assured our behaviour will be squeaky clean from now on.”

James was shaking with the effort it was taking him not to laugh, but still managed to quip, “We’re dearly sorry, Professor. We’ll go to bed now.”

McGonagall narrowed her eyes at the boys and nodded. They turned on their heels and raced up to Gryffindor tower, waiting until they were through the portrait of the Fat Lady before dissolving into fits of laughter on the floor of the Common Room.

January 6th 1994
Remus opened his eyes, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth and pointed his wand at the Boggart that bore the shape of a Dementor, the memory fresh in his mind as he said, “Expecto Patronum.”

He turned to see Harry slumped on the floor and knelt down next to him, making sure to offer him a chocolate frog when he came to. The lesson wasn’t going well so far and Lupin was wondering if it had been a good idea to offer them. This was reconfirmed after Harry’s second attempt, when he ended up lying on the floor again. He froze when Harry mentioned James, but thankfully he had a moment to compose himself as the boy tied his shoelace.

“You heard James?” He asked, hoping that Harry did not notice how his voice caught in his throat.

“Yeah. Why- you didn’t know my dad, did you?”

“I-I did, as a matter of fact. We were friends at Hogwarts.” he replied. The lump in his throat grew, it still hadn’t stopped hurting to talk about James in the past tense. He quickly changed the subject, eager now to have Harry leave, but the boy was truly James’ son and stubbornly refused, getting to his feet and pointing his wand at the Boggart again.

May 2nd 1998
His back was pressed against a hard stone wall, on which floor of Hogwarts he was on he did not know. His lungs were so desperate for air that each sharp intake of breath hurt, but still he fought on. Dolohov matched his every curse effortlessly, despite being at least ten years Lupin’s senior. Remus knew his body was tired, it was just two nights since the last full moon and with a baby in the house he hadn’t fully recovered. With every jinx and curse he thought of Teddy, fought for Teddy, and it was to Teddy he apologised when the disarming curse whipped his wand from his hand and sent it clattering down the corridor.

He’d heard tell of people seeing their lives flash before their eyes in the moment before they died, and never understood how a whole life could be seen in seconds. Now though, it made sense. He saw the words leave Dolohov’s mouth, saw the wand pointed at his heart, saw the flash of green light- but it didn’t take seconds. It was as though time had slowed almost to a stop. In his mind he saw his son’s round pink face with tufts of turquoise hair atop. He saw his beautiful wife, her eyes full of the love he never could comprehend was for him. And he saw his friends, sixteen and unaware of the terrors and betrayal that awaited them, laughing at their own wit even when they were in trouble. He thought of James and Sirius, both taken too soon. Always a firm believer in the afterlife, he knew he would see his friends before long.

Remus Lupin’s final thought before the jet of green light hit him was of Teddy. He hoped that his son would know he died fighting for a better life for him, and he hoped that Teddy would have friends as good as he once had.

A/N- So, this is the first thing I've written in FOREVER but I had to write something for the House Cup :p This is dedicated to all of my wonderful fellow Badgers :) These lines are paraphrased from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter Twelve and they belong to J K Rowling, not me :p :

“You heard James?” He asked, hoping that Harry did not notice how his voice caught in his throat.

“Yeah. Why- you didn’t know my dad, did you?”

“I-I did, as a matter of fact. We were friends at Hogwarts.” 

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