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I'm Sorry, But I'm Beginning to Hate Your Face by marauderslover15
Chapter 3 : About Last Night
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Aries pulled back the green curtain of the four poster bed, peeking to find every other sixth year boy sleeping soundly, so deep in their sleep that some were talking nonsense, “No, Scrop, my banana. Merlin curse you, don’t turn into a banana.” She smiled lopsidedly, trying to suppress a giggle. She shyly slipped on her clothes and tip toed out. At the foot of the stairs, she peeked around the corner and the common room was empty. This is when she decided to dash out of the common room, down the halls and upstairs like a frantic jogger.


She halted into her tracks, trembling from the shame and guilt as she faced Rose. “Hi—um, Rose…”

“Hiya and good morning,” beamed Rose.

They both stopped off to the side of the Great Hall with grand wooden golden doors with arches of stone over it. With quick glances inside, four tables were set up with few students taking its seats. The ceiling dissolved into a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds strolling along. She continually glanced at the crow statue near them as if it was judging her.   

“You alright?” asked Rose with a puzzled expression.

“Hm? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,” said Aries dismissively.

“Well, Harley was looking for you all night. Where’ve you been?”

Aries’ mouth want dry and she was about to faint. How do you tell your friend that you slept with both of her cousins? She’ll probably accuse you of sleeping with the rest of her family too.

“ROSE!” squeaked Dominique.

Oh, Dominique the life-saver. Dominique jogged over, grinning. “Aries! HEY!”

“Hi, Dom,” she muttered with a smile.

“As quiet as ever,” she smiled.

“Yeah, you should learn from her,” teased Rose. “Yelling so early in the morning. Hey, are you having breakfast with us, Aries?”

Aries shook her head. “Sorry… I’m going to see Harley.”

“Yeah,” nodded Dominique. “She was worried about you last night. Well, by the time Harley wakes up, it’ll be lunch time. So, see you at lunch?”

She nodded.

“’Kay, then. See you later!” Dominique winked. They began walking and Aries attempted to walk at a normal pace, but was fidgeting to break into a run. Once the two turned into the Great Hall with the last words of Dominique whispering to Rose, “How was it with Malfoy?” Aries broke into a run.

She ran as if she was being chased by a dragon’s fire blast or a troll was stomping behind her, swinging its club. She wanted nothing more to be in the comfort of room, of her bed and possibly in the comfort Harley’s ease and jokes. As she sprinted past paintings that covered every inch of the wall, she began to hallucinate that the moving people of the pictures were chanting, “SLUT! SLUT!” Her legs worked harder to get her where she wanted to be. The Fat Lady with was looking smug with her thin red lips and rosy cheeks against her pale skin. She kept rolling her shoulders with a smirk as she looked at herself in a mirror. No matter how smug she looked, right now she was looking like a savior to Aries. That did not last very long though. The portrait swung open and stepped out her worst nightmare: James Potter followed by his Gryffindor male cousins and Justin Woods. They were laughing obnoxiously and freely and stopped when they noticed Aries. James cocked his eyebrow at her and she squeaked and fidgeted. She ran past them and clambered into the porthole, tearing her way up to the dorm. Inside, Harley was lying on her stomach on her bed, her arm dangling at the edge.

“Harley!” squeaked Aries, jumping on the bed.

Harley moaned and stretched her limbs before her eyes fluttered open to see Aries looking worriedly at her. Harley’s eye widened and she threw her arms around Aries. “MERLIN, I was worried about you.” She pulled back, holding on the arms Aries’ at arms’ length. “I saw you leave with James, but you never returned. I kept asking him, but he was kinda drunk, he wasn’t answering properly that git. What happened? Where you been?”

“About last night…” she muttered. “I—um—kinda—um—slept with James?”

“Are you asking me what happened or are you telling me?” She narrowed her eyes at her.

“I’m telling you,” sighed Aries. Harley’s eyes widened, but Aries continued, “And I slept with Albus.”

Harley’s jaw dropped in utter shock that caused her to be completely speechless.

“Harley… I’m a slut…”

The shock expression immediately turned into one of amusement. “No, you’re not, Aries. I’m the school slut. I slept with all the sixth and seventh years of Ravenclaw. Almost all the sixth and seventh years of Hufflepuff expect the Scamander twins. About four Slytherins. Justin Woods and let’s not forget Fred Weasley. So, are you really a slut Aries…?” she asked with a comforting smile.

“You’re not a slut, Harley.”

“Please!” she drawled. “I am what I am. No shame in admitting it. I’m a slut. I hear what they say about me, you know. But this isn’t about me. It’s about you. You’re not a slut. I mean yeah they are brothers, but it’s still only two guys… But hey!” Harley patted Aries’ on the back. “Proud of you! Finally lost your virginity!”

Aries shrugged.

“Who was first?”


Ooooh! So, to your dream man too… Whose was bigger?”

“HARLEY!” Aries grabbed the pillow and hit her lightly, but scolding.

Harley laughed freely. “I understand why you slept with James… Why Albus?”

“I was drunk and he was nice… James’ not so much. After…we…you know, he just left like nothing,” Aries frowned.

“No, he didn’t!”

Aries nodded. “And he didn’t say anything to me this morning.”

“No, he didn’t!”

Aries nodded yet again.

“You got to go speak to him! You’re not a piece of meat. You’re not a one night stand. You’re not a fuck buddy! Oh, no, no, no, no! I don’t want to hear it. You’re going to speak to the little fucker.”


Most of the time, Aries wondered how she ever landed herself in Gryffindor. There was little bravery in her; she was more like a coward, almost unable to face the rawest feelings of her heart. It was the rawest feeling of her love for James Potter. Although Harley used the word “obsession” often when referring to Aries’ feeling for James, he always made her heart flutter. The current situation though did make her feel like an obsessed stalker as Harley and Aries hid around the corner in a squatting position.

“I can’t do it!” Aries hissed.

“Listen, he’s about to come over this way in a few. I suggest you tell him he can’t ignore you like that and act like this is nothing. Aries, stand up for yourself for Merlin’s sake. You know what, I’ll do it.”

“NO! You make things too complicated. Remember with Dominique and Woods? Justin Woods? Or his sister, Nora Woods and Chase Smith?”

“Merlin,” muttered Harley as she rolled her eyes. “A girl instigates a few times and you hold it against her forever.” She peeked around the corner and snapped back. “He’s coming. Go!”

Harley forcefully pushed Aries and tugged at her jeans until she was finally exposed in the corridor. James was strolling with his hands hitched in his pocket, laughing with Fred loudly. His hair was unkempt and untidy and she blushed by his charms. He turned to Fred and Fred noticed her too as a smirk played on Fred’s lips. They stopped in front of her.

“So, you okay?” asked Fred.

“Well…er—um…” stuttered Aries.

“You know with the way you squeaked and all?”

“I’m fine. Thank you,” she muttered politely with a deep blush. She casted her eyes at her feet, feeling James’ gaze too much. “Potter… Can I talk to you, um, please?”

“What was that?” asked Fred.

“Potter,” she lifted her gaze to meet his. James shifted uncomfortably, but maintained his amusement gaze. This girl, he thought slightly nerved by her, but refused to show it. She continued, “Can I talk to you please?”

He narrowed his eyes at her. Immediately, one word popped into his head, Shit. “Sure,” he answered.  


“Yeaaahhh,” drawled Fred teasingly. “Alright then. Well, I’ll meet you in the common room, Jamesy.” As he past Aries, he gave her a wink. Harley stepped out of the corner and gave an encouraging smile at Aries and a shot a glare at James. She wrapped her arm around Fred’s shoulder loosely with a mischievous grin as both walked away, teasing excitedly.

“So, what is it that you want to talk about?” he asked with a cocked eyebrow.

“About last night…” she mumbled.

“What about last night?”

She sighed and gulped down all the feeling of cowardice that began sprouting and looked at him directly in the eyes. “About last night, how we hooked up.”

James forced a gentle smile. “Evensong, right? Not sure…”

He, of course knew her name. Aries Evensong. She was cute, but weirdly quiet. She squeaked with nervousness every time she saw him. She scampered away. And he knew the reason. She, of course, liked him. Well, thought she liked him. She didn’t know the real him. His words were a knife piercing through her heart and she wanted nothing more than to cry. She hoped he didn’t see the change of her expression, but he noticed. He noticed she was going to cry that loveless, heart-breaking despair. He looked at her coldly and thought, she knows nothing about heart break. It’s not real love, stupid. You’re infatuated with me. Nothing else. Just like every other girl.

“It is Evensong…” she replied meekly, looking down at her feet.

“Right. Listen, about last night, it’s like you said.  It was a hook up. It didn’t mean anything.”

She nodded.

“Alright, then. I’ll see you around. Bye.” He walked past her, giving her a pat on the back and continued on his way. Girls they are all the same, he thought bitterly.

Aries felt as if the air was ripped right out of her lungs and her heart just stopped. She swallowed the cry of a sob and immediately with balled fists, her nails digging painfully in her palms walked outside to the court yard. The fresh air of October filled her nose as the cold nipped her, sending goose bumps all over her body. She slightly shivered, but took a seat on one of the stone benches that burned her butt through the jeans with its iciness. She watched a few students walk through the corridors and the small bird landing in the still water of the foundation in the middle. She replayed the words between her and James. She thought of herself as an idiot. A true moron. The James Potter, sex animal and playboy, would have not treated her any different. They barely spoke. He barely knew her. But she knew him… She of course was in love with him—


She perked up at the calling, hoping it was James, but it was Albus walking toward in in a green hoodie and really nice fitting pants. She blushed.

“Mind if I sit?”

She shook her head.

He sat next to her, leaning forward with elbows propped on his knees. She could hear him take a sharp intake of the air and sighed with relief. Albus loved the way the winter air felt as he breathed in it, the colder the air, the more refreshing…just like her. He looked up at her from his lashes as she stared stiffly into the distant.

“Soooo,” he drawled. “How was your day?”

“Okay,” she mumbled. “Yours?”

“So, far so good…” He leaned back, his hands grasping the edges of the bench behind him as he stared at her. He swore he could hear his heartbeat, “Ba-dump. Ba-dump.” As he took slow breaths to calm it. “Well, listen about last night…”

Aries’ heavy sigh cut him off. “I know it was a hook up.” Her eyes met his. “I know. You and you’re brother are a lot alike.”

Alike?” he scoffed angrily, sitting up. “Alike? How are we even alike?”

“You both hook up with girls like nothing.”

“Is that what you think? You are one to talk,” he sneered. “Like I wasn’t a fucking hook up to you.”

She didn’t answer.

“That’s what I thought. I was a hook up to you. And you know what, yeah, you were a hook up to me.” He licked his lips, feeling she was unbelievable and was angered by it. He shook his head and leaned toward her. “You were drunk and I know girls who are drunk get slutty. And you did. Do you remember the nasty things you did to me? Like went down on me? Then, begged me to shag the fuck out of you?”

“You’re a dick…” she said meekly with tears in her eyes. She sniffed, “I can really see the resemblance.”

Albus jumped to his feet, looking down at her. “I thought you were different, but you know what? You’re not. You’re like every—body else. Bye, Evensong. The girl who is no different from the thick-headed girls here at Hogwarts.” He walked away.

 Merlin! She thought the Potter brothers were nice guys. She looked up and watch Albus disappear inside. But she realized she was wrong and was really beginning to hate their faces.

A/N: So, this is like my first real Next-Gen. Please leave a little review down in the bottom box (yes, that one…right there…okay, yeah thanks.) XOXO



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