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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 27 : Odd Predictions
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Chapter 27
Scorpius stood by the mantel of the fireplace in his and Rose’s apartment. His eyes were gazing along the row of pictures that had been collected over the past five and a half months of their marriage. He still couldn’t believe that it was nearly a year ago that he had come to New York and unexpectedly found himself in Rose’s grasp again. What was even more shocking was the fact that he was happily married to her. Everything in his life was perfect, everything but one.

Tapping his coffee cup he took a slow long sip, preparing himself for the day ahead. His eyes kept focused on a picture of him and Rose right after Christmas, when they went to the beach. They had spent three wonderful days laying on the sandy shores of a wizarding island; where the weather was perfect and tropical year round. In the picture he and Rose both laid in a cabana; her in her swimsuit, him in his and the both of them curled up together with books in their hands. That was their vacation. Sharing the same layout chair, wrapped in one another’s arms just reading their books. Occasionally they would read aloud passages to one another that they found interesting or liked and then fall back into a perfect blissful silence. Those three days had been perfect. There was no worries, concerns, or letters.

Scorpius took another sip of his coffee and gave a brisk check of his watch. It was 8:59 in the morning. The steam from a cauldron on the stove whistled and he went to examine it; making sure that the potion he was brewing was still on track. Potion brewing was always a good calming distraction for him. Over the past few months he had taken over all the household brewing. At the current moment it was distracting him for the last minute of his wait. Expectantly an owl arrived at the already open window with a letter in his mouth. Placing his cup on the mantel Scorpius walked over to owl and gave it its usual handful of treats before retrieving the letter and heading to his office.

Just like every letter that arrived at nine in the morning on Tuesday it was addressed to Rose with the return address of Ronald Weasley. Scorpius had never meant for things to get so out of hand. He had originally thought that after the first letter everything would be over and nothing else would come, but he was wrong. When they arrived back home after their holiday a letter came early the next morning. Scorpius had gone to Rose with the new letter and original letter in hand, planning to tell her. But when he saw her he couldn’t bring himself to do it. She was happy and Scorpius was happy, and he couldn’t break that. So he went to his office opened the desk draw with a magic lock pad on it and put the letters inside. This ritual had carried on for eighteen weeks now, and Scorpius was at twenty letters. Laying the latest letter in his desk, he sealed the drawer with his wand and headed for the kitchen again.

The timer indicating that his potion was ready, chimed in the background and Scorpius went and turned it off. Taking a large vile he filled it to the brim with an icky brown potion that smelled like molded gym clothes.

“Rose,” he said walking down the hall with the potion carefully in hand “It’s ready.” He heard the fond sound of a growl as he opened the door to the guest bed room. There in the middle of the pile of blankets was Rose, with a thermometer in her mouth and a cloth over her eyes.

“I told you I’m not drinking that,” she said, her voice muffled because of the thermometer.

Scorpius rolled his eyes, “Seriously you have been in this room for three days,”

“I don’t want to get you sick,” she protested.

But Scorpius wasn’t listening. “Just take the potion so that you will feel better and then you will move back into bedroom.”

Rose closed her eyes in debate and Scorpius thought that she possibly had fallen asleep for a moment. Suddenly though, her nose scrunched up at the stench of the potion, and before Scorpius even had time to move out of her path Rose was up and running to the bathroom; hand over her mouth.

Scorpius heard the sound of vomit splashing water. Putting the potion on the nightstand he followed Rose into the bathroom. Watching as she sat on her knees with her head over the toilet continuously throwing up. He kneeled down beside her and rubbed his hand along her back; brushing her red hair out of the way of her face. He felt as her body lurched forward to vomit again. When it seemed liked she was done, she remained in place. Still clutching the toilet and heaving for breathes of air.

Scorpius stood up and dampened a wash cloth. “Here,” he said handing it to her. Rose grabbed it and held it to her forehead before wiping it across her lips. As she was taking her time, Scorpius waited for the right moment to say “Maybe it’s time you went to a healer.”

Rose’s eye jolted open in an evil glare. “I don’t need to go to a healer. I have the exact same bug that everyone else has had at work.” Waving for Scorpius to give her his hand she pulled herself up and walked slowly to the bed “Same headache, same tiredness, same fever.” She sat on the edge of the bed slowly rolling her body into it.

Scorpius looked at the half eaten breakfast that was on the nightstand “Yeah but no one else experienced the nausea or vomiting to the extent that you are,” he argued.

Rose didn’t bother with a remark she just wanted to sleep. Viruses change and mutated all of the time. “Will you please get that potion out of here?” she said dully with her eyes closed.

Reluctantly agreeing he poured the potion back into the cauldron and then went back into Rose’s room. She was wearing what she called her sick pajamas, which were cotton pastel stripped shorts with a black tank top, and gray socks. Her head was mushed into a pile of pillows and at the moment she had all of the covers kicked off of her, exposing her legs, one of which was hoisted up around another pillow.

“Don’t you have to go to work?” she said through a grumble.

Scorpius continued to stare. “I’m thinking about calling out,” he said worried.

Rose sighed but didn’t have the energy to argue. Readjusting her arms around a plushy pillow she said “Well if you’re staying home you need to get out of this room, you will get sick.”

Scorpius stared at her for a minute before kicking off his shoes and scooting himself into the bed beside Rose. “Scorpius,” she whined “What are you doing?”

Scorpius collected her hair together in one of his hands and pulled it to the side so that she wouldn’t be hot. “I’m making sure that you are taken care of.” He kissed the crook of her sweaty neck and wrapped his free hand tenderly around her stomach, allowing her to lean into him.

“You are going to get sick,” she cried, in a last ditch effort to reason, but it was weak and she didn’t tell him to leave again. Instead she pushed her back into him and cuddled with him for the first time in three days. Silently she fell back into her soft slumber.

Scorpius chuckled as he bowed his head into the back of her neck. “If you’re sick, I’m sick.” He whispered.


Rose stood in her kitchen reading over a file that had sent her. It was her first day returning since she had become sick and although almost all of the other symptoms were gone she was occasionally feeling the slight ting of nausea creeping through her.

“I don’t want to go,” she heard Scorpius call from their bedroom.

Rose laughed to herself taking a hesitant bite of toast with butter. “I don’t think you have a choice love,” she called back.

Scorpius walked out of the room with a small overnight bag packed with two days of clothes. Rose gave him a pitying look. “This is stupid. I have been Carla’s partner for over six months and the department just now wants to send us on a teambuilding retreat.”

A gleeful smile was crossing Rose’s lips. “All new partners have to go.” Her smirk was way too wide to have any sincerity in it. “It’s got all the experiences of going to summer camp but for adults. Cabins in the woods with no air conditioning, creepy bugs that crawl on you.” She got a wide eyed sarcastic look in her eyes. “There’s canoes.” Rose nodded her head like it was a good thing.

“You are no comfort whatsoever,” Scorpius mocked darkly.

Rose’s face fell. “Hey I paid my dues three years ago with Matt, and let me tell you, teambuilding with him is awful. He volunteered us to play jumping the totem pole.”

Scorpius’ chin dropped “What’s that?” he asked seriously.

Rose thought for a minute and then shook her head. “You’ll find out.”

Scorpius grumbled as he made himself a cup of coffee “So what are your plans while I’m gone?”

She shrugged her shoulders “Matt and I had talked about hanging out and taking bets on whether you or Carla will be the first to cry.”

Scorpius immediately stopped what he was doing and stared at Rose “There is crying involved in this?” he asked in a deadpanned voice.

Rose nodded “Lots, but as the team consolers say, what better way to get to know your partner than by being connected with their inner emotions.”

“Lovely,” said Scorpius sarcastically. Listing items off his fingers he mouthed socks. “Do I have any clean socks?”

“In the laundry room,” Rose answered while she turned around to finish the file she was reading. Scrunching her face, Rose sighed disdainfully at the words she had just read. “Honestly, I think that Matt and I are probably going to spend a majority of our time tracking down which muggle hospital this Linda Sea works at.” she yelled to him.

“Does the file not tell you?” Scorpius asked coming out of the laundry room with three pairs of rolled socks in his hands. Shoving them down into his bag he watched as Rose shook her head, her curly pony tail bouncing with her.

“Nope, she’s our guys ex-girlfriend and…” Rose turned around with a cynical expression “She claims she’s a seer which means-”

“You’re going to have a lot of fun,” Scorpius chuckled with a victorious grin and zipped his bag.

“Not as much fun as you,” she taunted in a singsong voice, still reading and rolling her eyes. “Listen to this she has muggle nurse’s degree and goes from hospital to hospital telling Doctors what diseases patients are going to have.”

“So not the standard job of a seer.” Scorpius mused.

“I’ll say,” she mumbled bitterly.

“Ha,” Scorpius bellowed loudly. “You think she’s full of it don’t you?”

Rose quickly turned around. “Do you remember Divination in school?” Rose said plainly.

Scorpius snorted “I didn’t sign up for divination, it’s a ridiculous class.”

“Exactly,” she crossed her arms. “And actual seers are rare. So if this woman really is a seer why hasn’t the ministry snatched her up and given her a job in their offices?” she raised an eyebrow at her logical argument.

“Couldn’t argue it better myself.” Scorpius said lifting his hands up and away from his bag. “Done,” he declared.

Rose frowned. Although she was pulling his leg about the trip she had to admit that she was going to miss his presence for the next few days. Watching as Scorpius ran his fingers through his hair and brushed the longer front strands out of his face, she smiled. “What time do you leave?”

“Nine.” He answered and looked down to his watch to see how much time he had left.

Rose turned around and picked at the crust of her toast. “You know this is the first time we’ll have been apart since we got married,” she commented offhandedly. Rose felt the beaming grin that was crossing Scorpius face. Hearing the sound of his feet walk across the kitchen, Rose raised her arm so that he could loop his around her waist.

“I’m going to miss you too,” he said and kissed her cheek.


Rose walked into the fifth muggle hospital that she had been to that day. She and Matt had decided that it would be quicker to split up the list of Muggle hospitals in the state to find Linda Sea. Glancing around the cold white lobby, Rose stopped at a receptionist desk she glanced to a small woman sitting down with her face staring in front of a computer. “Excuse me,” Rose interrupted.

The woman looked up to her with a bored grin. “Yes?” she drawled out.

Rose pushed a smile on her face. “I was curious if you have a woman named Linda Sea here.”

The woman’s bored expression turned annoyed as she rolled her eyes. “Third floor,” she said as her eyes drooped back down to the computer screen.

“Thanks,” said Rose with an edge.

Once on the third floor, Linda wasn’t hard to spot. She had her blond hair tied in a ponytail and a rainbow colored scarf tied tightly around her head like a headband. Her scrubs were the hospitals uniform but she had a decoration of brightly lit pens hanging around the neck.

“Are you Linda Sea?” Rose asked politely.

The woman turned around almost knocking Rose with a chart. “Yes,” she said in a wispy unfazed voice. Tilting her head the woman gave pleased smile. “And you are?”

Rose held out her hand. “Rose Weasley from the New York auror department, I was curious if I could ask you a few question about Ryan Bowlky?”

Linda had a glassy look in her almost purple eyes. “I recognize you now, I have been expecting you.”

Rose pursed her lips together with judgment. “Right?” she said icily, and pulled out the folder that was in her bag. “When was the last time you had any contact with Bowlky.”

Linda began to glide about the halls of the hospital. Occasionally she would peek her head into doors and smile at patients; although not actually assisting them. Rose, becoming annoyed, followed the woman around and bumped into the back of her when Linda stopped walking abruptly. “Two months,” Linda announced with a gleam.

Rose gave Linda a questioning gaze, finding it ridiculous that it took nearly ten minutes to get the answer. “Two months since you last saw him?”

“No,” Said Linda as if Rose was being silly “Two months is how far along you are right?”

Rose stared dumbfounded at the woman. “Come again,”

“In your pregnancy?” Linda said happily smiling down to Rose’s stomach.

Rose’s froze at the ridiculous statement. “I’m not pregnant,” She corrected and attempt to get the conversation back on track. “Anyways about Bowlky.”

Linda paused and gasped. “Oh poor Bowlky, death will not serve him well.”

Rose gave an idiotic gaze. “I’m not sure that death does anybody well. Is he dead?”

“No,” Linda raised a finger and waved “But he will die,” she said with enthusiasm.

Rose had to fight the urge to not counter the woman with the fact that everyone dies. “So Bowlky, you said you last saw him…” Rose pushed.

Linda began walking again. “You know you should really be taking prenatal vitamins the earlier the better,” she avoided the question.

“Thank you,” Rose said feeling the pit of frustration building up in her stomach. “But we were talking about Bowlky,” she practically yelled.

Linda’s hands flung in the air and she began to rub her temples. “Oh I see something. I see a building.”

Rose didn’t even reach for a quill to write down the information. “Any specific building?” she asked in a dry dull tone.

Linda held her hand out as if needing to concentrate “Yes, I see a gray building.”

“Thought so,” Rose muttered. “Anything else?” she asked with no effort.

“It has a window.”

“Right.” Reaching into her bag she pulled out a card. “If you happen to hear from Bowlky or get the name of the building, would you please owl me or my partner.”

Linda took the card. “Of course, and you take care of yourself and your little one,” she said not removing her eyes from Rose’s incredibly flat and toned stomach. “And remember what I said about prenatal vitamins.”

Rose didn’t even argue that time. Instead she turned to walk away and hissed to herself “This is why I hate working with seers.”


Scorpius sat crisscrossed on a creaky wood floor. His arms were held out in front of him with his palms under Carla’s, who was in a similar sitting position. Forcing his eyes to stay closed he listened to the deep concentrated breathing of the other pairs of aurors around him.

“Now remember to breathe with your partner. Be one with your partner and be honest with your partner,” said one of the training consolers, in a voice that sounded as if it might be angled towards him.

Scorpius cocked an eyelid up to see if Carla was following the rules. When he saw that she had her eyes wide and staring around the room he relaxed. “Do you actually believe in any of this?”

Carla shrugged. “I used to but… Me and Grey used to this about once a week and I thought I knew everything about him and it turned out that I was wrong so…” she trailed off slowly turning her eyes to the ground.

Scorpius noticed the conflicting nature that was in her voice. Grey Holmes was a sensitive topic for Carla. “Do you mind if I ask why do you visit him in Azkaban once a month?”

Carla blushed. It wasn’t that she kept her actions a secret but her and Scorpius rarely talked about it for obvious personal reasons. “I know what he did was wrong and I don’t forgive him for it. I hope that that is clear.” Her eyes wavered on Scorpius, knowing that it had to be awkward that she made regular visits to the man who helped kidnap her current partner. “But it’s hard not to care. We’d known each other since we were seven. As weird and inappropriate as he is, Grey was like a second brother to me, and it’s not easy to just push such a large presence out of my life.” She paused. “And I guess I just want to have some hope for him, to give him some reassurance that he is not evil and that I never thought he was.”

Scorpius stared blankly at Carla; her confession making him feel as if he should say something equal honest. “It bothers me that Rose misses her father so much,” he stated bluntly.

Carla’s eyes went wide. “Why?”

“Because he’s the one who broke us apart to begin with and when she misses him it feels like…” he thought of the best way to describe it “A betrayal to me.”

“Is she really open about her feelings towards her father?” asked Carla.

Scorpius shook his head. “No, not at all, in fact most of the time she rarely shows any emotions about her father, it’s just something that I know she feels.” He stopped to think. “I know it shouldn’t bother me, that what she feels for her father is natural but I really hate it.”

Scorpius took a deep breath and tried not to look at Carla’s serious eyes. “I love Rose so much but it is really hard to know that she cares so much about a person who hates me.” He paused and gulped at his next confession. “And it scares me.”

“Have you talked to her about this?”

“And say what ‘Sorry you miss your dad but please stop,’?” Scorpius eyed Carla. “I’m sure that would go over well.”

Carla gave a half smile. “I can see partially where you are coming from, but I also think that this is a conversation you should have had before you were married.”

Scorpius sighed “Well it’s a bit late for that.”

“But not for the conversation,” said Carla reassuringly.


Rose slung herself into the chair at her desk. She gave an irritable sigh and waited for Matt to lift his head up from the folder that he was looking at. “I take it that you found her?” he asked.

Rose released a loud moan. “The woman is mental. Oh and she knows nothing.”

“Shocking,” Matt said in a mock tone of surprise. He leaned forward and placed the folder that he was reading down with little consideration. “Did she predict anything interesting?”

“Several things actually,” Rose informed, scooting herself closer to the desk so that she could start leafing through her own file for any signs of an actual clue. “For instance,” she continued not looking up from her work. “We should be looking for a grey building with windows.”

Matt gave a board gaze. “Seriously?”

“Yes,” Rose said in a short breath. “I hate dealing with seers,” she muttered agitatedly while reaching into her desk to pull out her calendar book and slapping it on top of her desk. “Someone should really report her and have her nursing license revoked I don’t think she has ever actually helped a patient in her life.”

“That would explain why she keeps going from hospital to hospital,” Matt speculated.

Rose tutted in a way that would have made her mother proud. “Don’t even get me started on the prediction she gave me,” she declared while thumbing through the pages of her calendar landing on the month of May.

“What? She predict your impearl doom?” Matt grinned.

“Worse,” Rose countered dreadfully as she examined the days of the current month.

“I’m not sure what could be worse than death,” teased Matt, but Rose hadn’t been listening. Pursing her lips together, her eyes remained glued to a circled fifteen that marked what was supposed to be the beginning of her minstrel cycle. A date which was a week overdue.

With shaky fingers Rose slowly flipped back to the month of April and found the red circle of a seventeen which she had never checked off. Looking to all of the boxes next to it all she had written was the trial dates for her last case Randoff Volking. Rose suddenly felt her heart race nervously and her stomach sink into a deep pit of worry.

“Rose,” she heard Matt say. “Rose!” her head jolted up, her face and lips pale. Matt stared at her with concern. “Are you alright? You look as if you’ve just seen a ghost.”

Remembering to breath, Rose closed the book and nodded head. “I’m fine,” she answered weakly. “Still a bit sick from last week I suppose.”


That evening Rose stood in her kitchen with her eyes solely focused on a paper bag which sat on the counter top. She had tried her best to avoid it, even tried her hand at actually cooking dinner, but found that once the meal was ready she couldn’t eat it. Not because it wasn’t prepared badly but because she didn’t have the appetite for it. So she packed away the perfectly made food, hand scrubbed the dishes, cleaned off the counter tops and grabbed a bottle of red wine; which she planned to drink after she had proven to herself that she was not pregnant. Although for someone who was so sure of herself and her body, the red wine sat unopened on the counter, and Rose continued to stare at the paper bag.

It was the contents in the bag that was making her so nervous. On the way home from worked she had stopped by the drug store that was down the street and picked up a pregnancy test. She knew that magical test were better and more precise, but Rose wasn’t sure that she wanted a precise answer. When Rose was young and thought about her life, along with never getting married, she had also never planned on having kids. She was the type of person who held a baby and then handed it back to its owners the second it started crying, fussing, gurgling, yawning or smiling. Sleeping babies those were the only ones she liked and to be honest those were the only ones who liked her back. It wasn’t that she had an unnatural hatred for all things children, but kids were work, and messy and…nonrefundable.

“Oh this is ridiculous. Just take the damn test.” She growled to herself and stomped over to the bag. Yanking out the box she read the directions. “Pee on stick,” she announced disgustedly. The test was idiot proof. Timidly picking at the side of the box a loud bang came from the door that made her jump.

The bang came again along with a roar “ROSE OPEN THE DOOR!”

She recognized the voice immediately. Her heart sunk into her chest. Giving a glance to the box she placed it back into the bag and walked to the door with nervous footsteps.

“COME ON ROSE!” the voice yelled again causing her to quiver with every step. Something was wrong, something had to be wrong if he was at her door.

Jerking open the door Hugo stood with a determined expression and his arms in the air preparing to break down the door if necessary. When his eyes landed on Rose the determined expression was replaced with one of panic.

“Hugo what…”

But Hugo cut her off “Dad’s in St. Mungo’s.”

Rose’s mouth dropped open hung open in attempt to utter something. “What? How? What?” she managed to say breathlessly, her mind whirling. Fear, concern and worry taking over her instantly; all thoughts of the test in the bag disappearing completely. “Is he alright?” she asked.

Only Hugo shook his head to silence her. “We really don’t know.”

A/N: Hmmm. Thoughts? Predictions? I would love to know your opinion. So please Review. I hope you enjoyed the chapter, and I hope you can see the beginning of the transition into story 3. Only 2 chapters to go.

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