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Reckless by Slytherin_Ravenclaw_chick
Chapter 3 : Strike 2: telling off a teacher. Or two.
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"Wake up!!" Alison shook me. "It's your first official day if being Head Girl."

"Come back in a few hours." I mumbled as I hugged my pillow. "Besides, I had rounds last night so it's my second day."

"You still need to get up." She snickered at me. "Sara and Clair already left and you need to set a good example."

"Like blackmailing the Head Boy?" I laughed.

"Exactly." Allison laughed with me. "We got to show these first years that Hufflepuff has a backbone. Plus we have potions first thing and you know you don't want to miss it."

"Go snog a flabberworm." I glared at her as I started to get dressed. Potions was my least favorite class. Not because I was bad or anything, I was actually pretty good, but I despised Slughorn. We got the the Great Hall in record time and quickly ate before going to the dungeons. We arrived to see the Ravenclaws and smiled to some of our friends that were in that house, exchanging pleasantries about our summer vacations before Slughorn let us in.

He gave us a quick lesson before setting us off to start on our potions. We were starting on skelogrow, which would take two weeks to brew all the way. Allison and I quickly grabbed a table next to Adam and Scorpius so we could all be together.

"Mindy Wade cornered me this morning before you two got to breakfast." Adam glared at them.

"Kelly Jacob's friend?" I asked, grinning wickedly. "What did she want?"

"To tell me Kelly was 'deeply sorry if she was too forward' at the Mid Summer ministry party." He rolled his eyes as Allison and I snorted in silent laughter.

"If by 'too forward' she means trying to shag me in the closet, then yes she was." Adam snorted as well. "Then Mindy said Kelly really liked me and wanted to see if I might like her."

"And what did you say?" Scorpius asked with a raised eyebrow and looking over at Kelly and Mindy who were sitting on the Ravenclaw side of the room who kept glancing over.

"I told her that if Kelly wants to talk to me she can do it herself and then I came to class." Adam grimaced. "What do you think the odds are she'll try to catch me after class?"

"I'd bet my new broomstick that she would." I laughed. It really wasn't that funny, but I couldn't help it. Just then Slughorn was walking around to check on our progress.

"Ah, Miss DeMour." He smiled at me and I was rather surprised he even knew my name. "Excellent, that is the perfect silver sheen it should have at this stage. And congratulations on becoming Head Girl, you deserve it. How would you like to come to a little dinner party I'm having Sunday night in my office around 6? The Head Boy will also be there and it would be a nice treat for you two to relax."

"Professor, may I ask why?" I asked timidly. I was shocked he had asked me to come to one of his 'slug club' meetings; he never had before.

"Well you are a rising young star of course!" He looked surprised that I questioned him. "The first Hufflepuff Head in nearly twenty years. Plus you have excellent marks in my class and I hear you do well in all your others."

"Professor, I've gotten O's on all my OWL's and every year in your class." I said slowly. "So why not ask me before?"

"Well my dear..." He sputtered but I cut him off.

"It's because I'm Head Girl." I raised my chin. "I was only a poor Hufflepuff before but now that I am doing well for myself you want to attach yourself to someone you see as a rising star. While I am grateful that you hold such a high opinion of me, I'm afraid I'll have to respectfully decline."

The entire room was silent. No one had ever down right refused Slughorn before. Before anything else could be said the bell rang and I darted from the class room with a new found respect for the term "saved by the bell."

"That was brilliant!" Scorpius laughed as we finally cleared the dungeons and headed to our next class. "I wish you would come to Slughorn's dinners with me though, I've been right bored out of my mind at those things."

"Never." I shook my head.

"Guys." Allison stopped us suddenly. We turned around to see Kelly and Adam yelling.

"Looks like you get to keep your broom." Scorpius sighed as we walked back over.

"I don't like anyone!" Adam was screaming. "It's nothing against you at all!"

"So, are you gay then?" Kelly demanded. "Is that why you won't go out with me?"

"I'm not gay." Adam screamed in frustration. "Isn't your sister gay? You should know that's extremely offensive." Ever the Hufflepuff, even in an argument he was.

"Then why?" Kelly seemed to be fighting off tears now.

"I'm not interested in anyone." Adam said. "Men or women. No sexual attraction at all."

"But you've had girlfriend!" She protested.

"Yeah, girlfriends." He groaned. "I have romantic feelings but again, no sexual desire at all. You could probably strip down right here and it wouldn't do anything for me."

"Might do something for me." Scorpius muttered and I stepped on his foot to shit him up.

"Come on, they seem to be calming down and I rather not be late." Allison said.

"I'll hang here to make sure Adam's ok." I said and the nodded. I waited only a few more minutes before Adam finally came over to me so we could get to class.

"You ok?" I asked. It was always draining on him to explain his asexuality to people who have never heard of it.

"I'm fine." Adam sighed. We walked quickly and just barely made it to class before the bell.

It was muggle studies, the worst class after history of magic which I had never been so glad to drop in my life after my OWL's. The ministry of magic had made it mandatory everyone take it every year, even if we were muggle born. It was a bit of a joke for me.

The professor was new, some ministry goon, and was rattling off about something. I drifted off, not really caring. That is until I heard something completely not true.

I stared at the professor in absolute shock. My hand shot in the air before I even realized what I was doing.

"Miss...?" The professor raised an eyebrow at me.

"DeMour, sir. You're wrong." I furrowed my eyebrows. "Talking on your cellphone while pumping gas won't cause a fire."

"Yes, the wireless signal will trigger..." The professor started but I surprised myself by cutting him off.

"Wireless has no electricity signals." I stated and the professor started to turn red.

"I believe I am the professor here." He huffed. "I am teaching the hard facts the ministry has provided."

"And I'm muggle born." I retorted. "And everyone knows the ministry is still secretly holding an anti-muggle mindset even if subconsciously."

The whole room turned to stare at me in shock.

"What the hell are you taking about DeMour?!" Rose glared at me. "The ministry has never been more muggle friendly!"

"Two times nothing is still nothing." I scoffed. "Just because the ministry isn't actively hunting them down doesn't mean they are making an effort to really protect them. Muggles and muggle borns, despite the success of Hermione Granger, are still subconsciously discriminated against."

"Detention." The professor declared. "And ten points from Hufflepuff."

"Why, for telling the truth?" Everyone looked at me in shook. I might be the first Hufflepuff to ever talk back to a teacher. Two firsts in a day. Three if you count my first detention.

"McGonagall's office!" He spurttered, scrolling a note. "Now!" I rolled my eyes as I took it and headed to her office.

What a great start of term I was having.

"Miss DeMour, what a surprise." McGonagall looked up in surprise. Her expression only widened and she turned to stare at me. It was only then did it hit me that a talked back to a professor and hung my head in shame. "Have a cookie."

"What?" I snapped my head up in shock.

"Have a cookie." She said. "And take a seat." She eyed me with a thoughtful expression as I followed her instructions. "So I've talked to a few professors today who had some very interesting things to say about you."

"Really now?" I squeaked.

"Yes." She nodded. "Professor Longbottom told me about your incident on the train, I heard the you had declined an offer to the 'slug club' and now you had rudely talked back to our brand new muggle studies professor. Certainly unexpected behavior of a head girl."

"Professor, I can explain-" I started but was cut off.

"I dare say you can." McGonnagall said. "But you need not. I understand."

"Why me?" I blurted out suddenly. "Why did you make me head girl?"

"Because you deserve it." McGonnagall looked as though she had expected this. "Miss Weasley is very smart and clever. However you are a strong leader with experience beyond your years. I realize you have been through a lot the past two years, however I am confident that is what makes you the right person for the job."

"Yes mam." I nodded. "Thank you."

"You are very welcome." She smiled. "Now please do be more ... Shall I say politically correct for now on?"

"I'll try." I laughed. As I left I felt a lot better about this. I could do this.


A/n: yeah, I know, I'm awful at updated in a reasonable amount of time. I broke my knee and have been on heavy pain killers. I love you all, thanks for the reviews, and maybe I'll actually (finally) get the plot rolling in the next chapter.

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Reckless: Strike 2: telling off a teacher. Or two.


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