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I'm Sorry, But I'm Beginning to Hate Your Face by marauderslover15
Chapter 2 : How it Happened with...Albus
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Albus Severus Potter had slightly untidy hair that fell into his eyes mysteriously as if he was hiding something about him. He slightly scowled. His green eyes with some slight blue, almost like seaweed in water, thought Aries. They were slightly duller. His face was bare ivory and the counters of his face gentle. He was not necessarily built or broad, but lean.

“What are you doing?” he hissed.

“I am getting a werewolf tan!” giggled Aries.

“Werewolf—? Evensong, that doesn’t even make any sense.”

Wait, you know my name Potter?” she hiccupped.

“Yeah…” he said, eyeing her awkwardly.


“How do you know my name?”

She shrugged, her shoulders wiping the floor. “You know, you’re like the—the—guy—who plays on the—um mops.” Her train of thought was breaking apart, skipping almost.

He chuckled, “I think you mean brooms…”

“Yeah, those,” she squeaked. She lifted her wobbly arm up to poke him in his shoulder. “You didn’t answer—hiccup—my question. How do you know my name?”

Albus bit down on his bottom lip, his mind screaming, Because I have the biggest crush on you ever! Of course, he couldn’t say that. He was coward as he never officially spoke to her since now, but also now wasn’t the right time to confess a longtime crush when she was drunk. She wouldn’t even remember. It would be pointless to confess and have to experience all the emotional strain of nervousness, a spark of bravery and the possibility of regret from a looming possibility of rejection. He rather postpone that emotional strain until he can properly confess his crush when she wasn’t drunk or lying on the floor getting a werewolf tan, whatever that meant. 

“It’s a small school,” he lied.

“You are attentive.”

“So I been told,” he mumbled.  “Come on, let’s get you up and back to the Gryffindor common room…”

“Do I hear little ickle students in the corridor? Oh, the headmaster won’t like this.”

Shit,” he hissed, knowing the mischievous, crackling voice. “Peeves. Come one, Evensong. Get up!” He attempted to lift her up lightly, but she was dead weight, giggling into her hand, only vaguely suppressing. “Evensong!” he scolded through gritted teeth, but still she refused. He then lifted her into his arms with a swishing motion as she squealed in a drunk’s delight.  She was light in his arms as he cut the corner after corner to put distance between them and the horrid, ass hole of a ghost. His mind was so set to get as far away from Peeves that he did not realize he was finally down in the dungeons, Aries becoming heavy in his arms. Everything was a blur of colors of black, blue, sliver and gray for her. In front of the Slytherin common room entrance, he hissed yet again, “Shit. Uh, Evensong, I’ll get you back to your er—common room—”

“No!” she said bratty. “I don’t want to go back there!” James clouded her mind, laughing evilly at her own stupidity. The MWHAHAHA of his laugh hung in her ears as a hallucination.

“SH! Fine, I will bring you in here.”

She glanced at the dark bricked wall in front of them and laughed, “Oh, no! We are ghost, aren’t we?” She must have died of mortification of being ditch by James. That made sense…but how did Albus turn into a ghost? Oh, she got a werewolf tan and turned into a werewolf and ate Albus. Now, it really makes sense. “Okay, let’s float away into that wall. Onwards, comrade!” She pointed at the wall with enthusiasm.

He chuckled at the wall, “Dementor’s kiss.”  With a rumble, the brick shifting away to make an entrance to the Slytherin common room. Albus walked down the marble stairs. The common room was dungeon-like with dark bricks on the walls, fading away delicately. The green light splashed against the wall from the lamps and the window view of the underwater lake. They passed right by the black leather sofas and green velvet armchairs. Chandeliers swung from the ceiling, squeaking eerily. He walked up the wooden stairs, draped with velvet green rugs in the center. A wooden door was slightly opened and he pushed it with his back and headed to the center bed on the right. He laid her gently on his bed.

“Your bed is comfy,” she mumbled with a smile, digging herself deeper into the bed and its comfort.

“Thanks? I’ll get you some water, okay?” He whispered, “Aguamenti” into a glass on his bedside and the water shot out. He handed it to her and she took a sip. She smacked her lips thankfully.

“Did you drink from this glass earlier?” she asked.

He nodded, “Er—yeah.”

“So, I indirectly kiss you?”

“I guess so.”

“That is my second kiss,” she grinned stupidly, she definitely wasn’t a pathetic lip virgin anymore.

“That isn’t a real kiss…” He leaned forward, his face inches away from her. The stale smell of alcohol filled his nose, mixed with the sweet smell of vanilla perfume. He didn’t care though. He focused on the sweet smell, always imaging her smelling so delicately like her soft-spoken voice. He was tempted by her proximity. “This is,” he whispered bravely. The inches of space weren’t there anymore. His lips held onto hers, his lips were supple and full against hers. His hand moved to the nape of her neck, up into her hair and entangled his fingers with her brown hair. He sighed on her lips. His lips on hers were sensual and gentle as if he put all his affection into a kiss.

“Oi, AL!”

They both jerked from each other startled as Albus looked crossly at Scorpius.

“Ah, shit, sorry…” he grinned sheepishly. “Didn’t mean to interrupt anything.” He stepped into the dorm as Albus glared at him, waiting. Aries grinned with Scorpius, her lids heavy and droopy. As the seconds ticked away, Scorpius became more amused by Albus’ glare. “So….Evensong, right?”

“YUP!” she shouted enthusiastically.

“Rose’s friend, right?”


“Where are you going with this, blond boy?” snapped Albus.

Scorpius grinned mischievously. “Nothing. You know maybe double dates to the next Hogsmade trip. You know. Butterbeers and all. The whole nine yards.” He flashed a grin at Albus naughtily, but turned his attention back to Aries. “What do you think? Me and Rose. You and Albus.”

“I never been on a date!” she squealed excitedly.

Scorpius turned his head and muffled his laugh with his hand. The words, “She’s a lost cause, this girl,” slipping through the cracks of his fingers and hands. His twinkling grey eyes landed on Albus who narrowed his own eyes as a response. “So, Al, what do you say? She seems keen on going…”

“OUT!” roared Albus, jumping on his feet and picking up his wand from the nightstand.

“Alright, alright. Just wanted to check up on you! You kind of left depressed!” he said as he walked out with a sheepish grin plastered on his face.

Albus looked down at the floor embarrassedly, running his hand through his hair. “Fucking dick…”

“I hope they can get married,” smiled Aries warmly.

Albus smiled at her. “I’m guessing Rose and Scorp, you mean?” Aries nodded frantically with eagerness and he grinned at her response. “You know, Evensong, its better when you’re not so quiet.”

“Am I quiet?”

“Yeah, expect when you’re with Valentine. She seems to get the most out of you. But even with her you are so soft-spoken, mumbling and muttering all the time. Why?”

The grin he saw with all night disappeared into a pouty frown with her eyebrows furrowed. She was thinking. “Well… I don’t know really. I’m just shy. I don’t have any confidence in myself in anything. Not in schoolwork or making friends… None of that. I’m so afraid of people judging me…”

Albus sat on the bed next to her and leaned forward to tuck a loose wave behind her ear and out of her eyes. “You shouldn’t be though. I think if you opened yourself up a lot of people would get to know you and like you…”

“That’s what Harley says…” she whispered.

“How did you become friends with loud mouth Valentine?”

Her frowned turned into a grin again which Albus found incredible comfort in. “She does have a little bit of a loud mouth, doesn’t she?” Albus nodded as she dazed off about Harley. “Well,” she said, her eyes averting back to Albus. “I have to say our friendship started because of her. She got all in my face on the train to Hogwarts, asking over and over, Merlin it was endless, why don’t I speak? Then when I did speak, she started bothering me why did I speak so low and tried to teach me to yell and yodlee. I didn’t like her much…until one day I got homesick and she had all the girls made a bed of the floor… We ate candy and talked about school and home…until the early morning where we all feel asleep, but Harley was the only one to constantly pester me how I was and also for me to yell more…” Aries smiled absently as Albus smiled back at her dreamily. She jerked slightly as if she woke from a deep sleep. “Sorry,” she giggled. “Am I babbling?” 

“No, you’re cute when you babble …” he whispered huskily. “And when you grin like this. It’s like you have your guard down. I like it.”

She blushed ferociously. He became so close where she saw her own reflection in his beautiful pale green eyes as her own eyes widened by the eroticizing smell. His scent wasn’t hyper masculine, but rather gentle and spiced, filling her nose in comfort. She felt his finger tips brush her fingers delicately, his fingers soon interlacing gently with hers. His eyes were blazing with an intensity that awakened a feeling in her underbelly. Her breath was ragged as he came closer. All she heard was a heart thumping and it assumed it had to be hers because her heart was wild in her chest. The thump in Albus’ chest was steady, but hard. He finally got to feel what her skin felt like and it was incredibly soft. He wanted nothing more, but to live in this moment. He brought her hand to his lips, kissing her palm and wrist. She couldn’t help, but to blush. His actions were gentle and affectionate, almost romantic. He looked up at her, her hazel eyes widening. He lost it. He was in the moment; he could finally have her here. Finally, come face to face with her. Although he was choking on a confession, maybe he could show her his feeling though the affection he gave her tonight. He cupped the nape of her neck, pulling her into a kiss. And from there, it was inevitable.


The sun lightened the green curtains of the four bed poster to a pale green with a tinged yellow and white in the center where the sunlight hit. The light casted bright vivid colors on Aries’ vision as her eyes flutter open. Her back was sore and she felt cramped… She looked next to her and slapped her hands over her mouth so she wouldn’t yell out in surprise. There was a pale boy next to here with untidy black hair, sleeping soundly. She groaned internally, her head throbbing and replaying the night’s events. She slept with Albus! How? It went back further. Drinking, excessive drinking. Why? Heartbreak from James leaving right after her first-time making love. When? The memories flooded her from the moment she laid eyes on James that night…

She slept with two guys in the same night. Well, technically one at night and the other early in the dead morning, but either way she thought of herself as a slut. She trembled at the thought. All she could hope was that Albus was drunk and wouldn’t remember. In truth, he wasn’t, she was and if she was drunk and remember it all, a sober Albus would definitely remember.

A/N: Hi, guys again. Please leave a review of your thoughts. It is helpful for improving and encouraging. =D 


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