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Descendants of the Death Eaters by Cariel
Chapter 46 : Funny Ending 6: Return of Voldy
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Voldemort never died and killed Lucius and Roger for their betrayal.

Voldemort: turning to Harry Join me and we can rule the Earth as Scarhead and Voldy. Bwhahahahahaa!

Harry: Sure, that’d be great…NOT!

Voldemort: But I’m your father, search your feelings, you know it to be true…

Harry: Erm, no…that’s kind of impossible…but OK if you want to think that, go for it…dumbass…

Voldemort: I foresee you becoming the greatest of all wizards, Harry Potter, even better than Albus Dumbledore!

Harry: laughing Good call. pauses before saying Avada Kedavra!

*Huge blast*

In the hospital wing:
Ron: trying to convince himself I’m sure Harry wasn’t killed in that blast…

Hermione: spacing out freakishly He wasn’t. I can feel it.

Ron: pissed off You love him, don’t you?!

Hermione: like ’no duh!’ Yeah, of course.

Ron: irritated When Harry comes back; I won’t get in the way.

Hermione: Good. Thanks.

Ron: unbelieving WHAT?

Hermione: Good. Bye. Runs out of the hospital wing to find Harry and snog.

A/N: Shudders at the thought of H/H yuck! I think that was the most evil of all my alternate endings.
::breathes in and out, trying to use the force to will those disgustingly evil thoughts away::
Now that you’ve read the last of my alternate endings, I know you’re just dying to read more of my work. Well…

Happy Ending Lovers: If you don’t want to find out what happens next, don’t read the third instalment of the trilogy of Death Eater fics. Just giving you a fair warning! ;-)

Angst/Mystery Lovers: Evilness ensues in the darkest of the Death Eater trilogy entitled: So I Married a Death Eater, which will most likely be rated R. Follow the link in my sig.

If we shall ever meet again, I thank you for the time you spent reading this fic. Love and appreciation goes to all my reviewers. You guys are the best! Thanks so much! Write on!

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Descendants of the Death Eaters: Funny Ending 6: Return of Voldy


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