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The Quidditch Cup by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 18 : Chapter Seventeen
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I woke up, remembering last night. I have a clear conscience, that’s a first. I looked at the clock at the side of my bed, two hours until the train I thought happily. Two hours! I jumped out of bed, knocking over the possessions on my side draws.

“Bollocks” I exclaimed picking them back up. My hands hovered over the last item; it was the picture from last night. I smiled sadly at it. I had a sudden burst of confidence; I needed to sort out this mess between James and me. It was getting too messy and it was only a matter of time before it got involved in quidditch and I couldn’t let that happen, not when we’ve gotten this far.

Putting the picture back on the side, I sighed as I saw how I’d hanged my dress up from last night. It was sprawled on the floor and literally looked like I’d just walked straight out of it. I laughed as I picked it up; Mum would kill me if she saw how’d I’d left it.

I put it in the dress bag and folded it gently on top of my already packed case. I couldn’t wait to go home. I ended up tying my hair up and shoving on a jumper and a pair of jeans. It was too cold to even attempt to look nice, especially in the dungeons. You get frost bite from just touching the walls.

The girls in my dorm were still asleep, one even had a guest with her. How she’d got him up here was beyond me. But I guessed he slithered-in… yeah I know don’t quit my day job. I’ll leave the comedy to Freddie, or James. He can be funny, sometimes…

I walked slowly down the common room. Al was in there yawning on one of the black sofas. I ran over to him jumping on the settee next to him.

“WHAT. WHAT?” he jumped up completely alarmed. “What the hell Cora!” he complained, holding on to his head. If I didn’t know any better I’d say somebody had a little hangover.

“Just thought I’d say hello to my favourite Potter” I smiled innocently, already plotting his demise.

“I wish you wouldn’t” he said picking up the nearest pillow and throwing it at me. His energy blatantly wasn’t in it, it flopped to floor behind me, no direction or any force behind it.

“Awww, had lickle Alby got a hangover?” I questioned poking at his face. His face was set, and he looked straight ahead, his anger clearly on show.

“Fuck off would you?” he spat. Somebody is a little touchy, I laughed.

“That’s no way to get Slytherin Quidditch Captain next year” I said putting my hands on my hips and looking at him with my eyebrows raised. He looked at me – changing his facial expression considerably.

“Seriously?” he looked at me hopeful.

“Well… I was considering it, but with that tone, I think I might go with Scorpius” my lips pursed as I pretended to be deep in thought.

“Think you might go with Scorpius for what?” The boy himself asked.

“On who’s going to rub my feet on the train ride back” I said grinning sending Al a wink. I’d picked Al from the beginning, Scorpius was bound to get head boy next year and I definitely do not want a balding middle aged stress filled Scorpius on my conscience. Plus Al, was clearly the guy for the job.

“I’m not doing it again” Scorpius said cringing. My feet aren’t even that bad, he’s just got a thing about feet. It’s probably his own, their disgusting and huge. I’d say he has clown feet, but that would be an insult to clowns – I’m joking obviously. But he does have big feet.

“Fair enough” I chirped, “breakfast?” I asked changing the subject completely.

“Please” begged Al. He definitely had a hangover and a-

“Al is that a black eye?” I questioned, pulling forward and touching his face. He pulled away from me, shaking his long hair in a weak attempt of covering it.

“Don’t ask” he said bluntly. His right eye was tinged green with a purple bruising. I couldn’t help but stare.

“What happened?” I asked ignoring his request – what can I say, I’m nosy. We’d already started walking before he eventually responded.

“I dumped Melody” he said begrudgingly.

“And she punched you?” I asked shocked slightly amused at the idea such a tiny girl could do that impact to someone’s face. You go, Melody!

“No” he said back stubbornly “Her older cousin from Ireland did” he shuddered as he remembered the pain. I had to bite back my smile. I reached forward again.

“Ouch” I said bringing my finger close to touch it; he slapped my hand away like a fly.

“At least he won’t be here after the holidays” Scorp said trying to change the mood. That was true, Ireland had just missed out they were 17th beaten narrowly by the French boys institute, unlucky really it was only by goal difference. So Ireland would be going home, and so would Melody’s black eye giving cousin.

“Great” Al said full of sarcasm.


-James P.O.V-

I rolled out of bed – wiping the dribble from my mouth. I couldn’t remember what time I crawled back last night, all I remember is Freddie, Wood and me breaking into Slughorn’s alcohol cabinet. We ended up getting through seven bottles of fire whiskey, yeah even I don’t know how I’m alive right now.

I groaned, my head was spinning. My mind was a mess.

Clawing at my little remaining energy, I managed to lift myself up. With one quick glance at Freddie’s bed, I let myself drop with an umpf. Freddie had his pink haired friend in bed again. Leah showed last night, that she too could drink like one of us. It must be her German heritage. Or at least that’s what she told us several times last night when she shot it down.

Midnight left our celebrations feeling slightly tipsy – I walked her back like the gentleman I was. Or the gentleman my Mum had raised me to be. When I came back, the celebrations continued, and we drank our way into this state now.

Shocking really, how easy Slughorn’s prised alcohol collection was so easy to get into. Not that I’m complaining.

I heard a loud snapping noise, signalling that one of the house elves had arrived. I peeked through my hands, Plink stood looking at me, her large blue tennis balls eye grew even wider.

“MR POTTER! You’re going to miss the train!” She ran over to me nudging the bed. I jumped up in shock.

“What time is it?” I asked worried. I was running around frantically. I hadn’t packed; I planned to do it today. I hadn’t done anything. “Plink, what time is it?” I asked again the urgency coming through in my voice.

And then I heard it. Laughter coming from the door way, Plink looked at me guilty. I looked at the door as Al and Scorpius came through laughing. “Thank you for your services Plink” Al said giving her what seemed to be a pair of mittens.

“Thank you, Master Potter!” she squeaked. She gave me one last apologetic look before apperating away.

“Unbelievable!” I said throwing my shirt at the two prats.

Freddie hearing the commotion, jumped up, accidently elbowing Leah. “Was zum Teufel!” Leah exclaimed, jumping up with Freddie. Malfoy, Al and Me, turned to look at the pair in union. Stifling our laughs.

“What’s happening?” Freddie asked rubbing his eyes. Leah pulled the blanket closer to her, covering her up completely – not that I saw anything anyway.

“We’re late for the train!” Al said pretty convincingly, he was a slytherin for a reason you know. But Freddie wasn’t as gullible as me.

“Bollocks have we” Freddie said, which earned him a slap over the head from Leah, I’m guessing she’s not a big swearer. “Sorry” Freddie apologised, although it didn’t sound very sincere. She smiled anyway, flashing him her perfectly straight pearly whites.

“How did you know?” Al asked suspiciously. Freddie gave a chuckle.

“Because if we had of missed it, you would all be running around frantically, crying over missing nanna’s Christmas dinner” I looked at Al shrugging, Freddie’s deductive skills were definitely impressive.

“What time is it?” Leah asked her German accent coming through. I was still amazed at how fluently she spoke English. I’d be useless learning another language. Troll and English is enough me.

Scorpius was the one who told Leah the time. We had an hour before the train was due to leave. This meant, I needed to pack ASAP...


-Cora’s P.O.V-

I was sitting in the carriage with Scorp and Al. They were laughing, telling me about how they tricked James this morning. I couldn’t but not laugh - the two were contagious. I bet James regrets giving Al the password. We broke off into a comfortable silence.

“What are you doing this holiday?” Al asked me.

I shrugged nonchalantly “With the family, including Scorpius’… but a little birdy tells me he’s spending Christmas day at yours” I looked at Scorpius with my eyebrows raised.

“Hey, we asked you too!” Al said, defending Scorpius for leaving me. It was true Al had asked if I’d wanted to go, I said no though – this was in the build-up to the quidditch ball, right in the middle of the awkwardness between James and me. So you can’t blame me really for not wanting to spend Christmas with the prat. That reminds me, I still needed to speak to him, I felt I owed it to him.

“I know, but family comes first” I said winking at Al. His cheeks tinged pink. Scorpius noted it too, but didn’t say anything.

With a bumpy rock, the carriage came to a halt. I realised then that this would be the last time I’d be going home for Christmas. I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic, it hit me that this really was my last year at Hogwarts.

“Are you coming?” Scorp asked he and Al had already left the carriage leaving me sitting here like a tool. I nodded jumping out and followed them to the train.

We ended up getting a compartment at the end of the train. And not even ten minutes later, we were joined with the rest of the team – including James. He sat opposite me, both of us by the window. He smiled hesitantly; I gave him half of smile back for I turned my attention to the window.

“Did you have a good time last night?” James asked nudging me with his foot. I looked at the foot first until he removed it from my leg. I then looked up to him, he was grinning at me, a playful smirk now covering his face.

“Yeah actually, my feet were killing though” he nodded at me thoughtfully.

“Same. Must have been the heels” he laughed to himself, as I started chuckling, my eyes crinkling together.

“You looked so pretty last night!” Roxanne gushed at me. My cheeks went red from the sudden attention.

“You did too” I told her truthfully, she just smirked at me and told me that she knew. Now that is body confidence at its fullest. I smiled at her.

“I’m going to the toilet” I said suddenly standing up.

Al groaned. “Too much information” I looked at him a grin flashing across my face.

“You know Al, I think I’m going to have a really long weeeeeeeeeeee” I ruffled his hair as he shook his head in disgust. What did he think I did with all the shit I drink? Store it for winter?

I walked out of the compartment, my head held reasonably high. The toilet was just down the hall, perks of being in the last carriage I guess.

The toilet trip was uneventful. What was not though was the certain dark haired, six foot four, brown eyed beauty. I didn’t actually call him; I’ll use the same description I’ve used for six year, a narcissistic, pretentious completely dim-witted douchebag. I actually called it to his face once, he just looked at me completely blank, I presumed that it was because he didn’t know what half of the words meant. I also said that to him too, he just told me to fuck off, and stalked away.

“You know” I said “It’s kind of creepy to wait outside of the toilet for someone… some might even say you’re showing stalking tendencies…” he smiled at me running his hand through his already messy hair.

“Hilarious” he muttered. I grinned.

“So what do you want, Potter?” I asked playfully.

“Back to Potter now, are we?” he asked chuckling slightly. I felt like telling him my reason for it, that I was slightly annoyed with him, pissed off even, the picture flashed back in my memory – along with James dancing with Midnight last night. Ok I was jealous, there I said it.

“It could be worse…” I said, he raised his eyebrow and I continued “I could have called you shithead” I smiled as I began to walk away from him. I know I said I would talk it out with him, but like I’ve said a thousand times, I’m no Gryffindor.

James had other ideas, he grabbed my hand and swung me back to face him. “Ouch” I managed pulling out of his grasp.

“Sorry” He said sounding completely sincere. “Look I just wanted to tell you, last night you looked beautiful – not that you don’t always” he added as an afterthought. I looked at him my mouth dropping open.

“Are you fucking serious?” I snapped. “How can you even say that?” I demanded.

“Cora?” he said softly, confusion written all over his face. I looked at him shaking my head.

“You confuse the fuck out of me, you know that?” I asked. “One minute you’re saying stuff like that and the next you’re taking bloody Midnight to the ball. Do you know how many bloody mixed signals you are giving me?”

He too started to raise his temper. “I only asked Midnight because you went with Krum!” he argued back.

I started to laugh. “Funny that, because I ended up having to ask him, after you told me you were going with Midnight” my hip landed on my hip as I looked at him. Anger was cursing through me, but I tried to keep calm, tried being the operative word.

“You can’t- Wait what?” he asked me sounding completely dumbstruck.

“I said no to Elyan because I was waiting for you to ask me. How stupid was I?” I laughed at myself, my voice becoming shrill.

An awkward silence formed between us, James looked deep in thought. While I just stood there focussing on my breathing. In and out, in and out.

I decided to finally say what I originally planned to. “Look James” I said softly, he looked up at me, his eyes full with concern. I almost stopped there and then but then I remembered my promise: quidditch first. “I think we should just call it quits” his eyebrows knitted and his mouth dropped open in protest. “It’s getting too difficult, there’s too much drama. And I’m not going to wait until it gets in the middle of Quidditch, I care too much about it, to ruin it”

“And not enough about me” I heard him mumble. I shook his comment away. And looked over his shoulder.

“I just can’t keep up the façade” I told him. “Anyway you have Midnight, quidditch will be quidditch and you and I can go back to being…” I didn’t know how to word it “friends?” it sounded more like a question.

I heard James laugh. “Friends?” he asked. I bit my lip tentatively.

“We weren’t friends” he said shaking his head in frustration. He turned to walk away, but last second he looked back at me in the most sarcastic voice I’ve ever heard come from his mouth: “I’ll see you on the pitch then, Captain”.

and ok, apologises about the wait but I did warn you! but you will all be happy to hear, as of yesterday I am officially a free house elf. NO MORE COLLEGE!
So my updates will be a lot quicker.... happy about that?

BUT scrap that... tell me what you think about this chapter?
What did you think about Cora and James? should it of happened, upset? who's side are you on.
Do you like the swap of p.o.v's? should i continue....

I know I said the next chapter would be back to quidditch and school, but this chapter was getting too long so i decided to split it into two. SO CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY in june. why not ay?

again sorry for the wait.

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