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Beat It by alicia and anne
Chapter 10 : Missing James
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 “Has there been any news yet?” Roxanne asked softly, looking over at her cousin, who was staring down at her hands.

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” Lily told her sadly, she gave a sniff and ran a hand over her face.

Roxanne felt useless, not knowing what to do, or how to even begin helping her family. She was also trying to be strong for them all and not letting herself fall apart, but it was becoming difficult. Her heart was in her throat most of the time, any time she or Lily were sent letters, anytime she listened to the news on the radio, any time she scanned the Daily Prophet. And if this was what she was feeling she hated to think what her Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny were feeling, or Albus and Lily.

Lily had been staying with Roxanne since they found out a few days ago, she had hidden herself away in Roxannes apartment, not wanting to see anyone. Albus had been the same, wanting nothing more than to hide away from the world. When Roxanne had gone around to see him with Lily, he was silent, not wanting to talk about it. Roxanne knew that it was eating him up inside, that he was struggling not to go straight back to the bottle, which was hard as he worked in a pub and lived above it.

Bethany had told Roxanne that even she was finding it hard to get him to open up about it. They had both sat together in the front room, whilst Lily had gone straight to Albus and Bethany’s bedroom to talk with Albus.

The only time that Roxanne had left Lily was when she had to go to training, like this morning, but she hadn’t been able to focus all of her attention. She had informed her Coach about James, so she didn’t get reprimanded as much as she would have, he had even given her the option to leave early to be with her family.

So here she was hours later, sitting with Lily and hoping that there was going to be some sort of news, but it looked unlikely.

“I can’t just sit here, I need to go out,” Lily stated, causing Roxanne to look up at her. Roxanne let her eyes flicker over her cousins tired and pale face, she looked so much like James.

“Sure, where do you want to go?” Roxanne asked her, coughing slightly so that she wouldn’t start crying again.

“I’m hungry, let’s go and get some food. We’ll go to that restaurant you like.” Lily stated slowly, standing up as she ran a hand through her tangled red hair.

“That’s fine, let me just get my shoes on.” Roxanne agreed standing up herself.
Lily nodded as she started to make her way out of the room, “I’m going to go and wash my face.”


They were sat in silence again, picking at the food that they had ordered. Roxanne had managed to eat some of hers, but Lily’s was still on her plate, being stabbed slowly by Lily’s fork.

Lily gave a sigh as she dropped the fork to the table.

“I’m sorry Roxanne.” Lily stated looking up at her apologetically. “I thought that I could do this, but, I can’t.”

“I’ll get the check, we can go.” Roxanne said, about to signal for the waiter to come over, but Lily stopped her.

“No, stay and finish your food. I’m going to go home. I need to see my mum and dad.”

Lily stood up as Roxanne nodded, not having a chance to do anything else. Lily pulled a few Galleons out of her purse and placed them on the table, before she moved over to Roxanne and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She said goodbye, before leaving the restaurant in a hurry.

Roxanne watched her sadly, before looking back down at her half eaten food. She didn’t want it, she wasn’t hungry.

“Would you like some more wine, Miss Weasley?”

Roxanne looked up at the waiter, who was holding a bottle of wine and gave a small nod at him. She thanked him as he filled up her glass and walked away from her table. Drinking probably wasn’t the best option right now, but she wanted something else to think about. She understood why Albus would turn to drink, it was good at numbing the pain, good at numbing the irrational and terrible thoughts that were running through her head.

She was halfway through the glass when she spotted Jason across the other side of the room, he was sitting with his back to her and across from a woman. Her heart seemed to beat faster and jealousy filled her as she watched him intently. Her eyes scanned over the back of him, he looked tense, she could tell by the way that he was sitting and he seemed to be in a heated discussion with the older woman he was sitting with. They both seemed oblivious to the other people around them as they hissed at each other.

Roxanne asked a passing waiter for the bill, wanting to leave the restaurant, especially if Jason seemed to be on a date with someone. She didn’t know why it was bothering her so much, neither of them agreed to have anything between them, sure they had that kiss, but that was it. Roxanne had tried her hardest to avoid him, to try and not fall for him. She had no claim to him.

Roxanne paid for her meal and left a tip, before gathering her things and slipping out of the restaurant, not wanting Jason to see her. She stood outside the restaurant, her arms wrapped around herself as she looked out at the street, trying to decide what she would do now and trying to fight the urge to go back into the restaurant to say hello to Jason.

But she didn’t have to do that, as Jason stormed out of the restaurant moments later and was walking angrily down the street, oblivious to those around him. Roxanne turned her head to watch him and felt herself following after him automatically, not sure why she was doing it.

She managed to catch up to him when he was about halfway down the street, she had to jog slightly to get to him. Roxanne took hold of his arm gently and he whirled around angrily to face her, wrenching his arm away from her.

“I thought I told – “ he began to yell, before he stopped suddenly as he realised that it was Roxanne, his eyes widened in shock.

“What are you doing here?” he asked her gently, looking behind her before looking back at her, as though not believing that she was there.

“I was in the restaurant,” Roxanne told him, wrapping her arms around herself again as she looked at him. Even though it was a warm night, she felt goose bumps spreading over her at the look on Jason’s face.

“Are you on your own?” he asked her, the look of shock on his face, now mixed with slight worry.

“I was with my cousin Lily but she left halfway through. She needed to get home to see her parents to see if they had any more news about-” she stopped quickly, not wanting to say James’ name, she knew she would begin crying again if she did.

Jason was watching her carefully, he seemed to realise that something had happened. “Are you alright, Roxanne?”

Roxanne shook her head as she bit her lip, wrapping her arms tighter around herself as though it would protect her.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked, moving closer to her and placing his hands on the tops of her arms.

Roxanne shook her head again, not trusting herself to speak.


They both turned to the source of the noise and Roxanne saw the woman from earlier was walking towards them.

“Come on,” Jason said, looking around them both before taking her hand, “Let’s get out of here.”

Roxanne nodded as she let Jason guide her down the street. “We should go to mine.” Jason told her.


Jason grabbed for a bottle of wine out of his fridge and two glasses, before sitting on the sofa next to Roxanne and handing her a glass. Winston had curled up beside Roxanne as soon as she had taken a seat on the sofa, nudging his face on her leg so that she would stroke him.

“Sorry, I’ve only got this weird stuff that Cody left here.” He told her apologetically as he poured the clear liquid into both glasses and placed the bottle on the coffee table.

“Who was that at the restaurant?” Roxanne asked him quickly, she had no right to ask him that and she wasn’t sure if she even wanted to know the answer. But it was distracting her enough away from what was on her own mind.

Jason took a gulp of the liquid, wincing slightly as he looked at the glass in his hand and swirled around the liquid, sucking a breath in through his teeth as he answered in a gruff voice.

“My delightful mother.”

Roxanne wasn’t expecting that answer.

“Oh, are you avoiding her?” Roxanne asked him, moving her hand to stroke Winston as she took a tentative sip of her own drink. The liquid was strong and burnt her throat slightly, but she enjoyed the almost vanilla taste of it.

“Something like that, we probably shouldn’t have come here though. Although, she knows I won’t let her in if she does turn up.” Jason muttered, a darker look crossing his frowning face.

“What happened?”

“That would take a lot more time and lot more alcohol to explain. Let’s just say that she’s not a nice person, Roxanne. She just likes to use people to get what she wants, not caring how it’ll hurt others. She’s a very self involved person.”

They sat in silence again, Roxanne not knowing what to say. She wanted to ask for more information, but didn’t want to push him into explaining, he didn’t seem to want to talk about his mother.
Jason was the one who changed the subject.

“How are you feeling about the talent scout being around?” Jason asked her.

“Absolutely terrified, bordering panic at times.” Roxanne admitted, drinking more of the alcohol, the burn of it seemed to lessen the more she drank.

“You shouldn’t be, you’re an amazing player.”

Roxanne looked up at Jason’s words, seeing the sincere look on his face. She almost scoffed, there were lots of players out there better than her, especially Jason.

“Not as good as you, you’re the number one Beater in the country. It’ll be piss easy for you to get the position.”

“That’s not the only position I want to have.” He stated, winking at her. Roxanne gave a laugh at his reply, she wondered how long it would be before that side of Jason showed again. She had to admit that she was beginning to miss his suggestive remarks, not that she would ever admit that.

“That is one of the cheesiest lines I’ve ever heard you say.” She stated and Jason gave a laugh as well.

“Oh, I have a lot more.” Jason told her with a giggle. Roxanne felt her heart skip a beat at the sound of his giggling, she wanted to hear it more.

Jason downed the rest of his drink before leaning forward to grab the bottle, pouring more liquid into his empty glass, he poured more into Roxannes glass as well.

“Corny one liners aside, you’re still the number one Beater in the country.”

“That’s a matter of opinion.” Jason told her.

“Do you not think so?” Roxanne asked, it was obvious to anyone who watched the sport how great Jason was as a Beater and how great he had been throughout his career so far.


Roxanne was surprised, how could he not think that he was the best? No one matched him on the pitch, many had tried and failed to. “Who do you think is then?”

“You’re the closest to number one I’ve seen.”

Roxanne stared at him, not believing what he had said, there were other Beaters out there that were so much better than her.

“You’re a lot better than me. You should be on the team.” Roxanne told him, she really didn’t think she was good enough to be on the England team yet, she had so much more to learn, more to practice on and skills to pick up.

“I want us both to be on the England team, that way we can be seen together and we wouldn’t have to hide things.” Jason admitted to her. Roxanne couldn’t help but feel happy at his words, if they were both on the team, they could be seen together and wouldn’t have to worry about what others would say.

“That’s unlikely to happen with the way that I’m feeling,” she admitted to him truthfully, she was much too distracted to have any chance of impressing the talent scouts, even if there was a slim chance of her being picked. She placed her glass down on the coffee table and leant back on the sofa, trying not to think of James, she knew that she would start crying.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her tenderly, placing his own glass down and turning his body slightly so that he could look at her face on. She knew that he had been wondering why she was upset earlier, but he hadn’t pressed the matter.

“My cousin James has gone missing,” she admitted, trying to stop the tears from filling her eyes. “No one knows where he’s gone, the Ministry is involved and the Aurors, but they haven’t been able to find him.”

Roxanne quickly found herself in Jason’s arms, as he pulled her towards him to hug her. She wrapped her arms around him as she let her tears fall. “I’m so scared, Jason. What if he doesn’t come back? What if something has happened to him?”

Jason kissed the top of her head as he held her in his arms, not sure what else to say, or how else to comfort her.

Winston gave a small whine from next to Roxanne, as though he could sense her sadness and Jason reached over to stroke him on the head.

“No one knows what to do and I feel so damn useless. I feel like I should be doing something.”

“If the Ministry and Aurors are involved, there’s nothing that you can do apart from being there for your family.” Jason told her softly, his hand running up and down her back soothingly.

“Half of them won’t talk about it, we’re apparently the family that doesn’t open up to each other. Albus and Lily just sit in silence, I think Albus is hoping that if he ignores it, it wouldn’t have happened. Lily just looks so broken,” Roxanne sniffed. “I don’t know what we’d do without James.”

“Tell me about him,” Jason stated, his lips finding the top of her hair again and kissing her again as he shifted her slightly so that she was sitting more comfortably, pressed up against him.
“What was he like? I only ever saw him at Hogwarts, I’d never spoken to him.”

Roxanne forgot that Jason was at Hogwarts when James went there, Jason had been at Hogwarts when Roxanne had gone, but she was in her first year whilst Jason was in his last. He was only a few years older than James.

“He’s hilarious.” Roxanne told him, smiling as she thought about her cousin. “One of my favourite cousins by far. Every memory I have of him, he’s always smiling or making others smile. I’ve never seen him sad, never seen him cry, he just always has this cheesy grin on his face and you know he’s either done something or he’s planning to do something.”

“He sounds like an amazing guy,” Jason said.

“He really is.” Roxanne told him, feeling tears coming to her eyes again as she thought about how big an impact James had on her life. “He always had time for everyone, no matter who it was or what they wanted.”

Roxanne couldn’t understand why anyone would want to hurt him, why anyone would take him from them. Did he owe them something? Was he taken in revenge for something? Was he leading a whole separate double life where he wasn’t the James they all thought he was.

“Why have you never been signed up for the England team before?” Roxanne asked, still wrapped up in Jason’s arms. She didn’t want to think about James anymore, she didn’t want her mind to come up with all those horrible ideas that maybe she didn’t know him as well as she thought she did.

“I nearly was,” Jason admitted. “I was all ready to take the medical and go over the contract a few years ago.”

Roxanne pulled away from Jason and looked at him with a small confused frown. “Then why are you not already on the team?”

Jason ran a hand tenderly over Roxannes face, pushing a strand of hair from her face before he answered her. “I gave it up for my dad, he got really sick and he needed me to be there for him. He tried to convince me that I didn’t need to, but I couldn’t accept the position and be away from him when he needed me most. The association understood why I had to decline, they were very supportive and so were the Wasps. They knew that I needed to focus all of my time on my dad.”

“Is your dad okay?” Roxanne asked him, she had seen Jason’s dad a few times, either in the papers with Jason or in the stands.

Jason nodded, “Yeah, he’s back to his normal strength. Thankfully, they found the cancer early enough.”

“I’m sorry about your dad,” Roxanne told him, reaching up to kiss him on the side of the face.

Jason smiled thankfully, “And I’m sorry about James. I hope they can find him soon.”

“I hope so too.”

A/N: A bit of backstory on Jason for you all, there is a sad side to his life. Also included a Jason/Roxanne moment in there for you all. :P I live for those moments! :D

Let me know what you think?

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