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Fear no Evil by Beloved Enemy
Chapter 4 : I Feel so Untouched
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I feel so untouched right now
 Need you so much
 somehowI can't forget you
 Been going crazy from the moment I met you

-Untouched by the Veronicas

November rolled around and Hermione was thoroughly enjoying it; fall was her favorite season. She loved watching the trees as their leaves changed color, she loved the crisp morning air, she loved drinking spiced cider and hot chocolate while watching the snow fall outside her bedroom window, but most of all she loved the fall scented candle that always came out this time of year. As she was sitting in her common room doing her homework, she had a candle burning on the desk that smelled like Pumpkin Spice; her absolute favorite. Draco would probably pitch a fit over the smell when he came back to the room, but Hermione was willing to take the risk. She was just finishing up with her three foot essay that was due for Transfiguration in a week when the metal clasp on the bracelet that Ginny had gotten her for her birthday broke. Hermione put down her quill, grabbed her wand and quickly repaired the bracelet. As she was slipping it back onto her wrist, she though back to the party that all of her friends had thrown her for her birthday. She had gone to the Gryffindor common room for the back to school party that Harry had insisted she go to, and she had nearly had a heart attack when all her friends jumped out at her and yelled ‘surprise!’ The party had been a blast, and she had gotten some very nice gifts, but she couldn’t help but think about the best gift she had gotten, even though the giver of the gift had had no idea that it was as such. In order to get out of patrolling on the night of her party, Hermione had had to go to Theodore Nott and ask him to switch schedules with her. He had agreed on the condition that she let him kiss her, and what a kiss it was! That one kiss had led her to think about all the other things that he was good at and all the other naughty things that he could do to her, and then that made her think of his two incredibly gorgeous best friends and all the naughty things that they could do to her as well. For almost a full week after the kiss had happened, she hadn’t been able to look at Theo, Blaise or Draco without blushing furiously as all those dirty thoughts came rushing back to her. Blaise had quickly picked up on this and he exploited it every chance he got. He would pass her in the halls and brush up against her, or lean in real close during potions and whisper something in her ear. The tickling sensation that she always got from that would send shivers up and down her spine. She had caught herself spacing off in class as she fantasized about Blaise throwing her onto a professor’s desk and ravaging her. She made sure never to be alone with him in the fear that when he made a move, which he undoubtedly would, she would lose all the self control she had left and jump on him.

Hermione was brought out of her reverie when she heard the door to the common room open. Draco, Blaise and Theo walked in and she couldn’t stop the grin that formed when she saw all three boys sniff the air.

“Damn, that smells good.” Theo said.

“It’s making me hungry.” Hermione noticed how Blaise was looking at her when he said that.

Draco sighed, “I wish you would keep those damn candles in your room, Granger.”

Theo scoffed, “It smells a lot better than you do, you prat.”

At this point, the three boys started giving each other shit and it was interrupting Hermione’s study time. Without giving it a second thought, Hermione waved her hand and the room became blissfully silent. She smiled to herself and continued on with her work. After a moment, she saw from her peripheral vision that all the Slytherins were looking at her; Hermione looked up and was met with thoroughly shocked expressions. She suddenly realized what she had done and quickly grabbed her wand and reversed the spell.

“Che io sia dannato.” Blaise said with a smirk. (I’ll be damned.)

“Ti ha solo fare senza bacchetta, la magia non verbale?” Theo looked thoroughly impressed. (Did she just do wandless, non verbal magic?)

“Clever piccola strega, non è lei.” Draco added. (Clever little witch, isn’t she.)

“I’m impressed, mia bella.” Blaise had recently come up with a new nickname for her. (My lovely.)

Hermione snorted in a very un-ladylike way, “Why is it so hard to believe?”

Theo cocked his head to the side as if trying to figure her out, “It’s not really, I suppose. You are annoyingly smart, aren’t you.”

Hermione rolled her eyes; they were so full of backhanded compliments.

“Where did you learn that, Granger?” Draco asked.

Hermione smiled at them, “Books; where else? I didn’t have parents to teach me.”

The boys shared a look and Hermione sneered at them, “Don’t even try to deny it; your looks and charm won’t make people forget where you come from.”

“C'è una cosa come essere troppo intelligente, Granger.” Draco hissed. (There is such a thing as being too smart, Granger.)

Hermione barked out a laugh, “No one can be too smart, Malfoy. “

The boys’ eyebrows shot up to their hairlines, “You understood that?” Blaise asked.

“Of course I did. I learned how to speak Italian the summer before last.” Hermione smiled innocently.

The guys started to panic as they started wracking their brains trying to remember if they had ever said anything in front of her that they shouldn’t have.

Hermione enjoyed the moment for a minute before she started laughing, “I’m kidding! Did you know that they actually make a potion that lets you understand and speak other languages? The stuff is bloody expensive though and it wears off in only a few hours, so don’t worry; soon you will be able to talk about me again without my knowledge.”

“You took a potion so that you could understand us?” Theo smirked.

“No, ho preso una pozione così che ho potuto pasticciare con voi.” Hermione said in perfect Italian. (No, I took a potion so that I could mess with you.)

Blaise’s eyes flashed as he listened to Hermione speak in his native tongue, “Che è così caldo.” (That’s so hot.)

Hermione was having so much with her small triumph that she couldn’t resist adding to the fire, “Sareste sorpresi alle cose che posso fare.” She gave Blaise her best smoldering look and he let out a small growl. (You’d be amazed at the things I can do.)

She had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Theo rolled his eyes, “For the love of Merlin; why don’t you two just shag already and get it over with?”

Hermione broke eye contact with Blaise and blushed. She grabbed her essay off the desk and headed for her room, “Ci vediamo più tardi ragazzi.” (I’ll see you boys/guys later.)
She disappeared into her room and the door closed with a soft ‘click.’


After her last class the next day, Hermione had gone to her common room to read for a while before dinner. She had stripped off most of her uniform, except for her skirt and blouse and was sitting on the couch with her legs curled beside her as she read one of her favorite books. When she portrait door opened, she assumed it was Draco, so she didn’t bother looking up until she felt someone sit down rather close beside her.

She looked up and couldn’t stop the smile, “Blaise.”

He returned her smile, “Princess.”

“Are you looking for Malfoy?”

“I was.”

“He had a meeting with Snape about something.”

“Well, that gives us a chance to--talk--for awhile.” Blaise gave her his best smile and she smirked at him.

“When was the last time that you were around a girl just to talk?”

“Milicent Bulstrode at lunch; she got into an argument with Pansy and decided that she’d rather sit with me. Have you ever seen the girl eat? She’s like a female version of Crabbe.”

Hermione laughed, “Ok Blaise, what would you like to talk about?”

Blaise thought for a moment and then looked at her book, “What are you reading?”

She held up the book, “Of Mice and Men; That’s a good book.”

Hermione quirked an eyebrow, “You’ve read it?”

“Several times; The Grapes of Wrath is my favorite though.”

The look on Hermione’s face made him laugh, ‘What?”

“I just can’t believe that you know a muggle author.”

“I know several.”

“Do your friends know that you like to dip into Muggle books?”

“Of course they do; I don’t care what people think of me, Hermione.”

She loved the way her name rolled off his tongue.

Blaise reached over and took the book from her and set it on the coffee table and then grabbed one of her legs and stretched it out over his legs and started rubbing her foot. Hermione closed her eyes and laid her head on the back of the couch; the man had magic fingers. After a few moments, Hermione raised her head and looked at him.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure.” Blaise hit a particularly sensitive spot on her foot and Hermione had to stifle the moan that was threatening to come out.

“Why are you wasting so much time on me?”

Blaise stopped his ministrations and looked at her, “Who said it was a waste?”

“I’ve seen the girls that throw themselves at you on a daily basis; compared to all of them, I’m a waste. Are you just doing all this because I’m the only girl who hasn’t thrown herself at you yet?”

Blaise laughed, “You are comparing yourself to the slags of this school? They’ve got nothing on you, Princess.”

Hermione rolled her eyes and pulled her foot out of his reach, “I’m serious Blaise; you could have your pick of anyone in this school. I’m not going to sleep with you, so if that’s the only reason why you are putting so much time and effort into getting on my good side, then you might as well just stop wasting both our times.”

A hardened look crossed Blaise’s features, “I really don’t think that you know me well enough to judge me like that, Granger.”

Hermione flinched at the sound of her surname coming from his lips, “Well, am I wrong? You have this reputation, Blaise; you have all of these amazing qualities, and I would hate to think that you really are that big of a jerk, but your reputation in the bedroom precedes you, yet I don’t recall you ever having a girlfriend. Then there’s me, the annoying, insufferable, know-it-all, disgusting Mudblood prude of Gryffindor who couldn’t get a guy’s attention even if I came with the latest edition of the Firebolt as a free gift! What on Earth would someone like you want with me other than as a notch on your bedpost?!”

Hermione was now crying and she angrily wiped the tears away.

The look on Blaise’s face softened, “Yes, I can get any girl I want; no, I don’t do the whole girlfriend thing, but I’ve never just used a girl for my own personal entertainment and then thrown her away; every girl I’ve ever been with has known exactly what she was getting herself into. As for you, you don’t have a clue about what I really think of you, so let me tell you. You are brilliant, kind, loyal, beautiful, stubborn as hell, incredibly sexy and incredibly frustrating. I’ve been trying to make some kind progress with you for two months now and you won’t budge!”

Hermione was trying to keep the tears at bay, “You think I’m beautiful?”

“Yes, I do; how could you not?”

Hermione kicked the couch cushion, “Because I’m not! I’m seventeen years old and I’ve never had a boyfriend! Viktor Krum dumped me when I wouldn’t sleep with him, Ron passed me up for the biggest slag in this school and my ‘summer fling’ never spoke to me again after I gave him my virginity! If I’m so amazing, then why the fuck am I invisible!?”

There was anger, sadness and loneliness in her eyes and Blaise decided that the time for talking was over. Blaise grabbed Hermione’s tie and pulled her to him, bringing her lips to his; his lips moved over hers and Hermione gasped. Blaise smiled and took this opportunity to slip his tongue into her hot mouth. His tongue stroked hers, trying to coax a response out of her. Hermione slowly began to respond, her tongue moving over his. Blaise sucked her tongue into his mouth and played with it for a minute before following it back to her mouth. Hermione let out a cross between a whimper and a moan and Blaise instantly became hard. Blaise situated Hermione’s legs so that they were on either side of him and he gently pushed her down onto the couch with his body as he continued his assault on her mouth. Hermione felt as though her body was on fire as Blaise snogged her senseless. Kissing Blaise was better than she could have ever imagined and she cursed herself for not doing it sooner. Hermione reached up and ran one of her hands through his hair as her other hand went to his back and pulled him down so he was flush against her. Desperate for the contact, Blaise ground his arousal against Hermione’s inner thigh and she broke the kiss and let out the most erotic sound he had ever heard. His lips moved to to the sensitive spot just under her ear and he began nipping at sucking, making his way down her neck, across her pulse point, over her collarbone, and down to the swell of her breasts that were heaving with every erratic breathe she took as he left scorching kisses all along her skin. Hermione grabbed Blaise’s shirt and untucked it so she could slip her hands underneath and run them along the well defined muscles of his chest and stomach. She had been dying to touch him, any part of him that she could get her hands on, and he felt even better than she thought he would, if that were possible. She raked her fingernails across the ridges of his stomach and Blaise hissed at the sensation. Hermione smirked and gently tugged on his hair, forcing him back to her mouth. This time, she was not shy in the slightest and her tongue dominated his. Hermione was getting more and more aroused by the second as his fingers traced featherlight touches along her skin. As her resolve to refuse to let him get into her knickers quickly began to fade with every kiss and touch, she also got more daring. She ran her hand further down his stomach until she was at the hem of his pants and she could feel the soft, baby fine hairs that began just below his belly button.

 Blaise broke their kiss and groaned, “Christ Hermione, you’re gonna kill me.”

That was the first time that Blaise had ever used Hermione’s given name rather than a nickname and she absolutely loved it. He started trailing kisses down Hermione’s throat and collarbone and  then the door to the common room opened and Draco and Theo came in. They both stopped dead in their tracks at the sight in front of them. Hermione whipped her head towards the intruders and blushed ten shades darker than usual while Blaise just groaned and buried his head in the crook of her neck in annoyance. Blaise sat up and grabbed a blanket that was lying across the back of the couch to cover up the thoroughly humiliated Head Girl. She moved out from under Blaise and booked it into her room, slamming the door behind her.

Blaise sat back on the couch and raked a hand though his hair, “Ottimo tempismo, stronzi.” he growled, not even bothering to fix his clothes. (Excellent timing, fuckers.)

Theo looked at Blaise’s chest and grinned, “Are those scratch marks?”

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