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Crossing Delicate Boundaries by lindslo2012
Chapter 7 : Pansy's Fate
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Draco Malfoy sits silently at the hardwood table in the dining room of his new flat while Astoria Greengrass, his eighteen-year-old girlfriend, sits across from him glaring across the table at his uneaten meal that she had prepared for him.

"Why are you acting so odd?" Astoria asks her boyfriend as she forks away at her broccoli and cheese accompanied by chicken on the plate in front of her. 

"I am just not in the best mood after seeing my mum behind bars again today, Astoria. How do you feel seeing your father behind them?" Breathes Draco, feeling intense irritation at the fact that she asks the dumbest of questions sometimes when she should feel the exact way as him. 

"I am proud of my father for what he has done. While I don't wish him in Azkaban, he will do his time and be home eventually," admits Astoria, shrugging her thin shoulders.

"You have no clue sometimes," growls Draco, taking a small bite of the dry chicken and struggling to swallow it. Astoria has never been skilled at cooking with a wand. He can imagine how horrible it would be if she tried cooking by hand.

"I am just not happy to be here. I'd rather be in the manor like we planned," the girl pouts. 

"What do you mean like we planned?" Draco wonders, looking up at her with narrow eyes. 

"I want to live in your huge home and be treated like a queen like I was when Father lived in mine. I despise living in this Muggle neighborhood Draco and I don't understand why you refuse to live in the manor when your parents are gone," continues Astoria.  

"Too many painful memories, Astoria!" Draco admits, meeting Astoria's eyes.

She can never understand, he thinks silently, frustrated with her lack of sympathy toward anything. 

"Painful memories? You should have been honored that the Dark Lord lived in your home! I would do anything to have had that!" Astoria snootily retorts, crossing her arms in anger. “In fact, we would have honored him much better than your father did!”

"I should be honored? Honored that he tortured my family and I in our own home? Honored that he killed people and captured people in the dungeons in front of my eyes? No one should be grateful for that!" Draco angrily replies, standing up and leaving the table, his food left half-eaten. 

He walks into the quiet of his bedroom and slams the door because he doesn't want to see her stuck up face anymore. The sight of her makes him want to punch something although he knows that she just wasn’t there, and doesn't understand what he’s been through. Astoria's upbringing was a bit less rough than his.  

Soon Astoria grows upset that Draco’s angry with her and orders Draco’s house-elf, Bane, to clean the kitchen mess up while she bangs on the locked bedroom door. 

"Alohomora," Astoria chants, pointing the wand near the locked socket, and it opens immediately. 

Draco is not in the bedroom but she hears water going in the master bathroom. Not caring about privacy, Astoria walks right into the shower room and opens the huge door revealing her boyfriend's naked body. 

"Bloody hell, are you mad?! Can I not even take a shower without your interference?!" Draco bellows as she crosses her arms. He uses a washcloth to cover his privates as she starts to stare at them as she always does. 

"No I just want to apologize for what I said Draco. I'm sorry for thinking the way I do and I know you have been through a lot but you just seem ungrateful for some things I would kill for," Astoria huffs. 

"Okay, apology accepted! So can you leave so I can finish my shower?" Draco asks irritably as she stares at his naked body again, making him feel rather uncomfortable. Draco doesn’t feel like having any sexual activity with her as he feels rather disgusted by her right now.

Astoria haughtily rolls her eyes at his request but then grins slyly. "Can I join you?" 

"I don't know-" Draco starts to say. But before he can finish, all his disgust toward her turns into lust as she sheds her tiny nightgown. She now only wears a black lace thong and bra, his favorite color of lingerie on her. 

Unable to contain his sudden arousal, Draco walks out of the shower and places his hands on her breasts as she starts kissing his neck. He then reaches behind her and unsnaps her bra, as she starts taking the bra off he moves down to her underwear and slips those off slowly off too. No matter how mad he is at her, her body turns him on every time she lets him see it.

He pulls her with all his force inside the shower with him pushes her against the wall to let the water run down her bare skin. He then kisses her neck, making her moan with pleasure as he wraps his arms around her bottom and picks her up against his body, now kissing every inch of her he can manage. He then starts to make love to her and it lasts a good hour. The tap is cold by the time they’re done.  


"I'm going to bed." Draco announces once he puts his boxers on after they finish and dry off. He realizes that he doesn't feel any kind of emotional connection with her but only complete lust. Does he even really love her anymore? Did he ever fall in love with her? 

"But why so soon?" She asks, her nightgown covering her attractive tight body once again so Draco can concentrate. 

"I just am, Astoria. I'm tired, it’s been a long day so goodnight," replies Draco as he leaves her alone to finish getting dressed in the bathroom as he crawls under the Egyptian sheets and thick comforter. He sighs at the feeling of his bed after a long work day. He thinks about how happy he is that he took it from his bedroom at the manor. 

Even though he doesn't desire for her to touch him at the moment, Astoria gets into bed and cuddles into the blankets with him wanting to be there for him now that he gave her what she wanted. "What's really wrong, Draco?" 

"I miss my mum." Draco tells her, closing his eyes to rest his aching head. Going to Azkaban gave him a headache and it has not gone away yet. 

"I'm sorry," Astoria replies, knowing the feeling but feeling a little different than him. Like Lucius, her father was not the most pleasant being to have present in your home and Astoria has rather grown to like it just being her mother and herself before her mother became depressed. 

"There's nothing you can do about it," Draco tells her harshly, rolling over and staring at the wall across the room. He wishes that Astoria would just leave him alone but knowing that she loves him, he feels bad for being rude to her and turns back toward her, embracing her in his arms even though a part of him doesn't want to. 

"I want to be pregnant," she suddenly whispers with a smile.  

"What?!" Draco yells, letting go of her as though she electrocuted him and moving away. What a horrible time to bring something so ridiculous up. 

"What would be better than having one of our own running around? You would be less lonely Draco and we could get married," says Astoria enthusiastically, her eyes wide with anticipation. 

"Astoria, no! It’s way too early and we have barely been together since I got out of Azkaban! I have to get my life together- just no, at least not right now." Draco says, his eyes wide with shock at what she has just shared with him. Yep, she must be mad

"I may be pregnant already. We will see!" Astoria states with a smile, rolling over and laughing stupidly. 

Draco then regrets not using any protection. What if Astoria gets pregnant and he's not even sure if he loves her yet? He does know that she can be quite immature. A baby is the last thing they need right now. 

"Goodnight Drakey." 

"Goodnight Astoria. I don't want a child right now, just so you are aware," He tells her strictly. 

"Goodnight!" She says again lightly, avoiding answering his comment. 


When Draco wakes up from sleep the morning two weeks after the day they investigated his mum, he feels Astoria's body across his chest and he smiles. He loves having someone to sleep with at night like this. If Astoria wasn't in his life he would probably go mad even if she was quite annoying. 

He silently looks out the window and sees a bright sun igniting the white curtains of his bedroom, making his beige colored paint look almost gold. 

"Good morning," Astoria sleepily whispers, kissing his cheek. She has not dropped the child subject since she first brought it up and Draco was getting rather irritated but they have not fought again since their last fight that night two weeks ago. Astoria has been extra sweet to him, and he wonders if it is because she wants a baby. They have since had sex since that night but Draco was sure to put the contraceptive charm on every time.

"Hi," He replies lazily as he continues to relax. 

"Do you work today?" Astoria wonders. 

"No I don't," Draco answers, relieved that he doesn't have to see Hermione's face today as he's been around her too much lately. They have been on countless more investigations and more and more people glare at Draco as soon as he steps a foot around their home. He honestly doesn't blame them because of what his past holds. 

"Great because I am going to do a pregnancy potion with the help of my mum and I'd like you to be there. She thinks it's a good idea we have a baby right now too, that way she will have a grandchild to play with while Father is in prison," pipes up Astoria happily. 

Draco shakes his head in disbelief. How can the two of them feel this is a good time to bring an extra life into the world? They must both be mad, he thinks snidely. 

"Suit yourself," Draco tells her, stretching his limbs and getting out of bed.

 He is whipped when it comes to her and he doesn't quite know how to tell her no. Her beauty always mesmerizes him. The way her hair flows around her oval face, how her body looks so amazing in tiny clothes, and how she is always there for him even if she doesn't want to be seems to hypnotize him in ways he never can understand. Her flaws are quite a short list for the most part. She is a good girlfriend but can be quite selfish at times and not to mention immature. But Draco knows he isn't the friendliest gentleman either. 

Draco leaves Astoria alone in the bedroom as she is still getting ready for the day and he brews a hot cup of tea with his wand. As he sits down to relax and drink it, a knock on the kitchen window startles him. He notices Zabini's owl and curiously retrieves it to read since his good friend never sends him letters. When he sits down he is shocked what it says. 


Something has happened to Pansy. She has been missing since last night and that isn't like her to just run off. I need your help. I think something bad happened!

-B. Zabini  

Feeling annoyed that Pansy is just probably pulling something but also a sense of panic if she isn't, Draco stands up and walks back in the bedroom to dress and hands Astoria the note to read. 

"What happened?!" Astoria asks as she reads the short note.

"Pansy's missing and Zabini is worried for her. He wants our help finding her." Draco shortly explains in a hurry as he grabs jeans and a t-shirt from his walk in closet.

Astoria scrambles and slips a dress on very quickly that was laying on the hand-crafted vanity in the corner of the huge master bedroom. Pansy is her best friend and she never wants something to happen to her so of course she is inviting herself along. 

"Hurry Draco!" Astoria nags as Draco rushes to get his briefcase and other belongings together. 

When the two of them are getting ready to apparate, Astoria has started to cry. What would she do if she lost her best-friend? 

"It will be okay," Draco says as he takes Astoria's hand and squeezes it. 

"I hope so," she hiccups as they apparate, but she can’t deny the sinking feeling inside her. 


They land on a huge hill not far from the Zabini manor and start walking in the inviting spring day toward it. 

The manor is nowhere near as big as Malfoy Manor but it comes very close. The castle like structure is five floors, has thirteen bedrooms, two dungeons, and fifteen bathrooms. It stands handsomely hidden at the bottom of a large hill thirty miles out of London and is always heavily protected by enchantments. 

As they approach, Zabini has already disarmed the spells and is waiting nervously on the front steps. As handsome as he was before, he has only gotten a little taller since the last battle. Since Draco was in Azkaban, he has not seen his good friend in over a year since he and Pansy visited him. 

"Draco, nice to see you again, you’re looking as good as ever. So glad you got out, mate!" Zabini compliments, though shaken, he is happy to see his best-friend and stands up to hug him. 

"Same to you Zabini," he answers, clapping a hand on his friend's back. 

"Astoria." Zabini greets his fiancée’s best-friend with a nod. 

Astoria nods back nervously but then asks, "Find anything else out?" 

"Nothing." Zabini says sadly, "I thought she was mad at me at first but then it has been hours and hours and she's not home so I called the Minister to search for her late last night and still haven't heard anything." 

"We'll find her, don't worry." Draco assures him. 

But after he finishes his sentence someone apparates right on the front lawn before Zabini can even put the enchantments back into place. The Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt himself, towers over them with drooping dark eyes as he looks at them all. 

"Greetings Mr. Zabini, Malfoy, and young lady. I have some news to share with you all," Shacklebolt's deep, gruff voice tells them. 

Zabini places his hands on the sides of his head and sits on a step, preparing himself because the expression on the Minister's face looks troubled. After a large swallow he whispers, "go ahead." 

"I am troubled to say that Pansy Parkinson is no longer with us." He reports to them, putting a huge hand on Zabini's shoulder as the color on his face drains away.

 Astoria lets out a loud yelp sound and falls on a step near Zabini while bursting into tears. Draco sits beside her and pulls her into him, his face looking at the ground but his eyes wide with shock. 

"H-how?" Draco asks since Zabini and Astoria are too upset to ask anymore questions. 

"It was a murder. We found her near Knockturn Alley and the last time she was seen was in the bar in the alley according to one of the Aurors who is already investigating," the Minister goes on. 

"Snaker's Bar I bet, sh-she visited that often. Since her parents are in Azkaban she has had a bit of a drinking problem," Zabini admits sadly and then places his head back into his hands as he sighs loudly, silent tears falling down his dark cheeks. 

"I am sorry for your loss. If you three wish to see her and say your goodbyes you may follow me before we get everything going. But she is dead, so her body may be hard to see for you all," Shacklebolt tells them, hanging his huge head in despair for them while he places his hand on Zabini’s shoulder again. 

"My b-best-friend... m-murdered!" Astoria yells into the air around her, huge tears falling onto the dress she chose to wear while her freshly applied mascara streams down her cheeks. 

"We want to see her Minister." Zabini says as Draco nods in agreement. 

Even though he really never particularly got used to Parkinson flirting with him in the early years at Hogwarts, she became a best friend to Draco when she finally started to mature, and Draco owes her some type of goodbye. So Draco holds tightly onto Astoria and the three of them follow Shacklebolt and apparate to the Ministry Morgue. 

They find themselves in a dark room where a metal table containing the body of Pansy lies, her dark brown hair falls around her shoulders and her face is a stark white as any dead person's would be. A white sheet conceals her nakedness and Zabini completely loses it now, falling to her side as he grabs her exposed hand. She looks like she could just be resting, her face has no signs of distress and Draco guesses she was probably drunk when she died.  

"I was going to marry her! Why this? Why now? Who could have done this?! I just proposed to her on her birthday a month ago!" Zabini cries into Pansy’s cold, lifeless hand. 

"We don't know Mr. Zabini." Shacklebolt tells him his face grim, "it could have been anyone right now, though it was admittedly quite a random act, one of the first murders in about a year." 

After spending at least two more hours saying goodbye to their friend and taking turns kissing her cheek, Zabini, Draco, and Astoria leaves the room and thanks the Minister for showing them and telling them the news so quickly.

"Now we know I guess how they felt," Astoria confides in the two of them after they apparate back to Zabini Manor. 

"Who?" Asks Draco.

"The ones killed in the war- the mudbloods. They lost a friend or family member every day." She says, the tears still falling. 

"Yes and I am ashamed I ever wanted anything to do with it," Draco admits as a still silent Zabini nods in agreement. 

"But they are different than us- they deserved it. Pansy didn't do anything wrong and she was pureblood." Astoria continues as the boys look briefly at each other and then away.

Eventually later that night, after Astoria visited her mum as she planned to earlier that day anyway, Astoria comes back to Draco's and he helps her get ready for bed. His girlfriend is so weak from crying that Draco has to attempt to help her get dressed and lay her in his bed.

"I'm scared Draco." She whispers as he lays into bed next to her. 

"Why?" He wonders. 

"What if someone is trying to get revenge? You know, for what we did." 


A/N: So Pansy was killed in Knockturn Alley... who do you think it was? 
Do you think this was an accident or on purpose? And what will happen next?

I know there was no Dramione in this chapter but there will be when it's the right time, I promise! I just hope you like it! Please read and review! Thanks for even reading at all! You are all awesome and a huge thanks to my previous reviewers! Things are about to start getting pretty intense. Stay tuned! 




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