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Before the Beginning by Andreanne
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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The morning of September the first was hectic at the Potter's house. Lily, who had packed almost all of her things the night before when they'd come back from her house, sat in the living room, her nose in a book and a cup of tea in her hand. Setting foot in her old home had been as hard as she had fear. As soon as she had opened the door, pain had gripped her chest. Her breathing had become shallow and rapid, but it wasn't until she'd reached the hallway which lead to the bedrooms that everything inside her had turned to dust. Her father had left his bed unmade, dirty clothes on the floor and piles of books on his nightstand. Only Alice's arms around her had kept her from sinking back into the darkness that had engulfed her on the first day. Alice had quickly taken charge. Making Lily sit on her bed, she'd taken out her wand and neatly tucked everything the girl would need for the school year into her trunk. They'd left the Evans' house shortly after that, silent tears streaming down Lily's cheeks. After that, Alice had stayed with her at the Potters until very late, talking about things of such unimportance that Lily couldn't help but feel normal again. When Alice had  finally left, it was with a promise that they'd see each other on the platform the next day.

"Sirius!" James yelled from the kitchen. "Get your lazy arse down here! I am NOT making you breakfast AGAIN!"

Lily chuckled. Those boys acted like an old married couple.

"I can't hear you." came Sirius' voice from upstairs. "I'm using the bathroom."

"No! You are most definitely not in the bathroom. You are in your bedroom. Now get down here!"

"Boys! How many times will I have to tell you? No shouting in the house." yelled Mr Potter from the second living room.

Rowan sighed deeply, catching Lily's eye. James' mother was a beautiful woman. She had deep brown eyes and silky dark hair that was streaked with white. She wore gold glasses that sparkled when they caught the sun. But her smile was what Lily liked above all else. She was able to make you feel like the most special person in the world without even uttering a word. Her eyes alone made you feel loved and safe.

"It's so nice having a girl in the house." she smiled, sitting down next to the red-head.

Lily returned her smile. Her mother had been gone for five years now and having Mrs Potter's caring attention almost felt like having her back. She felt a stab of guilt at comparing the two women.

"It's nice to be here." Lily blushed. "I mean, I really appreciate everything you, and your whole family, have done for me."

Rowan Potter took the girl's hand in hers.

"Please consider our offer Lily." she said softly. "I know Dumbledore told you of our wish to help you further your education after Hogwarts. You're such a bright witch, it would be a shame that all that talent go to waste because of bad luck."

Lily opened her mouth to protest.

"Just think about it." she said, getting up and dusting off her dark blue robes. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to make sure those children pack properly."

Lily nodded and cracked open her book once more.


The platform was packed with families. You could instantly tell which kid was a first year and which was not. The Potters had arrived relatively early seeing as Lily was a Prefect and would need to meet the others to establish a patrolling schedule before the train's departure. As they walked towards the end of the train, Lily stopped to give first year's and their families directions. She was knew what she was doing. She felt at home.

Remus and his parents as well as Peter and his mother were waiting for them at end of the train.

"Hi guys!" Sirius half-yelled.

Remus smiled, but he looked pale and drawn. His hands shook as he patted Sirius on the back.

Lily observed Remus and Peter. Both boys had pale skin, pale eyes and pale hair, but they still looked strikingly different. Peter was as short and dumpy whilst Remus was tall and excessively lean. Peter's face showed nothing, but childlike emotions. Remus stood out as calm and wise beyond his age. Of the four boys, Remus was the one Lily had always liked the most. Their studious personality's matched. At one point, Lily had even had a crush on the boy. She blushed at the memory.

"Hi Lily." he said after having embraced James. "I hope you're doing better. If there's anything I can do, just ask."

"Thank you Remus." Lily smiled pushing away her grief. She was going back to Hogwarts. It was supposed to be a happy day.

Peter's cheeks were flushed. He had always been awkward around girls.

"Lily? I don't believe I've ever heard about you." said the bony woman standing beside him.

Lily extended her arm to shake the woman's hand, but soon realised that hadn't been the woman's intention.

"This is my mum." Peter said, shuffling his feet. "Her name's Donna."

"I can very well tell her myself boy." she said.

Her watery blue eyes lacked any sort of spark. An enormous purple bruise stretched over her pale white arm. 

"Nice seeing you Mrs Pettigrew." James said, hugging the woman who patted his head affectionately.

"Have a nice year darlings." she mumbled, glancing at her son. "Don't forget to write often."

Peter nodded and scurried onto the train, waving to the Potters and the Lupins as he went.

Mrs Lupin walked over to Lily and gave her a hug. The woman was dressed in muggle attire and had been staring  at her watch the whole time Mrs Pettigrew had talked.

"I've heard a whole lot about you, young lady." she whispered into her ear. "Be strong."

After kissing her son, she trotted after Mrs Pettigrew who was already stumbling away. She took the woman by the arm and steered her out of the station.

"Care for a cup of tea?" Mrs Potter offered Mr Lupin. "You and Hope can come over later."

Mr Lupin smiled and nodded.

"Now." Mrs Potter turned towards her boys. "You behave yourselves this year, alright? I don't want you getting into any trouble."

Sirius and James gave her their best puppy dog impressions.

"Trouble us?" they asked in unison.

"We just have a reputation to up-hold." added Sirius.

Remus laughed. Rowan scolded.

"I'm serious." she said.

Mr Potter pulled the boys into a hug.

"We love you." he said as his wife hugged them as well.

Remus hugged his father and pulled his trunk onto the train, followed by James and Sirius. The Potters turned to Lily who waved good-bye.

"Have a nice year." Mr Potter whispered, pulling her into his arms. "We can't wait to see you over Christmas break."

Lily felt her eyes water. She boarded the train as the first whistle blew.


Remus and Lily made their way back to their friend's compartment after having patrolled the first shift.

"I need to find Alice." Lily said.

 "She's in the last compartment with Frank. I talked to them while I patrolled." Remus supplied.

She could tell he was dead tired.

"Are you okay?" she asked, stopping in front of the boys compartment.

Remus avoided her gaze.

"You really don't need to be worrying about me now Lily. You already have enough on your plate."

She nodded, her hands on her hips.

"But you still are my friend and I still care about you."

"Nothing's wrong Lily. Just drop it." he mumbled, hastily opening the compartment door.

Biting her lower lip, a little hurt that Remus wouldn't confide in her, she went looking for Alice and Frank which turned out to be not such a great idea. She slid open their compartment door, not thinking twice about the closed curtains. Her friends were on the floor. Frank with his shirt off was on top of Alice.

"Gross." she moaned. "Don't do that here."

They stopped eating each other's faces at the sound of her voice. Frank blushed a deep crimson. He had never been one for public displays of affection.

"Well, Hogwarts isn't great for doing couple stuff Lily." Alice said, straightening her flashy pink robes.

"You've had all summer to do couple stuff." Lily chided, fighting back the urge to laugh. "Unfortunately, I'll have to duck points. Five points each. If I catch you at it again, it'll be more."

Alice and Lily burst out laughing. Frank just stared uncomfortably at the floor. Lily and Alice dropped onto seats as Frank put his shirt back on.

"Five points is ridiculous Lils." Alice chuckled.

Lily just shrugged. She didn't enjoy disciplining her friends and generally tried to do as little of it as possible.

"Shut up munchkin."

Alice scoffed and pouted before play-punching Lily in the stomach. She really was pixie sized.


They had pulled on their black school robes and were nearing Hogsmead. As the train pulled into the station, excitement gripped Lily's stomach. She left her friends and headed out of the compartment. As a Prefect, it was her duty to make sure the other students filed into the carriages without any problems. The carriages had always seemed creepy to her. They were supposedly enchanted, but Lily wasn't so sure. In her third year, James had been annoying Severus and she'd tried to interpose herself between them. Severus' jinx had hit her by mistake and propelled her in front of the carriages. She could have sworn she'd hit something hot and alive.

She pushed the agitated students towards the appropriate carriages and exchanged an annoyed glance with Callum, the Hufflepuff seventh year Prefect.

"Lily." she spun on her heels.

Dylan, looking as charming as ever in his Ravenclaw robes, was standing next to her. Seeing him, Lily was unable to stop herself from throwing herself in his arms.

"Hi darling." he whispered into her hair. "I'm so sorry. How you holding up?"

Lily looked up into his gray eyes and leaned in for a kiss. She let go of him and ushered the last few students into the carriage. They boarded the last carriage with the other seventh year Prefects. She caught Remus' eye. He had been staring at Dylan's hand intertwined in hers. He looked disapproving and Lily felt her cheeks become hot. Of course James would have told everyone she'd been sleeping in his bed for the last week and a half. She realised she too was staring at Dylan's hand. It felt strange seeing him after being apart for so long. She snapped out of it. Her cheeks flushing an even brighter red. How could she be thinking about boys when her dad had only just died? She relaxed against her seat, listening to Dylan tell her all about the last book he'd read. It seemed quite dull. Something about cauldron thickness.

The castle came into view. Even after six years of living there, Lily was always amazed at the sight of Hogwarts. It's dark stone walls were punctured by bright yellow light spilling out from the multiple windows. She glanced at the stone tower were the Gryffindor house slept. Her hurt fluttered in her chest. She was happy to be home.


The Sorting Hat's song was worrying. It warned them all that in these trouble times, you had to be careful of whom you trusted. It made a point of telling every student to review their principles and not be scared into acting against them. Usually inspiring, this year's song was quite depressing. Lily shuddered to think how bad things must be in the wizarding world for the Hat to make such an upsetting show. Dumbledore had made his usual speech about the dangers of the Forbidden Forest. This year the fourth floor's east corridor was out of bounds. He stressed that the students listen to the Hat's warnings.

"But this is a happy night." he said, a mischievous twinkle in his eye. "We are all together once again. I bid you all a wonderful school year. Without further ado, because I'm sure you are as hungry as I am, let the feast begin."

All sorts of foods appeared on the sparkling gold plates. It smelled fantastic. Lily looked around for her plate. Sure enough, a big plate laden with vegetarian dishes appeared next to her elbow. A small sticker with her name on it was place on its edge.

A smile spread on her face. The Potters were very welcoming, but they weren't used to cooking for a vegetarian. She was getting tired of eating toast and jam.


"Lily Evans. James Potter." called Professor McGonagall. "Please make your way to the staff table."

Lily stared at Remus. They were supposed to guide the first years all the way to Gryffindor tower.

"Don't worry miss Evans, mister Lupin will manage on his own."

"I'll meet you in front of the library." Dylan said, kissing her cheek and wearily eyeing James.

Lily met with James at the end of the table and they climbed the few stairs that led to the table. By the time they were level with McGonagall, the entire hall was pretty much empty.

"I'm sure you know why I've called you up here." McGonagall started, a small smile creeping onto her thin lips.

Lily and James exchanged a curious glanced.

"Actually professor, we haven't got a clue." James smiled.

Professor McGonagall glanced from one to another.

"Well then, you'll be happy to learn that you've been named Head Boy and Head Girl."

Lily smiled. She had been expecting a letter to arrive all summer, but when it never did she had simply assumed someone else had been chosen. She glanced at James. Dumbstruck, his mouth was hanging open.

"Thank you!" Lily gushed, shaking the professor's hand.

James knitted his eyebrows.

"There must be a mistake." he said. "I'm not a Prefect and I certainly don't have a spotless record."

McGonagall looked as unconvinced as James felt.

"Professor Dumbledore has his reasons for choosing you." she explained. "I trust you will not let him down."

She paused, fixing on him her sternness look.

"You must already know this." she continued, looking at Lily this time. "But Heads' tasks are mostly the same as Prefects tasks with some added responsibility. You will be organizing Hogsmead visits, patrolling the corridors and organizing the Prefect's schedule. You must also make sure that Prefects do as they are told. If there is anything out of the ordinary happening at this school, you will be the first students to be notified. Depending on the matter, we may ask for your opinion."

She turned her attention back to James.

"Do not forget that, even though you have privileges, you are still students."

"Of course professor." James nodded. "I would never confront authority figures. I am but an insignificant child after all."

McGonagall scolded and, for a second, Lily was sure that she would not make James a Head after all, but her lined face relaxed into a small smile.

"You will not be staying in Gryffindor tower this year as Heads have their own apartments. I'll show you were they are located. If you will follow me."


They stopped in front of a non remarkable portrait of a grey diricawl near the library.

"This is the entrance to the Heads' quarters. You must state your full name and disclose the thing you need at that precise moment for the portrait to open. If an intruder tries to enter by force, the diricawl will squawk loudly. You will find that your new quarters are quite comfortable and spacious for only two people, I'm sure. Now, I know there is some tension between you, but all school rules still apply."

Lily felt her cheeks flush bright red.

"Of course professor."

McGonagall nodded curtly and turned on her heels.


The Head's quarters were amazing. The walls were decorated with ancient tapestries and armchairs representing all of the house colours were set around a big wooden table. Lily couldn't resist, she kicked of her shoes and socks and sunk her toes into the soft carpet with a sigh of pleasure. James threw himself on the comfy couch set in front of the light fireplace. After a moment of staring at the room they would share, they ran upstairs to their respective bedrooms that were separated by a narrow corridor. The room consisted of a huge comfortable bed, it's comforter the Hogwarts crest, a dark brown set of chest and drawers and a body-length mirror. There was also a small desk and a chair in front of the room's only window.

"This is awesome!" Lily yelled over her shoulder to James who came running into her room, or rather, tried to come running into the room.

The corridor's straight floor had become a steep slide, making James tumble down into the common room.  He mumbled curses, getting back on his feet and clutching his left shoulder.

"The same rules apply." Lily laughed, sliding down to meet him. "Are you okay?"

James nodded before cracking a smile.

"I think Hogwarts doesn't want me getting into your bedroom."

Lily smiled as the stairs and normal floor reappeared. She climbed back upstairs and made her way into James' room before grabbing her warmer cloak from her trunk and heading back downstairs.

"I can get into your room though." she said.

James' eyes twinkled and Lily sighed.

"No, Potter! Don't get any funny ideas."

She headed to the portrait hole.

"Where are you going?" he asked, crashing onto the couch.

For some reason, Lily found it difficult to meet James' eye.

"I told Dylan I'd meet him by the library after speaking with McGonagall."

James stared into the fire.

"Why are you still dating that jerk?" he asked with sudden aggressiveness.

"Excuse me?" Lily scolded in a very good McGonagall impression.

"You heard me Evans. Why are you dating a tool?"

Lily felt her face grow hot, a sure sign she was getting angry.

"Oh, and what makes you so qualified to tell me who I should and shouldn't be dating?"

James sprung to his feet, he felt quite angry as well.

"Maybe the fact that I was the one to comfort you every freaking night for the last week and a half!" he half-yelled.

Lily stared.

"So what?" her voice was quivering with contained anger. "You were just consoling me to get some action. Is that it?"

James' face fell.

"You know it's not like that Evans."

Lily crossed her arms over her chest, fighting back tears.

"Really? It isn't? Because that's what I understand."

James was pacing, his hands in his already messy black hair.

"Just, you deserve someone who isn't a selfish third." he exploded.

Tears were streaming down Lily's cheeks.

"I won't date you just 'cause you think I should Potter."

He wanted to say that wasn't what he wanted, but he  did want her to dump Dylan for him.

"Lily! He didn't even care your dad died."

As soon as he'd said it, he knew he'd just made a huge mistake.  A heart wrenching sob escaped Lily's lips.

"I'm sorry." he said walking towards her.

"Don't!" she screamed, her red hair flying everywhere when she turned her back on him. "Don't touch me."

She stomped out of the portrait hole without another word, leaving a very sorry James behind her.


Dylan was waiting for her exactly where he said he'd be. Lily met up with him, her face noticeably tear streaked.

"Hey." he said, pulling her into a deep kiss.

Lily pushed him off.

"Do you want to go up to the owlery?" he whispered wriggling his eyebrows.

The owlery was Dylan's super secret snogging spot. Between the screeching birds and their smelly droppings, it was super romantic.

"No." she said, wiping off a tear.

"C'mon Lily pad."

She had always hated that pet name.

"No. I'm not in the mood for snogging."

"I am." Dylan declared, taking no notice of Lily's miserable appearance. "And I haven't seen you in a while. "

Lily shook her head no, but Dylan took her hand and tried to pull her away from the library doors.

"Dylan stop!" she said, feeling her anger flare up again.

"What, Potter's a better snogger than I am?" he said angrily.

"Oh, grow up! I didn't kiss Potter."

A smirk deformed Dylan's beautiful face.

"Well, you certainly enjoyed a lot of time with him these last few weeks."

Lily couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"MY FATHER IS DEAD YOU COMPLETE MORON! I didn't ENJOY anything!" she screamed, an icy feeling encompassing her chest.

Dylan took a step away from her, taken aback by the sudden outburst. He turned on his heels and walked away without saying anything, leaving a sobbing Lily alone in the corridor behind him.

When she finally stopped crying, Lily picked herself up and made her way to the Head's dormitories. She paused in front of the painted diricawl.

"Lily Evans." she said, her voice cracked. "I need my dad."

The portrait swung open.


AN: I know it's annoying, but if you have just a little time to spare, a review would be greatly appreciated. I hope you like my story so far! And I swear, Lily will not cry this often the whole story. I have to cut her a little slack, her dad just died. 


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