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All Over Again by Lily_Ginny_Mione
Chapter 12 : Second First Date
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Mr and Mrs Malfoy come over to us and I can feel my heart in my mouth. Scorpius stands to greet him parents and I stand with him. Subconsciously, we entwine our fingers together for comfort and it feels so good to have this contact with him.

Mrs Malfoy looks elegant but welcoming with her long dark hair swept up at the nape of her neck. Her dress robes are emerald, but of a darker shade than mine.

Mr Malfoy looks cold and empty. His grey eyes look blank and bored and his high cheekbones hold his face stiffly.

“Mum, Dad, this is Rose Weasley, my –” he manages to force out; “girlfriend.”

“Nice to meet you,” I choke out and shake each other their hands in turn.

We sit down and Scorpius launches into conversation with his mother while Mr Malfoy and I sit quietly. I feel those grey eyes flicking towards me and I feel like I should ask him something.

I’m about to launch into conversation when Mr Draco Malfoy beats me to it. “So you’re Rose Weasley?”

I nod and smile. “I am, sir.” I reply.

“We’ve heard nothing but talk of you every time Scorpius comes home,” Mr Malfoy says with a wry smile.” I laugh. “I was at school with your parents and uncle and aunts.” Mr Malfoy asks.

I nod again. “So I’ve heard,” I say politely.

I think that our short small talk has finished until Mr Malfoy tells me; “you look so much like your mother.” He sounds sad and slightly guilty.

“Thank you.” I say.

“So, Rose,” Mrs Malfoy has turned to me with a smile on her face. I can see Scorpius echoed in her, but he looks a lot more like his father. “Scorpius tells me you’re a Quidditch player too?”

I grab onto this topic with both hands and happily launch into the question gratefully. “I am! I play Chaser.” I tell her. “My cousins are also on the team and one of my cousins, James Potter is the captain.”

Mr Malfoy gives a smirk. “I wouldn’t expect anything less,” he says, not unkindly.

“Dad,” Scorpius hisses indignantly.

I give a laugh. “No, no!” I insist. “Albus Potter is Seeker,” this earns another reminiscent smirk from Scorpius’ father, “Dominique Weasley and Lily Potter are my fellow Chasers and we have two third year boys as our Beaters.”
Mr Malfoy leans forward with his forearms on the table. “I bet they’re nothing on the Weasley twins,” he says without thinking. He realises. “How is your Uncle George these days?”

“From what I’ve heard, no, our boys aren’t the infamous Weasley twins, but they’re extremely good – and Uncle George is alright. He’s a great Uncle, and he talks about Uncle Fred a lot.”

Mrs Malfoy engages me in a conversation about school and Quidditch training while Scorpius and his father talk have a similar conversation. We order our food and halfway through the dinner I make my excuses and head to the bathroom.
In the bathroom of the restaurant I give a large huff of breath I hadn’t realised I had been holding in for the evening. Things are going better than I thought, but I’m pretty sure that Mrs Malfoy thinks me and Scorpius have had a fight. Her careful blue eyes have been flicking back and forth between us all evening, expecting us to be more intimate. Scorpius hasn’t spoken to me at all.
The bathroom door opens just as I’m checking my hair and makeup and in sweeps Mrs Malfoy. I give her a shy smile.

“How are you finding this, Rose?” She asks with the most
beautiful smile. “I do hope my husband and I aren’t too overwhelming.” Mrs Malfoy roots around in her clutch bag for a red lipstick.

“Not at all, Mrs Malfoy,” I assure her.

She waves a hand airily. “Oh, Astoria, please.” She insists.

I nod even though I know I’ll never be able to call her by her first name. It’s not polite, my mum always taught me.

“Is everything alright between you and Scorpius?”

“Yes, of course,” I tell her automatically and try for a breezy tone. And fail.

Mrs Malfoy turns to me with a thoughtful frown. “He’s so much like his father. He can be deep and brooding, and there’s a lot more going on behind those eyes than he lets on.”

I don’t say anything, but pretend to be absorbed in tucking a stray lock of hair behind my ear.

“So if he ever shuts you out …” Mrs Malfoy tries to form her words carefully. “Don’t let him. If you try hard enough, you can get that door to open.”

I nod and she can tell that she’s hit a nerve. Nodding decisively she gives me another smile. “Let’s go back out to the men.”

I laugh and together we walk out. I like Mrs Malfoy. But Mr Malfoy is slightly intimidating. Scorpius’ mother and I seat ourselves back at the table and we all order desert and more drinks. Scorpius and I have been drinking wine all evening as his parents allow us at dinner. It’s all very sophisticated.

“When’s the next Quidditch match then?” Mr Malfoy asks in a drawling voice.

“Next Saturday,” Scorpius says.

“Gryffindor against Slytherin,” I add and Scorpius and I share a flickering glance.

“Ah,” Mrs Malfoy gives a tinkling laugh. “A bit of healthy rivalry never did any couple any harm.” Mrs Malfoy gives me a meaningful smile.

There are a few minutes of silence as we eat and drink.
Scorpius’ leg brushes against mine and I give him a sidelong glance to see whether or not it was deliberate. Scorpius’ expression remains passive as he listens to some politics that his father is telling him about.

Two can play at this game, I think mischievously.

I graze my ankle deliberately up his shin and down the side of his calf. I half watch him and see Scorpius blush and his lips look like they’re trying to hide a smile. I end up doing the same and Mrs Malfoy pulls me into a conversation about dress robes and admires the dress that I’m wearing.

“Your hair is such a beautiful colour, Rose!” Mrs Malfoy tells me and I laugh.

“Thank you. It’s not difficult to tell which family I’m from.” I give a comical roll of the eyes. “It’s bushy like my mother’s though, so it takes so much effort to tame.”
Mrs Malfoy tells me about a product I can use on it to take the frizz out of it and we end up having a girly discussion about typical things such as hair and makeup. I get the feeling she doesn’t get to have these kind of conversations a lot.

“Rose, we’d better get going,” Scorpius says suddenly. I check my watch and agree.

“Thank you so much for dinner,” I say with a real smile.

“I’ve really enjoyed this.”

“Oh, it was lovely meeting you, darling!” Mrs Malfoy pulls me into a genuine hug and I can smell her perfume.
I shake hands with Mr Malfoy and he gives me a comment about how he was glad to finally meet me. I’m slightly dizzy from the wine; lightweight, my older male cousins constantly tell me at family gatherings whenever there’s alcohol. Bad, bad influences.

“Goodnight, and thank you again!” I say as Scorpius finishes his goodbyes to his parents and we head back out into Hogsmeade. I huddle my travelling cloak more tightly around me and Scorpius actually offers me his arm with no air of crippling reluctance.

“Are you okay?” Scorpius asks.

I nod happily. “That was actually really nice.” I sigh contentedly.

We’ve both had quite a bit to drink and the awkward tension between us is gone, and it’s almost – almost – how it used to be.

Scorpius and I are back in the Entrance Hall and I’m getting ready to say a formal goodbye to him for him to go back to the dungeons and me to head off up to Gryffindor Tower when Scorpius stops me.

His eyes lock with mine.

“Pasta.” He says.

“What?” I ask.

“Your favourite food; cold pasta.”

I gape at Scorpius and his eyes are wide.

“The day I gave you that ring I took you to the courtyard and we had a picnic after I stopped Hammond from punching you in the face.”

“Scorp?” I say his name tentatively.

He puts one hand on his head and his eyes are wide.

“Scorpius, are you alright?” I press and daringly put one hand against his cheek. He closes his eyes at my touch.

“I remember.” Scorpius breathes.
My heart is pounding in my mouth and I feel sick and dizzy with suppressed hope.

“Tell me something else,” I try to keep him going – I can’t loose him now.

Scorpius’ mouth tries to form words but he shakes his head hopelessly.

“That’s it,” he spits bitterly. “That’s all I can remember.”

“This is good,” I insist. “We’re almost there and I –”

Scorpius cuts off the rest of my sentence by kissing me full on the mouth. Oh God, I think as I waste no time in clutching his hair with my fingers and kissing him desperately. He kisses me back and his arms lock around my waist.

“I think we’ve had too much to drink,” Scorpius suddenly tells me and seems very reluctant to pull away from me, and his eyes are apologetic as he gently disentangles my fingers from his hair.

I nod numbly but then stop myself. “No.” I say.

He looks shocked. “What?”

“No, I am not going to blame this on wine.” I say determinedly.

“Rose –”

“You remember! And that’s all I need! You’re going to get better and we’re going to be just as we used to be again!”
Scorpius looks troubled. He gently cradles my jaw in his hand. “I don’t want to let you down, Rose.” He admits quietly, knitting his eyebrows together. “Even though I’ve remembered one thing, it’s taken this long for it to come back to me. We’re going to have to work slowly.”

I nod eagerly. “I know, I know; and I’ll do anything to help you.”

Scorpius gently plants a long kiss on my forehead.

“Good night, Rose.” He murmurs.

“Night, Scorp.” I reply hoarsely and I watch as he descends down into the dungeons.

It takes longer than usual for me to reach Gryffindor Tower and when I do I collapse fully clothed onto my bed.
As soon as my presence is heard, three lamps and simultaneously lit and my friends are all staring at me.

“WELL?” Jennie demands.

“Goodnight, girls,” I mutter dreamily and proceed to get changed.

“Oh no,” Clem says. “You’re not getting away with it that easily, Miss Weasley; how was the dinner?”

“It was fine.” Is my absent reply.

“IS THAT IT?” Liz explodes needing details.

“Mm,” I agree calmy.

“I bloody hate you.” Clem complains loudly and I smile.

“Let me sleep.” I tell them. “And then tomorrow you can be indulged in every single detail that you wish.” I promise.

They think about it.

“Fine,” Jennie is the first to concede. “But don’t get any ideas about sneaking out early in the morning.”

I laugh as I slip between my ruby red sheets and blow out my own lamp. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

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