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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 26 : Good Times
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Chapter 26

“Your mother cannot be serious about this dress,” Rose said storming out of the closet. Her red hair was down in soft silky curls, pinned up only in a few places with hair pens that had emeralds on the ends. Shaking her head she looked down to the matching emerald green dress she had on, that was way too tight for her to breathe in.

Scorpius’ eyes became wide. The dress clung tightly around her mid-section and fell loosely down her legs. There was a corset middle that had laces which tied up the back. On the shoulders there was lines of intricate bead work that took the shape of leaves and draped over her bare skin. She watched as his gaze followed the bead work that continued down around her breast and corseted waist. Hearing him gulp, Scorpius looked as though he wanted to rip the dress of her and have her right then and there. “It’s not that bad.”

Rose threw her hands to her sides. A frustrated scowl covering her face. “Oh really, then why do you look at me like the only thing you want to do is shag me?”

“Because that’s how I’m feeling,” he stated plainly.

The scowl fell and was replaced with a more somber look. Rose was more worried about tonight than she cared to admit. “Scorpius please be serious for a minute.”

“Excuse me, I thought I was,” he said with a cheeky grin.

Rose narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms. Scorpius had on a set of black dress robes and his blond hair combed back making him look well groomed. The more she observed him the harder it became to picture the man that she married. The man who was a strong, fearless auror, and was perfectly content with getting his hands dirty if it meant getting the job done right. Maybe it was because they were in an environment that was still very new to her but Rose couldn’t help but feel that Scorpius was a bit too comfortable in this lifestyle. Of course she loved all sides of Scorpius but this side of him, was a bit much and she was starting to miss just being in New York with the Scorpius she married.

“What?” Scorpius asked, tugging a green bowtie around his neck, which was similar to the color of her dress.

Rose beckoned him to her. “Let me do that,” she said raising her hand to loop the bow tie into a knot. Trying to focus on the current task at hand she could smell the aftershave that was emitting from his skin and found that it weakened her stomach. When she was finished tying the bow she linked her arms around his neck. “I don’t know about you, but your family is exhausting and I am ready to go home.”

Scorpius laughed as he placed his arms around her waist. “Imagine what it was like growing up with them,” he commented.

Rolling her eyes Rose rubbed her forehead against the smooth skin of his cheek. “Good point.” And she leaned in to kiss the corner of his lip. Unexpectedly Scorpius turned his head in and caught her lips, forcing her mouth to open in a deeper kiss. “Scorpius,” Rose squealed. “You are going to get lipstick all over your face if you don’t stop.”

Scorpius, undisturbed, continued to kiss her. “Good, then when people ask where it’s from I can say my wife.”

Tilting her head back Rose playfully hit him in the shoulder. She was pleased that his odd mood from before had disappeared. Hooking her arm tighter around his neck, she stood on her tip toes and pressed her forehead against his. “You really like saying that don’t you?”

“What? My wife?” Readjusting his hold on her hip, Scorpius nodded and went into kiss her cheek again. “Yes, I do.”

Rose chuckled. “Come on husband of mine.” She pulled back. “The sooner we get this over with the sooner you can take this dress off me.” And she raised a devious eyebrow.

Scorpius shook his head. “You have such a way with words Rose,” he said and held out his arm for his wife to take.


As Rose and Scorpius made their way to the top of the staircase, Rose paused. She could hear the sound of orchestra music coming from the transformed parlor room, along with the noise of mindless chatter coming from below. Glancing over the balcony and on to the foyer was a large group of men and woman entering through the front door. Each man had a strikingly beautiful young woman on their arm and were looking around at their companions as if to deem that they had indeed brought the most stunning girl that evening.

The woman all looked the same as well. They had on the same style dress but with different variations to set each of them apart. Their hair all pulled back into tight intricate buns. Sweeping her eyes around the room, Rose saw that nearly every woman also had scowl like face, but when smiling would beam with elegance and class. They each had a presence about them that suggested that they were not only honored to be there, but entitled to be.

Silently estimating the number of people that were in attendance, Rose came to the conclusion that this group alone was far bigger than the number of people that were in Scorpius’ family. “Cousins?” Rose asked suspiciously, giving Scorpius a sideways glance.

“Not exactly,” Scorpius muttered bitterly.

Rose suddenly felt that there was something going on that she had missed. With a racing heart she pulled Scorpius back and out of the view of the staircase. Forcefully pushing him against the wall she held her arm to his chest, pinning him down. “Not exactly?” she repeated. “You said this was going to be close friends and family?”  

Scorpius grabbed her attacking arm and ran his thumb over it in a soothing motion. “It was originally,” said Scorpius calmly. “It seems that my mother has changed her mind.”

It was her nerves that were causing her to act so irrational but who could blame her. Rose had prepared for a night of pleasing and polite manners for his family, and now this had turned into something so much more. “Do you know when this small gathering changed?”

Scorpius gave a short laugh and shook his head as if he shouldn’t have expected anything less from his mother. “I can assume it happened about ten minutes after we announced that we were married.”

Rose jaw dropped in an unladylike manner. She quickly looked back to the staircase, and heard the growing charter of new arrivals. “This is not a…”

Scorpius pursed his lips together in confirmation. “Afraid so.” He lowered her arm and grabbed her hand. “Congratulations Mrs. Rose Malfoy, we’re going to an engagement party.” The sarcasm was dripping from his voice.

Rose’s feet became heaver and her stomach sicker. “Fuck,” she breathed. “But were already married,” She said as if it made a difference.

“Yes and unfortunately my parents didn’t get to announce to all their friends about it.”

Rose buried her head into Scorpius’ chest. “I swear your parents hate me.”

Scorpius looked at her and asked “Do you want to leave?”

Rose sighed, for the first time she understood what her father meant when he said that the Malfoy’s were a sneaky lot of people. Scorpius said they could leave but in reality they couldn’t. Shaking her head stared up to Scorpius, she was visibly tenser than before. “So two rules about tonight.”

Scorpius, whose eyes seemed relieved, replied “Okay.”

“One, don’t leave me alone with anybody unless it is absolutely necessary,” she warned holding her finger out to him. “I already feel like I am about to walk into a room full of people who are judging me.”

Cupping the interrogating finger, Scorpius held it to his chest. “I think I can manage that, and two?”

“Two.” Rose closed her eyes, took a deep breath and said, “Two is to make sure I survive.”

“Deal,” he said dragging her from her spot before she could protest. This time reaching the staircase and not stopping they began to descend it. Scorpius wrapped his arm around her waist and gave her the extra push that she needed to continue on with evening.

Upon entering into the parlor Rose found it almost unrecognizable from the room it was that morning. There had been a magical expansion charm used to expand the room from a parlor and into a ballroom, with a sparkling crystal chandelier above. In the room there was at least a hundred people and more arriving as she stood and observed. Some were still talking to the members of their group that they arrived with, others looking around in awe. Noticing as some couples went to the center of the floor to dance, Rose searched around for the source of the music. It took her a couple of moments but finally, in the corner, she spotted eight ghost holding ghostly instruments and playing. 

“My mother always hires Mason’s Dead Chamber Ensemble,” he whispered.

“Oh,” Rose mouthed, becoming curious about how ghost got paid and what they spent their money on. Taking a glass of champagne from Scorpius she thought about which book she could read that would tell her. 

Fallowing Scorpius as he began to make a slow steady lap around the room, she asked “Do you actually know all these people?”

“No,” he confessed.

“How about half?” she pushed noting the absurdity it was to invite so many people who you hardly knew to a party.

Scorpius scanned the room with a serious gaze. “I’d say I know half.” He seemed to spot someone that he knew because suddenly he was pulling Rose off the edge of the room towards the direction of a young girl. She looked to be about sixteen and had a bored expression on her face. Her long chocolate brown hair hung down in low wavy pigtails that left enough loose strands to shape around her face. The silver color of her dress shined against her olive toned skin. Rose noted that there was something familiar about her appearance.

The girls face lit up as they stopped in front of her. “Scorpius!” she squealed loudly as she threw her arms around Scorpius.

Taken aback by the girl’s motion, Rose stepped away. Scorpius’ grin was different from usually. It was full of affection and tenderness. Putting the girl down “When did you get here, you weren’t with Daphne when I went to pick her up today?”

The girl rolled her eyes “I flooed here like a normal person. It’s my Christmas holiday from Hogwarts and there is no way in hell I am getting out of bed at five in the morning so that I can port key to London and then ride in a car for eight hours.” Flinging her hair behind her shoulder. “I love my mother but she’s mental.” 

Catching Rose’s confused expression, Scorpius let go of the girl and stepped back. “Rose,” he said proudly. “This is my single most favorite cousin…”

“Only cousin,” the girl corrected chipperly.

“Head girl of Hogwarts,” Scorpius continued to boast. “With straight O’s and the family’s designated Hufflepuff,” The girl swayed side to side as if what he was saying wasn’t anything big but enjoying the praise nonetheless. “Ariana Winchell,” he finished.

Rose smiled at this side of her husband that she had never seen, but liked. “Hello,” she said softly.

“And Ariana,” Scorpius said as he walked around Rose and laced his fingers around her waist. “This is Rose,” he said looking dotingly to her. “My wife.”  

Ariana paused with her mouth agape “Wait as in the Rose?” Scorpius nodded his head to Ariana as she jumped up in down in her silver high heels and clapped her hands excitedly.

“The Rose?” Rose asked leaning into Scorpius, “Am I famous?”

“To her you are,” He answered.

“I was one of the biggest advocates against Lexie,” Ariana said quickly. “Not because I didn’t like her of course. She was always so sweet to me, even took me to Paris once to go shopping.” She bobbed her head up and down in a frenzy. “It was so much fun but the entire time I felt so guilty because I just knew that Scorpius wasn’t supposed to be with her.” She reached out and grabbed Rose’s hand tugging it to her chest dramatically “He belonged to you.”

Rose was flabbergasted by Ariana’s fanatic behavior. Not entirely sure how to respond she said “Thank you?” her voice wavering with confusion.

Ariana’s grin widened and she bounced up and down again, still clutching Rose’s hand. “Oh, I’m just so happy for you,” her voice choked.

Rose’s face fell in surprise, by the welling eyes of Scorpius’ cousin. “Is she crying?” she mouthed.

“Ariana is a very emotional person,” he confessed, reaching a hand out and placing it on his young cousin’s arm. “Ariana, it’s alright,” he said in what was probably supposed to be a soothing tone, but was masking too much of a laugh to actually succeed. “We ended up together.”

“I know,” she continued to cry, fanning herself in the face with her hand. “But you almost weren’t.” she said through a blabbering sob. Scorpius reached into his robe and pulled out a monogramed handkerchief and handed it to her.

Blowing her nose she folded the cloth and dabbed at her still perfectly mascaraed eyes. “I’m sorry for crying.” she took deep calming breathes. “I just don’t like bad thoughts.” She shook her head and smiled, handing back the handkerchief.

“It’s okay,” Rose said sweetly while attempting to maintain a straight face. “We don’t like them either.”

“Alright Ariana be careful she has made it strong this year,” a familiar voice from the side of group.

Scorpius turned around to and smiled at Vivian “You are not giving my sixteen year old cousin Lady Malfoy’s cocktail?” he said eyeing the cup that was in her hand.

Vivian looked mildly surprised to see Scorpius standing there. Sucking her cheeks in, she looked down to the ground. “These are mine,” she said quickly.

Scorpius eyed his friend “Doubt it,” he said knowingly.

Ariana who now looked perfectly fine after her emotional breakdown gave wide doe eyes to Scorpius. “Come on Scorpius, I never tattled on you when you were drinking it at fourteen.”

Scorpius grabbed one of the cups. Taking sniff of it his face scrunched up in a sour express. “Bloody hell, what did she put it in it this year? Rubbing alcohol.” Glancing back to his cousin. “Definitely not Ariana, you will wake up with one of the worst headaches of your life.”

“Hey those were some good times remember.” Vivian commented, while motioning between Scorpius and herself. “Me and you waking up feeling like our heads had been spliced in half then Bryan just laughing at us because he had enough common sense not to drink it.” Laying her arm across Ariana’s shoulders. “It would be shame to not let a young girl experience that.”

Scorpius shook his head at the argument. “No,” he said and placed the glass on to a passing server’s empty tray. “No one who is even of age should be drinking this.”

Vivian dropped her arm. “Sorry kid I tried,” stated Vivian, blatantly. Taking a slow sip from her own glass, she let the silence hang in the air.

“Fine I’ll just go and sneak fire whisky like all the other kids in my youth,” Ariana argued.

“That’s better,” Scorpius said amused, as Ariana was stalking off in the opposite direction and stopped by a group of teens, who Rose presumed she knew.  

Rose turned back to Scorpius after watching the entire encounter with curiosity and asked “What Lady Malfoy’s cocktail?”

Vivian gave a malicious grin but Scorpius answered. “Every year Narcissia Malfoy likes to have her own personal stash of punch which she keeps hidden in the kitchen. It consist of just about every form of alcohol that happens to be hidden in her room.”

“And every year she takes about two sips of it clams she has a headache and goes up to her room for the rest of the evening. Leaving what’s left of her concoction for anyone to take,” Vivian said with a twinkle in her eye. “It really is absolutely awful, and if you’re not used to it you should never drink more than a glass.”

Rose nodded in understanding. “Does your grandmother always drink?”

Scorpius shrugged “Only when she’s in a bad mood.”

Catching on, Rose took another sip of her Champaign and stared at Vivian. She was wearing a skin tight bright red dress with long sleeves and an open back. It showed every curve in her body and Rose wondered how she could possibly walk with as tight as it was around her hips.

“Who are you visiting after the party?” Scorpius questioned, deliberately sounding cheeky.

Vivian met his eyes above her glass, which she was promptly taking another sip of. “Who says I’m meeting anyone?”

Scorpius gave a sly smirk. “I know you Vivian, you don’t wear a dress like that unless you plan on having someone take it off you.”

Narrowing her eyes to her friend she said “You’re right, I do plan on having someone take it off me tonight.” She raised an eyebrow and gave a look that matched her coy smile. “Preferably with their teeth.”

Rose recalled Scorpius snorting to Vivian’s response, but she wasn’t paying attention to their conversation. Her gaze was focused on the grand room they were in. The now very crowded room, where she seemed to be the center of attention. Keeping a smile plastered onto her face Rose grabbed ahold of Scorpius’ hand. Continuing to gaze around, Rose pretended as if she didn’t sense the judgmental thoughts that were forming about her. That when people walked by they didn’t glance her way and think about the wedding that they had gone too a few months earlier that involved a different bride.

Heat was radiating up her neck and it felt as though the room were going to close in on her any second. These people were ready to attack with interrogating questions. Rose scratched the back of her neck; a nervous tick which Scorpius was quick to notice. “Are you alright?” he asked squeezing her hand.

Rose shifted her eyes up to him quickly. “I’m fine, it’s just crowded that’s all.”

Scorpius examined the room and saw exactly what Rose had been sensing. Protectively he pulled her into him he kissed the top of her head, which made Rose resent him. She knew he meant it as a comfort but to everyone watching it was a show. A show which she didn’t want to be a part of. 

Rose’s heart raced, and the heat that was in her neck was traveling to the pit of her stomach. She attempted to calm herself but it was all too overwhelming. So with a heavy breath she said “I’m going to be right back.”

Rose tried her best to not look like she was running. She walked out gracefully but there was an urgency in her step. Once in the empty foyer she went into a dash for it down the hall into the kitchen. “Ms. Rose,” she heard but ignored, escaping into the first place that she found was private; the small servant’s bathroom.

Closing the door she locked it and leaned against the wall. Even for a servant’s bathroom, it was more extravagant than anything she had ever owned. It had white marble floors and cream colored wall paper that had designs of flowers that were painted in gold. The sink sparkled and had gold finishing’s. To Rose the only normal thing about the bathroom was its size. It was about as big as the bathroom in her last apartment and compared to the Malfoy standard of living, it was considered small.

Closing her eyes, Rose sunk to the ground. She pulled her knees to her chest and bowed her head. She hated feeling so displayed. It wasn’t that she wanted these people’s acceptance, she honestly could care less about that. It was more that she hated so many people knowing her personal life. It had never once occurred to her what stories would have been circulating about Scorpius and Lexie, but it was becoming increasingly obvious that the one about Scorpius being in love with someone else when he married their charming Lexie Thorton, was common knowledge.

Rose sighed. This whole evening was just too much. The dress, the need for her to be polite and elegant and not disappoint Draco or Astoria, because really that was why she had stayed at the party as long as she had… it was all too much. She was being pushed into something she wasn’t and frankly didn’t have any desire to be.

Taking a deep breath Rose opened her eyes at the sound of a soft tap coming from the door. “Scorpius, I really just want to be left alone,” she said rubbing her temple.

“It’s not Scorpius,” Vivian’s voice rang through.

Rose scrunched her nose and laid her hand back. “I really don’t want to talk to you,” she stated.

Rose could hear Vivian tapping her foot outside. “Will you just open the door… Please,” she struggled with the last word.

Knowing that Vivian could wait someone out Rose raised her hand and unlocked the door. The door opened slowly and Vivian came in. She looked around the small bathroom and then let her eyes fall on Rose. Heaving a frustrated breath she attempted to squat down without ripping her dress. Finally having to brace her hand against the wall to lower herself to the floor.

The two girls sat in an uncomfortable silence, neither one sure how to start a conversation that didn’t involve a rude comment. Vivian clucked her tongue and Rose wondered why she was the one who came in here. “Where’s Scorpius?” she asked breaking the quiet.

“He’s waiting in the foyer,” answered Vivian. “He wanted to come but I convinced him to let me.”

Rose eyed the other woman. She waited for Vivian to supply the reason why she came back here, but when she never did Rose asked “How long have you and James been together?”

“How did you…” Vivian chocked, her smile actually faltered and Rose saw Vivian’s more serious side.

A sense of accomplishment came over Rose and she smiled. “The Gibbler case,” She provided. “James mentioned meeting someone after at an interview for the Daily Prophet.”

“There are a lot of people who photograph for the Prophet,” Vivian said shortly.

Rose smirked. “He also knew about Scorpius and me getting married before the rest of my family did and you’re the only person Scorpius had told so far. So, I guessed.”

Vivian was much quieter than Rose thought she could be. Tapping her sharp fingernails on the marble floor she said “I wouldn’t exactly say that were are together, or even dating really.” She crossed her arms “It’s more like…”

“Shagging,” Rose supplied.

Vivian turned her head and met Rose’s eyes along with her knowing grin. “We are just two people who happen to enjoy each other’s company, especially in the evenings.”

“Oh, is that right?” Rose rolled her eyes “That sounds like shagging,” she commented.

Vivian gave a hint of a laugh “It’s a bit more than shagging but not serious.”

Rose nodded. “James won’t let anything become serious unless you ask him,” she said mater of factly.

“Then he shouldn’t have to worry about anything,” Vivian said quickly, obviously uncomfortable with the direction that the conversation had gone.

Feeling the makings of another awkward silence falling in Rose said “So why did you come find me. I thought you hated me.” She didn’t sound upset or pitiful but more like the fact was well known and she was used to it.

“Alright, I know you’re a know it all Weasely, but don’t pretend like you know me. I don’t hate you,” Vivian admitted harshly.

“For someone you don’t hate you seem to insult me every chance you get,” Rose muttered just loud enough for Vivian to hear.

“I insult everyone. Even Bryan and Stacy’s baby has been insulted by me and I’m its god mother.” She stressed. “It’s just the way I am.”

Rose crossed her own arms “So if you don’t hate me then you like me?” she raised a doubtful eyebrow.

Vivian kept her head straight forward staring at the sink. “Saying that I like you is a bit of a stretch as well.”

“So…” Rose rolled her hand waiting for her to clarify.

“So,” Vivian began “I think you’re a bit selfish.”

Rose wasn’t stunned by the words, but if they were going to have this heart to heart she was going to give Vivian a piece of her mind as well. “And I think you meddle into people’s lives when they don’t need to be meddled in.”

Vivian scoffed “What you see as meddling I see as protecting.”

Rose’s eyes went wide with outrage, this conversation feeling very similar to one they had about seven years ago. “And what you see as protecting really causes a lot of damage to people in the process.”

Vivian didn’t argue against her self-destructive habits. “Once again thinking that you know everything Weasely. You never let me finish my statement. I was going to say that I think you’re a bit selfish but I also think that is good for Scorpius.” That surprised Rose. Stiffening she remained silent allowing herself to hear Vivian out. “For someone so smart Scorpius really doesn’t think about the consequences of his actions. His mind stays in the present. And I think you’re selfish because you think too much about the consequences and that causes you to make selfish decisions.” Vivian paused “I think that you two balance each other out, which is something that Scorpius needs.”

Although there was a sharp edge to her words Rose couldn’t help but feel that Vivian meant them with sincerity. “So why did you come to talk to me?” Rose asked again, this time politer.

“Because I thought that you should know that Scorpius doesn’t want this sort of life either.” Vivian pulled her dress up a bit so that she could get on her knees and shuffle in front of Rose. “Whatever sort of life you two have in New York, that’s what he wants.”

Rose hated knowing that she needed to be reminded of that fact but she did. Being thrown into Scorpius world was just one long string of feeling inadequate and uncomfortable and Rose hated it. She was a bright, intelligent, independent woman, and being here made her feel more like a pain in the side that couldn’t be escaped.

Vivian continued. “I mean don’t get me wrong, Scorpius has some weird sentimental value attached to the house and there is a good chance that you will never be able to get out of not living in it, but other than that…” she waved her hand in the air. “He wants this life about as much as he wants a month old bag of dirty laundry. So don’t get overwhelmed by this because those people have already made up their minds about the whole situation before they even walked through the door. And unless you really care about changing their opinion of you then don’t bother getting worked up over them.”

Rose bit her lip, one thing nagging away at her. “Why would Draco and Astoria have this party if they already know what people were going to think?”

Vivian placed her hands on Rose’s upper arms. “Because regardless of if you like it or not, the Malfoy’s have a new member in their family and they want everyone to know it.” Vivian’s fingers began to squeeze the skin of Rose’s arms. “So do the right thing and put your big girl panties on and go be a Malfoy.”

Staring up to Vivian’s green eyes Rose nodded and motioned to stand up. Vivian’s lips seemed to want to smile but she was too busy making sure that Rose didn’t sit back down to let them. While brushing off her dress Rose asked “You’re not trying to sabotage me are you?”

Vivian actually did laugh at this “If I was going to sabotage you then I would have made you drink a Lady Malfoy’s cocktail while we had this conversation.”

“Thank you,” Rose suddenly bursted out. She wasn’t sure if it was for not trying to sabotage her or if it was for the conversation. Nonetheless she said thank you and meant for one of the reasons.  

Emerging back into the foyer Rose saw Scorpius sitting on the bottom step of the staircase. His shoulders were slumped over and he was wiggling his foot. Walking over to him Rose rubbed her hand on his back. “Hey,” she said softly bending down to kiss the back of his neck.

Surprised, Scorpius jerked his head up with relief in his eyes. “Hey,” he replied softly gently laying a hand on her elbow and standing himself up. Looking past Rose he saw Vivian standing a few feet away from her with a triumphant smirk. “Have a nice chat?” He whispered to Rose, still keeping his light hold on her.

“It was good,” Rose murmured with a nod of her head. She listened to Vivian’s heels as they walked away from them and back into the party. “She actually helped,” Rose insisted.

“Good,” Scorpius said in an unsure voice. “Do you want to go back in there?”

Rose nodded immediately, ready for round two. “Yeah, but I think this time I want to dance.” She gave a swift glance to the makeshift ballroom and then moved her eyes back to Scorpius. “Give them something to stare.”

There was a gleaming look in Scorpius’ eyes. “Whatever you want love,” he said leading her through the room and onto the dance floor.

There were more people dancing and through the crowd Rose could see Draco and Astoria huddled together in conversation. Scorpius placed his hand on her hip and immediately she felt herself calm. Although she was aware of the guest staring at her, she realized that it was easier to avoid it as long as she stayed moving and could focus solely on Scorpius. Scorpius and her talking to one another and laughing at private jokes. After several dances Rose found that she was actually enjoying herself. That was until she saw a finger tap Scorpius’ shoulder.

The strikingly similar figure of Draco Malfoy had graced them with his presence. His gray blond hair was slicked back per usual but his dress robes were an emerald green color unlike everyone else’s black ones.  Rose suddenly began to notice that along with her dress, Scorpius’ bowtie, and Draco’s robes, that Astoria was also wearing a much more conservative dress in the same color. And the more Rose thought about it the few minutes that she had seen Narcissia she had been in a green gown too. Taking a glance around the room no else beard the color green, not even some ridiculously light neon shade of it. This dress was more than about wanting Rose to live to the Malfoy standards, it was also about family.

“Your mother will be disappointed if you don’t dance with her,” Draco said coolly.

Scorpius looked like his was deliberating something in his head. “I’m not sure I should…”

But his father cut him off with a stare. “Go dance with your mother,” he pronounced each word precisely. Scorpius gave Rose a longing look not wanting to put her into a situation like the one before. “Don’t worry,” Draco asserted “I’ll keep Rose company.”

Rose shooed her hand for Scorpius to go. Unlike before she was more relaxed and figured she manage a few minutes without Scorpius beside her. Scorpius gave a lopsided smile and walked over to his mother and began dancing with her.

Draco strummed his gloved fingers before holding out his hand for Rose to take. Rose stared at it and thought about declining, but the look in Draco’s eyes told him that he wasn’t accustomed to being told no. Taking his hand, his grip was tight as he spun her out and pulled her in.

“You look like a Malfoy.” Draco said while making precise movements with his feet.

Noting that Draco was a much more controlled dancer than Scorpius, Rose straightened her posture and attempted to concentrate on not stepping on his toes. “I bet my father would love to hear you say that,” her sarcasm slipped out while she starred at the ground.

Draco gave a chilling smirk. “You never answered my question from the other night.”

Raising her eyes for what was to be a second his stare caught hold of hers. “Excuse me?” Rose said forgetting about the footwork that she was concentrating on.

“My question,” He repeated spinning her around. Rose stared, trying to recall what he was talking about. Draco must have noticed because he clarified. “What happens if this doesn’t work out between you and my son?”

“Merlin,” Rose mutter distastefully. “I’ve married him, what more do you possibly need to realize that we’re not going to break up.”

“Well seeing as how Scorpius’ last marriage lasted all of about five minutes, I need more than just a ring on your finger.”

“I am not Lexie,” she growled a bit too loudly.

Draco twirled her out. “I wasn’t implying that you were. I’m just curious where your head is at.”

Rose grasped back ahold of his hand to follow the motion of the dance. “I vowed to love him forever and I will,” she said clearly.

“Yes but you were in love with him when you two broke up the first time right?” Rose looked away. “And you have stayed in love with him all this time, according to Astoria.”

Rose bowed her head “So what you’re saying is that my love doesn’t really mean a whole much.”

“I’m just wondering if you can see where my concern is.” Draco asked in a sincere voice. “You two got married so quickly it worries me on how much you two really know about each other.”

Rose gazed across the room and watched Scorpius dancing with his mother. There was an overjoyed look in his eyes as spoke to her.  “We know enough,” she stated in an encouraging voice. “You asked me what happens if this doesn’t work out and I don’t have an answer for you. But I do know that even the prospect of a life without Scorpius would leave me so completely inconsolably devastated, that I would be willing to work through just about anything to keep him.” She gave Draco a look of pleading and determination. “And I know that he feels the same way about me.”

Draco spun her out one last time before dropping his head in a curt bow. The music was ending and Rose could see Scorpius heading back over to her.  “That’s all I needed to know,” Draco said and he turned and gave an inconspicuous nod to Astoria, the both of them heading to the door of the parlor.  

Rose stood in shock replaying the event in her head. “Everything alright here?” Scorpius said.

His touch jerked her into reality as she looked up to Scorpius. “I think so.”

This made Scorpius worried. “Did he say something offensive?” Scorpius asked with a protective edge to his voice.

Shaking her head “No,” she smiled to Scorpius, “He’s just making sure that you’re taken care of.”


As the night went on the room became smaller. Every time a group of people left the parlor, it would shrink. This happened continuously throughout the night until it was finally back to its normal size and all who was left was Scorpius’ family.

Ariana was asleep on a couch with her bare feet laying across her Grandfather Greengrass’ lap, who was asleep as well. Occasionally the old man would snore so loudly that it woke him up and his head would jerk off the back of the couch as if he had been awake the entire time. He would give a quick glance around the room, then pat his granddaughter’s feet and fall back asleep. Rose laughed the last time it happened.

At the moment Rose and Scorpius were snuggled up on a couch across from the fireplace. Her head was laying on his shoulder and she was on the verge of falling asleep, while mindlessly thinking about when furniture had started being added to the room.

“So did you have fun?” Scorpius asked.

Yawning Rose nodded. “But I don’t think I want to repeat the experience.”

“Yeah me either,” Scorpius said sarcastically. “Besides I’m not sure you’d be alright with me having another engagement party.”

Rose weakly backhanded him in the chest, causing him to laugh. Catching her hand he kissed it and then slid his arm down her side tugging her body closer to him. “Were you at a party like this the Christmas eve you gave me my necklace?” she asked.

Scorpius rubbed his fingers up and down her shoulders. “I spent the whole night thinking that I just had to get you to see me.”

Rose smirked to herself “I’m glad you did.”

“I’m sorry to interrupt.” A soft voice said from behind them. “But Draco and I have a something for Rose.”

Rose bolted her head up and stared at her in-laws; suddenly more awake than she was before. “You really didn’t have to get me anything,” she protested.

Astoria looked down to what was in her hand and then glanced back up to Draco. The both of them sharing the same reassuring look. “It’s something that has already been yours,” she admitted.

Curiosity getting the best of her, Rose stood up; Scorpius right after. Astoria looked to her son. “Remember when you came to me about Lexie and you wanted something and I said that I wasn’t ready to part with it yet?”

Scorpius had to think about the vague words but when he remembered he eyed his mother. “Yeah,” Scorpius drawled cautiously. Tilting his head he had almost a pleased expression as he wrapped his arm around Rose’s waist pulling her into his chest.

“Well I may have lied about why I didn’t want to give it away. It wasn’t that I was not ready to part with it, it was that I knew it wasn’t supposed to belong to Lexie.” Astoria stopped talking and took a deep breath. “I’ve known since you were seventeen that it was supposed to belong…” She paused “To Rose.”

Rose felt herself lose balance and fall back into Scorpius a bit. She didn’t know what they were talking about but having someone besides she or Scorpius say that they have known they were supposed to be together meant something more to her than any present could.

“Well anyways here.” She held out her hand.

Scorpius was the one to reach out and take it. Looking at it Rose saw that it was a gold ring with a large emerald surrounded by diamonds in the middle of it. Around the thin band was the name Malfoy engraved into the edge and Rose was suddenly struck with the idea that this was a very old piece of jewelry.  

“You know how it works right?” Draco asked.

“Yeah,” Scorpius said slightly bewildered. “When she puts it on it will take the shape of what it feels like should suit her personality.” Scorpius looked down to Rose his face telling her that he was touched by the gesture. “You don’t have to wear it,” he said knowing how Rose felt about most jewelry. “but it has belonged to every woman that has married into the Malfoy name.”

“Of course I’ll wear it,” she said as if the idea of not wearing it was out of the question.

Scorpius looked thrilled as he slipped the ring on to her finger where her wedding band was. The band was a bit too big, but then a gold smoke came from it and it began to shrink until it fit perfectly. The diamonds that were circled around the emerald began to disappear while the emerald itself was sucked down to a more reasonable size. When the gold smoke disappeared what was left was on her finger was a single average sized emerald with a plain gold band that had the name Malfoy written in delicate hand writing.  

There was a sudden connection that Rose felt with the ring, as if the old magic already knew who was going to join the family and had predetermined a style that was perfect for them. Rose didn’t cry but she wanted to. Staring back up to Draco and Astoria she gave a half smile and said “It feels like it is supposed to be mine.”

Astoria seemed pleased as did Draco. “Anyways I hope that it suits you and welcome to our family,” Said Draco.


Walking back to Scorpius’ bedroom Rose was too shocked to even think about sleep. She hadn’t realized how badly she wanted Scorpius’ parent’s approval until she finally had it. As they went inside his bed Scorpius released a groan as his fingers tugged at the dress robes that he was wearing. “I am so tired,” he declared loudly.

Laughing Rose watched him walk into his closet. “I bet,” she said while glancing around the room she spotted a pile of letters on his oak desk. Rose immediately went over to them.

Scorpius who had discarded the bowtie and the coat of his dress robes, walked out unbuttoning his white shirt. Giving a sideways look to his wife he saw her flipping through mail that must have been delivered earlier that evening. His body instinctively froze as he watched and waited to see if she would receive another letter. When she placed all the letters back on the table she had a scowl, but Scorpius’ was able to relax.

Scorpius, pretending to not be paying too much attention, said “Everything alright?”

Rose tapped her finger on her hip, scanning around the desk as if she had missed something. “Did any mail come yesterday?”

His posture stiffened and he shook his head “No.” Rose still looked around the room “Why?” he pushed.

She bit her lip and shook her head of the thought. “I wrote Carla before we left telling her that we had gotten married and I would have expected her to have responded by now.” Quirking her lips together in a lopsided smile she looked at Scorpius. “She is probably too mad at me to do so.”

Needing to change the subject, Scorpius crossed the room to Rose and immediately kissed her with such force that it knocked her against the wall. Rose fell into the kiss. She dug her fingers into his hair, pulling from the roots so that it stood up and out of its combed position. His body pushed against hers vigorously, sliding her back up against the wall. Tightening her grip around his neck, Rose raised her legs around his waist so that her dress hiked up around her upper thighs and hips. Scorpius ran his hand along the exposed skin, kissing her as he did so. “Where is this coming from? I thought you were tired,” Rose said breathlessly with her eyes closing from the pleasure of his touch.

Shrugging his shoulders “No.” he shook his head “I’m suddenly very very awake.” Blinking her eyes open she stared at him. Her smile was bright and she looked at him as if he was all she needed. Scorpius pulled her closer to him, holding onto her as if she was his life support in the middle of the ocean. “Let’s get out of here tomorrow,” he suggested abruptly.

Shocked by the proposition, Rose tried to lower her feet but Scorpius grip was too strong. Snaking her arms around his neck she let her fingers clutch ahold of him. “It’s Christmas day,” she stated.

“I know,” Scorpius mused, leaning in to kiss her neck. “But let’s just go somewhere with a beach.” He kissed lower. “and sun.” His lips moved to her collar bone “and…”

“Couples messages,” Rose supplied.

Scorpius pulled back and cocked an eyebrow. “Definitely,” he agreed.  

Rose traced her hands down his face, “Wont your family be a bit upset?” she rationalized, curious about Scorpius’ sporadic attitude.

Scorpius tightened his grip on her hand, bringing it up so that he could kiss the inside of her wrist. “I’ll handle them,” he argued. Giving her a serious look Scorpius smiled. “Come on Rose it can be our honeymoon.”

Rose began to breathe heavily as his hands began to roam up her dress. His fingers tugged at the strings that held the dress together, loosening them. Bending her head back she moaned as he kissed along the sensitive skin. “What do you say?” he asked slowly and seductively with a low growl. 

Rose closed her eyes and flung her hands against the wall searching for something to hold onto in order to sturdy herself. Finding nothing she settled for clawing her fingers into the sides of his arms. The word yes escaped her lips and Scorpius wasn’t sure if it was in pleasure or response to his question. Regardless he took the accepted the answer and moved her too the bed.

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