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Wendy's story (Prev. Destined) by HermionesSecretClone
Chapter 5 : Missing
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I was crying. Not crying,sobbing. I looked, tears streaming down my face. I heard footsteps, and when I looked up, Angie looked as bad as I felt,and most likely looked.A hand finally rested on my shoulder,and I looked to see an auror.Not just an auror, but Harry freaking Potter! "We're looking everywhere. You should rest. Here." He said, handing me a tissue.I sat down and was served lunch, free of charge, with Angie a mess beside me.

After I got done, me and Angie started talking when, an owl like mine flew in.



I heard about Bell. I wish there was a way we could help! We're trying, we've joined a tracker group. I hope we find her! I'm so sorry. Tell Angie we send our regards.                                                                                                       Good luck,       


My mom knew about Bell because, as soon as I found out I had a Godchild, I sent her a letter about it. Plus, Angie talked to her.

I soon found a search group and looked.

Bells POV

It was cold. And dark. She was scared. Tears ran down her face, into the forming puddle on the floor.She wanted to call for help, but she had a silencing spell on her. Where was her Wendy?Where was her mommy? Did they mean for this to happen?  She wondered. She was hungry. Just then, the door creaked open.

"Hello, sweetheart." Crabbe said. He smiled a sick smile."Oh, yeah."He waved his wand and the silence spell was off.

"Wha do woo want?"She asked, still crying.

"To lure your mom." He said, smiling again.

Wendys POV

We got a call. As we hiked, the leader of the group stopped and pulled out his muggle phone.



"Two, one small, the other large?"

"Small one is tied up?"

"Don't go in until you have backup.  We'll be there in a minute. The childs mother and godmother are here with us."

As soon as he hung up, me and Angie pounced on him.



"Is she okay?"

He answered. As far as they knew, he was keeping her alive. They were disarming charms and waiting for us,since we were her parent and her gaurdian.

We all got a quick portkey. The house was old and rugged, the door locked. We snuck into the house, spliting up.

I decked through the house, searching.

I heard wispers ahead.

"Give her back,she's my daughter!"

"Oh, but are you forgetting shes both of ours?"

"You made me, it wasn't fun, but at least let me keep the only good thing of it!"

"No. I now have a daughter , a sister for my older son. Me and him will raise her, maybe she'll even kill a few!" 

"No! Please, just give her back!" 

A startling laugh rippled. I saw through the door a wave of the wand, a green blast of light, and  Angie dropped to the floor. I stiffled a sob. Suddenly, five people were behind me. They busted through the door, stupefying the awful man. Belle fell out of his arms, eyes wide, and ran into my arms. We were both crying our eyes out by the tie she was into my arms.

"Wenwy? Is mommy okay?"

"Honey, I think mommy might be on a holiday. Shes happy though, looking down on us."

Silent tears ran down her face as we stood in the wizarding hospital. A cloak had been placed around Angies body, me being given her necklace, which held a picture from our Hogwarts days. It looked to be about our 6th year, maybe early 7th. I was beside a cauldron, she was looking into it. we we're both smiling, covered in a blue-ish potion. It was maybe two minutes before we both collapsed, tired instantly from the bit of sleeping draught that we had been brewing.

The other side, a picture of her and Bell, in the hospital.Apparently Bell had just been born, she was small and Angie looked very tired. I brought bell to my appartment, mom having already brought my old bed to the spare room.

I was tucking her in, trying not to cry from the sadness of today.


"Y-yes darling?"

"Can I stay in wour bed?"


I picked her up and layed her down beside me.

"Will woo sing me a wuwabye?"


I sung a tune I had heard as a child.

She was quickly asleep, me following after. I woke in a cold sweat, tears streaming from my eyes after a nightmare just like today had scared me out of my wits. I looked over to Bell, who was sleeping soundly with a sad frown on her face. I went into the small kitchen, grabbing hot cocca. What was I going to do? I had a child now. A child that had just been scarred for life alongside me. Of course I had my mom and my grandmother, but I couldn't just abandon her! I was the one who had been chosen as godmother. Why was that, anyway? How could I be trusted with a living,breathing, eating, child!? So many questions were giving me a headache.

"Wwa!" Bell cried from the other room.

"Talk about it. " I said, rushing to comfort her.


A/N: I'm sorry! 1.I took waaaay too long to write this chapter. 2. I killed off a character, maybe one of the most important!(As she was Bells mom.) 3. Plot twist! I didn't even expect Bells kidnapper to be her father, until I just typed it!!! EURGHH! I'm sorry! Please don't hate me! Thanks for all the reads and reviews! I would still like more to know how I'm doing!! Thanks! Stay readish!!!!! (",)~HSC

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