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No Good by Loony lovegood
Chapter 15 : Into the Woods
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Author's Note: Hi everyone!

I know this chapter is reaaallly short, but this week i'm gonna try and bang them out so they will probably be short as I'm focusing on this story and then after this week it'll be back to normal. Hope you enjoy and dont forget to leave a review!

“Have I freaked you out?”

Ashley’s voice registered in Sydney’s ears, however she had no clue how to respond.

“No, uhh – no, you haven’t.”

“Really?” Ashley asked nervous and disbelievingly “Because you have that freaked out look on your face.”

Sydney hadn’t even realised that she had, at some point, stood up. “No,” she said shaking her head “It’s just a lot to process.” She admitted.

“Oh god,” Ashley said, putting her head in her hands. “You are freaked out!”

“Am not!” Sydney retorted childishly. She sat back down again next to her friend. There was a silence between the two for a couple of minutes. “When did you realise?”

Ashley looked at Sydney and bit her lip. “About two months ago, I admitted it to myself which made it real.” Ashley confessed “But I think I’ve known for about two years, I just didn’t want to believe it.”

“Why not?” Sydney asked, finally looking at Ashley.

“Well you didn’t exactly jump for joy and you’re my best friend.” Ashley reasoned. “Why would I want to tell anyone?”

Sydney felt extremely guilty now for acting the way she did, she didn’t know why she had acted so rudely, she supposed she was just shocked.

“I’m sorry,” Sydney said, touching Ashley’s arm. “I’m so happy that you are able to tell me and I’m happy for you.”

Ashley stood up suddenly and paced “Happy about what?” she cried “I’m never going to be happy, I’m always going to have people that hate me for it, I’m always going to like people that can’t like me back. I will never be truly happy now that I’m a lesbian.”

Ashley suddenly stopped and looked at Sydney “I’m a lesbian.” Ashley sighed as if a massive weight had fallen from her shoulders. Sydney smiled at her, happy that she was no longer plagued by this secret on her own.

“Please don’t tell anyone.” Ashley begged, grasping Sydney’s arm, wide eyed.

Sydney smiled. “I’ll take it to the grave.”

Sydney woke up in Ashley’s room. The sun was beaming down on her to where she lay on the floor. She kicked her covers off of herself and sat up in a hot sweat. She kneeled up and blearily looked at Ashley’s clock on the wall. It was 5:10am. She looked at her uniform that was dumped in a pile on the floor and rolled her eyes. She still felt quite rough, maybe it would be best if she could take the day off. It was also give her some alone time in her dorm without the vultures (her dorm mates) swarming her, unable to wait to finish her off.

She scooped up her uniform and shoved on her skirt on top of the baggy t-shirt she was already wearing. She quickly made her way into the Ravenclaw common room and felt hotter and hotter as time went by. She rushed out of the door to the corridors of the castle and felt marginally better as she pressed her boiling skin up against the cool stone walls of the castle.

She let out a large sigh and felt the world cease to spin. She closed her eyes for a couple of seconds as she allowed herself to calm down.

She felt a presence near by and allowed herself to open one eye. If it wasn’t for the wall behind her, she would have definitely fallen backwards onto her arse.

“What do you want Sirius?” she asked as she tried to feign disinterest.

She saw as Sirius moved closer to her and she was painfully aware when his skin brushed hers as he leaned on the wall next to her.

“There’s a lot of things I want, Maura,” Sirius said with a playful grin. “A Norwegian Ridgeback, a motor cycle, you, some normal friends,”

“You do realise those are very dangerous,” Sydney interrupted.

Sirius seemed to shoot her a look that she couldn’t quite figure out but he soon melted into his cool, (somewhat) charming self again. “I doubt I’d actually get one, I mean they’re very expensive and a bugger to train—”

Sydney closed her eyes again “I meant the motorbike.”

Sirius spun himself around so he was now in front of her and placed his hands on her waist, which caused Sydney to snap her eyes open. “I think a little danger is needed at times.”

Sydney looked down at his hands and then back up at Sirius “Your hands are on my waist.” Sydney said pointedly for him to take them away.

“They are on your waist, aren’t they?” He agreed, a wolfish grin plastered across his handsome face.

Sydney batted them away from her and she decided to ignore him and continue to walk to the Gryffindor common room in peace.

“But what I want right now,” Sirius continued, not allowing her to get away so easily. “Is to know what a young Gryffindor, like yourself, is doing up this early,” he said striding next to her as she tried to walk away from him “and coming out of the Ravenclaw tower.”

“Who said anyone’s coming out?!” Sydney said abruptly, walking faster. Sirius raised his eyebrows at her amusedly and easily caught up with her. Sydney regained her composure “I mean – I can ask you the same thing,” she said turning her neck to look at him. “Why are you roaming the corridors at this time?”

“I asked you first.” Sirius said annoyingly.

Sydney rolled her eyes and finally stopped attempting to run away from the boy next to her. “I spent the night at Ashley’s seeing as your dreaded other half decided to try and attack me as soon as I stepped foot in my dorm.”

Sirius nodded, seeming to accept her excuse. “I can see that happening.”

“So?” Sydney prodded.

“So what?” Sirius asked.

Sydney huffed “Why are you up at this hour?”

“That, my dear,” Sirius said poking Sydney’s nose “Is none of your business.”

Sirius walked off down the corridor. “Excuse me?” Sydney spluttered as she struggled to keep up with his strides. “but I just told you!”

“And you didn’t have to.” Sirius reasoned. “Now I am choosing not to tell you.”

“You’re such a bastard.” Sydney snapped.

“Now, now,” Sirius said, smirking once more. “You may go and hurt my feelings one of these days.” He grabbed the clothes that Sydney was clutching in her hands and managed, of all things, find her bra.

It was as if he had sonar for underwear.

He dropped the rest of her clothing which she quickly swiped from the floor. Then she glared up at him as he seemed to analyse her bra.

“Give that back now.” Sydney warned.

“I don’t think I will,” Sirius said happily as he held it above her head as Sydney attempted to snatch it. “I think this will be a good taster of what’s to come.”

He walked away from her down the corridor as Sydney gave up “There is nothing to come!” she shouted, not caring if she woke up the headmaster himself.

“You’ve got a nice pair, Maura!”

“Alright Maura, are you gonna be showing off your melons soon?”

“Maura, I didn’t know you were giving away free bras!”

“I told you that Sydney Maura was a slag.”

Sydney couldn’t say it was the worst trip she’s had down to the great hall, although it was up there in her top 10.

She had spent the day in bed, hardly able to move from the pain in her stomach, however she knew that she needed to go down and eat something at some point so she had willed herself out of bed and began to make her way down to the great hall where on the way she was heckled at from every angle. She was a bit confused, however her stomach filled with dread as she was sure that it had something to do with her encounter with Sirius this morning. She continued on her path down to the great hall until she came to a group of fifth year boys, huddling together, looking up at the archway of the great hall doors. Sydney followed their gaze upwards and saw her bra that Sirius had stolen earlier that morning dangling above her with a large note attached to it for all to see.

To get your own sexy brassiere, please contact Sydney Maura of the seventh year Gryffindor girls. For a good time an extra 3 sickles will be required.

She couldn’t help but feel that little anger monster bubble up again inside of her, however she willed it down, thinking of what professor McGonagall had said a couple of days ago.

“Accio bra.” She whispered, not wanting to draw attention to herself. In fact, the only attention she drew was that of Sirius’, who gave her a horrible smirk and winked at her. She clutched the bra tightly in her hands and felt her hunger dissolve as it was quickly replaced by nausea once more. She hid the bra under her cloak and hurriedly made her way back to her dorm to sleep off the sickness and humiliation.

Sirius watched Sydney retreated from the great hall and felt a small triumph erupt inside him. Although it was slightly dissatisfying to not see her explode like she normally does. In fact, she hadn’t really lost her temper with him in a while. Maybe he really had tamed the beast. Perhaps ‘broken’ would be a more suitable word however in this scenario. He looked as the girl’s blonde, curly hair swept quickly out if his view.

“So what do you guys think?” He asked, turning to Peter and James.

“Brilliant, Padfoot!” Peter gushed as he shovelled some more bread into his mouth. “Absolupley bwinniant!”

Sirius grinned at his plump friend as he tore meat off of the chicken drumstick he was holding and began chewing on it.

“It was a bit far, mate.” James said looking up through his glasses at him. “You’ve been quite hard on her recently.”

“She’s a bitch though!” Sirius spluttered, bit of his food flying from his mouth.

James gave Sirius a look that Sirius couldn’t quite decipher. “She’s not a bitch.” He said defensively. “She just has a hard time with people.”

“AKA, a bitch.” Sirius grumbled whilst Peter sniggered gleefully.

“I just don’t think it was necessary.” James concluded.

With a newly disgruntled feeling erupting through him, Sirius summoned the piece of parchment back from the archway and crumpled it into his bag.

“You know,” Sirius said irately “You’re beginning to sound more and more like Remus.”

James shrugged “I haven’t heard that that’s a bad thing.”

Sirius picked up his bag along with a few more bread rolls, stuffing two into his pocket and one in his mouth before leaving his mates in the great hall.

How dare James make him feel guilty. Before this whole ‘becoming best friends with her’ scenario, he would have happily teased Sydney just as much, maybe even more so than he.

As he walked from the Great Hall he scuffed his feet along the floor. Feeling much less giddy about the prank he just pulled than he thought he would. He decided to make his way back to the common room and follow the sweet smell of women’s perfume.

He didn’t understand why he was feeling so guilty. The look on her face was priceless, although every time he thought about it, it made him feel sick.

Why did he care? He didn’t. She was a cow. A horrible, bad-tempered, malicious cow.

Even if he did care, it’s not like he could suddenly stop being mean to her. It would look weird, plus it was way too much fun.

Sirius didn’t know why he loved taunting Sydney so much. Perhaps it was just her reactions, her fiery temper and the expressions on her face. Perhaps it was the fact he just hated her and wanted to see her humiliated and angry. Or perhaps it was the fact that he couldn’t get out of his head how much her lips tasted like luscious, ripe strawberries.

The grandfather clock struck 12 o’clock, midnight in the common room. Sydney somehow managed to hear it all the way from her dorm and woke with a start.

She sat up in her bed feeling rather peculiar. She felt a little nauseous, but nothing nearly as bad as to how she had felt for the past couple of days. No, she felt awake. Very awake. Like she had just had about 5 coffees. She put her feet on the cold floor and stood up, out of her bed. She opened her curtain and gazed at the full moon happily. It seemed to make her peaceful, it had for a while now. She enjoyed just gazing into the night’s sky and seeing the full moon gleam down upon her.

She gazed over her shoulder to make sure that she had not woken her sleeping dorm mates. As Amelia groaned in her sleep and turned to expose her neck, Sydney couldn’t help but get a craving for a big, juicy, rare steak. She attempted to try to shake the thought from her mind as it was way too late to be eating. However she knew that there was no way she would be sleeping anytime soon and maybe the walk to and from the kitchens would wear her out.

She slunk from her dorm and tip toed down the flight of stairs that lead to the common room and with every creak in the floorboards she winced and paused as to make sure that no one had heard. She pushed the portrait forward as she left the common room and gently shut it to as to not wake the Fat Lady and to allow herself entrance back into the Gryffindor Tower without waking her.

She walked the corridors of Hogwarts towards the Kitchens. The eeriness of the castle at night was awful. The hallways echoed, the darkness thick, the castle so cold you could almost see your own breath in front of you. Sydney kicked herself for not wearing her dressing gown nor slippers. When Sydney got to the kitchens, tickled the pear and waited to be let in. And waited. And waited.

Sydney must have waited for at least 5 minutes before attempting to tickle the pear again. Nothing. She didn’t know that the kitchens closed at night. She frowned at the painting of a fruit bowl and huffed. She was craving the meat now. She wanted it more than anything. She looked around her, trying to think of a way into that kitchen.

Well there is the window that’s outside

The voice in her head persuaded her naughtily. She knew she wasn’t allowed out of her bed at night and she knew that she was definitely not allowed outside at night.

You’ve gotten so far, what’s the point in being sent packing? You’ve already broken one rule, why not the other?

Sydney shrugged to herself as the voice in her head had a point. She crept down the halls of the castle and made her way towards the exit. Never before had she had such an easy time getting through Hogwarts at night. She creaked open the mahogany door and shut it behind her. She wrapped her arms around herself as she shivered in the night air. The things she did for food. She sidled her way around the wall of the castle until she came to the window. Or where she remembered the window being.

“What?” she asked aloud.

The window had disappeared from where she remembered it always being and there was nothing there but a brick wall.

She looked around herself in bemusement. The cold wind whipped her hair across her face and she shuddered as she stood there next to the castle. She looked out towards the wooded area and something deep within her lurched. Something was in there. She didn’t know how she knew but something was calling to her, luring her in. She didn’t know what it was, possibly the curiosity, or her stubborn willpower to prove she wasn’t scared or possibly the cold had finally brought out the madness from within, but she stepped forward and followed her nose forward into the woods.

Sydney knew it was a bad idea, every inch of this forest seemed to be screaming at her to go back to her dorm and snuggle up under her warm duvet. However she feared that she was following her gut and in doing so had left her brain all snugly and warm up in her dorm. She heard a twig snap in the bushes causing her to whip her head around, almost giving herself whiplash in the process.


There was nothing there, however she still couldn’t shake the feeling that someone or something was watching her. She cowered into herself and pushed herself forward, making her way towards what ever seemed to be tugging at her curiosity or instinct or whatever it was. The further into the forbidden forest she got, she started to hear something. At first it just seemed like a whisper of white noise then as got further into the forest it became considerably louder and Sydney could make out what she believed it to be. Something was growling. She was unsure whether it was at her or something else. The thought that there could be something else in this wood frightened her. She stopped and listened. The growling became more heavy, as if the beast was becoming more agitated by the second.

There was a rustling in the bushes which caused Sydney’s heart to fall into her stomach. The growling became deafening as she attempted to move closer. She backed up a little but made no attempt at running away.

A large, shaggy, black dog sprung from the bushes, bearing it’s teeth at her and growling. It snapped it’s jaws at her when she didn’t back up. She suddenly had a realisation as to which dog this was…

The furry red fox sniffed the ground and suddenly ducked down low; its stomach completely on the floor, its tail low down and its hind legs crouched, ready to dart off into the night. From behind the tree came a huge, black dog sniffing the ground and growling with every breath it took. The fox’s eyes widened as the dog came closer and closer. The anticipation became too much as the fox bounded off through the grounds, however the dog was hot on its tail, snarling at the fox as it snapped its jaws at the terrified creature.

Sydney sneered at the dog. “Stupid mutt.” She spat.

The dog continued to growl and snap its jaws at her, getting closer and closer. Sydney stepped back as the dog nearly bit her. She stepped onto a branch which made a large crack. There was suddenly a howl in the distance and the dog went silent. Sydney in the direction to where the howl came from and made a move to go towards it. The dog suddenly lunged at her and bit hard into her leg, making sure it drew blood. Sydney cried out in pain, falling to the floor and the dog let go. She looked up at the dog and saw that there was blood covering its snout. She looked at it in horror as it ceased to growl and moved towards her. Sydney scrambled to her feet and backed away from the dog.

When she knew she was a safe distance from it she turned and fled back to the castle, limping as she did so. She could hear a low growl behind her as she ran, she turned to look behind her to see a much larger wolf-type creature bounding towards her, its jaws dripping with saliva. As it pounced to grab a hold of her, Sydney panicked and did the only thing she knew.

She and the wolf landed in a pile of her clothes. She wriggled free from them and squirmed out of the wolf’s clutches. She was now faster, more agile and more able to escape the wolf. She moved quickly, her hind leg buckling beneath her. The wolf creature tried to pounce on her again, it attempted to snap its jaws down onto her bushy tail, however she regained her balance and darted off. The wolf continued to chase her and managed to swipe at her with it’s large paw, knocking her off hers and falling to the ground. The wolf managed to get a good few swipes and bites in before Sydney fought back, clawing and clambering onto the wolf, scratching at it’s face and back, moving all over it’s body. She bit down hard into the animal’s back before it let out a roar of pain and managed to grab her off of its back and slam her onto the floor where it proceeded to attack her. Clawing and sinking it’s teeth into her. She managed to eventually spring from the wolf’s death trap and run back into the forest, her fur matted with blood and her leg almost torn in two. She sprinted deep into the woods but could hear the wolf hot on her tail. She looked around herself in a panic and an idea struck her. She climbed one of the trees to the highest point that she could possibly go and held on for dear life.

The wolf seemed to be confused as to where the fox had run to before it smelled the blood and realised it was in the tree. It attempted to jump up at her and swipe her off of the tree. His mammoth paw narrowly missed her. After half an hour of attempting to attack the fox once more, the wolf became bored and howled into the moonlight, running off in between the trees.

Sydney watched as the wolf ran from her and when relief finally spread through her, she slipped easily into unconciousness.

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