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Fix by HEG
Chapter 1 : Fix
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 For May Gryffindor Writing Challenge:

Pansy Parkinson


The Ministry of Magic



Written in the PoV of Draco watching Pansy.

Hope you enjoy!  J





You wring your palms nervously. You know that if you don’t succeed this time, then your chances are long gone. Some say third time lucky, but I’m not one for believing in suspicions. I guess that is what you’re thinking of right now. You want that job badly. I can see it in your cruel, cold heart which you gave to me then snatched back.






I know I shouldn’t be watching you but someone told me that you’d be here and I just couldn’t resist. You listen to the shouting in the office which you are sitting outside. I watch you flinch. I can remember you flinching when I told you I loved you. Of course, that’s not the case anymore.






I hope you don’t get the job. Ok, I admit it. I’m jealous. But your brutal ways, your hideous sneer; I just loath you now. Something inside me just begs for revenge; pleading to justify everything. You are the only barrier.


You cross your legs anxiously. I can almost hear your thoughts. You’re worried. You know that if you don’t get the job – you’ll be in possession of nothing. Your House Elf, your money, your boyfriend – everything. I feel a sly smirk creep on to my mouth. Serves you right.


You glance at your watch, a frown forming above your eyebrows. You think that they won’t come out. You press your ear against the wooden door and hear crashing – fighting! You want to open the do to witness what is going on in there but you decide against the idea. Alas, you are not patient. You do not let things go. Only me.


You turn the key in the lock and give the door a push. Your future boss is clutching a broomstick tightly. It’s a Firebolt.


“What’s going on in here?” you stammer.


Your boss spins around instantly.


“He!” he roars. “He will not comply with my suggestions! He wants to hire you; I want to fire you!”


“You do realise that if that is truly the case then I’ll have to take his side?” you say.


He raises his broomstick and takes a swing at you. You try to dodge but the blow is too hard. Your eye is killing you but you manage to keep your balance – you won’t stop until he gives you the job. You pick up a glass vase and fling it at him. It shatters on his face, the shards making blood ooze out of his body. You both have started a fight almost over nothing. You’re replaying what had happened when you broke up with me.


Maybe you want us together. I force myself to believe this yet I know that it is not true. You don’t want me anymore. I threw away Hermione for you. I broke everyone’s heart just to fix yours. I love you. 

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Fix: Fix


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