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Descendants of the Death Eaters by Cariel
Chapter 42 : Funny Ending 2: Babies!
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“Harry, I’m with child!” Kelly exclaimed, rushing into the Gryffindor common room after Voldemort and all those evil Death-Eater-types were conveniently killed off in the previous chapter. “With your child!!”

“But we only did it the one time-” Harry adamantly refused to believe it.

“It’s only 99.7% protective!” Kelly shook him desperately. “And P.S. Neville was better!”

“What?!” Harry yelled. “You said I was your first!”

“First of the week!” she countered.

Ginny butted in decreeing, “I’m pregnant too!” trying to compete with Kelly because she was still crushing on Harry.

Neville spoke up, “Why is it always me?”

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Descendants of the Death Eaters: Funny Ending 2: Babies!


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