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Young and Beautiful by MissBookWorm
Chapter 2 : What is Love?
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The fire was crackling in the hearth warming up the Head’s common room while Hermione and Draco sat on the comfy couches and chair grading some 3rd year’s Transfiguration Essays for McGonagall’s class. They had been working in comfortable silence for quite some time.  Though the two students were not what one might call friends, they were amicable towards one another and greeted one another in the hall.


The Great War had changed people, long held rivalries had slowly dissipated, and Draco and Hermione were one of those couples that had slowly left the past in the past. Hogwarts needed to be unified and the head boy and girl made it their duty to show respect for one another so as to be a good role model for the rest of the student body.


Draco looked up from his set of papers and over at Hermione trying to estimate how many she had left to grade. “Are you almost done with your lot?”


“Just about,” Hermione counted the rolled pieces of parchments that contained the transfiguration essays, “I have 7 left including this one I’m grading now, and you?”


“I have 5 plus this one that I’m working on.”


The two continued to work silently for a few minutes longer before Draco stood up. “Do you want some hot chocolate? Or tea? I’m going to make some for myself.”


“I’ll have whatever you’re having.”


Draco nodded and headed over to their small kitchenette and busied himself warming up the milk for the hot chocolate. Hermione set her papers aside and stretched out from where she had been curled up on the couch and enjoyed the warmth of the fire. Pulling two large mugs down, Draco poured the steaming hot chocolate into the mugs before adding a large poof of whipped cream on top. He sprinkled some cinnamon on top and brought over the decadent warm beverage to Hermione’s waiting hands.


“You know, I never pegged you as a hot chocolate sort of guy,” Hermione smiled.


“It’s actually a guilty pleasure of mine,” Draco replied before taking a sip his drink.


“Um, you have some stuff on your lip,” Hermione giggled as she pointed to Draco’s whipped cream moustache. Draco quickly licked it off. The two sat in silence for a while before Draco broke the silence.


“Can I ask you something? If it’s too personal you don’t have to answer,” Draco asked.


“Sure, go ahead.”


“How do you know that Weasley loves you?”


“We have been through so much, all three of us have. Harry and Ron are the siblings I never had, I know he loves me because he would do anything for me just like I would do the same for him.”


“No that’s not what I mean, I mean how do you know that he loves you as in a romantic way,” Draco asked again.


Hermione was silent for a moment and Draco knew that he had crossed a line. It wasn’t like they were friends, why would she divulge something like that to him.


“Ron doesn’t love me like that…and I don’t love him like that anymore either.”


Draco was silent. He knew he had hit a sore spot and he felt like a dumbass for it. He just assumed since they were always together that they must have been romantically involved.


“I’m sorry,” Draco said after a few moments of silence.


“Don’t be, it’s just not meant to be. But I do know that if someone loves you, they will always put your needs before their own. It doesn’t matter if its romantic love or platonic love, love is selfless and knows no jealousy,” Hermione smiled a small smile at Draco. It was filled with warmth and hope. “Your hot chocolate is an absolute delight,” she said, changing the subject and Draco was grateful for it. They continued to chatter about little things of no significance late into the night before they both fell asleep on the couches.


Saturday dawned bright and chilly, and all of the students were busily getting ready for a trip into Hogsmead. Draco woke up next Daphne’s warm body next to him but he hardly noticed as a shooting pain whipped from his eyes to the back of his head. It was unbearable, and the bright sunshine was quickly turning his splitting headache into a full-blown migraine. Draco let out a loud groan waking Daphne up.


“What’s wrong?” Daphne asked sleepily.


“My head, it feels like it’s splitting open and my eyes are killing me. I don’t think I’m going to be able to go into Hogsmead today.”


“Hmmm, bummer,” she said distractedly. Daphne pulled herself out of the bed and began dressing.


“What are you doing Daph?”

“Getting dressed so I can go back to my room and get ready for Hogsmead.”


“You’re not gonna stay with me?” Draco was confused and a bit hurt.


“You need sleep so you can feel better, darling. I’ll just get antsy and end up bothering you,” Daphne replied with a smile. She flicked her wand at the curtains darkening the room for Draco.


“Oh,” was all Draco could say.


Daphne slipped into her shoes and then leaned in to kiss Draco on the cheek. Then she was out the door leaving Draco all by his lonesome, but there was nothing he could do. So instead, he turned onto his side and tried to go back to sleep in hopes of getting rid of his migraine. 


Daphne climbed into the carriage snuggling in next to Theodore Knott just as the carriage jerked into motion heading for Hogsmead. Ice still covered parts of the ground on the chilly morning as Theodore wrapped an arm around Daphne, which she gladly accepted.


“What would you like to do first when we get there?” Theodore asked.


“Let’s grab some fire whiskey to keep us warm and then we can go for a walk,” Daphne winked.


“Sounds great,” Theodore smiled as he leaned in and kissed Daphne deeply. Luckily they had the carriage to themselves.


Arriving in Hogsmead, the couple headed off together to the Three Broom Sticks where they ordered several fire whiskeys and sat in a secluded corner where no could see them, their walk quickly abandoned as they enjoyed each other’s company. They continued to kiss one another as the liquor subdued their rational thoughts and they got more and more heavy in their touching.


“Theo, I have to have you now!” Daphne panted. Theodore pulled Daphne from their table and discreetly led her upstairs. Finding an open empty room, he tugged her in before bolting the door and pressing himself against the wanton behaving girl in front of him. Clothes were quickly discarded as the two of them fell onto the bed where they remained for the afternoon, ravishing one another, betraying their friend and boyfriend who was ill in bed with a migraine.


The cheating couple caught the last carriage back to Hogwarts with a few other students. They rode in silence but snuggled close under the pretense of trying to keep warm as the sun set and the wind picked up. Arriving at the school, Theodore and Daphne were the last to leave the carriage giving them a few seconds alone to kiss and grope each other.


“When can I have you next?” Theodore asked between tongue filled kisses.


“Ill owl you when and where to meet me next,” Daphne replied before reluctantly pulling away and heading in towards the warm school.


Draco woke up in the late evening, his migraine finally gone. He debated about going to the Great Hall for dinner, but felt himself drained and exhausted even after his day of sleep. He headed to the common room where he made himself a cup of tea and pondered about his relationship with Daphne, he still felt empty and he didn’t understand why.

___A.N. Short chapter I knoe, and no lyrics but the next one will be good and longer!

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Young and Beautiful: What is Love?


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