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Actions Speak Louder than Words by Veritaserum27
Chapter 11 : Befuddled: Rose AND Scorpius POV
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 Things moved pretty quickly from that moment. Everyone agreed to the move to Grimmauld Place most readily. James felt guilty for not being home to help out the night Stannous broke into the flat. He had spent the night at Samara’s place.

The fidelius charm was a fantastic idea, but Harry said that while James’s entire quidditch team was a bit excessive, we would give the secret to Dom’s boyfriend, Jax, and James’s girlfriend, Samara.

We talked it over, and in the end, agreed that Harry should be the secret-keeper. Rose was hesitant at first because she thought that it would be too obvious and might paint a target on his back. Albus and James pointed out that he was, after all, the Harry Potter and had lived his life with a giant target on his back.

It actually worked out to her advantage, because all Harry had to do was say nonchalantly to Hermione and Ron that she had moved into Grimmauld Place with all of us and they, without knowing it, were let in on the secret. He did the same for the rest of the Weasleys so that everyone knew our location, but didn’t actually realize we were under the fidelius charm.

Even so, Ron was most displeased about the living arrangements (namely me), and he and Rose had a big row about it. She even brought him through the upstairs and showed him each person’s room, to prove that we weren’t shacking up together.

That did not, however, deter Ron Weasley from throwing a huge fit. Hermione tried to calm him down and I disappeared while Rose showed her parents each of the rooms.

Rose’s room was on the second floor, and Dominique had the other room on that floor. Albus and Selenia each had a room on the third floor (although it was a waste of a room because they both basically lived in Albus’s room). James and I had taken the two rooms on the top floor. He was in the room that had belonged to his namesake, Sirius, and I took Regulus’s room. It is a little weird for me to think that they were my cousins on my grandmother’s side.

Of course, Rose failed to mention to Ron and Hermione that I don’t actually sleep in my room. Instead, I continued the practice of setting up camp on her floor every night. We never actually discussed this arrangement; it was just something we did. I got pretty good with transfiguring the armchair in her room into a mattress. I figured this was a way that she would feel safer and, at the same time, I could be around her as much as possible. I had grown a little bit addicted to her scent of lavender and fresh linen.

All the same, I’d never felt this helpless - not since my parents' deaths. Most of the time, I didn’t know what to say to Rose. She was having regular panic attacks, but we didn’t talk about them, either. I helped out where I could, but things were still awkward. I knew that I would wait as long as necessary for her to make the first move. She had a lot to work through and clearly wasn’t interested in me being her boyfriend right now.

After a few weeks, we all settled into a kind of routine. Our auror training had gotten interesting, to say the least. Although Rose was adamant that her father wouldn’t know her secret about the abduction, Harry took it upon himself to give Al, Dom and I, a little side assignment. He even put our first year mentees on the task as well. Al wasn’t too thrilled about letting strangers in on the scene (he always had been very protective of Rose), but ever since the duel with Harry, he had been more willing to voice his opinions with his Dad in a more effective manner than just holding it all inside until he explodes.

They had a talk about it, and Al was able to see Harry’s point of trying to respect Rose’s wishes and, at the same time, wanting to get a set of ‘fresh eyes’ on the case. Harry, although putting up a good front as the leader, was taking the news of Rose’s torture pretty hard. Harder even than me and Al were. It was clear that he felt, on some level, that he had failed her. I could see it in his eyes, when he discussed the case with us and our mentees. There was a sadness, mixed with fierce determination. We all felt it, but Harry, being head of the auror department, burdened himself with protecting every witch and wizard. The thought of his favorite niece undergoing that kind of torture right under his nose was wearing on him, to say the least.

As a result, Al, Dom, all our mentees and I would meet weekly to discuss the case. My mentee was Caesar Corner, a fellow Ravenclaw and a right good bloke. We had been chasers together on the Quidditch team. He reminded me of Al, because he was particularly gifted in dark arts defence. Dom had been assigned to Colleen Creevey who was a Gryffindor like her father, Dennis, and there couldn’t have been a better match made. The two were downright dangerous together.

Al had been paired with Kali Goldstein, a Hufflepuff who had been head girl and clearly had something to prove. She was confident, strong and bull-headed. At the same time, she was smart, kind and quick-witted. The two had formed a sort of competitive friendship. I just hoped it didn’t get too competitive. However, Kali seemed to be very sharp. She knew just when to let Albus win.

Most days, Rose would apparate herself to the ministry after her rounds at St. Mungo’s were completed. She had taken up the habit of healing the trainees after a long day of throwing curses at each other. It was great practice for her and the auror trainees always went home with minimal broken bones and wounds. She was really amazing at it. We would all line up at the end of the hall and she would heal us one by one. I loved watching her work – seeing her assess each trainee, determine the best order to heal their multiple injuries, and always send them on their way with a warm smile and a gentle touch.

A few months went by like this and before it seemed possible, autumn was upon us. One day, I was in a particularly bad state, both physically and mentally. Physically because one of the other trainees had managed to hex me with a reducto jinx that should have taken my arm off. I was mentally in a bad state because I just wanted Rose so much. I had been waiting for her to give me any indication at all that she might be ready. She was trying to finally work through what had happened to her and I wasn’t going to do anything to set her back. I couldn’t deny, however, that it was really driving me barmy.

But, oh Merlin, she was so fit. I was constantly keeping myself in check around her. It didn’t help that we shared a room and spent several hours a day together. Let’s just say that I had taken up the habit of multiple showers a day. I had to put extra skin moisturizer on me just to counteract the amount of bathing I was doing.

“Hi,” I said to Rose as it was my turn to be healed. I had intentionally placed myself last in line so I could spend a little extra time with her.

“Hey, you,” she smiled and touched my arm. Electricity shot through it straight to my heart. With her free hand, she smoothed her hair that was coming loose from its ponytail. It was something she did when she wasn’t sure of herself, but she looked absolutely beautiful to me.

“You smell good,” I commented when I could detect the scent of lavender wafting off her locks. Did that sound weird? I don’t want her to think I’m some sort of a creep. She paused and looked up at me through her eyelashes. Sweet Circe, I lose the ability to think when she does that.

“Let’s get you fixed up,” she was in her professional, healer mode. I was trying to act the professional auror slash patient, but I couldn’t concentrate when she was touching me.

“That feels really, really good,” I moaned as her fingers prodded my sore arm gently. She stopped touching me immediately and my eyes flew open. As soon as her hand left my arm, I felt a cold chill pass through me. I sounded like a pervert. Nice job, Scorpius. She probably thinks you are going to attack her at any moment.

“Erm… sorry, Rose,” I apologized and took a step back. She reached for me, but I quickly turned away and sped down the hall. My arm was still hurting badly, but I didn’t want to see the look of disgust on her face right now.


“Scorpius, wait!” I called out, pushing my hurt feelings aside. It had been obvious for some time that he wasn’t attracted to me anymore, but I didn’t want him to walk away with a wound.

He stopped abruptly and turned around, eyebrows raised.

“Y-your arm looks really bad. Let me fix it up quick. Th-then you can be on your way.” For some reason, it is hard to talk around him when it is just the two of us. We do much better when there are a whole group of people around. I tried my best to swallow the lump in my throat and focus solely the healing spells for his injuries.

“All set! You are good to go,” I spoke tightly. Chancing to look up at him, I thought, for a moment that I saw the same sparkle in his eye that used to be there. My eyes flicked to the ground, wracking my brain for the perfect comment. When I tilted my head upwards, he was walking away from me, down the hall.

“See you back at Number Twelve,” I whispered to no one. Since he had found out the truth about what happened during my abduction, he hasn’t come near me at all. I mean, we sleep in the same room, hang out, eat at least two meals a day together, laugh, joke and all that other stuff when everyone else is around, but he won’t actually touch me other than to pat my back while I’m being sick.

I get all jittery every time he comes near me because I just want to continue things where we left off last summer, but it seems that he isn’t interested in me anymore. I tried to tell myself to just let it be. We were never going to be together – he just couldn’t see me that way because he knew I was… tainted.

Shortly after the attack, Uncle Harry and Selenia both tried to convince me to talk to a professional about everything I was going through. I was reluctant at first, but the panic attacks had returned in full force and I wasn’t very good at hiding them anymore. If they happened at home, Scorpius usually would kneel next to me in the bathroom while I was sick and would conjure me a glass of cold water or a damp cloth for my forehead. He would rub my back as the shivers took over my body and wrap a warm blanket around my shoulders.

After about a month of this, Selenia pointed out that I would probably give the same advice about a therapist to my own patients and, if I wasn’t willing to do it myself, how could I expect them to follow my recommendation? Damn that girl and her maddening logic and reasoning. I finally caved.

My therapist’s name was Ruth Vanadi and she was really sweet – although close to my parents’ age, she acted more like an older sister that makes you feel comfortable telling her all your secrets and fears. We didn’t just talk about Stannous and my kidnapping. She was a good listener for all sorts of things. She was very sympathetic to the fact that I had grown up in the shadow of my parents and godfather and, although I would never resent them, I had to deal with the fact that they would always be revered by the wizarding world. We also talked about my cousins, friends and, of course, Scorpius.

By October, I was actually making some headway with my therapist (she insisted I call her Ruth, even though she was much older) but, at the same time, getting so discouraged with the lack of headway with Scorpius that I was about to give up hope. My panic attacks were somewhat under control and I was able to concentrate on other aspects of my life.

Ruth suggested that I simply ask Scorpius how he felt and that, regardless of what he said, I could move on. Never having a lot of courage (I wasn’t exactly the Gryffindor that my family always wanted me to be), I was totally dragging my feet. I really didn’t think my heart could take hearing him say that he just didn’t like me ‘that way’ anymore. But this state of limbo was wearing on my nerves and the amount of time we spent together on a daily basis just added fuel to the fire.

It was late October and I had decided that enough was enough. It was time to bite the bullet and just ask him what he thought of ‘us.’ Ugh. I hated how that sounded. Why did real life have to be so much more… real?

After dinner, the five of us trainees always had the same routine. Since we all lived together, we needed to come up with some sort of way that we could all get our studying done with minimal distractions. So, Selenia and I would study in the parlor, while Al, Dom and Scorp took the larger kitchen table to do their work. Occasionally, they would have to practice spellwork and the stone walls and floor of the kitchen were much more forgiving than the wooden floors and plaster walls of the sitting room.

I knew they were done studying because Al had come to get Selenia. She tried to tell him that we needed about another hour or so longer, but I quickly excused myself so I could catch Scorpius before I lost my nerve.

I had heard him go into my room so, squeezing, my eyes shut, I opened the door with bated breath. I wanted to do this as quickly as possible.

“Rose!” I heard him exclaim – although I still didn’t open my eyes. He hadn’t been expecting me and his voice told me that I had surprised him.

“Scorpius, I-” forcing myself to look at him before continuing, but my brain stopped working when I saw him standing bare chested across the room, on the other side of the bed.

He was not the scrawny, bony boy I remembered from Ravenclaw Quidditch practice. He had filled out, specifically in the upper body region where his muscles were clearly defined. Auror training had served him well and his chest, shoulders and biceps were exquisite. All I could think about was what his body would feel like under my fingertips.

“Erm… I… er…” but my mouth wouldn’t form any actual words. I tried to back out of the room, but I missed and ended up backing up into the door jamb behind me.

“Rose, are you alright?” he moved from behind the bed. Sweet Merlin, he was wearing only a towel and was grasping it shut with one hand as he came closer and stood in front of me.

“Skurmis hi yow narken?” That was the best I could do. I had to back away to keep my hand from raking across his chiseled abs, but I forgot that I was already against the wall and I banged my head on the door jamb – hard.

“Whoa – easy there.” He reached out to me with his hand (the one that wasn’t clutching the towel) and cupped the side of my face. I instinctively closed my eyes at his touch. “Is it another attack? Do you need to get to the loo?” he said softly. His hand was so warm I felt like it was burning my cheek. I leaned into it to just savor his touch for a few more seconds.

I breathed in his scent and little by little opened up my eyes to see him searching my face with concern. When our eyes met and locked, I was silently begging him to grab me up right there and never let me go.

“Num fee,” the pseudo words stuttered out of my dry lips. I sounded like my brain had been addled. He probably thought I had been practicing curses on myself again. I needed to get out of there before any more damage was done.

I used my hand to feel my way against the wall to the door so I could make my escape with what little dignity I still retained. I ducked out of his grasp before I lost complete control and made sure to pull the door closed behind me quickly. Turning abruptly around to create as much distance as possible between us, I smacked headfirst into someone coming up the stairs.

I teetered for a moment and almost lost my balance, but Dom grabbed my elbow to steady me.

“Where’s the fire, Rose?” she asked, a smirk playing at the corners of her mouth.

“Er… nothing. No fire. Just going down to the parlor to study with Sels,” I lied badly. My head had finally cleared now that I wasn’t in the presence of bodily perfection and I could form real words again.

At that moment, Scorpius opened the door to my room, still wearing only the towel and stalked toward the bathroom. He paused when he saw Dom and me standing on the landing and swiveled his head in our direction, but didn’t say anything. Rather, he turned and continued toward the bathroom, mumbling to himself. It was obvious that he didn’t want me to see him half-naked. The click of the lock on the bathroom door confirmed that.

“Oh!” Dominique exclaimed, laughing heartily. “I see. It is all coming clearer now.”

“Wha- what are you talking about?” I rambled. What was clear? Nothing was clear to me. Things were just as confusing and blurry as they always were.

“Damn Rose, it is blatant that you are hot for Scorpius!”

“What?!” I was indignant. It was true, but I wasn’t about to concede, seeing that he did not feel the same way.

“Well, I can admit he’s not hard to look at,” she continued, eyeing the bathroom door that he had just closed behind him. “But he’s a bit on the pale side for me.”

I felt my eyes lowering at my cousin. She shouldn’t be looking at Scorpius that way. She shouldn’t even be thinking about him that way. And how could she say he’s too pale? He is gorgeous. His body is fabulous and his hands were always so smooth – not rough like most blokes. His fingers were soft but always… firm. I rubbed my cheek where his hand had been just a few moments before.

“Helllloooo! Ro-ose!” Dom snapped her fingers in front of my face and I blinked out of my daydream. “Are you thinking about what he is doing in the shower right now?” she asked coyly.

“Dom!” I was embarrassed. I could not remember the last time I was this embarrassed or this defensive. Really, I had been spending so much time warding off panic attacks and lamenting over Scorpius that I was actually relishing these new emotions.

She continued, “Well it’s obvious he feels the same way about you.” I raised my eyebrows, not understanding her meaning. “Oh, come on Rose. There’s a reason why he turned around so fast. And why he was walking so quickly.” She giggled and grinned at me.

“Oh.” I paused, feeling the flush creeping up my cheeks, “Oh. Erm… I don’t know, Dom. He doesn’t seem too interested in me – since he found out about… you know.”

Dom just shrugged her shoulders. “Rose, for being the smartest witch of our age, sometimes you can be seriously thick.”

And then it hit me. Dom was the only one who hadn’t treated me any differently once she found out about me. Selenia and Uncle Harry had been keeping a close eye, Al and James were ‘giving me space,’ and Scorpius didn’t even want to touch me. But Dom had been great. Here she was, calling me out on my not so discreet feelings for Scorpius. The only thing she was wrong about were his feelings for me.

Nonetheless, I was eternally grateful for her candidness. I felt closer to being a whole person than I had since Stannous had breached the flat. My arms wrapped around her tightly.

“Feeling a little touchy-feely tonight, Rose? I think that is what Scorpius is for.” She laughed, but hugged me back just the same.

Although I still didn’t think she was right about Scorpius’s feelings for me, her words gave me the confidence to at least talk to him - with actual words this time. I resolved to do just that after he got out of the shower. I took a deep breath and stared at the bathroom door, planning out exactly what I would say to him.

“Good idea, Rose,” Dom broke my train of thought. “I think he is going to need a few minutes in there – you know… alone.”


The shower was somewhat relaxing. I couldn’t seem to get Rose out of my mind. Although, I can never seem to get her out of my mind. It kept replaying the moment in her room when I was holding her head to see if she was all right. I thought I felt her nuzzle against me. Our eyes met for a moment and, for the briefest of instants, I thought she was looking at me with longing.

Then she ran out of the room. She probably thought I wanted to take advantage of her – being that I was only wearing a towel. So… I went back to my theory that she thinks I am depraved. I can’t really blame her. The thoughts that go through my mind are beyond my control.

As a last minute thought, I summoned my pajama bottoms so that I didn’t appear a sexual miscreant when I entered the room. Usually, I am much calmer after a shower, so I headed to Rose’s room feeling a bit more… relaxed.

That is, until I got in there and saw her sitting on the bed. She also gotten her pyjamas on and was sitting cross-legged on her bed. She looked up as I walked in.

“Hi,” her voice shook. Brilliant. I am now making her nervous in her own room. She doesn’t even want to be around me.

I nodded to her and continued getting ready for bed. I was in the middle of transfiguring the armchair when she spoke again.

“Scorpius?” she asked and I felt all my resolve fading away. How can she make me want her so badly with just one word?

I looked at her expectantly, waiting for her to talk.

“Hie down yum wammy mummer?” I blinked. I had absolut­­ely no idea what she was saying, but her face was so sad, I knew it was important that I at least try to understand her.

“I’m sorry Rose?” I took a small step closer to her on the bed, but I didn’t want to scare her again so I kept my distance.

“Whydontyouwantmeanymore?” She was whispering now and I still didn’t catch what she said.

“What are you on about, Ro?”

She let out a heavy sigh and her sky blue eyes bore into mine. “I said, why don’t you want me anymore?” her voice broke at the final word and a tear fell from her eye and stopped at the top of her cheekbone.

I was completely dumbfounded. She thought I didn’t want her? How do I answer this and not sound like some sort of animal?

“Rose…” I pressed forward, “I want you pretty much every second of every day. I can’t even think most of the time because I want you so badly.” I blurted out the words before my brain could censor them.

Oh my god. What the hell was the matter with me? So much for not sounding like an animal. I’m sick.

“Rose, I’m so sorr-” but out of the corner of my eye I saw her raise off the bed and caught a glimpse of her arm speeding toward my face. I braced myself for the slap that was coming.

She came at me with such force that I wobbled backwards as she launched her entire body across mine. It was not until our lips met that I realized she was not striking me, but rather kissing me.

The passion building for months welled up inside me as I regained my footing and wrapped my arms around her tightly. Her legs responded likewise around my waist and we snogged with so much fire that our teeth banged together, but we didn’t care.

My knees grew weak as one of her hands tangled itself in my hair. I barely was able to carry her back to the bed before we collapsed together. Our lips never broke contact. I was very suddenly aware of our intimate position and braced my arms on either side of her shoulders, but she was grabbing me so tightly, that I knew she wanted this as much as I did. She was making these little whimpering sounds and I thought I was going to lose my mind. We were touching, pressing, kissing. Her legs were still wrapped around me and I had to stop before we got too carried away. Begrudgingly, I rolled to the side and gasped for breath.

She let out a whimper again, but this time, it was of frustration. She was breathing heavily as well. I turned toward her and smiled. “I missed you, Ro.”

“Oh, Scorp. I thought you were done with me. That you didn’t want to be with me because…”

I put a finger up to her lips. “Never,” I whispered. “I was just trying to give you space and time to work out whatever you needed to. But I should’ve told you. We should’ve talked about it.”

“We should’ve.” Her lips moved against my finger and the sensation was so erotic. “Let’s never ‘not talk’ again, shall we?” Her warm breath beat hot bursts against the flesh of my finger.

Then she opened her mouth quickly and bit gently down on it. The uncharacteristically bold move sent my pulse racing. I thought I was going to go blind from the frenzy exploding through me. She wiggled her tongue against it and suckled gently while stroking my face with her other hand.

“I don’t want to stop right now,” she said after I had to pull my hand away. I needed a little less intensity right now. She rolled toward me and began snogging me again outright.

My hand found the hem of her pyjama shirt and slipped underneath. Her skin was burning hot and just about the softest thing I have ever touched. I didn’t want to take too many liberties and so I stopped at her ribcage and squeezed ever so slightly.

All at once, she stopped and froze. Her breath sucked in and all of her muscles were tensing. Her arms pulled up against her chest and her head dropped down. I pulled my hand away and sat up. Her scars. Dammit. I am the biggest prick on the planet.

“Rose?” she didn’t move. “Rose love, it’s okay,” I brought my head next to hers and began whispering in her ear. “Ro, it’s me – Scorpius. You are okay. I’m right here.” I didn’t touch her, but I didn’t move either. I just kept whispering in her ear. Her head lolled toward me and opened her eyes; I saw her fear. They softened a bit when she knew she was looking at me. Her muscles began to relax. She squeezed her eyes shut and tears began to spill out.


“I’m so-o s-sorry,” I was spluttering like a fool. How could I manage to mess this up? One arm instinctively crossed itself over my wounds that lay under my shirt as the other draped over my eyes in shame. In the back of my head, I could hear Ruth reminding me not to be sorry about instinctive actions and that the first step was to stop apologizing for things I had no control over.

“No, no, Rose. I’m sorry. You weren’t ready. I should have been more careful.” What a mess. We sounded like a pair of blithering idiots and suddenly it dawned on me that neither of us had any reason to be sorry.

“Scorpius, this is not your fault,” my voice shook with anger this time. “And it’s not mine either.” Each word was gaining in volume. “I hate that he took this from me.”

I sat up. I couldn’t help but hold both arms tight against my body. He didn’t say anything for a minute, until he finally spoke quietly, putting a wonderfully soothing arm around my shoulder and gently lifting my chin with the other hand. “He only takes it if we let him,” his gray eyes were dark with concern and I saw them travel downward to my left side. Fresh tears spilled from my eyes. He couldn’t get past the disfiguration.

His hand slid from under my chin slowly down to cover my arms wrapped around my waist. He carefully lifted each one away from my body. Before I could think about anything else, his hand was at the hem of my pyjama top. He gradually lifted my shirt up on the left side. He was careful to uncover only the side of my body.

I watched his eyes narrow as they scanned over the hideous mass of red and purple lines. He shifted to his knees and pulled his arm from around me.

“It’s repulsive, yeah?” The look of disgust on his face was evident.

The fingers of his right hand wrapped around my side with the lightest touch and I focused on not panicking. I couldn’t help myself from pulling in a deep breath. I wasn’t sure if I was trying to calm myself or reacting to his fingers on the tangled web across my side.

“No,” he said firmly and his free hand reached to caress the side of my face. His fingertips reached around to the back of my neck and the warmth of his hand soothed me. “They are not repulsive, Rose. They are a mark of how strong you are.”

“I’m not strong,” I whimpered, “If I were strong, I wouldn’t have let him do this to me. I hate those scars. I can’t even look at them.” Angry, frustrated tears spilled down my face and plopped into my lap and over the coverlet.

“Rose,” he said so quietly that if I hadn’t been looking right at him and seen his lips move, I wouldn’t have even heard him, “would you mind if I… tried -- something.”

Try what? I wondered. But before I could verbalize a response, he continued.

“I don’t know if it will work, but… if you are alright with it, I would like to try.”

The hand at my face swept down to my shoulder and guided me back down to the bed until I was laying on my back.

“Rose,” he whispered, not moving his eyes from the raised, red streaks. “you need to breathe, love. I won’t hurt you. I promise.” I pulled in a breath and blew it out slowly.

I was about to say something, anything - apologize for the fact that he had to look at such ugly marks, or just to let him know that they didn’t hurt me anymore, but then he started speaking in a strange language.

“Evo lymfo ni apeh tesre ver. Evo lym fo srac seh tesre ver.”

He repeated those two nearly identical phrases over and over while gently touching every single mark with one of his fingertips. Momentarily, I began to feel a cooling sensation that came not from his fingers, but from somewhere inside me. It pulsed in waves from my core and streamed down every mark, every red and pulsing scar and met his fingertips.

The cold inside me seemed to grow and multiply and I couldn’t help but chance a look at my side. My skin seemed to be glowing brighter and brighter at the point of each ugly defect.

When the scars were so bright, they were glowing a hot white color, Scorpius’s voice became quieter and quieter, until the white light had faded and he stopped the incantation. I looked down and suddenly sat bolt upright. The scars were significantly faded and some of them were completely gone!

“Scorpius!” I exclaimed, afraid to move just yet. “What was that? Is that some sort of healing spell? I’ve never heard of it!”

“It is a healing spell,” he answered, looking a little sheepish, but smiling just the same.

“Can you teach me?” I asked. I can’t believe they hadn’t covered this at my training.

He paused and his face fell slightly. “Unfortunately, no,” he explained, “it is magic that is handed down through the family bloodline.”

“So it is some sort of Malfoy heritage?” I asked. “Is it dark magic?” I immediately regretted making that assumption. Not all pureblood magic is dark.

“It is from my mother’s side,” he said. “It is a Greengrass trait. But, I am the last one, since Aunt Daphne never had any children. However, it only works in certain… situations.” he seemed a bit nervous about it, but he quickly continued. “It’s not dark magic, Rose. And it won’t completely remove scars this deep, but it will help…”

He seemed a bit unsure of what he had just done. I sat up and flung my arms around him, again. “Thank you,” I whispered into the side of his head.

He gently kissed my lips. The same soft kiss as before. “So, so much better,” I said as he buried his head in my neck.

In one motion, lifted me up as he sat himself against the headboard. He turned me around and leaned my back against his strong chest. I sat between his legs with his arms wrapped around me. This feeling, of being all wrapped within him, while not as intense, was just as satisfying. I closed my eyes.

“Mmmmm,” was all I could say.

“We could stay here all night like this,” he whispered softly into my ear. He still smelled clean from his shower and underneath, I could smell his own, distinct citrus and cedar scent. I could get lost in that smell.

“Tonight isn’t long enough,” I said. “How about forever?”

“Forever,” he said definitively. “I think I can do that.”

A/N:  Sorry for such a long chapter, but there was a lot of things that happened her.  Yay!  They are together - finally!  I would love it if you would let me know what you thought!


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