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I'm Sorry, But I'm Beginning to Hate Your Face by marauderslover15
Chapter 1 : How it Happened With…James
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James Sirius Potter had the perfect hair with boyish charm, slightly untidy with tufts sticking out in different directions as if he just stepped off a broom. He grinned a dazzling smile with his pearly white teeth. His face was of a honey-beige against his green almond eyes that twinkled mischievously. His jaw was tough and chiseled and his shoulders broad and square. He had the v-figure of man, large torso where the muscles hid under his shirt. 

“Aries…” The voice sounded distant. “Aries!” Now, clearer. “Aries!” It was screeching. 

“In the name of Merlin’s beard, Harley!” Aries snapped, pulling her eyes away from James. “You hag!”

“You were almost drooling!” she hissed. “But if you want to be swimming in your own drool, by all means, be my guest.”  Aries’ eyes now focused on Harley with her orangey hair, nowhere near red like Rose, but still vibrant. Her brown eyes darkened accusingly against her paler skin. “Why don’t you just speak to him? You have the biggest crush on him since forever!” 

“No,” she drawled, her eyes landing back on him. 

Her eyes pierced him through the party crowd in the Gryffindor common room. The chattering was loud, there were a few booms here and there and obnoxious laughter filled the common room. The chant of “Gryffindor” was growing above the sound. Then, she felt a piercing gaze and quickly glanced around until she noticed Albus Severus Potter. The minute her eyes landed on him, he guilty looked away. She resumed her usual position, staring at James like the creep she was. She bit down her lip, thinking wayward thoughts about him as the pads of her fingers caressed the scarlet velvet armchair she was sitting on. 

You’re supposed to be in Gryffindor, have some courage,” teased Harley. “Do you feel how hot it is? Because I sense Miss Fiery Red coming towards us, ready to explode.”

Aries looked to see Rose storming their way with her face bright red as fiery as her hair. “Stupid James!” she spat. “Just because Gryffindor won their first match doesn’t mean this party had to be so big. We could have kept it to just Gryffindors, but NOOOOOO, James wanted to invite Slytherins, Hufflepuffs and even the Ravenclaws—”

“Be glad those Ravenclaws didn’t show up,” grinned Harley. “Sore losers. But shouldn’t you be happy, Rose? The blond Slytherin is here. Oh, I think he’s eyeing you right now.”  

Rose turned, becoming even redder with a blush and Scorpius grinned at her, motioning her to him. “I’ll be back you two.” 

Rose left as James approached. Aries’ heart was in her throat as she stilled by the elegant way his body moved. He was flashing gold in the sea of sliver. She just couldn’t take her eyes off of him. He walked with confidence, finesse and every step was a calling. He…he just lured her in. 

“Noticed you weren’t drinking anything,” he smiled, holding out a glass of firewhiskey. With a shaking hand, Aries wrapped her fingers around the glass and slowly took it from his grasp.

“WHAT?” bellowed Harley, unnecessarily loud. “I’ll be there! Bye, guys.” Before Harley took her leave, Aries shot her a glare, telepathically communicating with her, “I know no one called you.” Harley shrugged as a response to the telepathic message. 

Aries casted her eyes downward in order to avoid James’ gaze as she sipped the firewhiskey nervously. It tasted unbearably bitter and burned her throat. 

“So…” said James, cocking his head to the side. “Is something going on between Rose and Malfoy?”

Is this what he wants to talk about? she thought disappointedly.

Aries cleared her throat and shrugged. “You should ask her,” she said softly. 

“You’re really quiet.”

“Not always.”

He nodded several times. His eyes set on her, analyzing her. He gave no thoughts away as they were of, course reserved only for him as he thought, She is cuteBut she doesn’t look like the type for a one-night stand. She looks like she a hopeless romantic. Merlin, I hate those. I’ll have sex with her and she’ll think I’m some sort of prince charming. 

Why does he keep looking at me like that? Aries thought. Is my hair okay? Do I have something in my teeth? Don’t be stupid. You haven’t smiled at him. I should smile. Smiling people are always more attractive. 

Aries looked up at James, grinning awkwardly. He grinned back too awkwardly. He pointed to the armchair next to her and she nodded her answer. He threw himself in the armchair, sinking in its wonderful cushion. He threw his head back and lazily rested his arms on the arms of the chair, but tilted his head towards her.

Hey,” he grinned mischievously. “You were involved in the bathroom fiasco where three toilets blew up when those girls sat on them and pieces of the toilet seats broke the windows and landed outside. Not to mention the massive flooding and Moaning Myrtle worst shriek ever. And those girls I heard got marks on their asses. I have seen one of them.” He whistled. “Not too sexy or a turn on.” 

Aries shook her head and he cocked his eyebrow at her questioningly. She opened her mouth and closed it again, deciding she was too nervous to talk. That meant it require alcohol. She heard of the countless time how it made some brave; brave enough to talk to the James Potter. She took one hell of a gulp. She cleared her throat afterwards, finally looking at him right in the eye. 

“I didn’t do it.”

“That’s it?” he chuckled. “Come on, I heard you got a month’s detention for that.”

“I would like to think I was the witness that didn’t report anything, but in reality I was the accomplice according to Professor Mcgonagall.”

“The accomplice?” he grinned that boyish, oh so sexy grin. “How?”

“Well,” Aries whispered then decided to take another swing of her drink. “Harley did it. I gave her the spell. Well, I made up the spell for the mini-explosions used when it came in contact with the girls.”  

“Really? I never thought you were out looking for some trouble.”

“I don’t. I get sucked in.”

“Pull a prank with me.”



Aries bit her bottom lip, lost in thought or more like debating with herself. Pranks were not her thing. Getting trouble was not her thing. Sitting in a corner somewhere, watching people was her thing. No, not like Rose who sat in the corner with a book, but actually watching people, or one person: the James Potter. But this was a conflict because the James Potter was asking her to do this. She was an obsessive idiot, just lured to him to the point she agreed, “Yes.” 

He shot quickly out of his chair with a playful glint in his eyes, which showed his incredible interest in her. Most girls don’t do this, he thought, but she is willing to. How far will she go for me? He unconsciously smirked.  He loved girls like this, but at the same time hated them. He loved them because they would literally bow in his presence. He hated them because they were only interested in who he was, who he represented: “The James Potter”— Harry Potter’s son, quidditch idol, sexy. And probably heard how massive his—

“Can I have a few drinks before we go?” He was brought down to reality, her soft voice barely audible and he nodded slowly. 

“Fred! Hey, FRED!” called James. 

Fred smiled widely as mischievously at James across the room, nodding at him. 

James held up the glass Aries had, pointing at it then held up four fingers. He handed back the glass to Aries. “Drink up. You have two more on the way.” 

She did exactly what she was told and guzzled it. Fred came weaving through the crowd gracefully with a grin plastered on his face. A person stepped back, almost bumping into Fred as he held the glasses up and away from the person. “Watch it,” he beamed then winked. He kept moving with such grace until he was in front of them. “Here you are, you two.” Aries grabbed two of the glasses in both hands as James did the same and Fred left with a fleeting grin and a wink at Aries. 

“Chug it up babe.”

Aries s’ face color deepened with hard blush as she did what she told. The liquid slid down her throat, burning it was fire. No wonder they call it Firewhiskey, she thought bitterly. James finished before and his eyes twinkled under the droopy lids. She slammed the glasses on a nearby coffee table and wiped her mouth with the back of her arm in the most unladylike fashion. He leaned forwarded, interlacing his hand with hers and sent her into another deep blush. He pulled her forward, dodging the moving mass of the common room and out. 

“Too late for this,” mumbled the Fat Lady sleepily. 

Hogwarts was beautiful at night. The moonlight dipped through the windows, casting its slivery light on the marble floor. The stained windows reflected the light color of their vibrant paint when the moonlight caressed it. It was quiet, the whole castle still as if everything stopped in time. Then, again maybe Hogwarts was beautiful because there was a beautiful man in front of her. Through passages they crept, down the stairs as quiet as a mouse until they reached the basement. They halted in front of a gold, curvy frame with a painting of a bowl of fruit. Aries frowned as James wiggled his fingers on the pear. It crackled in an awkward laugh. It swung open and James dragged Aries in. Not even a sound in the kitchen. 

“Where are the house-eves?” Aries asked in a whisper. 

“Probably sleeping. Look, they baked pies for tomorrow. These are for the Ravenclaws. It’s blueberry. Use that spell.”

What?” she hissed. “For what? You won the match.”

“Yeah, but they didn’t show up to the party, those sore losers. Plus, did you not see what they tried to do to Fred?”

“They were beaters, for Merlin’s sake. What do you expect?”

“Oh, come on now. Please.” 

He pouted and widened his eyes, almost trying to imitate a sad puppy look and she gave in. She took out her wand, going to each pie, murmuring the incantation. With the last wave, she finally turned to James who was looking down at his nails lazily. “Done.” He gazed up, grinning and moved towards her so quickly, she thought she was going to faint. He wrapped his arms around her in appreciation, lifting her up and squeezing her. She giggled as he swung her around. Slowly, she slipped down in his arms until she was face to face with him. Her heart almost felt like it stopped with time. She was gazing into those beautiful eyes that always twinkled. One his hand brushed up her back and neck into her hair, his finger entangling into her brown hair. He looked into those hazel eyes and he noticed her eyes had a hint of topaz. They were probably the most beautiful eyes he ever seen. He leaned into her, his lips touching her softly. She was not a lip virgin anymore. My first kiss is with the JAMES POTTER! she screeched in her head. She smiled against his lips at the thought. 

How could one kiss make him so hungry? He pressed against his lips harder and rougher as she began to feel more confused by the moment by his lack of gentleness. He sat her on the counter, kissing and then sucked roughly on the skin on her neck. His hands moved down to her shirt, unbuttoning it, his fingers brushing on the upper skin of her curves. He wasted no time. Her body was fire, screaming for him and he was hungry, wanting nothing more to satisfy the craving. And she let him take her right on that kitchen counter. 


James watched her wipe the kitchen counter, her hair a slightly frizzy as he fiddled his fingers. This was always the hardest part for him: leaving. “So—er—I guess I’ll get going?” 

She turned, cocking her eyebrow and in her usual whisper, she asked, “Going?”

“Yeah. You’re cleaning up so—erum— I’ll get going and you know, you do your thing… Anyway, thanks.” He rushed out of there as if a dragon’s fire breath was chasing after him. Shit, he thought, shaking away the guilt. 

Aries hung her head, leaning her butt on the counter. Oh… she thought. She ran her fingers through her unkempt hair, thinking sadly. She thought, I just lost my virginity to James Potter who seemed like he didn’t even care. Wait, I lost my virginity to THE JAMES POTTER! She squealed in delight, but her subconscious snapped, But he left you. Her grin faltered and then she cradled her head in her hands and sighed, drowning in thoughts. She now got to experience her first heart break and it was killing her heart with a twisted pain in her chest. Through the cabinets of the kitchen she went, opening and closing the doors until she found what she needed. She pulled the Firewhiskey bottle and took a swing from it. She heard not only does alcohol make some brave, but it was a good temporary remedy for a heartbreak. She sat cross-legged on the floor, drinking away into the night or more like morning. Finally, at two in the morning, she stumbled out of the kitchen, making her way clumsily to the Gryffindor tower. She was bumping against walls and tripping on steps. Her body was becoming unbearably heavy until she collapsed in the middle of one of the corridors. She wasn’t entirely sure where she was. Aries laid on the floor as with her limbs spread apart, soaking in the moonlight and wondered if she could get a tan from moonlight. Yeah, she thought stupidly, a werewolf tan. Then, a shadowy figure blocked the moonlight as it hovered above her. Her eyes focused.

It was Albus Severus Potter. 

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