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Lights Out by Lostmyheart
Chapter 1 : Lumos.
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Your love is bright as ever, even in the shadows.
Kiss me, before they turn the lights out.
Your heart is glowing, and I'm crashing into you.


Hermione had always been a rational girl. She was a girl that thought things through, before she opened her mouth.

She was a sensible girl. She knew the right answers. She knew the reasons to why certain potions turned blue instead of pale yellow and she knew where each book lay in the library, what chapters to read to get the right answers.

She knew everything.

Almost everything.

That moment her hand accidentally touched his, an electric shock bolted from her fingertips and through her body. Suddenly she was on fire, excitement blossomed in her chest.

For a second, they stared at each other as they held the same book. A book she thought was hers, because she had been in a rush to get out of the potions classroom, to celebrate the last day in Hogwarts. It was the end of their fifth year. Although she felt there really wasnít much to celebrate.

A faint expression of surprise painted his pale face. His lips were not formed in that familiar sneer she always received from him. Instead they were slightly apart, as if the air was knocked out of him but he was composed enough to not make it more visible than it already was.

She gently let go of the book and their hands parted.

He did not say a word but merely looked at her with confused and questioning eyes.

It was in that moment, Hermione realized that her body had betrayed her-- for her heart throbbed and beat unevenly. And she did not know why.

Quickly she managed to mumble an excuse and turned to escape the empty classroom. Leaving a stunned Malfoy behind with his book in his hand, and hers on the table nearby.


Her fingers gently glided over the back of the books. She searched for a particular book yet her mind soared somewhere else. Her eyes did not read the titles of the books; she merely scanned the brown worn-out colours, for she imagined looking into a pair of stormy grey eyes.

Those questioning eyes that kept her awake at night-- him and the looming war that cast a big shadow over their sixth year.

She sighed and slowly stopped, looking at her hand as she let the tip of her fingers touch. It had been months but she still remembered his touch perfectly. She had not expected the warmth. Not from him. What she had imagined to be cold and smooth, was warm and soft.

She lifted her head, only to be met by the same eyes that haunted her dreams.

Surprised by his presence, she took a step back.

How she didnít notice him before, bewildered her. His tall figure towered over her and he would have been easily noticed if she hadnít been too occupied with her own thoughts.

He stood close to her. So close she could hear his faint breathing clearly and feel the air dance on her skin.

As his eyes met hers with caution and worry, she noticed how tired he looked. His face worn and small wrinkles above his brows were forming. He was too young to have worry lines.

Was he troubled by their accidental touch too? Or was there something deeper than that?

He slowly pulled out something from his robes, a book she instantly recognized as her own. The back of it was wrinkled from the many times she had opened it. It was the potions book she had forgotten last year. He handed it to her, and an awkward silence followed, between the two of them.

He opened and closed his mouth, as if he was unsure of what to say and suddenly he turned to leave. Much to her own surprise, she stopped him. Her hand delicately touching his shoulder. She quickly let go again, almost regretting that she had touched him. How would he react?

His eyes met hers again, this time they bore that hopelessness she had seen in their fifth year. He looked confused and torn as he stood there, so close to her.

Her betraying heart guided her hand as she slowly let herself touch his shoulder. As much as this felt wrong, she knew she needed it, a comfort of some sort.

The second she gently touched his shoulder, his eyes changed from confusion to sorrow. It was when she witnessed his eyes glistening, that she knew he needed it too.


She was standing by the tables up against the walls; there were multiple variations of non-alcoholic drinks. She poured herself a light-pink soft drink; she hid her smile before anyone else noticed. She liked the pastel colour, it mirrored her feelings so well.

Just as she stood there in the crowd, looking at her drink, he slowly walked by. His hand discreetly touched her elbow as he walked on. He looked over his shoulder, smiling. This time, she was unable to hide her smile and send him a big grin. He chuckled lightly and disappeared into the crowd.

In the past few months, she noticed a change in his behaviour, in his looks. What once was thin and frail had turned into healthy and confident. He had looked so pale and tired, as if he carried a big burden with him at all times.

As they slowly build a secret friendship, he changed. He fit his clothes better, he walked more confidently and she secretly admitted to herself that he had become attractive and handsome. It was as if he glowed.

She liked to think that she was the reason to his change, that she was the reason to why he smiled.

And one sunny afternoon, where they hid in the seventh floor, he whispered the words that never stopped repeating themselves in her head.

Youíre the reason I smile.


She slowly pushed through the crowd, and within minutes she was out of the Great Hall. The sound of her footsteps echoed through the silent corridors, and soon she heard his behind her.

He followed her through the floors; she led them to their usual hiding place. Her finger touched the walls as she hummed a song theyíd heard during the Easter Ball. She could hear him give a deep chuckle; she looked over her shoulder to see him.

He looked handsome in his blue wizard robes, his blonde hair combed back. His stormy eyes met hers and she was instantly reminded of the short time they had left. Itís always quiet before the storm.

She guessed he must have read her face, for his expression changed the minute she thought of it.

They didnít have forever.

He gave her a small, comforting smile. Even in the darkening times, they tried to stay hopeful.

They reached the seventh floor, the sun almost gone. The orange rays of light shined through the thick windows, brightening the entire floor. It looked almost golden. He looked almost golden.

Soon it would be dark, pitch black outside and the castle would be illuminated by a thousand candles. And they would only be lit for a short time, till the curfew began.

She turned to face him, she watched as he closed the distance between them. They had so little time left. She gently touched his chest, feeling his heart beat faster under the fabric of his robes, his glowing heart. Her hands were trembling and he took them, gently kissing her fingers.

She felt her trembling subside, and butterflies in her stomach.

How could something so wrong, feel so right?


They stood by the window, watching the last golden rays of light above the trees. He held her in his arms, and she could hear him inhale her scent, his lips pressed to the top of her head.

Our daylightís wasting. His words cut her like a knife; she didnít want to go back to reality. They were too young to go to war, too young to have so much responsibility and to save the world. But still she did what she had to do; she had to try and save Harry, Ron and his family, her parents, everyoneÖ

The candles began to lit up the corridor, as the rays of sunlight disappeared.

She looked up to meet his eyes, wondered what his lips would feel like pressed against hers. For months they had kissed each other, but always on the forehead, on the cheek, on the hands. They comforted each other, showed support in a wordless manner, which was all they needed.

Tonight she wanted something more, before it was too late.

Just as their eyes met, she knew he understood what she wanted. She saw him trying to supress his boyish grin, as he slowly leaned in. Their lips gently brushed, and he stopped, his grin gone and an almost aroused look on his face. She gave a small nod, making their lips touch each other lightly, and that was all he needed.

Their lips crushed with such a force, the air was almost knocked out of her. She grabbed his arms as he pressed himself up against her, deepening their kiss. She could feel her blood pounding through her body, she suddenly felt warm and what once felt like a few butterflies in her stomach, now felt like a swarm.

They slowly broke their kiss, and he wrapped his arms around her. She pressed her face against his chest, trying to hide her smile, even though he probably could feel it against him. Suddenly she felt very hopeful, that they could win this war, win over the darkness.

What had never been obvious for her was all of the sudden very clear. They could not drive darkness out with darkness; only with light they could do it.

Just as they held each other, the candles went out. The curfew started.
He chuckled, and took out his wand.


Author's Note
Absolutely stunning CI by my darling, Alishya! Azulive @ TDA.

This fluffy story of mine has been ready for a few months now, and I thought it was about time that I put it up.
It is not beta-read yet. So I hope you didn't mind the grammar mistakes, which I know are in there somewhere.
As you probably noticed, it was very romantic and light. Something I needed to write, after all those dark stories I've produced.
I wrote this while listening to Beyonce's song 'XO' (it was on constant repeat), where the beautiful lyrics at the top come from.

I would love to hear your opinion of it, so please leave a review.

Much love,

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