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'Till Death Do Us Part by marauderslover15
Chapter 32 : Honeymoon
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“I can’t go in the water.”

Draco lifted himself off of the bed, stretching his limbs as he rolled his eyes. “And why not?”

Hermione’s eyes averted to her feet shyly as he looked around the small island hit. The four-poster king bed was against the door with cream curtains tied up at the columns. The center was a glass floor in the middle, showing the bright blue water calm. On top of the glass was a surf-board shaped table that hoisted a vase of tropical flowers of bright reds and burning yellows. Behind the table was a cushioned couch with wooden frame. Draco looked out the window door onto the deck, watching the clear blue water flow.

“It’s a beautiful day. Why is that you can’t go?” He cocked his eyebrow at her.

She held a pink…G-string?

“Why do you have a G-string?” he asked, with a slight blush.

“Well, apparently, this is part of my bathing suit…with this…” She now held up a skimpy top that would only cover the center of her curves. “I can’t go out there with this… There are house elves too around here… Hiding somewhere.” She glanced about the hut, in search.

“How you figure that?”

“Well, who made us breakfast this morning? Anyway, that’s beside the point!” she cried shrilly. “Who packed this?”

Draco sniggered, “Probably my mother. Cherry did the rest.”

“I can’t wear this!”

He shrugged. “So stay inside. I’m going out.”

He slipped off his v-neck shirt, exposing a pale body with a contoured back with muscles as his arms rippled and his abs dented and curved. The v-line muscle exposed slightly, disappearing into his swim shorts. He left the cabin, not taking a look behind him. He stepped out into the sun, soaking him with warm as the blue sky was so bright, it stung his eyes. Draco jogged down the deck stairs, touching the sand with his bare feet that burned him. Quickly, he hopped in steps to touch where the water greeted the sand. Glancing around, he finally studied the area brightened by the day. The pink sand stretched into the distance, interrupted by rugged rocks and a huge one that was flat enough to walk on. Palm tree jungles surrounded the rest beach and the runway for the car, in the center. From what he saw yesterday while driving in the sky, he estimated it would only take about two hours to explore the tiny island by foot. He heard something shuffling and looked at Hermione, walking down the steps in her bathing suit, straining with self-consciousness. The minute her feet touched the sand, she hopped, but noticed her body hopped with her and had a severe look of embarrassment. With arms folded across her chest, she swiftly dragged herself through the sand to stand next to Draco. As much as he wanted to stare, he looked down at his feet embarrassedly while twisting his wedding band on his finger awkwardly.

“Er—” he mumbled, “—so I guess you decide to wear it.”

“Yeah,” she muttered.

He looked up, checking her out, everything perfect. The impulse, the hunger, the love overwhelmed him. He finally had to look away as he ran his hands through his hair. “You look great though.”

“Thanks so do you. I think I might fan-girl you right now,” she joked, trying to ease the tension.

“Fan-girl?” he snorted with a chuckle. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know, you’re so good-looking you’re making my heart melt that I feel the need to squeal.”

He laughed loud. “I think I’ll like that.”

“Yeah, anything to keep your ego inflated.” She took several steps further into the water and now he could see her back side. She couldn’t see him, so he stared without any restraints. She whispered, but loud enough for him to hear, “It’s beautiful here… Are we really all alone?”

“Well, expect the house-elves, yeah. I think I see one checking you out from the jungle,” he smirked, his eyes unmoving from her lower backside.

She cradled herself, glancing madly into the jungle as he sniggered.

“Kidding!” he exclaimed. “I don’t think house-elves are attracted to us.”

“I’m pretty sure, Professor Flitckwick is half elf,” she growled

“Yeah his mom or dad, actually both are really—erum—weird people. And don’t call him professor. You’re not in Hogwarts anymore.”

He walked in the water, the sand soft beneath his feet as the warmth caressed him welcomingly. Before he passed Hermione, he gave her a teasing slap on her butt as she jumped with fright. Their eyes met as a hard blush came over her, making her pinker than he had ever seen. When he was deep enough, he crouched in the water, it right below his collarbones.

“Get in!” he called.

She shook her head embarrassed, still shielding her chest with her arms.

“Fine! Have the elves look at you!”

With a sprint, exposing herself as she tried to quickly get into the water, splashing the water everywhere. She finally settled in front of Draco, standing at her full height.

“You’re short,” he commented.

“Or you’re tall.”

He moved closer to her as she shuffled back. He raised an eyebrow at her questioningly. “What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s just I feel uncomfortable.”

He narrowed his eyes at her, offended. “Oh, don’t want to be on an island all alone with me, huh? Afraid of the Deatheater?” he growled. He shot from the water, splash drops of the ocean into the air. Immediately, Hermione jumped in front of him, scowling.

"What is your problem?" she snapped. "I never even said that."

"You were thinking it," he snarled.

"Oh, so you know Legilimency now?" she said sarcastically.


She shoved him slightly. "So, you don't know that what I was thinking. I'm not uncomfortable around you. Ever. It doesn't matter to me that you're a Death Eater. You're my husband..."

His doubts were washed away quickly by the ocean. He smiled slightly at her. "Yeah? I'm glad. I don't want my wife to feel that way about me. And don't shove me."

"Oh?" smirked Hermione. "So you can man-handle me, but the minute I do something—” she shoved him on his shoulder playfully. “—you get all ‘Don't shove me.’”

"Do it one more time, I will fling you into the water." 

She couldn't help herself. She did it again, playfully. A smirk was wide on his face as he lifted her into the hair and she squealed. He tossed her into the water as the water splashed high with a light clap. She felt the warm water rush her and the light pain stinging her skin. She quickly shot out from the water, grinning, "Child." She pushed the water to him like a wave.

"Hey, you're—uh—Hermione..."


" is missing," he said awkwardly while staring at her bluntly. 

She looked down quickly and slapped her arms over her chest, flushed from embarrassment. She glanced around her, any sign of a pink top floating somewhere off in the distance. When she looked at Draco with an intense blush, he was stepping out of his shorts and threw him onto the sand where the water lightly greeted the shorts. 

"There," he said. "Now, we're the same. We'll find it later when we have our wands."

"No, what we should really do is you put your shorts back on and I get my wand now."

"Don't worry about," he shrugged. "Just skinny dipping in broad daylight."

"I never been skinny dipping before," she replied irritably. 

"I have."

"You have?"

"One time. At Hogwarts. Seventh year.  It was me, Blaise, Crabbe, Greggory, Pansy and Daphne. Water was dead cold," he laughed. 


He smiled broadly, "But it will probably never come close to being as much fun as it is now."

"Why's that?"

"Because I'm skinny dipping with you."

"And what's so special about that?" she croaked, her feelings stuck in her throat, watching him move closer to her. 

Draco was being bold. It must be the warm weather. Well, truthfully because they were alone. They were in a dream, not trapped in reality. He cupped her face, tilting her head up to look into her eyes. He caressed her cheek with his thumb and Hermione hitched her breath, embracing herself for those sweet lips. 

"It's because you’re special," he whispered then locking his lips with hers.



Hermione stepped from the last step to touch the chilly sand with her bare feet. The sky was a blue-black above her as it was splashed with tinkling gems without a single cloud. The moon was slivery, casting its light in a wave on the dark waters of the ocean. In the distance, was a table lit with candles. Draco was sitting at the table, his leg jerking up and down. He looked uneasy as far as she could tell. As she near, he shot to his feet smiling. He was wearing a typical tropical shirt with beige cargo shorts and bare feet. 

Draco couldn't help to smile. She was beautiful. Her sweetheart tropic dress with floral patterns reached her ankles and a flower was tucked behind her ear as beach waves fell all around her face. 

"Hey," he breathed.

"Hi. I like this surprise..."

"I thought it'll be better to eat underneath the stars today rather than the straw of the hut. Here." He slid back a bamboo-designed chair and she sat gracefully.

He took his seat across from her and grinned, "You look stunning by the way."

"Thank you," she smiled. "You do too."

"Yeah, I can't have you looking like a disheveled mess around me," he smirked. 

"Merlin! Do you remember that? Wow... It seems like ages ago, to believe it was only a few months ago. Things really did change..."

"Yeah," he agreed thoughtfully to himself. "From practically hating you to loving you..."

"Excuse me, what?" Hermione said with a blush tingling and her heart in her throat. Did she hear what she really thought she heard? Did she hear what she has been dying to hear?

"Hm, oh nothing," he mumbled, averting his eyes downward. How could he say that out loud? Was he stupid? He breathed slowly in and out, hopefully to ease his racing heart. 

"Oh... This is really romantic though," whispered Hermione as she ignored the disappointment staring at her in the face. "You've done this before?"

Draco laughed, "No. Not at all. I was the type of guy that fucked. No romantic evenings. It was just sex for me. Nothing else..."


His eyes no longer twinkled with brightness, but turned serious. "Yeah, was..."

"I'm not a girl you fucked?"

"No, you're my wife," he said huskily. 

At that moment, appetizers of scallops and coconut shrimp appeared on their plates. Hermione picked up her fork slowly, her eyes unwavering from Draco as she picked at a fat scallop. "You know... every time we did was special to me."

"For me as well," he said, watching her and ate a scallop. 

"Was it really?"

 He nodded, "I never done it with someone I actually have real feelings for..."

Her eyes widened. 

 He put down his fork, quickly. "Just forget I said that, Hermione."

"No. How can I? What do you mean?"

He abruptly stood from his chair, running his fingers through his hair. "Just...nothing. Nothing."

"Draco, please."

"Forget it, please!"

They held each other's eyes with a fiery intense, unsaid feelings beating in their hearts wildly and ready to break lose. Ready to pour out the truth. He couldn't be honest, he was a coward. A coward to face possible rejection. He looked away. Hermione wanted to know. Now, more than ever. Was he saying what she thought he was trying to say?

"Where do we stand?" asked Hermione softly.

He looked back at her and she never saw such gray eyes storm with intensity. Draco moved to her, leaning in and kissed her gently. One peck, nothing else. "We're married," he whispered against her lips. "It must mean something, right?"

She nodded, then pressed her forehead against his. 

"I don't regret nothing," he muttered

"Neither do I."

"I--I want to be with you..."

"Oh, Draco, I don't want to part from you either, but what does this mean?"

He pulled back and shook his head. This was too much for him. What did her words mean...? His mother's words echoed in his head, "Draco, dear, I think you need to open your eyes a little bit more and maybe you can really see the truth." No, surely it's not what he thinks. It is the hope raging in his heart that. Then Astoria’s words echoed, overpowering his mother's, "Because she is the Golden Girl and you’re a Deatheater. Both of you are from completely different worlds. Different values." That was the truth. The brutal cursed bloody truth he dreaded. He took his seat across from her again, eating silently and ignoring the question that loomed in the air. Hermione couldn't stand the intense air, suffocating her. It was best that she left it alone. She didn't want to hear the possibility of rejection. Her heart was still bruised from Ron. It didn't need another beating. 

"This place is beautiful. The water. The hut. Just everything. So... is this Malfoy property?"

He sighed with relief. The question evaporated into the air. He didn't need to face that question anymore. He dived into a long conversion of Malfoy property around the world, describing them in detail. The conversation lasted 'till dessert and every place he mentioned, he promised to bring Hermione there, just the two of them.

Hermione smiled brightly as the dessert disappeared from their plates. She slowly took a sip of her wine with a smile as he grinned. 

"A library in Italy? You'll let me have it?" she asked, beaming. 

"Of course."

Her smile faltered into a ghost and her brown eyes heated on his with burning passion. She whispered, "I rather have us on this island. Just me and you...forever."

Draco face fell into a seriousness as he thought of the meaning of her words. Maybe it wasn't just hope anymore. Maybe there was really something there between them. He just needed the courage to face it.


 Hermione loved how the water from the shower fell onto her back like a waterfall and soaking her hair, it matting on her shoulders with the oncoming water. She stepped away from it, running her hands through her hair, staring at the brick-like titles of the shower. She felt the warm air caressed her as it open shower concept, the glass only near the shower head. She was in bliss. She and Draco got along more than they ever had which was relatively surprising. Memories flooded her mind of a time where she and Draco could not be left alone because they would tear each other's throats out. That wasn't the case. He was gentle and affectionate, almost as if he loved her. She gasped. Love? Don't be so silly, she scolded herself. But her heart whined. Why couldn't she believe it? At least while they were here. She could pretend as if all the worries melted away or was carried off by the waves and live in her little dream world. How much she would like that... Her and Draco playing their parts of husband and wife. What would she do to have it as a reality, but she'll take what she can have for now. If it meant this, it would be okay even if it's only for a few days.


Hermione opened her eyes, staring at Draco with a towel hanging sexily off his hips, showing the slight v-line. She blushed, the wayward thought form along ago haunted her mind teasingly especially now when she knew what he felt like.  

"Mind if I join?" he mumbled to his feet then shot a smirk at her, "I was just—” 

He noticed Hermione nodding and stepping aside. She pressed her back against the wall, feeling the coldness of the moist titles pricked her back. She held her breath as his became ragged when he dropped the towel to the ground. She bit down on her lip, trying to suppressing the overwhelming eccentricity shooting through her underbelly, craving his strong touch. He slowly stepped inside, his eyes unwavering from her as his fingers brushed against her arm. She hitched her breath. 

"Let me help you wash," he said huskily. 

Without removing herself from the wall, she slowly walked, facing him and her back pressed against the wall. At one point, she had to slip past Draco so she could be near the shower head. As she was slipping past him, she knew he was aroused and she was about to stop breathing completely. He gave her a small smirk, trying to suppress it. It gave him too much joy to see that she wanted him as much as he wanted it. At least, this wasn't one sided. She now faced the shower head, feeling astray drops hit her. Draco poured body wash into his hand and slowly approached her bare back. He massaged her gently with body wash as he no breaths from her. His hands flowed down the curve of her hips as he licked his lips, ready to taste. He brushed his lips on her shoulders as she hitched her breath, feeling the heat of it.  He still massaged the wash on her lower back, cupping her curves. Impulsivity raged through her. She snapped her body around to face him as his eyes widened in shock. On her tippy toes, she entangled her fingers in his matte hair and brought her lips to his. Draco responded with a fiery kiss as he cupped the back of her head with both hands, his fingers grasping her hair. He hoisted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he shower her jawline and neck with feathery kiss. Finally, her craving was answered. 

"My love," he sighed with pleasure.

His breath of words caused an uncontrollable race in her chest, her heart swelling. She was in bliss with him and felt satisfied by the end of all the love he showed. He lowered her, his eyes unwavering from her.

"Wash me," he whispered seductively. 

Her eyes averted to his, widening and nodded. The beautiful scent filled the room and steam fogged the mirrors as they were enveloped in their desire, but more secretly their hidden love. Eventually, Draco stepped out of the showers, drying himself and then pulled on some boxer briefs and shorts as he glanced out. He could see the sun setting. Hermione was stepped out of the shower drying herself then her hair. She pulled on underwater and an off-shoulder long sleeve shirt of light material and continued to rub her hair between the towel. "Come," Draco said bossily, but when she made no movement to other than continue to dry her hair, she felt herself being swept off her feet into strong arms.

"Draco!" she scolded with a blush. 

He jogged outside the bathroom and the relatively small cabin's living room and bedroom and onto the wooden deck. He set her down on the deck, staring out into the ocean horizon where the colors of orange, yellow and black swirled in the sky. 

"We should back inside and finish putting on clothes!" she hissed.


Her eyes touched the sunset, clearer than a sunset could ever be. The colors of tropics colored her senses as it reflected a wave of light onto the ocean. And for some reason, her eyes began to brim with tears.


Hermione glanced at Draco, and then did a double take. Her eyes widened as she hitched her breath. Draco was on one knee, smiling and his eyes glassy. He coughed then spoke, his voice coarse, “Well, I know I haven’t been the best. Most of the time I’m a jerk… I can be a smart ass and rude, but… I—I, well I care for you… Dammnit, this is er—hard, well I—um, love you,” he sighed.

Hermione wanted to fall weak on her knees. Was this a confession of love? She almost stopped breathing.

“And I never properly propose to you… So, I am kinda now…” he nervously chuckled. “Will you marry me? Officially…that is.”  

Right after, he closed his eyes. Shit. He was scared. What if she no? Now, he felt regret riding on his shoulder, weighing him down. Fuck! He opened his eyes to find Hermione on her knees in front of him, gazing at him wide-eyed. Her knees felt weak to love, she couldn’t help her. Her heart swelled so much, she could no longer hold its weight. She cupped his face, caressing his cheek with her thumb. She nodded slowly until tears rolled down the hills of her rosy cheeks and nodding endlessly.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she whispered with a smile. “Yes, I will marry you Draco because I love you too.”

She pressed her lips on his as he tumbled onto his back on the deck. He couldn’t help, but to smile against her lips in pure bliss.


 A/N: MWHAHAHA! Okay, now most of you are probably like, “Why would this crazy woman starting off an A/N with MWHAHA?” BUT don't mind me *evilly grins* Anyway, TBH, I think this was ah-dorable! Fluff, Fluff, fluff, I chanted while I wrote this. And this wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did. It felt right.

Anyhow, I am leaving on a cruise so this is the last chapter until after June 5th. Sorry =O But I will be thinking of you guys! I promise that the min I get back I will jump right onto a comp and post another chapter. Until then, guys. LOVE YOU ALL! XOXO & please review ;)

P.S.- PLEASE, PLEASE check out "An Unwell Feeling" it is a supplementary reading to this story. A one-shot about Blaise and Astoria. Hope you like it =D 

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