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Gypsy of Egypt by marauderslover15
Chapter 2 : Didn't Even Know Her Name
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“You’ve got to be kidding me,” hissed James. “Your money got stolen again? Al, you’re the biggest git I know.”

Albus huffed frustrated, “Nothing I can do now.”

He leaned back on the chair and viewed the dying sun slashing colors of hazy yellows and burnt-oranges into the sky from the terrace on the highest floor of the hotel. The people below in the marketplace were tiny, scattering around. He attempted to look outside the city walls, but they towered too high. Only the sea of sand at the horizon off in the far distance was seen. The wall blocked the sight of the gypsies’ caravans.

“Go get your money back!”

Yeah, how?” he snapped moodily, slouching further down into his chair.

“You know where the gypsies are,” he replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I don’t think he could just waltz in there,” said Hugo with a mouth full of food, chewing so similar to a llama and had an uncanny resemblance to his father.

“I would tell if he did,” Rose butted in.

James rolled his eyes and lowered his voice. “I have dad’s cloak. We sneak off,” in which James moved his index and middle fingers, impersonating a person walking, “out of the hotel and out of the cities gates. We confront her and demanded for your money back. We’ll leave when everyone is sleeping and be back before you can say, ‘James is the best seeker of all time,’” he finished with a smirk.

“JAMES IS THE BEST SEEKER OF ALL TIME!” shouted Lily. “Took me a few seconds. Only way you can make it is to apparate. And Albus isn’t of age yet and you James failed your test twice. You guys are,” she whistled then was quickly cut off by James, “Don’t you dare say that word.”

“Anyway, we’re not going to wait the end of the summer for him to apparate his arse over there,” snapped James.

Albus rubbed his temples and heaved a heavy sigh. “Jamesy—”

“Don’t call me that!”

“Your idea is the worst idea of worst ideas. You know how much trouble we can get it. Mind you, Rose is hearing all of this. Her big mouth is bound to tell!”

“Hey!” Rose scolded.

“We can do a memory charm,” smirked James. “COME ON, AL! Didn’t you say how she said you’ll have an adventure this summer if you choose to accept! So, accept it! You’re always doing what you’re supposed to do. Bend the rules a bit. Have a little fun. Take a chance.” James laced his fingers behind his head and leaned back into the chair with a wide smirk. “So are we going?”

Albus bit down on his bottom lip, but nodded.


The steel blue sky hosted tiny gems of sparkling stars, cluttered together. The stars kept the sky alive and bright despite the lonely absence of the moon. Not a hint of a swirl or fluffiness of a cloud. It was a clear night. The heat retreated with the sun as the chilly air crept at midnight. It seeped under the cloak and chilled Albus slightly. He shuffled closer to James for warmth.

“Why are you getting so close?” hissed James.

“To make sure he aren’t seen,” lied Albus in a hiss. “Do you even know where you’re going?”

“I think so… This way.”

After weaving through the dead street, they finally reached the open doors of the city. They crept quietly through them and from the distance, the sound of music floated into their ears. A bonfire was seen about a mile and half away and the caravans were lit by the night sky’s gems and the shadowed orange from the fire. Albus hesitated. It would take him about twenty minutes to reach them. He slipped out from under the cloak and James took it off himself. They started toward them.

Gypsies were not the only one sitting by the fire, city folk, mostly men lounged around the fire. Some were flirting with the women and other were clanking mugs and bottles of alcohol with the gypsy men, laughing unnecessarily loud. It was people of all ages of both groups. Young teenage girls flirting with teenage gypsy boys. An older gypsy woman talking and nodding to a middle aged city folk man. As much as the city folk spoke badly about gypsies and seem to hold a cruel prejudice, some folks didn’t care and seem to enjoy themselves among them.

Albus’ eyes darted, scanning the crowd of people for the familiar eyes and wanting them to pierce him. He noticed the same royal blue skirt sprawled on the ground. As he moved closer, he recognized the girl, wearing the same clothing when she had on earlier when she was dancing. She was leaning against a purple caravan painted with gold vines and flowers. She was looking up at…he moved closer…a male gypsy teenager. She said something in a different language and he grinned his perfect smile.

He had a bandana covering his entire head and tied to the side. His eyes were smoked with minimum eyeliner and he was fairly tan with a little stubble of whiskers. He was much more built than Albus with broad shoulders that showed through his v-neck loose shirt that tucked untidily in his black harem pants. His ears were pierced, the gold earning gleaming faintly under the light of the stars. Now, he had said something in the same language as her.

And she laughed. Her laugh brilliantly sweet and carefree with a touch of femininity. The laugh filled Albus’ ears and he couldn’t understand why he was so jealous of the bloke. He wanted to make her laugh like that. But that wasn’t what he was here for.

He tripped on the caravan’s short stairs and fell right at her feet. Albus looked up embarrassedly and she looked down with her eyes widening. “Shit,” she mumbled. She climbed the wagon as he heard James call behind him, “Hey.” Albus jumped to his feet to find James aiming his wand at her as she jumped from wagon to wagon. The gypsy bloke roughly grabbed James’ wrist.

With a heavy accent, he said, “No wands here.” To himself, without Albus hearing, he muttered, "Curse you, Persia."

She looked behind her and sighed with heavy relief. She couldn’t be more thankful for Ramsey. Persia jumped from the last wagon and onto a camel, pulling out a knife. She cut the rope and smacked the camel on its hind leg. It sprinted immediately with her slap.

Albus watched her ride away toward the city with a scowl on his face. James now snatched Albus’ wrist. He felt a tight squeeze on his body as if he was compressed into a tube. With a loud sound like a car alarm, James and Albus were in front of the gates of the city. Lights turned on in nearby windows and blurry faces and figures coming to the window. Albus watched the girl jump from the camel and climbed a short-building roof. She climbed roofs of houses—

“Stupefy!” yelled James.

She slipped through an open window and the spell missed her by inches. Persia sprinted through the house and a glimpsed at the frightened couple naked on the couch. Out the open kitchen window, she grabbed onto a clothes line and cut it with her knife. She then swung herself to the floor, her heart in a race.

Fear rumbled in her like a distant friend. Stealing was the easy part for her. And since that’s what was expected of her, most people didn’t bother with her or other gypsies. So what were these two thinking? Were they part of a wizard mob or gang? Sure, didn’t look like it. Nonetheless, they were both ballsy for coming after her the way they did.

“Hey! Check over here!”

Damn, they were persistent. Persia ripped a black cloak off the clothing line and wrapped it around her, covering her face with the hood. She crouched down and gave one pat to the sand. The sand swirled underneath her hand as she lifted her hand slowly and it continued to rise in a small whirlwind until she fully stood up straight. The sand scattered into the air and settled back down onto the ground, leaving a cane in its place. Persia bent over, almost at a ninety degree angle, walking slowly down the street. The boys came onto the street, jogging.

“Hey,” said James. “Have you seen a gypsy girl?”

“Well,” she croaked, “what did she look like?”

“Very beautiful,” replied Albus which cause James to shoot him a nasty look. “I mean—um—she had a blue skirt and like a bra type thing. I don’t know. With loads of chains.”

“What do you need her for?”

“She stole of my money earlier—hey—wait—” he stuttered, coming to a realization.

Persia kicked the cane into James’ crotch first and he bent over, clutching the sensitive area. Albus’ eyes widen as he saw the cane coming at him, head butting him on the forehead. She wrenched James’ wand and twirled the cloak around her until she soared into the air, disappearing into the night sky.

Fuck,” spat James. “Fuck!

Albus gazed at the sky where she disappeared in a trance. He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed frustrated. This girl broke all the rules and didn’t even seem afraid to go against everything. She was reckless and she would burn herself to the ground and not give a fuck about it. She took chances. She took risks. She took all the possibilities in her hand and dared to try them all. He was nothing like her, not in the slightest bit. And maybe that’s why she was so attractive to him.


Albus watched James sulk in the Court of Ra, glancing absentmindedly at souvenirs and Egyptian specialties. He was obviously still upset about his stolen wand. And who wouldn’t be? One thing, he noticed was that James refused to look into the crowd as if he was afraid he might see her again. Not very Gryffindor -like or James-like. He was persistent on getting back at her last night and finally seeing what she was capable of, it obviously had ward him off. Albus took his eyes off of James for a moment and glimpsed at their parents. They didn’t know. It would be deadly to tell them. They reached a wand shop, which read Sand’s Wands in Arabic and James pointed grumpily to it. Albus nodded and James disappeared into the shop. He moved to a nearby alleyway and rested in the shadier spot.

It was not hard to notice her again. The same outfit, but instead of royal blue, it was golden yellow like the sun when it didn’t shine right into the eyes. Her head was draped with a gold chain headband instead of a scarf. In her hands, she was dragging a carpet of purple and gold with Arabian details sewn carefully. Her eyes met his. He reached out for her to call her.

What came as a surprise, she headed right toward him instead of running away.

“Help,” Persia commanded in a small accent, her eyes looking back.

“And why should I help you?” growled Albus unpleasantly. “You stole my money and my brother’s wand.”

“Your brother is a moron. But I can give him the wand back. Here.” She turned slightly, lifting her back toward him and there was a wand pocketed. Albus, his eyes unwavering from hers, carefully took it. When he saw she made no sudden movement, he pocketed it. “Lift this into here.”

Albus helped her lift the extremely heavy carpet. He stuffed it into a basket of almost his height. Once he capped the basket, he narrowed his eyes at her. “Did you—did you steal this?”

“Gypsy girl!” roared a person in the crowd behind them.

“It does not matter. Kiss me.” Persia pulled him into a kiss. It shocked the magic out of Albus. His eyes widen and he couldn’t embrace her until he felt how soft and sensational her lips were. Her lips were supple and full. She pressed her lips against him hard, pulling him to push her against the wall. Her fingers tangled in his hair and he slowly cupped her face, unsure. When he groaned huskily, her tongue entered and teased the inside of his mouth. Albus was growing hungry. A hunger he never felt before. A hunger he knew was dangerous. She pulled back, gasping lightly for air and her eyes moved to the crowd.

“Thank you,” Persia purred. “You kept me safe… For a little bit longer.”

He choked back the words, unable to saying anything as he searched her eyes. His hands slid down from her face and to her shoulders. He eventually nodded.

“One last favor. Help me get the carpet out.”

And he did without any hesitant. Once he handed her the carpet, he croaked, “Do you need any help with that?”

“No. No, thank you,” she smiled.

“Can—Can I see you again?”

She sighed and looked behind her back into the crowd longingly as if she was searching for something. “Maybe,” she smiled again at hime. “You will need to know how to find me, first. Good day…?” She cocked her eyebrow at him.

“Albus. Albus Severus Potter.”

“Ah, Albus,” she purred and he blushed at the mention of his name. If you weren’t close friends with someone at Hogwarts, surnames were used between acquaintances. And she without any problem called him by his first name. “Thank you for your help today. Pleasure meeting you. And good day to you, Albus.” She turned and disappeared into the bustling crowd.   

And as he watched her disappear completely and realized he forget to ask for her name.

A/N: So much thanks for reading this. If you could take the time, please review. It will mean a lot! Also giving you a visual, the place in Egypt they are in, the wizarding community in Egypt kind of looks like Aït Benhaddou in Ouarzazate Morocco, but more modernized.

Anyway, please review! =D 

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