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Descendants of the Death Eaters by Cariel
Chapter 40 : Alternate Ending 3: Happy D/G, H/L
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A/N: Christine requested I put a Japanese ending, for some odd reason. So here it is. You might have to change the encoding to Shift-JIS or Japanese Auto-Select to see the Japanese characters

Draco pulled Laura to him confessing, “俺なんか…話したいこと る…” [I have something I want to tell you.]

“どんな?” [Like what?] she wondered innocently like a anime heroine.

“ のう、” [Er-] Draco paused to clear his throat before continuing, “生まれてからお前こと好きなんだ。” [I was born to love you.]

“信じられない!” [I don’t believe it!] Laura gasped.

“本当に、ウソじゃないよ。” [It’s true, not a lie.] His eyes bored into hers, almost begging her to believe him.

“マジ…” [no way…] Laura said, taking it all in. She needed him to know the truth though. Plucking up her courage, she told him, “でも、実は貴方こと好きじゃないよ。ハリーが好きなんだよ。” [But, the truth is, I’m in love with Harry.]

“ワ〜!” [WHAT!] He freed her shoulders from his grasp, still unbelieving. “そうなんだ?!” [Is that true?]

“そうだよ,” [yep.] she said in a quieter voice.

“ ら!” [What the-] Draco gasped.

“やった!” [YES!] Harry cheered, coming over to them. He pledged, “愛してる!” [I love you!]

With tears in her eyes, Laura hugged Harry saying, “いなくて寂しかった。” [I missed you!]

Draco walked away from the two, thinking about Ginny. He went over to her and told her, “お前と出逢う為だけに、生まれたなら変えられるかな…” [I wonder, if I was born to meet you if I could change.]

“何でそんなに?!” [What the hell are you talking about?!] she exclaimed, feeling like his second choice. When he avoided her glance, she instructed him, “私を見ててよ。” [Look at me!] He still wasn't looking at her, so she commanded, “私のことだけ見ててよ。” [Just look at me!] Once he obeyed her, she continued, “どんなに良くったって信じきれないね。側にいるから、もっと話そうよ…” [Even though it was so good between us before, I guess we can't stop believing, right? Well, since you're with me now, let's talk some more.]

Instead of replying, he leaned over and kissed her. She didn't feel like a second-resort any longer. She knew that he was where he belonged: in her arms.

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Descendants of the Death Eaters: Alternate Ending 3: Happy D/G, H/L


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