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I'll Never Let You Have Her by alicia and anne
Chapter 2 : Interfering family
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“She’s just in here with Kieron, she cried for an hour after you left before Kieron managed to calm her down. She’s been following him around ever since, we’re not sure what was wrong with her today, she’s normally fine.” Dom told her brother as they made their way to the front room of the two bedroom flat. Louis had come to his sister's flat as soon as he had finished his shift at work, she was looking after Samantha for him.

Dominique and Kieron had begun living together about a year ago, when Kieron has finally finished law school and had begun working in a business owned by Blaise Zabini, who was making his name as a prestigious lawyer in the Wizarding and Muggle world alike. Dominique had finished her training at Healer school, but was taking extra courses that would help her further her career in the field, whilst working in St. Mungo’s in the spell damage ward. They had moved out about half a year after Louis had moved in with Horatio.

“I’m not sure what’s wrong with her lately, she’s been keeping me up for the past few nights.” Louis admitted. He felt exhausted and he knew that Samantha must be feeling the same, but she was trying to fight any kind of sleep, including naps, Louis had no idea what to do but hope she would stay asleep the entire night without ending up asleep in his bed with him. He wondered if he’d ever get a bed to himself again, between Samantha and Horatio he seriously doubted that.

They entered the front room and found Sam laying on Kieron, her head on his shoulder and her hand in her mouth as she slept soundly. Kieron was rubbing a hand comfortingly over her back, whilst his other hand was holding a quill, writing on some parchment that was balanced on his knee as he tried to blow Samantha’s blonde curls from obscuring his face.

“She finally fell asleep,” Dom said quietly, smiling as Louis took a seat next to Kieron and smoothed his daughters hair out of her face.

“I wonder how long she’ll be asleep for this time?” Louis asked sadly, he really hated that she was acting so clingy and refusing to sleep without him there. He didn’t know what to do and he hated it.

“I don’t mind keeping her here for a few more hours, unless you’ve got somewhere you both need to be. She can stay asleep until she wakes up and at least she’ll have a few hours.” Kieron told him seriously, looking up from his parchment and at Louis, smoothing Samanthas hair out of his face so that Kieron could look at him.

“Isn’t your arm dead?” Louis asked him.

“I’ll be fine,” Kieron said, dismissing him, looking back down at his paperwork and reading over something that looked pretty complicated to Louis. “Dom can cook us dinner.”

Louis turned to look at his sister who had her hands on her hips and was scowling at Kieron, although he could see she was trying not to laugh, “Don’t think that you’re going to get out of cooking dinner for the third night on a trot.” She told him.

Kieron indicated the sleeping toddler in his arms, “I have my hands full.”


“Doesn’t seem like you do anymore,” Dom said with a smile, as Samantha moved her head off of Kieron’s shoulder to look sleepily at Louis.

“Hello, my gorgeous girl,” Louis said softly, holding his hands out and picking Samantha up out of Kierons arms so that he could hold her. Samantha clutched hold of his shirt and buried her face into his chest, snuggling into his arms. Louis rested his chin on top of her head as he hugged her. “Are you okay?” he asked her.

She responded with a nod, still holding onto him tightly.

Kieron had stood up with a grumble and headed out of the room, Dom gave a small celebratory laugh at the fact that now he was the one who would be cooking him dinner. Kieron shook his head, but gave her a small kiss as he passed.

Dom took Kieron’s empty seat and looked down at her niece. “She’s gone back to sleep.” She told her brother.

“Good,” Louis said, sounding relieved. “If she doesn’t wake up after dinner, then we’ll be staying the night,” he joked, “I don’t want to wake her up.”

“That’s fine.” Dom told her little brother, moving her position on the sofa and putting Kieron’s paperwork on the table so that it was out of the way. “How’s work going? Are you able to cope without Uncle George?”

“It’s going fine,” Louis told her. Their Uncle George had gone to France with their parents and Aunt Angelina, he was there to secure the final plans to expand his business to France. Louis’s parents had gone to help with the translation and to use it as a chance to have a holiday. George had left Louis in charge of the Diagon Alley shop in his absence. His Uncle Ron would be coming to check things and deal with the banking and the Hogsmeade branch, but Louis was in charge of everything else, such as any complaints, ordering stock, opening and closing the shop and dealing with any issues that resulted from that. Louis was worried that he would mess things up, but so far the past two days had gone well enough, he just had another week to deal with it all. “It’s a lot of work, so I’m glad that Uncle Ron is dealing with the banking. I’d be too worried about messing it all up.”

“How’s it feel to be working with Rachel?” she asked him, a smile on her face as she watched for Louis’ reaction. He gave her a shrug and tried to avoid her eye, which made her smile increase.

“I think that you should ask her out.”

Louis shook his head at her, “no, I can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Because I have a kid.”

Dom scoffed, “You can’t use that excuse all the time, Lou-Lou.”

“It’s not an excuse. I can’t focus on dating someone when everything I do revolves around Samantha. It’s not fair on whatever unlucky soul dates me.”

Dom gave her brother a light punch on the arm, “Don’t talk about yourself like that. Anyone will be lucky to date you.”

“There’s no point, she’d never want to go out with me. I’m a single dad to a three year old.” Louis tried to argue.

“You’re being ridiculous. You need to go out and have fun, you need to enjoy yourself. You haven’t been out with anyone since Freya.”

“That’s not true,” Louis stated quickly. “There was – “ he stopped quickly, he was about to say Horatio, but not many people had known about that relationship between the two of them. They had wanted to keep it a secret because they didn’t know what people would think. “- I mean, there has to be someone.”

“There hasn’t been,” Dom answered for him, Louis was thankful that she hadn’t noticed his pause. Although he was sure that his family must suspect something, they had never brought it up, although he knew that Kieron knew. He was thankful that his future brother-in-law had kept it a secret for them. “Which is why I think that you should definitely at least try and go on a date with Rachel. She knows you’ve got a daughter and she knows that you’re single and I’ve seen her flirting with you.”

“What if I’m not ready to date anyone?”

“You can’t let what happened with Freya ruin things with other people. Just because Freya hurt you doesn’t mean that Rachel will.”

“I didn’t think that Freya would hurt me.” Louis admitted sadly. He had never felt a pain as bad as the one he felt in his heart whenever he thought about Freya and what they used to have. A pain that he never wanted to go through again and would never wish on anybody else, not even his worst enemy. “But she ripped my heart out.”

Dom rested a hand on her brothers and gave him a comforting smile. “I know, I was there,” She told him. She had been there for him, his entire family had and they had helped him through his breakdown, helped him raise Samantha. Horatio had helped him believe in love again and helped to fix his broken heart. It was still broken, but it didn’t hurt as much as it used to. It was like he had helped to glue what remained of Louis tortured heart back together. “But maybe it’s time to try again? Not everyone is like Freya.”

Louis nodded as he considered her words. “Maybe.” He agreed finally.

Louis stayed at Dom and Kieron’s for dinner, Samantha had woken up by that point and ate sitting on Louis’s lap. She seemed to have perked up a bit more and had spent her time chatting to her ‘Dommie’, Louis had lost track of the conversation when Samantha began to tell Dom all about the chips on her plate. (“I have chips, daddy loves chips. Uncle ‘Tio loves chips too. Uncle Kieron doesn’t love chips though.” “I do like chips.” “No, Uncle Kieron doesn’t like chips.” “Well, that’s rude.” “I’m not rude, I’m three.”)

He had arrived home and Samantha ran off as soon as they entered the house, calling for her Uncle ‘Tio as she rushed through the house to find him.
Louis followed her into the kitchen, where Horatio was sitting with Molly, having just finished their own dinner. Samantha was sitting on Horatio’s lap and was trying to eat the remains of his food with a smile.

“We’re going to have a party this weekend if you’re up for it, not that you have any choice in the matter.” Molly told her cousin as he took a seat at the kitchen table.

“Sounds good to me, Kieron and Dom are having Samantha overnight on the Friday, even though I won’t be at the restaurant this weekend.” His family would normally have Samantha overnight on Friday night, unless Molly or Horatio were at home, so that Louis could work the late shift at a restaurant down Diagon Alley. He worked there at weekends because the tips were very good, although he had asked for this weekend off as he was looking after the other shop. Dom and Kieron still planned on having Samantha staying overnight to give Louis some time to himself, even though he had told them that it’s not necessary.

“You should invite Rachel,” Horatio stated.

“A lot of people keep telling me to talk to Rachel lately. Is there something that I don’t know?” Louis asked with a laugh.

“I think that everyone knows that you like her, it’s pretty obvious. Besides, I saw her flirting with you when I popped in the other day, even you can’t deny that.” Molly stated, picking up the now empty plates from the table and moving away from the table to put them into the sink. Louis glanced at Horatio and thought he saw jealousy across his face for a fraction of a moment before it disappeared and was replaced with a smile.

“We can get you drunk enough to admit your feelings for her,” Horatio told him with a laugh. Louis rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“It’s a good thing that she’s working then, I don’t want to embarrass myself around her.” Louis told them honestly.

“Oh, maybe she can come afterwards?” Molly asked.

“Maybe? Who else is coming?” Louis asked them.

“Albus and Bethany, Lucy and Steven, we asked James but he’s working, we would have asked Kieron and Dom but they’re busy with Sam it seems. I think just anyone that wants to come I told the family about it. We invited Fred, but I warned him that if he causes trouble he’ll be the first out of the door. I don’t think he’ll come though, because Albus will be here. Oh, Nik will be here too, but he won’t be able to stay for long because of the conditions of his bail.”

“Everyone will be bringing their own alcohol, so it’s going to be a good night.” Horatio stated, moving Samantha off of his lap so that he could stand up. She moved over to Molly, who was still at the sink. “Now, I need to go and get ready for work.” Horatio told them before he left the room.

He was working the night shift at the Wizarding Care Home that he had been working at since he left school. He was quite happy working there and seemed to be enjoying it, he hadn’t really planned what he wanted to do with his life but he seemed happy enough.

Molly, Sam and Louis moved to sit in the front room, so that Samantha could play with her toys, as they continued their conversation from earlier. Horatio had left them about ten minutes ago, giving a kiss to Molly and Sam, before attempting to kiss Louis goodbye, but he managed to push him off as much as he could, Horatio somehow managed to lick him in the face though. Which had caused them all to laugh loudly, Samantha had found it the funniest.

“I’m certain that Rachel likes you,” Molly stated as she sat on the floor with Louis, both of them being handed dolls by Samantha so that they could play with her. “I’ve seen the way that she looks at you. It’s the same way that I’ve caught Horatio looking at you.”

Louis was shocked at her words. Molly knew what had happened between Louis and Horatio after their breakup. Horatio had told her as soon as she had come back, but she said that she didn’t mind, that she understood. It shocked him, though that she had talked about it, it was one of those things they didn’t talk about. Louis was still worried at times that maybe he should leave the house and keep his distance away from Horatio, especially when Molly had moved in. But she had assured him that it was fine, that there was no need for him to do that.

He didn’t understand how she could be so calm and collected about the whole thing, she had told him it was because they were honest with her, that she knew that sooner or later that something would have happened between Louis and Horatio, it was inevitable.

Louis opened his mouth to say something, for some reason an apology was coming to his lips, but Molly held up a hand to stop him.

“Louis, I understand and it’s fine. If I had a problem with this I would have left, I would never have gotten back into a relationship with Horatio. Don’t apologise.”

“I still feel like I should apologise.” Louis told her still.

“You shouldn’t have to.” Molly told him, smiling at him before resting her head on his shoulder as they watched Samantha playing.

Out of all of his cousins, Louis was the closest to Molly. Back before he met Horatio he didn’t really have a favourite, he didn’t really go out of his way to spend time with any of them. Although it probably would have been James if he had to choose, he was the most fun out of all of them. Now it would always be Molly, even if they had a falling out, which Louis was terrified would happen because of his closeness to Horatio, it would always be her.

But if he had to choose between Molly and Horatio he would always choose Horatio, he would choose Horatio over almost every single one of his family members.

“Do you really like Rachel?” Molly asked him seriously.

“I do actually. I can’t stop thinking about her.”

“Then go for it, Louis.”

“What about Samantha?”

“Rachel will love her and I know that Samantha will love her too. I think she’ll be good for you both.”

“I think you might be right.” Louis admitted, before he looked down at his watch and saw that it was nearing what would be Samantha’s bedtime, not that she would go to sleep.

“Come on Samantha,” Louis said, moving forwards after Molly had sat back upright, Samantha turned to look at her dad. “It’s bath time.”

He stood up and Samantha ran to take his hand so that they could walk together. “Maybe if you ask Molly nicely, she’ll make you a hot chocolate for bedtime?”

Samantha’s face lit up at these words and she turned to grin at Molly as she nodded her head. “Please.”

“I’ll bring it up for you, after you have your bath.” Molly told her, standing up and walking out of the room and towards the kitchen.

Louis picked up his daughter and threw her over his shoulder; she let out a loud laugh of delight as he tickled her with his free hand. “Come on, Monster. Let’s get you clean.”

A/N: More insight into the relationship of Horatio and Louis for you all. :P There's just going to be a few chapters of back story and what people have been up to before I bring in the big ol' monster that is Freya. :P Don't worry she's on her way. Mwahahaha.

Let me know what you think? :D


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