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Being Parents by caapotter
Chapter 6 : Christmas Spirit
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Snow had finally arrived to London a week before Christmas. Everywhere, you could see young, old, happy, tired people shopping for their loved ones. The cold had finally sunk in and Ginny had accepted the fact that her baby bump would have to be covered with all those layers of clothing making her look just fat other than pregnant. The young mother-to-be took the time she had in hands and was getting herself busy with the Christmas Eve dinner she had planned out for their friends. She figured it was the first and probably only holidays she would have the time to do such thing. She sent out invitations and for her joy and surprise almost everyone was excited to attend. Mrs. Weasley insisted on doing the cooking but after a long discussion, she finally convinced her mother that she and Flory would be enough for the job. 

Ginny had just arrived home from a day out trying to find a gift for Harry, which ended up being the hardest task ever. It wasn't her first attempt but her third, and still she couldn't manage to think of anything. But her hopes hadn't died and she was still positive that during the weekend's last minute Christmas shopping they were meant to do, she would definitely find something for her husband. She went straight to the drawing room hoping to find Harry who should already be home from work. Nothing. She went upstairs to the study, the bedroom, Teddy's room and finally went to the kitchen to find the little house-elf starting to work on dinner.

"Hello, Flory!" She greeted the pink elf and made sure to her there was no need to bow. As the elf accepted it and got back to cooking, Ginny asked "Have you seen Harry?" 

"Yes, Mistress Ginny. Master has left a note." Flory pointed to a bit of parchment on the table which Ginny took on a heartbeat. It read:


Dear Ginny, 

I'm running some errands with Ron and I’ll be back right in time for dinner. 

Love you, 



"Well, if he's with Ron, there's nothing wrong with me going to see Hermione before dinner, right, Flory?" Ginny announced not really expecting an answer. "I'll be home for dinner, as well.” And with that she floo-called her friend to ask to go over and when she said there was no problem, the girl flooed to her Hermione’s flat. 



Harry and Ron were at the new house finishing the repairs on the porch. It was finally the last thing to be done before they could move in January. Ron had been complaining about the cold for as long as they had begun working, twenty minutes before. 

"Okay, done. You can shut up now, Ron!" Harry said with a bit of enjoyment in his voice. “But there's just one more thing." 

Ron frowned to his friend. "And what's that now?" The redhead man asked while putting his wand on his pocket. 

"Don't put that way just yet. We'll need it to set up Ginny's Christmas present." Harry led them to the broom-shack near the garage. He opened the door and pulled out 3 mini Quidditch goal posts. Ron eyes went wide open when he realized what Harry had in his hands.

“BLOODY HELL! You're giving Ginny a Quidditch pitch?" 

"Well, half pitch to be exact. Do you think she will like it?" Harry asked looking to his friend with some doubt in his eyes.

"Of course! She'll love it!" Ron cried out. Harry grinned self-consciously and enlarged the goal posts to their normal size so the two wizards could set it up in the house's large backyard. 


When Ron got home that evening, he heard two women's voices coming from the kitchen. Instead of yelling out his usual "Honey, I'm home!" that entertained Hermione so much, he simply followed the voices. Soon he found his wife and his sister intensely chatting over a cup of tea. 

"Hello, girls. Ginny, what are you doing here?" He said approaching the duo and kissing Hermione's cheek.

"Oh, Ron, hi! If you're here, I should be going then! Bye, Hermione. See ya!" Ginny rapidly got up and waved goodbye before flooing home just in time to find Harry climbing down the stairs to their kitchen at Grimmauld Place. "There you are. What were those 'errands' you had to run, hah?" Ginny asked as she went to kiss her husband. 

"Oh, you know, errands." Harry said. "A man is allowed to have a secret with his best friend, isn’t he?”

Ginny eyed him suspiciously before turning around to ask Flory to serve dinner in the kitchen instead of the dining room. They sat through one more pleasant dinner talking over the shopping they had to do, the party plans and finally about Andromeda's disease. They were going to suggest to have her and Teddy over so that they could take care of both of them. 

"So we're going to Mrs. Tonks on Sunday, right?" Ginny was planning out all their days before the party, just making sure everything that had to be done, would be done. 

"Yes." Harry answered. He observed his wife taking several notes on the parchment she had summoned moments before. She was getting too worked up about this party and he didn't like that. He had planned to take over some more responsibilities after his last day before the holidays at the office. 

"Gin?" He called. She was so into what she was writing she didn't even answer. "Ginny?" He repeated. 

"Ah? What?" 

Harry got up and went to sit next to his wife. He held her hands taking her quill from her and putting it on the table. "Honey, relax, will you?" He brought her to a hug and kissed her forehead. "I don't want you that worked up, ok? It’s not good for you!” Ginny slowly nodded.

"I'm not worked up. I'm just excited. It's our last Christmas by ourselves and in here. I want it to be perfect.” She explained.

"And coming from you? I know it will be!" Harry assured. "Now, since we are done with dinner, why don't we go up to the drawing room a bit to hang out before bed?" 

Ginny smiled as she realized how she missed her husband. The first weeks of December were always really busy in the Ministry, because all departments were trying to close all their unfinished business in order to go on holidays until the New Years, and Harry had been no exception. He had been working like a mad man so that all paperwork had been filed so everything was in order for him to take over his new job in January. 

"I've got a counterproposal." Ginny said with a smirk smile.

"You've got my attention, Potter." 

"Why don't we 'hang out' in the bedroom instead?" Ginny was laughing between her words as she suggested a very different hang out session Harry had in mind.

"Hmm, that's a great suggestion!" Harry agreed with a big grin, taking her hand again to help his wife to get up. The young couple went upstairs between giggles and kisses and finally relaxed from the stress they both had been under from everything going on in theirs lives.   

December 24th finally arrived, but Ginny wasn't excited when she woke up that morning. Since Ginny couldn't think of anything to buy Harry, she had settle to just tell him the baby's gender on a creative way. 

It took them awhile but they had convinced Mrs. Tonks to come home with them so they could take care of her and Teddy. And they were glad they had done that, but it seemed that the old lady was getting worse by the hour. To top that, Teddy got sick the day before, keeping Harry and Ginny up almost the whole night. 

Ginny turned over in bed to find it empty. She struggled to get up and dressed. When she finally did, she went to Teddy's room to find Harry sleeping sitting on the floor, holding Teddy's hand. She took a moment to take what was in front of her in. There it was her husband taking such good care of his godchild, and Ginny felt a warmth inside her heart. She knew deep down that whatever happens in the future, everything would turn out alright. She went up to him and softly woke him. 

"Harry, honey. Wake up." 

The young man flung his eyes open to his wife's voice. He looked around, recognizing where he was and turned to his side to see Teddy soundly asleep. It had been a hard night, but surely with that morning's potion Hermione had started working on the middle of the night, Teddy would be fine by party time. Ginny helped him up and told him to sleep until lunch. 

"But you need help for the party and Teddy and Andromeda and" Ginny interrupted him with a kiss and made sure she was more than capable to do it by herself and Flory. When Harry struggled with her order, she promised/lied she would call her mum to help her out. Looking satisfied, Harry gave in and headed straight to bed to get some well-deserved rest. Ginny slowly woke the little boy up. 

"Good morning, love. How are you feeling?" Teddy looked a little pale and Ginny checked his temperature only to find his fever had come back. She immediately picked him up and took him to the kitchen for some breakfast. While Flory served him food, she floo-called Hermione to check on the potion. For her relieve, she had finished it and brought it over right away. Ginny thanked her and also told her to get some good sleep before the party.

Teddy was already up and down playing in the drawing room while Ginny finished the last Christmas decorations and finished wrapping up Harry's surprise later that afternoon. Harry entered with a well-rested face and his sleeping pants. He gave kiss on Teddy's head before hugging Ginny from behind.

"Merry Christmas Eve, Gin!"

She grinned and turned over to face Harry. "Merry Christmas Eve yourself. Slept well?"

"Yeah, but I've noticed you let me sleep more than I should."

"I didn't want to wake you up with no need. Teddy is all better now, Mrs. Tonks is napping for the party and I just finished putting the presents under the tree. No worry is in order, as you may see."

Harry kissed Ginny and smiled as how she had handle everything so he could get that extra sleep. They ordered Flory to look after Teddy so they could get themselves ready for the party and headed up to take a shower and get dressed, enjoying a little alone time.


Harry opened up the door for their first guests a few hours later, while Ginny was coming down with Teddy after helping him to get ready. Hagrid and Neville with his fiancée Hannah Abbott were stepping into the hall when Ron and Hermione appeared from the basement followed by the Weasley's plus Angelina and Audrey, Percy's new girlfriend (for everyone's shock). Flory got assigned to open the door until all guests had arrived and then to serve drinks and food. The little pink house-elf was so anxious for the party success, she worked with great excitement. 

One by one, all guests arrived. Luna and the gang from the DA and former classmates and teachers, Order of the Phoenix old members, including now Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt and ex-Head Auror Gawain Robards. With music, dancing and chatting, everyone was enjoying themselves. Even Mrs. Tonks seemed to be having fun. Of course she spent the night accommodated on the couch, but every now and then a different person sat beside her to talk. Closing on midnight, Ginny called Harry to her side and they stood on the first steps of the staircase and waited until they got everyone's attention.

"We would like to thank you all for coming to our little gathering and wish you all a very Happy Christmas!" Ginny announced. Everyone toasted repeating Ginny's last words. After all the guests had finished sipping their drinks, she carried on. "It's a very special holiday for me and Harry because as you may have noticed," she pointed to her baby bump and smiled "this time next year we'll have a new addition to our little family adding to the fact we'll be on our new home" As she said this, Harry had Teddy on his arms and they were both grinning to her. 

"To the Potter's" Ron cheered. 

"To the Potter's" everyone repeated causing Harry and Ginny to blush and to be touched by Ron’s gesture. 

"Thank you!" Ginny checked her watch and continued "Well, it's officially Christmas and if y'all don't mind, I would like to give my husband's gift." 

Harry was surprised by this sudden announcement. He thought they would be doing the gift thing in the morning, by themselves, like every other Christmas. The whole party started to comment and guess what was it she was getting him she wanted to give it publicly while she went to the tree to pick a little red and green package. Ginny returned to Harry's side who still looked surprised. 

"Merry Christmas, love" she whispered so only Harry could hear and handed him the package. Harry put Teddy down again and took his gift from her hand. He opened the wrapping and found inside a little baby red and gold onesie with a lighting bolt drawn and a writing that read: 'Daddy's little wizard'. Harry stared at it for a moment before understanding its meaning. But as soon as he did, he looked back to Ginny who had an anxious frown on her face. 

"It's a boy?" Harry rhetorically asked. When Ginny nodded, he opened up the biggest smile and kissed passionately his wife. "Thank you, it's the best gift you could have gotten me!"

"I'm going to have a brother!" Teddy yelled as he saw his godparents' kiss. The whole party started to laugh and cheer and to congratulate the couple. Everywhere, people were commenting about Ginny's pregnancy and how cute Teddy was. 

Soon though, the guests started to say their goodbyes and turn in for the night. The night had been a great success. When Harry returned to the drawing room after tucking Teddy in bed, there was only Hagrid, Ron and Hermione left. 

"Is Teddy down?" Ginny asked when Harry entered the room.

"Yes. Mrs. Tonks is in her bedroom as well. Hermione, thank you once again for the potion." Harry answered.

"Don't even mention it, Harry! Ginny here was telling us how she found you sleeping on Teddy's floor this morning." Hermione said.

"You're going to be a great dad, Harry!" Hagrid predicted. "And before I go on my way as well, I have a present for you too." The half-giant took a big bird cage from his robe pocket and handed it to the black haired man. 

"Oh, Hagrid, you shouldn't!" Harry said when he saw the beautiful chocolate brown owl inside the cage Hagrid had. 

"I thought it was time. You need one, Harry! And since I was the one to give your first owl, I thought you would like it, now that you are becoming a parent and all. This time I chose this chocolate brown one so to match Ginny’s eyes. I wondered you would like the comparison.” Hagrid explained. Ginny blushed and Harry smiled as he thanked his friend and walked him out. But before he closed the door, Harry called Hagrid back and gave him a big hug, being completely covered by the large man's clothes.

"Happy Christmas, Hagrid!" 

Hey guys, I'm very happy to be getting so many reads. I only have two more chapters written and then I'll only have time to get back to write in June. Wish me luck! I really would like some reviews to know what you are thinking about the story and where it's heading. Thank you all, bye!

Caa xx

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