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The Life and death of Violet Chambers by DivergentHarryTARDISMusic
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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The Life and death of Violet Chambers
Disclaimer: No Copyright infringement intended. Anything recognized belongs to their owners respectively. The characters and setting of Harry Potter all belong to J.K. Rowling. All original characters and plotlines are of my own imagination.

It was a Saturday night at the end of fifth year, when Violet Chambers heard the soft sound of someone crying nearby. It was when she rounded an isle of books that she spotted none other than Lily Evans. She was a pale-skin girl with bright red hair and also in her 5th year. She had never actually had a conversation with Lily even though they shared a dorm room together for the past five years.

Lily was sitting alone at a small circular table with an open book on potions. Although she didn't seem to be reading the thing much.Her nose and cheeks were tinged pink, and her usually fiery green eyes were very sad looking.

Violet didn't know whether or not to comfort the girl. Finally making up her mind to speak, she moved from her spot behind a bookshelf and said “Um, excuse me. Are you alright?” The red-headed girl sitting in front of her jumped a little at the sudden noise. “Huh?” Lily said snapping out of her thoughts. She hadn't assumed that students would still be in the library this late on a weekend. It being the end-of-term.

Remembering the girl was still standing there waiting; she quickly wiped her tear-stained cheeks and looked up at her. Lily recognized the shy girl at once.

“Yeah, I’m fine thank-you; I’m just worried that I didn't do well on my OWL’s that’s all.” Violet held back a snort. As if! The Lily Evans the smartest witch in their year, worried about passing her exams…not likely. She could plainly tell that she wasn't telling her the truth, but decided to keep quiet. Never being the type to pry she let the subject drop and sat down across Lily at the table.

“Oh me too! Those tests were horrible! I’m glad they’re over with though. I was just returning a book on goblins before I forgot. Merlin knows Madam Pince would murder me if I didn't bring back her book.” This brought a small smile to Lily’s’ face, so she continued her babbling. “Any plans for summer vacation?” As Lily began to answer the librarian Madam Pince came and reminded the pair that the library was now closed. So they gathered their things and headed back up to Gryffindor tower.

On the way Lily chatted about her summer plans and books she couldn't wait to read. Violet was just thinking she’d done a good job distracting her from whatever was making her upset when Lily asked, “What would you do if you were in a situation where you've known someone for the longest time and were good friends, but then one day that person just does something completely unforgivable?” So that’s what this was about. So much for distracting her, Violet reflected.

There was a quiet pause while Violet contemplated about it before she answered “Well if someone and I were good friends for a long time and then they did something knowing that it would upset me, I wouldn't stay friends with them. I would allow them to say their apologies and then move on...” She paused as they had now both stopped walking.

“But Lily I know I hardly know you... and please don’t get upset about me bringing this up but I think maybe.. you should at least talk to Severus; now I’m not saying I like him of what he did, but at least allow him to make his case. I think you’re a pretty good judge of character, so in the end it comes down to you on whether you want to forgive him or not.” Lily stood frozen and gaped at her fellow Gryffindor, surprised at her honesty.

Violet was a thin girl with pale-colored skin, and light brown hair that was shiny and fell just past the shoulder. Her large chocolate brown eyes were staring back at Lily with honest concern. “How did you know about what happened with Severus?” Lily asked finding her voice. Violet flushed with embarrassment. “I was kinda there yesterday when he called you the M’ word.” She replied not meeting Lilys’ eyes.

Thinking she crossed some unknown boundary she quickly added, “I shouldn't have brought it up... I didn't mean..I’m sorry; just forget I said everything”, Violet stuttered. “No, it’s alright. I don’t mind really. I just didn't know that other people had seen that’s all.” Violet was about to say that a lot of people in fact knew about their argument, but decided best not to mention it. So instead she looked up to meet Lilys’ eyes finally and nodded in understanding, thankful Lily wasn't upset.

The two girls then continued ascending the staircase and walked along corridors until they reached the portrait of the fat lady, who was fast asleep in her painting. At the sound of footsteps approaching she opened her eyes lazily, and then asked “Password?” “Flubbermellow” Lily said and the portrait door swung open. As the pair climbed through into a quiet common room Lily spoke,”Thanks by the way for the advice, and for being honest with me. I really do appreciate it. Perhaps I will speak to Severus.” Although the last part was meant more for herself than for Violet.

When Lily looked over to Violet a small smile lit up her face, the fire returning to her earlier sad emerald eyes. It was in that moment, that short-pause in time that the girls knew they had made a friend in each other. It was a kind of moment where words weren't needed; a comfortable silence. As sleepiness enveloped them, they quietly made their way up the stairs to their dormitories where warm beds awaited them. When Violet finally lay down in her four-poster to go to sleep that night, she thought about her previous years at Hogwarts and the loneliness she had felt just mere days ago. After all the years of being a nobody, and just blending into the background portraits, someone other than John finally noticed her. Maybe I will stay at Hogwarts, Violet reflected before falling into a peaceful sleep.

End of Prologue

Authors’ Note: First off, I wanna thank all of those who have decided to read this story and I hope that you have enjoyed the Prologue. This is actually my first fanfiction ever! So I understand if you didn't like it. I started with the prologue so that way you guys can get a glimpse of what Violet is like and an outlook on the kind of person she is. Plus, I really felt starting the first chapter with the budding of Lily and Violets friendship is appropriate because this is when Violets life whole life changes. The next chapter will start off at the beginning of Violets’ fifth year and work up to this point and will continue in a singular fashion from then on. Oh and if you got confused at the end about who John is don't worry you'll find out soon enough. I would love to hear your comments(good or bad) on this prologue, like what do you think of Violet so far? Was the chapter a good length? So please be sure to leave a comment! I will also be adding the next chapter as soon as possible! Thank you.

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