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Crossing Delicate Boundaries by lindslo2012
Chapter 5 : A Tough Investigation
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Hermione sat quietly reading one of her favourite books, on the leather couch located in the living room. It had been one hour since she arrived home from the Ministry exhausted from the day, having dealt with the woman who accused Malfoy and being around Malfoy period.

The hot tea in her left hand burned her skin as Hermione picked it up absentmindedly, distracted by her new book. Following getting off work, Hermione stopped by at Flourish and Blotts to buy some brand new books, something she did often when she was stressed.

"Hermione? Are you in there?" asked a familiar male voice, with a knock following it.

Hermione sighed as she recognized his voice. Ron wasn't good at giving people space, especially if it was her.

"I'll be out in a moment Ron," Hermione's strained voice called back to him, regretting not turning the lights off and hiding. She was still not sure about what she wanted to do about them yet.

"Great because I need to talk with you about the other night," he said.

"You don't say?" Hermione smartly replied, as she put down her book and walked through the entryway to join Ron outside. It was cool and there was a bit of light rain going on above them where low London clouds rested. Hermione had become chilly because she was in her nightgown and folded her arms together, trying to stay warm.

"Let's sit here," Hermione directed, sitting on the porch swing, while taking a breath of the cool air.

Ron followed her lead and sat next to her, twiddling his thumbs a bit in nervousness.

"Hermione, I have loved you since the first day I met you on the Hogwarts Express. I’ve never fallen in love with Lavender. She was just basically a stupid bloody crush back in sixth year and honestly I didn't enjoy one bit of her obnoxious snogging. The woman barely could keep her lips on mine she was so sloppy!" He paused and Hermione scowled at the fact he remembered Lavender's snogging, making him continue even more uncomfortably. "Anyways the point is, is that I still have no feelings for her. I thought I did when we started talking again but I feel nothing for her, only for you. My mind was just messing with me."

"Messing with you was it? How am I supposed to believe that after you ignored my pleas to not talk to her and owled her for the last three months, Ron? Do you know how nervous I was that I was going to lose you again? And how could you figure this out all in one day, your feelings for her?" Hermione asked accusingly.

"I just spent the whole day thinking about it. I had to come tell you before I forgot what to say! And lose me again? When have you ever lost me before?"

  "When you left Harry and I that night, it scared me to death. I thought I would probably never see you again and that you'd be dead as soon as you apparated wherever you did. After you returned I decided that I never wanted you out of my sight again," Hermione said, her eyes watering at the memory of Ron leaving Harry and her that rainy night in the tent. It didn't seem like such a big deal, but it was with the danger everyone was in at the time.

"Well Hermione, I don't want to ever leave again," Ron said, grabbing her hand, which she rejected as she put her head in her hands.

"Then prove it. Don't hurt me, please? I have already been through enough hurt as it is!" Hermione told him, tears falling down her cheeks and into her lap.

"I want to get back together with you."

"Ron I just don't know if we should get back together this fast. We just broke up last night and for good reason," Hermione told him with a heavy heart. She was afraid she would get hurt, afraid that trusting Ron again would cause a disaster, after hearing him say he liked Lavender the night before last. She knew damn well he wouldn't have said it if he didn't mean it.

"Hermione, I want you back and I will do anything to prove it. I told Lavender we can't speak by owl anymore and I’ve cut all ties with her. Can we just forget that any of this ever happened?"

"I just don't think we are going to be able to patch things up between us. We’ve been arguing too much."

"I know we can Hermione because we are meant to be together. I know you work long hours and I barely get to see you but it's so worth it for the time that we do get together," Ron said, looking out into the neighbourhood before them and up at the dark rainy sky just hoping she would agree.

"Just come inside," Hermione said, mad at herself for letting him off so easy but missing his company already, at the same time.  She then got off of the porch swing and opened the front door, letting Ron in before her.

Ron took off his jacket and hung it up like this was still his own flat. He then put on a fire and sat on the leather sofa and saying, "I know it will be a long time before you forgive me for talking with Lavender. But I will prove to you that you won't regret it."

"Well I hope so. But for now you're sleeping on the couch so I hope you’re comfortable. I’m off to bed because I have to go to work and mentor Malfoy, like I will be for the next few months. Even more work than usual," Hermione complained, yawning as soon as she finished her sentence. She walked over to an end table and picked up her book then headed in the direction of her bedroom.

"Wait, what?!" Ron asked, appalled by what he just thought he heard.

 "Yes you heard correctly. I am Malfoy's mentor until further notice. Because of probation with the wizarding court he has no choice but to work for my section of the department. Oh and he and his girlfriend are our neighbours as well," Hermione told Ron, with a shrug.

"Well bloody hell," Ron said, with a lift of his eyebrows then said half jokingly, "I guess it makes it easier to kill him if he's our neighbour."

"Ron, there will be none of that. I'm off to bed as I said, goodnight."

"Can I have a kiss?" Ron wondered immaturely as he grabbed a soft blanket from the entryway's closet and found a furniture pillow to sleep on.

"Goodnight." Hermione concluded in rejection, closing the bedroom door behind her. She wouldn't let him off that easy. 


The alarm clock wasn't as painful to her ears as it was the morning before, but Hermione hated the sound regardless. She threw her hand on the off button and groaned, before putting her cold, skinny feet on the brown tile floor.

She left the bedroom to get a quick shower and slid on a silky red work dress for the day. Looking into the full-length mirror located between her closet door and the closet, Hermione grinned slightly at her appearance in approval.

Hermione cast a charm to get her hair as straight as she liked it and left her master bedroom. She walked straight into the kitchen area where her boyfriend, or ex, whatever he was going to be when she finally decided, stood smiling awkwardly by the kitchen island.

"Good morning!" he said enthusiastically.

"Good morning?" Hermione said questionably.

"I've made us breakfast! Eggs, toast and sausage!"

"Erm, thanks Ron," Hermione said. "But this won't change the fact that I’m still mad at you."

"I figured," Ron said with a frown, as he sat down at their kitchen table. "But I tried."

Hermione tried not to chuckle when she examined the breakfast before her. The yellow scrambled eggs contained many parts of black, from being burnt, and the toast was a dark brown. But Hermione ate the breakfast anyway, fighting not to spit it out.

"Was it horrible?" Ron asked Hermione as she finished her last bite.

"No. It erm –filled the spot," Hermione answered with a wide smile, hoping it looked convincing.

"Great," Ron said, smiling satisfyingly. He then came to Hermione and attempted to kiss her on then lips and Hermione pushed her head back from him, to where he couldn't get to her.

"I don't know if we are together Ron! Can you stop that rubbish?" Hermione strictly asked him.

"I thought we made up last night?"

"That doesn't precisely mean we are back together for sure!" Hermione told him with a smirk then.

Ron then took her hands and pulled her body into his. "I want it to mean that."

He then pulled her to him and put his hands around her. Pulling her close he bent down to kiss her and this time she didn't reject it, as Ron moved his mouth in rhythm with hers. She suddenly felt an old spark, one like she did when they first got together and she felt whole again with him there. When they broke apart though she remembered the purpose of why they were not what they used to be... he might potentially like another woman.

  "I- I’m about to be late. I have to go," Hermione said as her face reddened. She didn't know what to do about them and needed to think it through first.

 Ron followed her out of their front door also, trying to keep up with her. "Are you actually taking this training Malfoy thing seriously?"

"Yes Ron. No matter who I am mentoring it is part of my training, my job! When do I ever not take things seriously?" Hermione snapped back.

"Fine, whatever. I’m sure the bloke will find himself with a name on his cell again soon," Ron spat back at Hermione. A sharp crack in the air followed him as he apparated.

Hermione rolled her eyes and then apparated right after him.

When the two arrived in the Ministry, Ron was walking quicker than Hermione and was almost at the elevator when Draco crossed her path.

"Hey mentor, mind if I join?" Draco asked playfully, with a sly smile toward Ron.

"Not at all," Hermione said, noticing that he was somewhat trying to piss Ron off and going along with it because she too was pissed off at Ron.

Draco jumped on the elevator with Ron and Hermione and then Ron smirked at Draco and Draco smirked back. Nothing had changed between the two opposite men, and it never would either.

The elevator was filled with an awkward silence as more and more witches and wizards boarded and squished Hermione, Draco, and Ron together. 

"If you touch me Weasleby, I'll curse you."

"Same goes for you ferret."

Malfoy's already smirking face got even more intense when Ron used his old school name.

"Oh shut up the both of you! We are adults for Merlin's sake!" Hermione added, as they all got to the second floor.

The three of them walked into the department and Ron took Hermione's hand, before she and Draco left his side. "I love you, have a good day."

Hermione didn't answer him but just waved and then walked with Malfoy away from him and into the Detective section of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Hermione's face remained grim as Malfoy and her walked toward the office and Draco couldn't help but notice.

"What's wrong?" Malfoy wondered, as they entered the office and sat down.

"Nothing that’s your business."

"Well I am sorry that I am taking the time to even ask a mudblood what might be causing her a bother. Let me go back to being the asshole that I usually am and not caring. Damn," Draco said with his famous smirk plastered on his lips.

Hermione looked up into his gray eyes, wondering if he actually cared what was wrong. She fought with herself whether to tell Draco or not and she decided to blurt it out, since she had been hiding her problems for the past few days inside.

"Ron had been owling Lavender Brown behind my back. I knew for three months but still stuck with him regardless because I love him and tried to trust him. Well I found out that their friendship seems to be more than that and Ron told me he fancies Lavender but loves me, does that make sense?"

"Yeah but the thing is I don't really fucking care," Draco said quietly, shocked that Hermione actually was talking to him about personal problems, he didn't really give a damn to hear. But he did ask her what was wrong, not expecting a whole sermon of why she felt bad about herself.

Not hearing him, she went on- "I told Ron to leave, but he came back to my house last night wanting to patch things up between us. I’m not so sure I want to patch things up because even before the other night we haven't been happy in awhile. Okay- I am going to stop this rubbish now and go get a coffee from the breakroom. I'm sorry Malfoy, feel free to ignore me. I have just been rather stressed lately."

"Okay, thank you for sharing your life story, Granger," Draco smartly retorted, as Hermione blushed from spilling out her problems to a past enemy and then disappeared from the room, embarrassed. She returned moments later with a huge mug of coffee and a stack of papers.

"Here are our cases from today. I am honestly an emotional rollercoaster and I can't believe I just shared personal stuff with you of all people!" Hermione told him, setting down the pack of papers and sitting back in her office chair.

"I’m not sure why you would share that uninteresting soap opera with me either, Granger," he replied, mocking her.

Draco then found himself looking at Hermione and over her body when she bent over to pick something up off of the floor- probably more paper. He couldn't believe that he was actually finding her attractive when he first saw her again since two years, at the pub. Oh yes, he hated her... but hate for a person doesn't have anything to do with attractiveness, right?

Hermione looked up at Draco with raised eyebrows. "Are you okay, Malfoy?"

Draco's usually fair face, reddened and he smirked. "Erm yes Granger. Your annoying voice is just making me tired... that's all."

"Okay?" Hermione said as she noticed the way he looked at her just seconds ago.

"Well... as I was saying this case looks like something that we could investigate but I think we should go through some policies today. So let's give this to Officer Pack and sit in the office today instead."

"That sounds good to me, I just have to sit here and listen to your boring voice," Draco said, with a yawn.

After Hermione caught Draco looking at her, she felt a little uncomfortable. This was an ex-Death Eater, that Hermione used to hate back in school and they both were in a relationship right now and he was insulting her as usual. What would make Draco look at her like that of all people? But she couldn't focus on that right now. The case that was in front of them was one that she didn't want Draco to see, in fear that he would become ballistic... the case of Narcissa Malfoy.

Hermione took the pack of parchment and threw it into her desk for now, as Draco looked at her questionably. "Wait, who was the person on that case? I saw a flash of gold that looked like-"

"Er, it was a woman from Azkaban. A case to get her out," Hermione said, interrupting him.

"Let me see, mudblood! You're hiding something and I think you forgot who my last boss was! I know when someone's keeping something from me," Draco growled, and grabbed the packet from the drawer before Hermione could close it. 

Narcissa Malfoy nee Black

Blood-status: Pureblood

Malfoy was put into Azkaban following the war along with her husband and son. She was responsible for helping the Death Eaters in Voldemort's bidding. But Mrs. Malfoy was the one who lied to Voldemort to save Harry Potter's life. This is the only reason why her case may be investigated-

Draco threw the paper across the office and sighed as he put his head in his hands. "Of course it's my mum's case. Why else would you hide it from me?"

 "Stop calling me mudblood, Malfoy. That will get you out here fast! And I wanted to avoid you getting worked up about it. There areis other highly trained Detectives that can conductdo your mum's investigation. It would be too hard on you Malfoy, and this is my professional opinion."

"I don't give a damn about your professional opinion Granger, after all we are the same age so I’m as professional as you are, if not more. I want to come with you to do this investigation. I want to get my mum out because she doesn't deserve to be in there," Draco said, with a heavy, determined voice.

"I know she doesn't and that's why I want to fight for her. She fought for Harry and if she didn't thean my best-friend wouldn't be here right now.”

"Can we go then?"

" Let's go," Hermione agreed.



A/N: So Hermione tried hiding the packet from Draco and he found out that they were about to investigate his mother's Azkaban stay. What do you think will happen? 
I hope you enjoy my story so far and that you keep reading it!!! I promise they are in no way close to being together yet, don't worry. 

What will happen with Ron and Hermione? How will Draco make his way into Hermione's life? Please just keep on readin' ;) 
hanks for even reading and please R&R if you can!


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