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Descendants of the Death Eaters by Cariel
Chapter 37 : Epilogue
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A few months later…

“I can’t believe you made the Chudley Cannons!” Kelly squealed, embracing her fiancé.

“You better get all their autographs for me!” Ron exclaimed after congratulating him.

“Sure thing, Ron,” Harry replied as he, Ron, Hermione, and Kelly walked around a wizarding town just outside London where he and Kelly planned on living once they were married.

“You’ll let me back in the locker room, right? So I can meet all the players…” Kelly flirtatiously requested, linking arms with him as they meandered down a byway.

“Not fair!” Ron cut in, challenging Kelly, “I’m a bigger fan than you!”

“Not possible!” Kelly countered.

“He really is, Kelly,” Harry added, smirking.

Ron and Kelly squabbled more about who owned the most Chudley Cannons memorabilia before Hermione exclaimed, “Enough Quidditch talk!”

“Oh, come on ‘Mione. I know how you secretly love Quidditch and how much you love to watch the two most handsome men in the world get all sweaty—” he referred to himself and Harry.

She loved how he made her blush with embarrassment. “Shut it, you!” She elbowed him playfully.

He feigned pain. “Really hurt me there, ‘Mione.”

“You are infuriating sometimes, you know that, Ronald Weasley,” she replied, shaking her head.

“How will you ever manage being a Mrs Wealsey?” he teased.

Harry and Kelly were still talking about Quidditch despite Hermione’s opposition. “I’m not a big fan of the colours though,” Harry was saying.

“What, you’d rather be in the Appleby Arrows with their blue and sliver?” Kelly wondered.

“Not a chance! Malfoy’s that team’s seeker now.”

“Major competition between the two teams now, eh?” Kelly said, “So much, the better. You’ll kick his ass like you did at Hogwarts.” She smiled, partially wishing she could have tried out as well. At least she’d be able to watch Harry play; that was a comfort.

“Malfoy’s in the Appleby Arrows?” Ron asked. “They’re horrible!”

“At least he’s not in Puddlemere, like Wood,” Harry put in.

“Good point,” Ron conceded.

“Why don’t we go for a cup of tea?” Hermione attempted to shift the conversation for the fifth time to anything but Quidditch.

“Good idea,” Kelly said, trying not to show she was feeling tired. “It’s hot out here.”

The four of them wandered into a café and Ron picked up a Daily Prophet to look for complete Quidditch team listings while Hermione and Kelly ordered drinks. “There’s your name Harry!” he praised his best friend, handing him the sports section.

When Hermione and Kelly returned to the table with the drinks, Hermione’s eyes were on the front page. “Malfoy was married?” she gaped, pulling the front page out of Ron’s hands to read aloud, “A century’s worth of rivalling finally laid to rest as the children of suspected Death Eaters Lucius Malfoy and the now deceased Roger Marwood were wed last night…”

“Malfoy and Marwood got hitched?!” Ron cried; too shocked to even believe it true. He leaned eagerly over Hermione’s shoulder to read along with her about the wedding.

Hermione continued after catching a glimpse of Harry’s shocked expression. “Lucius Malfoy was not in attendance or able to be reached for his comment on the union. It’s rumoured that he disinherited his son for marrying Lauriana Marwood, so the couple would become Malfoys in name only, not estate. However, after the questionable death of her father, Roger Marwood, the new Mrs Malfoy inherited the Marwood estate. The mansion alone is estimated worth ₤4, ---, ---… Bloody hell!”

“Hermione!” Ron gasped at her curse. “That’s my line!”

She glared at him. “I have to keep you on your toes, right?”

“How’s that?”

“Well, I don’t want you to get bored of me…” she said, folding up the forgotten Daily Prophet.

“I could never—” he started to say.

“I don’t want you to get used to me,” she said, grinning.

“I wouldn’t mind getting used to this…” he said, putting a hand to her cheek as he leaned over and kissed her.

Harry threw a napkin at the pair, declaring, “No one wants to see that!”

“Oh shut up and kiss me, Harry!” Kelly ordered and he obeyed, promptly putting his lips to hers.

The End

A/N: And if you think they all lived happily ever after, you’re either very optimistic or you should make an appointment for a psychological examination…

I also wrote a handful of alternate endings (most of them comical) to choose from if that tickles thy fancy. I figured, why have merely one ending when you can write a dozen?

Happy Ending Lovers: If you don’t want to find out what happens next, don’t read the third instalment of the trilogy of Death Eater fics. Just giving you a fair warning! ;-)

Angst/Mystery Lovers: Evilness ensues in the darkest of the Death Eater trilogy entitled: So I Married a Death Eater, which will most likely be rated R. Follow the link in my sig.

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Descendants of the Death Eaters: Epilogue


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