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Albus Potter and the New Lord by Karou_Marauder
Chapter 17 : Epilogue
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 The dormitory was silent. Three of the occupants were fast asleep, dreaming of the train that would take them back to their homes the next day. Heavy red curtains hung over the windows, but a small gap near the top let in some of the light from the full moon outside, enough to reveal the scene.

A figure was sitting on a bed, reading by wandlight. The tip of the wand glowed white, and was reflected in the irises of his emerald eyes. Silver flecks glimmered, and as the figure stood and walked to the window the flecks seemed to move and shimmer.

“Stay away from the Forest, Daegan,” whispered the figure. Its voice was male and his eyes flickered around at the other boys in the room before he threw a cloak around himself – and vanished. If any of the sleeping boys had awoken at that moment, they would only have seen a severely dimmed white light from somewhere moving across the room, believed it to be their imagination or part of a dream, and fallen back asleep again.

The dimmed light crossed the dormitory and silently floated down the stairs to the empty common room. The Last Day of Hogwarts celebrations had finished only hours before and glasses stood everywhere, most empty but some still with dregs of Butterbeer in the bottom. Empty wrappers of sweets from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and crumbs from the party snacks littered the floor. There were several squishing sounds and a footprint appeared in a spilt puddle of cream.

Slowly, the portrait hole swung open. The Fat Lady muttered in her sleep, said, “Out of hours,” in a disapproving way, and turned her head. The floating light creeped down the stairs, and if you happened to come along you would not have noticed anything unless you strained their ears; only then would you hear the silent padding of bare feet on stone.

The floating light reached the huge, double doors that led to the grounds of Hogwarts and paused. After a minute of internal battle, the left door swung slowly, silently open. The light floated out and became almost invisible compared to the bright white moonlight outside.

If you had been looking through a window from inside the castle, or perhaps if you had been standing on the wet grass as the great door opened, you would have then seen a boy appear; a boy with silvery-green eyes and messy black hair, dressed in black robes, stuffing something with a liquid-like texture to it into his pocket. The boy held his wand up, glanced at the moon, and extinguished his light. He knew he wouldn’t need it.

The boy crossed the grounds quickly. At first it seemed as though he was walking to the stone hut by the lake as his father had done many years ago, but then he veered to the left and his destination was revealed: not Hagrid’s house, but the Forbidden Forest, a dark, foreboding place where the trees whispered and things slithered across the leaf-laden ground.

The boy hesitated at the Forest’s edge, staring intently into the black spaces between the trees as if hoping to get a glimpse of something. Then he took out his wand and muttered something, twirling his wand in complicated patterns, performing magic that was above his level of experience.

A green light shot out of the boy’s wand and hovered in the air for a moment. The boy watches it anxiously as it forms an arrow and points off into the Forest. The boy swallows and walks in the direction that the arrow is indicating. The arrow moves every so often as he delved deeper into the Forest’s ominous silence.

Emerging into a clearing, the boy watched the arrow as it spun around madly, twitching from side to side, up and down, around and around. It stopped suddenly and flew through the air, disappearing in a cloud of green smoke right above a man that had just appeared in the clearing.

The man towered above the boy, dressed entirely in dark green. He stepped forwards and the boy stepped back slightly, just a half step, as though he didn’t realise he was doing it. “Severus Potter,” said the man. The boy blinked.

“Lo – Lord Alpha?” The man did not miss the quaver in the boy’s voice as he spoke the man’s name.

“Severus. Over the course of our meetings I shall be teaching you magic the like of which no one in your family has ever heard of, let alone tried. Do you wish to begin?” Alpha’s eyes bored into the boy’s eyes. In the moonlight they looked almost entirely silver.

Severus swallowed, audibly, his heart beating fast. He was nowhere near sure – but he wanted to show Albus that he didn’t have to rely on his younger brother to come to his rescue.

“Do you promise to tell me what you meant in the Chamber? With the re-Sorting and stuff?” Severus’s voice came out as a whisper, so he repeated himself, louder that time.

“You are brave, to try bargaining with me!” The Lord chuckled to himself and then stopped short. Severus saw a frown appear on his face and was sure he heard the Lord mutter, “Bravery…” But then he shook his head. “Very well then. I shall tell you in good time. First, you must learn, and you should know that I believe doing is knowing.” Alpha drew his wand and contemplated it for a second before pointing at Severus. The black-haired boy gulped. “So, without further ado: sectumsempra!”

A/N: And on that note, Albus, Severus, Rose, Daegan and Dillon have finished their first year! Thank you all for sticking with the gang all the way, and a big shout out to HEG. Their second year is being written at the moment, and once I have more chapters written, I’ll start putting them up. 

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Albus Potter and the New Lord: Epilogue


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