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Young and Beautiful by MissBookWorm
Chapter 1 : Sleepless Nights
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I do not claim any of the lyrics in this chapter, they are the works of Lana del Rey in her song Young and Beautiful,  I only claim my plot line.***********************************************

        Lying there next to Daphne’s sleeping form, Draco found that he couldn’t fall asleep. His mind was on a never-ending carousel just like every other night, while the young woman next to him slept peacefully after another raunchy session in the bed. It didn’t matter who the girl was, it was the same every night; he would have wild crazy sex with the girl of the night and then proceed to toss and turn all through out the night while his latest conquest slept like a baby next to him.


       It should have been different though, for the last month he had been with only Daphne Greengrass. They were what you might call a “couple”, but Draco didn’t do the whole “going steady” thing. He thought that by staying with one woman, it would bring him comfort and some much sought after sleep. But as he lay there staring up at his ceiling willing himself to sleep he let himself slip deep inside his own mind. Draco didn’t like to go into his own thoughts, it was dangerous. He could completely lose himself and then when he came back, he felt exposed and vulnerable as if his emotions were on display for the world to gawk at.


      What am I doing? He turned on his side to look at Daphne’s warm sleeping body. Funny, even though she was warm to the touch, she never kept Draco warm in bed.


      “What are we doing?” Draco whispered to the sleeping beauty.


      Draco let all of his emotions crash over him like an ocean wave as he tried to pinpoint what it was that he was feeling. He felt empty. There was nothing in this life that gave him any real satisfaction. Not the wild parties, or the multitudes of women at his beck and call, not even the Malfoy fortune gave Draco contentment. But that was why he had Daphne now; she would fill the empty void that had taken up residence inside of him. At least that’s what he hoped.


      A part of Draco wondered if Daphne was only with him because of his wealth and status, Merlin knows that’s why ninety-nine percent of the girls at Hogwarts were crazy for him. He looked over at Daphne; her long dark hair still held its curls as it lazily drooped over her eyes. Pushing it out of her face, Draco gently placed a kiss on her forehead.


      “Will you still want me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?” Draco asked Daphne’s sleeping body, but he received no answer. Turning back onto his backside, Draco laced his fingers with Daphne’s and contented himself to lay quietly the rest of the night till dawn.



            The clock on her nightstand read 11:07 PM, Hermione rubbed her eyes. She wanted to climb into her warm bed but she still had a few more first year’s test to grade for their Arithmancy class. Standing up from her recliner, Hermione arched her back and stretched before going over to her window and opening it up letting in the crisp air associated with February nights at Hogwarts, flood her room. She felt herself wake up as the cold air kissed her skin. A cup of tea would help her as she finished up her last few tests for the night, so Hermione left her room and walked down the stairs to the Head’s common room and set about heating up the water for her tea while she hummed.


      Most of the time, Hermione would hum a popular song that was playing on the radio, but on rare occasions she would a hum a tune that she came up with. This was one of those rare occasions. It was slow but had rhythm, if you had heard it, you would have felt like swaying slowly in the arms of your lover. The tune had a bit of jazz sound to it but at the same time it sounded like it was from the modern era.


      Hermione swayed her hips as she continued to hum all the while preparing her tea. Spicy orange zest permeated the common room once Hermione’s tea bag touched the steaming mug of water. A dollop of honey was added to counteract the intense spice of the drink, making it the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Hermione headed back to her room while she hummed.  Lyrics to the tune, began forming in her mind as she entered her private bedroom across the hall from the Head Boy’s private sleeping quarters. Sitting back down at her desk, Hermione quickly jotted down a few lines of lyrics. She took a sip of her tea as she read them over:


I’ve seen the world

Done it all, had my cake now

Diamonds, brilliant, and Bel-Air now

Hot summer nights mid July

When you and I were forever wild

The crazy days, the city lights

The way you’d play with me like a child


      The flow of the words pleased Hermione, and for a moment as she reread them, they reminded her of someone, but she wasn’t sure who. Brushing aside the thought, Hermione turned back to the tests she had been grading. All the while softly humming her new tune till she finished her grading.



            Friday afternoon, Draco pulled himself off of Daphne’s naked sweating body and plopped down onto his back. The past week he had still had no real sleep, but at least he was having mind-blowing sex. Daphne was great in bed; she was well educated in the art of sexual tricks. A thought flickered in Draco’s mind: She has had a lot of practice doing those things, and for a second Draco felt a twinge of jealousy before pushing it away. It wasn’t like he was any saint himself, he had had his fair share of women, and actually he probably had his fair share and then three other men’s fair share of ladies. Yes, Draco had definitely, been “around the block”.


            “ I love it when you handle me like that!” Daphne purred in Draco’s ear.


            “That’s why I do it, love.”


            They both lay there quietly for a moment as they caught their breath after their intense cardio session.


            “You know, your mother will be awful pleased to hear about us,” Daphne winked, “Not to mention that it will be yet another powerful alliance between our families.”


            “Is that your round about way of announcing that you’re marrying me?” Draco chuckled before he leaned into to kiss Daphne on her plump crimson lips.


            “I don’t  see you objecting to it,” Daphne kissed him back.


            “Not at all, a beautiful woman to be at my side all the way into my old age, I couldn’t ask for more.”


            “Don’t talk about being old, that’s gross.”


            “Well my dear, I hate to break it to you, but we won’t be young and beautiful forever. All of that will fade, but it won’t matter because we will still love each other,” Draco smiled at the beautiful naked girl lying next to him.


            “But the money will still be there. The Malfoy fortune is unendingly vast, so we will always have that as well.”


           “Yea I guess,” Draco scratched his head, uneasy about what Daphne just said.


           Daphne pulled the covers back and stepped lightly onto the oak paneled floor, looking around for her panties and bra.




          “Hmm?” Daphne had located her panties but was trying to get her bra down from where it hung on one of Draco’s bedposts.


         “Do you love me?” Draco asked.


         “What?” Daphne finally pulled down bra and looked quizzically at Draco.


         “Do you love me?”


         “Baby, any girl in her right mind would be crazy not to love you. I mean for goodness sakes, you’re a Malfoy.”


       “What does that mean?”


      “Draco you know what I’m talking about. You ‘re always talking about it, being a Malfoy means wealth and power, that’s what makes you attractive. That is why every girl here is in love with you.”


      “So do you love me? Draco asked again, he didn’t like what Daphne was saying so far.


      Daphne was buttoning up the last few buttons on her shirt when she looked at him and smiled. The uneasiness in Draco’s stomach started to dissipate as he looked at Daphne’s smiling face. Daphne walked around to his side of the bed and leaned down kissing him strongly on the lips.


     “Of course I love you sweetheart,” Draco smiled at the words Daphne spoke as she kissed him again, “You’re a Malfoy,” Daphne finished.



      Hermione grabbed her notebook with her notes for the prefect meeting that would be starting in thirty minutes. It had been a long week and Hermione was happy for the weekend to start. All she had left to do was conduct the prefect meeting with the head boy and do some grading this evening. Then the weekend was hers to do with what she wanted. There was a Hogsmeade trip planned for this weekend and Hermione was very excited for it. She had ordered a new book and it would be waiting for her tomorrow at Tomes and Scroll’s bookshop.


     Hermione was singing lightly to herself as she left her room and went to knock on the other Head’s door. The words came freely as she sang them to her tune


Will you still love me

When I'm no longer young and beautiful?

Will you still love me

When I got nothing but my aching soul?,”




            “Draco, we have fifteen minutes before our meeting with the prefects start,” Hermione spoke to the closed oak door. Hermione turned on her heel and headed down the stairs to wait for her fellow Head Boy while continuing to hum and occasionally sing lightly to herself. Hermione was constantly humming,  her new tune stuck in her head.


            Draco felt a frown quickly forming on his face at Daphne’s words, and then his thoughts were interrupted as a loud knock was sounded on his door.


            “Draco, we have fifteen minutes before our meeting with the prefects start,” came Hermione’s muffled voice through the door.


            “I have to go,” Draco spoke with an edge in his voice as he got up and began to dress. Draco felt irritated with Daphne’s statement. What the hell am I with her for if she doesn’t even love the actual me? Why should I reserve myself to one damn woman when I can have who ever and as many women as I want? Draco finished dressing and grabbed his wand off his nightstand before heading to his door.


            “Draco darling, aren’t you forgetting something?” Daphne called after Draco.


           Draco turned back to the dark haired beauty sitting on his bed, “You know the way out,” Draco stated before closing the door and leaving a pouting Daphne alone in his room.











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