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Cherry Blossoms by Lilyrabbit
Chapter 1 : Ruined
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Everyone has a turning point in life. It comes for most at a young age and free of stress. It came for him late and with a whole lot of complications.

The cherry blossom tree. That's where it all started. If it weren't were that cursed tree, he wouldn't be standing there, his robes shredded and torn, blood matted in cakes to his hair, his skin hallow and gaunt, his teeth yellow and not brushed in days, and a loud, crying baby in his arms.

There wasn't a strong bone left in his body, and he was nothing like the carefree, handsome boy he had been in his Hogwarts years. Yes, boy. If only he had been a boy and not a man, and his parents weren't so bloody obsessed with pureblood domination, he could have been in a better state. A much better state.

He was a frail man, the type of man who would break at only the slightest provocation, and he always felt as if he was walking slowly down a never ending spiral that would only lead to his ultimate demise.

His life had gone down, sinking slowly like a ship in torrents of water with every step he took, every breath he inhaled, every word that he spoke. He never seemed to speak the right things or do the right things but rather follow his passion. Follow his deepest desire even if it was dangerous or wrong in every way imaginable.

Cherry blossoms always seemed like sweet things to him, a rich rhapsody shade and emitting the most pleasant scent of perfume. That is, until they ruined his life. For he was as good as a criminal in his parents eyes, and a search team is after him, determined to execute him in a most painful way, and with him, murder his newborn child.

The child gave him not comfort but pain, a reminder of all the loss he had suffered and the wails piercing his eyes, making tears slide down his cheeks as he thought of the child's uncertain and treacherous future. It was his child, the child he had raised for so long and kept in great health, but now he wouldn't even be able to do that. The creation which he had bestowed so much love and care into would vanish. An innocent child, gone because of him. And he couldn't do a single thing about it. That's what hurt the most, the most of countless other things that caused him to suffer. The cherry blossom tree had caused him so much trouble, indeed.

Yet it also gave him a reason to live, a strange but beautiful feeling that spread through every bone in his body and leeched into all of his organs, striking with the force of an arrow, deep into his heart. It was a painful thing and lethal too, but the poison felt good. The poison felt right. And no matter how much damage it had caused, he would never regret it.

He would never regret meeting her, the only light in his dark life, the only beauty in a life filled with dark magic and death lurking at every corner, Rose Weasley.

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