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the fear of falling apart by LightLeviosa5443
Chapter 1 : Boyfriends & Falling Outs
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Third Year

I waved goodbye to my parents and made my way to the open doors of the train. All of my other cousins had run off already to find a compartment that was empty so they could cram into it. Lucy was hanging back with Mum and Dad, she had told me to go on and she'd find me later. So here I was, looking around for a compartment with someone who might let me join them. I peered into the one my cousins were occupying, and tried not to giggle as I saw the small girl sitting in the corner looking overwhelmed by them all.

About halfway down the train and peered into a compartment that had the Scammander twins in it. I shrugged and opened the door, leaning just my head in.

"Mind if I join you in here? Everywhere else seems to be full." I smiled at them, blushing a little when Lorcan looked up at me.

Lorcan and I were both Ravenclaws, and I had studied with him on several occassions. It wasn't really a secret that I had a little crush on him, I think even he knew. Lysander didn't look up when I asked the question, but Lorcan smiled back at me and nodded to the seat across from him. I sighed in relief at finding a compartent (and at the fact that he hadn't rejected me) and dragged my trunk in behind me, lifting it up almost effortlessly onto the rack above my head.

"So, are you excited for the school year, Molly?" Lorcan had closed the book he was reading and set it neatly beside him, a thin piece of paper marking his spot.

"I am, I really think it's going to be a challenging year, I want to maintain my ." It was no secret that I was first in our year, much to Lorcan's chagrin.

"Well, I think you'll have some competition." He winked at me and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach flutter to life and a blush spread across my cheeks.

We talked the whole rest of the ride, about everything. From the classes we were taking this year, to what we thought we might want to do after Hogwarts. Lysander had left the compartment about thirty minutes into our conversation, commenting on how boring we were. I couldn't help but notice the way Lorcan kept looking at me, the winks, the casual we he touched my arm. I had been resting my legs on the seat next to him, and more than once he rested his hand on my ankles. Every time he did, I lost my breath and just stared at him.

We were nearing the end of the train ride, and had both already changed into our school robes. I had picked up Lorcans book to take a look at it, out of curiosity and I was about to sent it down when I caught him just staring at me. I set it down and looked back at him, an eyebrow raised in question.

"You know, Molly, I think it might be smart if we were a couple." My heart was racing, was Lorcan Scammander asking me out?!

"Lorcan, are you.." He cut me off, holding up a hand, and I bit my lip, trying to contain my excitement.

"I think we should start dating, you know, you be my girlfriend. It'd be a wise move." I didn't think twice about the way he was talking to me, he was always this proper. I cleared my throat and composed himself, Lorcan didn't react well to a display of emotions.

"I think that would be a great idea."

He beamed at me and we got off the train holding hands.


The year progressed much the same as the previous ones, with one exception, Lorcan was now my boyfriend. We went everywhere together. I would wait for him to come down in the morning and we'd accompany each other to breakfast, often talking about our classes for the day, or the homework we were anticipating. He'd read the prophet at breakfast and I knew to eat in silence. We'd sit next to each other in classes and study together in free periods. At night we sat next to each other in the common room, and I couldn't help but smile at how perfect it all was. Lorcans voice snapped me out of my voice and I looked at him apologetically.

We were sitting in the nearly empty Library and he had been going on about his family.

"I hate how whimsical they are. Talking about creatures that don't exist and going for walks barefoot. Grandfather is worse than mother, too. They're all a bunch of loons, apparently people used to call mother Loony, when she went to school here, I'd say the name fits." I frowned at what he was saying.

"Well, but isn't your family being whimsical something you love about them? I mean, I love how insane my family is, even if Fred and James are forever making messes and destroying everything they touch." I looked at him when I said this and noted the immediate disgust on his face.

"You know, Molly, it's not proper to interrupt someone when they're talking. Especially your boyfriend. You should take care to know when to speak. A lady always knows her place." I frowned, but shut my mouth, and when he went back to studying I excused myself from the table and packed my bag to go to the common room.

As I was leaving the Library one of my cousins ran into me, and I snapped at them, telling them to get out of my way, before practically running up to the Common Room. I felt horrid. I had interrupted Lorcan, offending him, and I had snapped at an already distant cousin. I wanted to cry, but I knew should Lorcan walk in, he would disapprove. I sat in a corner chair and opened the book Lorcan had been reading on the train ride up to Hogwarts. I wasn't really paying attention to what it said, I had no interest. I was too wrapped up in how awful I had been.

Lorcan came in when I was nearing the end of the book, and he walked right up to me. I looked up, and the moment I saw him I sat up straight and crossed my legs, the way he insisted I always did. He smiled at me and took my hand. When I stood up he kissed me. It was a short kiss, one that didn't draw much attention, but it made my lips tingle, and my cheeks blush. It was a kiss that screamed Lorcan, and it made me forget my actions earlier.


Hi everyone!

This is my new Molly II/OC short story! I originally meant for it to be a one-shot, but it just sort of expanded itself, and now I've got a full blown short-story on my hands! I hope you liked the first chapter, and I'd love your thoughts and opinions and general reactions to the story! 


xoxo Sarah 

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the fear of falling apart: Boyfriends & Falling Outs


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