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A Blossoming Romance by potterfan310
Chapter 8 : Bridesmaids, Best Men And Sober Kisses
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Stunning CI by mcdash @ TDA!

I haven't seen Albus since that moment when the tickling turned to heated kissing. In fact I've avoided the Potter household all together and the blind on my window has been kept firmly shut much to Chloe's protests of wanting to let the sunlight in.

My alarm had gone off ten minutes ago and right now I was not a happy person as I was being made to get up at five am. Five o'clock in the morning! It's ridiculous especially since I worked last night meaning I've had like two hours sleep.

The twenty-sixth of August is going to be memorable, that's for sure.

Whether it be me for falling asleep in the pictures or for not being as happy as I should.

But more than that, today is the fateful day that my baby sister will get  married.

Normally, I'm used to waking up and going to bed at weird times but getting up at five to travel into central London to the hotel was a bit far fetched in my opinion. So was the cover story that Chloe had come up with.

Since I was with in on the story, I had to be there when she told mum and dad a pack of lies. We were apparently going into muggle London early to hit the shops before going for lunch and finishing the day of with some spa treatment and staying in a hotel for the night.

Believe it or not they actually bought it and for a moment I nearly did as well because it did sound like it would be so fun, just me and her having sisterly bonding and all that.

This however was not the sisterly bonding I had imagined.

"Alyssa, shift your arse and get out of bed," Chloe whined as I heard her moving around.

I pulled my pillow from under my head and covered myself with it mumbling some reply.

"Alyssa!" Chloe hissed again, this time pulling my quilt and blanket off me, exposing me to the cold air in our room.

I groaned as I reluctantly lifted my head and promptly groaned again at having seen the time. I felt something wet touched my foot and I instantly sprang up. Looking around I saw Chloe trying not to wet herself with laughter as she held out a bit ham above the place where my foot had been. Our fluffy, white cat, Snowflake, looked miffed as she meowed at Chloe who promptly fed her the ham.

"Not funny," I growled as I stalked past her grabbing clothes and underwear and headed for a shower.

I was really not a morning person.


My shower had woken me up, but not only that, the lure of food downstairs was calling. I walked into the kitchen, drying my hair with a towel and found mum in her pyjamas and blue spotted dressing gown, bustling about.

She smiled when she saw me. "Morning, Lyss, I've made you and Chloe some breakfast as well as some coffee to go."

This was one of the reasons I loved my mother so very much, as well as one of the reasons I hated lying to her. I draped the towel over my shoulder and went and hugged her.

"Thank you," I said and then kissed her on the cheek. "Love you, mum."

"I love you too, Alyssa. Make sure you and Chloe enjoy yourself, maybe next time me and Ade will have to join you if we weren't so busy with work or in your sister's case, with Hayden."

My smile was forced, oh boy if she knew the real reason I'd be cowering in my bedroom.

I kissed her again. "Of course, it would be so much fun."

With that mum left me and I helped myself to the orange juice, toast and porridge that she had done. One stressful day ahead was soon looking slightly better now that I had food. Chloe joined me minutes after mum had left.

She was practically drooling as she sat down at the breakfast bar with me. "Mmm, it looks so good," she commented as she helped herself to porridge and sprinkled it with with strawberries and banana.

"We have mum to thank for that."

The pair of us ate in silence, the only sound was that of Snowflake meowing to be fed properly. Once she was fed Snowflake was happy to curl up on my lap whilst I scratched her behind her ears.

Thanks to mum and dad insisting on us having muggle technology as well, Chloe pulled out her mobile phone as she drank the remainder of her juice. "Come on, Lyss, we need to be out of here by six."

"Yes, boss," I muttered sarcastically as I moved Snowflake and put her on top of the laundry basket that had dirty washing in. I put our plates and dishes in the dishwasher, as it was the least I could do for mum was clear up especially as I was being a bad daughter right now, before heading upstairs.

From upstairs Chloe brought a small suitcase which contained everything she needed apparently whilst I brought the battered pink bag that I use when I go away for weekends. Chloe had mostly told me what to pack and I was glad because I wasn't very clued up on what was happening.

Pulling a hoodie on I grabbed my cars keys, gave a whispered goodbye to mum and dad and left the house. The car was packed with not only Chloe's stuff and mine, but Albus' sports bag and Lily's little suitcase as well.

The three bridesmaid dresses Chloe had also ordered off line with Lily's help, had been lying on the back seat of my car for the past two days. My yellow bug was on the drive with Chloe waiting for me along with two others, the three of them holding a large dress bag which I assumed was Chloe's dress.

I carefully took the bridesmaid dresses out allowing Chloe to get in whilst Albus and Lily held the big dress bag. It was at this moment that I was thankful our parents room looked over the back garden rather than the front.

"What excuse did you two spin your parents?" I asked as Lily climbed into the back off my car and I handed her the bridesmaid dresses which were also is bags, she draped them over her and Chloe as Albus proceeded to pass them the big one.

Once they were in, Albus and I got into the front.

"I didn't spin no lie, I simply said I was going out with friends."

I scoffed as I put my seatbelt on before starting the engine. "And they believed that, going out with friends at six in the morning. Yeah right."

"Fine," he huffed, "I left a note saying work had wanted me to come in."

I blinked as we pulled out of our road. "You have a job?" I hadn't meant it to come out like I was so surprised but he laughed anyway.

"Yeah in the Three Broomsticks, sometimes in one of uncle George's shops." Albus informed me shrugging.

"I said I was going out with Kate shopping," Lily piped up from the back. "She's meeting us there along with the twins and Hugo."

The car ride was boring as hell and despite the games Lily insisted on playing, I was looking forward to just getting to the hotel and having a nap. After getting lost, twice, we eventually found the place. It was grand looking on the outside, with a large front and so many windows I would probably lose count. When I pulled up to the private car park a very nice looking man in a suit helped register my car for the night, as well as allocating me a parking spot and having a concierge come and collect our bags when I mentioned we were a wedding party.

We rode up in the lift not having to worry about carrying our belongings thanks to our cute little concierge named Robin who had them on a golden trolley along with the dresses which were hung neatly. At the main reception we booked in and Robin then took us to our rooms.

We had three rooms which were on different floors, ours and the boys were on floor two whilst the other room was on floor four. I wasn't sure why we needed three rooms but I didn't like to question Chloe now on her wedding day, as I had barely shown interest in the planning. Well except for my dress, help with the boys suits, the cake and hair and make-up.

I thanked Robin with a money tip and an offer to come to the wedding which he declined.

"Well if you change your mind," I said as I made to shut the door. "You know where I am," I added with a wink which made him blush. Laughing once the door shut,  I span around to investigate the room which had a double and a single bed.

Chloe was too busy fretting over the dresses to notice anything else and I sighed knowing I should help her. I took each of our bridesmaid dresses out of their bags and hung them up on the edge of the wardrobe. Together they looked nice but I wasn't so sure, I liked the colours but maybe not together. But like Chloe had said finding one colour to match my blonde hair, Lily's ginger and Kate's black was going to be hard.

"Sleeping arrangements?" I inquired as I eyed up the beds.

"Why do you think we booked three rooms, you three will be in here tonight and me and Lorcan will be in our own private room," Chloe replied without looking at me as she carefully hung her dress up, making sure it was still in the bag. I had yet to see it and I was anxiously waiting too.

Lily and Kate giggled while I pulled a disgusted face since I think I knew why they were giggling.

"Can I sleep now?" I questioned Chloe since I was pretty much in the dark on what was happening, plus it was still early.

I swear I heard her sigh and mutter something about it being her wedding day before she actually turned to look at me. "Yes, you can sleep, Lyss. But at half eight we're going shopping then coming back for breakfast before ten. Then we're making the most of the spa, the hairdresser comes at twelve. We'll get ready between half twelve to half one and then leave at half one to get to the registry office," she explained.

"Wake me up at quater past eight then," I mumbled as I kicked my shoes off and flopped onto the single bed. There was talk between them as I took my mobile out of my pocket, setting an alarm on it. Blocking out the others I shut my eyes.


My dreams had confused me big time, I swear that Albus had appeared in them which made me feel even more confused as well as speeding my heart rate up.

I was glad when I got woken up to go shopping. It was fun I admit, plus we did some of the posh shops. On the way back to the hotel we had stopped in a cute little vintage shop and Chloe bought us a necklace and matching bracelet each. Each one with different coloured gem stones to match our dresses.

Chloe was certainly a bit of a bridezilla and she insisted on her plan running like clockwork. We got back to the hotel with our purchases and put them back in our room before heading down for breakfast at ten to ten. All that shopping had made my stomach rumble despite my earlier breakfast and I happily tucked into a small cooked breakfast.

The boys joined us not long after and Chloe got all shy and moaned that Lorcan shouldn't see her before the wedding because of it being bad luck. We all told her to shut up, nicely of course, and to eat her food.

I admit so far it's been fun despite the early wake up call. It's strange knowing that in a few hours time Chloe will no longer be a Darcey, she'll be a Scamander. Albus kept looking at me and every now and again his foot would 'accidentally' brush my own under the table thanks to him sitting opposite me.

Although I don't think it was no accident that he was playing footsies with me. What worried me was that I was doing it right back at him.


Chloe appeared to be on auto pilot and was go-go-go from the moment we left the dining hall. I barely had time to digest my food when she wanted me to get my swimming stuff. The boys were apparently off to the hotel's gym before going to watch films, well it's nice to be a boy.

By the time our swim was over and we had mocktails in the hot tub (fancy I know!) and had a massage which was so good, it was twelve o'clock and I was exhausted.

I'm was starting to think that I'll have to save up so that I can either bring Ade and Chloe as part of a Christmas gift or maybe mum for her birthday. Or even Rose, Dom and Bri because it is so good and there seems to be a lot of hunky men around too. Which was always a plus!

Kate was having her hair done whilst myself and Lily were lounging on the double bed. As Chloe couldn't sit still she was wandering around the room.  I was playing around on my phone texting Albus, when there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it," I called as I jumped up despite no one else moving.

Opening it I was so happy to see it was our room service in the form of Robin from earlier.

"Ladies, room service is here," he told us stumbling slightly over his words as he pushed the cart in that had fancy looking items on it.

The smell of food enticed Lily and Kate over whilst behind me Chloe grumbled about not having a photographer as she always wanted to have pictures of us getting ready together.

I partly shut the door behind me as I got my purse. Robin smiled as I tipped him once more.

"What?" I questioned. "Do you know some top notch photo guy who can come this instant and be happy with fifty quid."

"Sure! Although he's not so top notch as you put it. Y'see I take a photography course at University. I finish my shift now at half twelve and I have my camera with me as I was going to take some pictures in the park," Robin babbled as he twisted his hands together nervously.

My face lit up as I hugged him. "Robin you are a star!" I exclaimed as I put my hands either side of his face and kissed him smack bang in the middle of his forehead, just as I spotted Albus walking towards our room. "Can you come by when you've finished, I know she'd love ones of us before we leave the hotel."

He nodded, blushing from my unexpected kiss. "Sure thing."

After leaving the trolley with the food he  backed off down the corridor. Albus' gaze followed him all the way until he turned the corner.

"I just came to see if you wanted to hit the bar, celebrate and all that," Albus mumbled.

I blushed for some reason, it was strange having Albus see me kiss some guy I've know for all of a morning, if that.

"I'd love to, but Chloe needs me before she completely freaks out," I replied.

He shrugged. "Maybe later then."

With that he walked off and I went back into the room with a weird feeling in my stomach.


Getting ready was a lot of fun and despite the fact Chloe, Kate and Lily were all still under age to drink. I got us a bottle of champagne because she's my sister and she needed to go out with a bang. Robin arrived at around twenty to one just as Chloe was getting her hair done. He had his fancy camera with him and took a few pictures of Chloe getting her hair and make-up done whilst myself, Kate and Lily sat on the double bed drinking the champagne as we our hair was all done.

Thanks to us all having either medium or long hair, we had it in curls with little clips each with a flower on in the same colour as our dresses pinning two side parts in the middle. We took turns going to get changed in the bathroom once the hairdresser was gone. Robin was talking to Chloe about what sort of pictures she'd like and whatever other stuff you have the photographer do at weddings. I'm no expert so don't bother asking me.

Our dresses were all the same; one shoulder with a flower on the strap and they came to just above the knee, each in a different colour. I was in pale pink, Kate had a mint green and Lily had pale blue. The necklaces Chloe had bought us earlier this morning were now situated around our necks and our shoes which matched our dresses and were very sparkly, were upon our feet.

In keeping with wedding tradition, I had presented Robin and his camera as the something borrowed whilst for the blue Lily and Kate had gotten her a garter. The three of us had chipped together to buy the something new in the form of a necklace with an infinity sign as a representation of her and Lorcan's love (yes it's sappy but Kate came up with the idea). And just before the hairdresser had gone I asked her to put a small hairpin with a jewelled flower on it, into Chloe's hair.

Looking down at it, she smiled as if remembering the times when we were little and mum did out hair with that pin. It was one of the ones that had been in her hair the day she got married as it was passed on from her mother and her mother's mother. I just hoped that I could sneak it back into mum's jewellery box without her realising it was ever gone.

I went to seek out the boys as Chloe had ordered me to leave as she didn't want me to see her dress yet. Knocking on the door of room two three eight, there was a grunt from within which sounded a lot like Hugo.

It was Albus who opened the door and I swear his mouth nearly hit the floor.

"What?" I questioned as he pulled himself together.

"Nothing, just..." he trailed off. "You look stunning, Lyss."

I smiled. "Thank you. You don't look so bad yourself." I replied as I took in his suit, crisp white shirt complete with pale pink tie. In fact he looked really good, better than normal. Maybe that was why it felt like there were butterflies having a party in my stomach.

Hugo, Lysander and Lorcan were all dressed similar to Albus, each with a different tie. Lysander had pale blue to match Lily's dress whilst Hugo had mint green to match Kate's. Lorcan had a plain black tie and I could instantly tell he was nervous from the way he was pacing the room.

"Lyss?" he questioned. "She's not having second thought is she?" he asked sounded panicked.

I shook my head. "Of course not, she just didn't want me to see her in her dress until she was ready."

I was surprised to see they were still watching films on the TV but then again they are boys, it's not like they would think of making sure they had important items.

"Have you got the rings?" I asked making sure that my thoughts were not about to come true.

Lysander nodded. "Yeah course I have, Alyssa. I'm not that useless."

"Which is why I'm looking after them," Albus muttered just loud enough for me to hear.

In reply I whispered sarcastically, "And where would we I be without you?"

"About to make a stupid decision to go skinny dipping in the black lake in the middle of winter," he retorted and I froze.

Somehow I don't think I'm ever going to live that dare down. My stupidest moment in seventh year was when I came up with a game of dares for my group of friends and some others, which were to last the  whole school year.

My defining moment was probably when Dom dared me. It was days before we were due to break up for the Christmas holidays and we had snuck out of the castle and as reluctant as I was about him getting involved he did, so we got out with the help of Albus' Marauders Map. The girls were by the beech tree were I had left my clothes and  headed to the water. One of them called 'and your underwear' and I was about to take it off when there was a hand on my shoulder.

Looking around I found the girls and my clothes had gone. As for the hand on my shoulder that was Albus, who stood there awkwardly as he said something about the lake being at freezing temperatures and I could get hypothermia and die. I guess he saved me from doing something really stupid but not as stupid as getting caught getting back in the castle, with me in my underwear and Albus' pyjama and him in just his pyjama bottoms.

My phone which was in my hand rang, bringing me out of my thoughts and stopping me from replying to Albus. I had a brief conversation with Kate saying Chloe was ready and I was to go back.

"You lot best head over to the registry office, Chloe's ready," I informed them as I made to leave their room. "Now, you best leave now."

Al put his hand on my arm. "Go, Lyss, I'll make them move." He smiled and I smiled back at him as I left.

 When I knocked I could hear them inside, the door opened a crack allowing me to see Kate's face.

"You have to cover your eyes," she informed me. I did as she said and then she led me into the room. Kate positioned me in what felt like the middle of the room before saying, "Open your eyes."

I gasped when I saw her. She looked stunning, her long brown hair was in a braid, which came down over her left shoulder and along with the flower clip that was mum's, there were others dotted throughout the braid.  Her dress was fitted at the waist and hips and just below her bust was a jewelled band. The bottom half was all ruffled and it made her look like a mermaid. It was so strange seeing her looking so grown up.

"Wow!" I breathed as I felt myself welling up. "Chlo, you look amazing. Come here." I hugged her as tight as I possibly could.

Breaking apart she laughed quietly. "Don't cry, Lyss, you'll only set me off."

I had forgotten about my phone, which was still in my hand until it beeped with a text from Albus.

We've arrived. Al.

"They're there, Chlo, we best get going."

She nodded as she carefully dabbed at her eyes, as Lily picked up her bouquet of flowers as well as mine, whilst Kate carried her own and Chloe's. Chloe's had a mix of white, blue, pink and pale green flowers whilst mine was made up of pinks and purples. Kate's was made up of greens and whites whilst Lily had blues and yellows.

Robin took a few pictures before we left the room and whilst we were stood in the hotel's foyer before we left for the registry office.


The registry office was quite a nice looking building. There were columns out the front at the top of the steps, it was a bit dull in colour but I did like the domes on the top on either side. Chloe looked at me and smiled, her hand squeezing mine. I squeezed back as she blinked away a tear.

"You okay?" I whispered to her as Robin got out followed by Kate and Lily who went to pay the taxi driver, but he was refusing the money as he had a bride in the car.

Chloe sniffled. "I think so, I just wish mum, dad, Ade, Hayden and everyone else was here. It would make it beyond perfect," she murmured.

"I know," I agreed as I kissed her her forehead. "Come on lets go get you married."

"You're the best sister I could ask for." she murmured as I held up the bottom of her dress whilst the driver helped her out.

Once out, the five of us walked past the bustle of people on the street who smiled as they past and made our way up the steps. Despite it being nearly two in the afternoon there was a group of four girls and three guys outside the registry office, they didn't exactly looked dressed for a wedding, more a night out so I went to talk to them. Just to make sure there were enough of us, I asked if they would be witnesses and they agreed.

After introductions we went inside where we were directed to the second floor, room thirteen which was apparently on the end. The registrar was in the foyer ready to great us. She was clutching two bits of paper and asked for Chloe's permission slip and birth certificate which I handed over. After checking it with the letter I had borrowed from mum's shop which also had her signature on, she nodded and informed me that she'd take us upstairs.

Kate handed Chloe her bouquet and Lily passed me mine, as Robin wanted a picture of the four of us stood on the fancy staircase. We went up the middle stairs which then split into two going up either side. Just as we had been told, room thirteen was right on the end of the left. Robin went on ahead into the room to get in position for whatever he and Chloe had talked about, as well as those I had grabbed off the street.

"Ready?" I whispered as I made sure the bottom of her dress was all neat.

Chloe smiled brightly as she nodded. "Lets do this."

Kate and Lily stood in front of me ready and the doors opened at exactly two, according to the clock on the wall. The room itself was pretty big and to my surprise it was one that was under the dome that I had saw when we were outside meaning that there was a lot of sunlight streaming in. There was a white carpet going down the centre aisle and all of the chairs were white.

Once Kate and Lily had gone, I walked down next clutching my flowers tight, willing myself not to fall over. I swear as I walked past, one of the guys muttered, 'She looks hot.'

Chloe wasn't far behind me, I knew that from the look of utter joy on Lorcan's face, it was priceless. It was that moment I knew how much he loved my little sister, just from the look on his face. I went off to the left side, sitting in the front row next to Kate and Lily whilst the boys were sat on the right side. Albus smiled at me from where he sat next to Lysander who was by the aisle like me.

Turning back to the front the ceremony began.
It was a bit boring, all weddings are aren't they? Then again I was ten, the last time I went to a wedding. Funnily enough it was here as well, only because uncle Michael and Kevin couldn't get married in a church. The registrar did the legal stuff before Chloe and Lorcan recited the vows they had written and exchanged rings.

"I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may k-" She didn't even get to finish her sentence as Lorcan was already kissing Chloe. From behind us there were cheers and I smiled.

Next to me Kate handing me a tissue and I wasn't sure why but then I felt tears roll down my cheeks. They were happy tears not sad ones, Chloe was happy, I could see that from just one glance at her. They signed the register along with myself and Albus. I almost laughed when the two of them held it up proudly as Robin took a picture.

The newly wed couple left first followed by myself and Albus, Kate and Hugo and Lily and Lysander. Robin was still doing his thing with his camera and before we could go downstairs he took more photo's. After thanking the group I had nabbed off the street we left the building, greeted by a flurry of confetti as we came out the doors.

Once outside I hugged both her and Lorcan, he was family now after all. "Congratulations," I whispered in his ear as I tried not to cry any more.

"Let's go party!" Lorcan announced as he gathered up the bottom of Chloe's dress to carry so it wouldn't get dirty as she walked. Albus offered me his arm, which I took and we walked down the street together.


I hadn't noticed it before but there was a pub on the corner, called 'The Iron Horse'. Like the gentleman he is Lorcan held the door open for Chloe and there was a roar of excitement inside. I genuinely didn't have a clue as to what was going on until I entered. The pub was quite crowded as there appeared to be some muggle sporting game on one of the many TV's but having seen Chloe in her wedding dress there were cheers and shouts of 'congratulations' as we passed.

The room we had was fairly big and when Chloe and Lorcan entered a bunch of party poppers went off as well as more confetti.

I had to blink a few times because there was at least ten people here, I just about recognised a few as Chloe's friends and dorm mates from Hogwarts whilst the others were Lorcan's friends. There were three round tables set up with the fancy shenanigans you would expect as well as little place cards. It didn't come as much of a surprise that I was sat next to Albus after the earlier events of today. There were a few balloons and banners with 'just married' on dotted around the room.

Our meal was made up of three courses, soup, chicken dinner and my personal favourite chocolate fudge cake. It combines two of my favourite things chocolate and cake. In the corner a DJ was already set up in front of the dance floor. I had no idea how Chloe could have organised all of this because her dress looking like it could cost thousands and ours looked just as expensive but I know I only had to pay sixty quid.

I actually had no idea when or how he proposed and I suppose now it was a bit late to ask. I was pretty curious about how they managed to pay for all of this and I swear to Merlin if they confounded anyone to get out of paying (not that they would) I would give them hell.

Robin hung around so he could get the shots of the first dance and them cutting the cake which was two sponge tiers covered with white icing, that I had decorated with icing pens. Now that was fun and I don't think Chloe's noticed that I mucked up on the one side. Although I made sure that was hidden from her view.

I sat with him chatting and we exchanged phone numbers, I didn't care if he could do magic or not, he was genuinely a nice person. And once the DJ started playing music Robin asked me to dance. I don't think I've laughed so much, because it was both awkward yet funny at the same time.  I swear at one point I saw Albus downing a shot of something as he glanced my way looking annoyed.

Robin's eyes widened when I pulled three crisp twenty pound notes from out of my bra and stuffed them into the little pocket on the front of his shirt. "For being a fabulous photographer and for making my sister's day a hundred times better," I told him.

"Can I have this dance?" Albus asked appearing at Robin's shoulder.

"Of course, I need to get my camera," Robin replied as Al took over, his one hand resting on my waist the other in my hand. It was a fairly slow song which I wasn't took happy about but I didn't really care.

After our dance we cleared the floor as Chloe and Lorcan took centre stage dancing to some soppy love song. I was pressed close to Albus as we watched them twirl and sway both grinning like Cheshire cats.

If that was what true love looked like, I really needed to get myself a boy like that.


The night seemed to pass in a bit of a blur and after leaving the pub around midnight we headed back to the hotel. Kate had took my flowers from me saying something about putting them in water for the night, so I stopped at the bar to have a quick drink with Albus as we were the only ones old enough.

On the way back up to our rooms, the strangest thing happened. As we left the bar I was babbling on about how maybe my mum was right and I do need a guy. But if I do get one I want him to look at me the same way that Lorcan had been looking at Chloe all day, that look just said it all really.

Albus said the weirdest thing in reply as we got into the lift. "Well maybe he's been staring at you all this time and you just never knew it."

I shrugged. "Maybe, but I'm pretty sure I'd know."

"Really, Lyss?" he questioned as he closed the gap between us. "Are you sure?" he asked again as his face got very close to mine, so close in fact that his breath was tickling me.

I gulped. "I'm sure," I whispered before I kissed him, wrapping my arms around his neck as I did so. I didn't care that we were in a lift or that people could walk in, I didn't even care that I wasn't even drunk or that it was Albus Potter I was kissing.

I just knew that all those butterflies I had been getting were certainly alive and my whole body felt on fire whilst he was kissing me back. Our little bubble burst when there was a ding, meaning we had arrived on our floor.

I was breathing heavyily as I loosened my arms from around his neck and his one hand came from around my waist. Nothing was said as we left the lift, walking down the corridor until we came to a little nook where the door to the cleaners cupboard was. I backed up against the wall and Albus was soon in front of me, his hands running up my sides, snaking around my waist and getting lost in my hair. I was lost with the passion and heat between us, memories flooding back of that green eyes boy I'd been kissing at Ayli birthday and I completely forgot everything around us.

Resurfacing I went to say something but Albus put two fingers on my lips. "Shh," he whispered. "Don't say a word, Lyss. Don't ruin the moment."

I didn't argue but squealed when he scooped me in his arms and carried me bridal style the rest of the way to my room. I kicked my legs in protest at first so he would put me down. When he didn't and I still waved my legs, Albus kissed me some more to stop me.

Nothing was said between us as he loosened his grip on me, allowing me to jump down. He kissed my forehead. "Night, Lyss."

"Night, Albus," I muttered in reply, fumbling to get my room card out of my little clutch bag. I felt like I was on a high when I entered the room and I was surprised to see Chloe here, considering she and Lorcan now had their own room.

"You," I pointed my finger at Chloe trying to be quiet.

As from the looks of things Lily was already fast asleep on one half of the double bed and the light coming from the bathroom told me Kate would soon be following her.

"As much as I really don't want to think of this and I really don't," I told her. "It's your wedding night, it's bound to happen. But please for the love of Merlin use some sort of contraception because I am not seeing you be a mother, Chloe, at seventeen or eighteen. Okay."

Her mouth formed a perfect little 'o' and her cheeks suddenly had a pink tinge to them, as she realised I was on about sex. Chloe nodded. "Lyss, I promise we will. We're not stupid."

"Oh and another thing, swear to me now that you did not get married because you're already pregnant?" I asked as her hand hovered above the door handle.

"I told you before, Lyss, I'm not pregnant and I don't plan on being pregnant for at least a few years." Chloe explained as I watched her carefully, trying to spot any of the little things that she tends to do when she lies. "We're finishing Hogwarts and then we might go travelling, just me and Lorcan. Kids aren't in our equation just yet."

I let out a sigh of relief as I fiddled with the pin holding my hair together, letting it be free once more. "Loves you, Chlo."

She smiled. "Loves you too and thank you for today."

Chloe then left as Kate came out the bathroom, I grabbed my night stuff and went to get changed, climbing in bed next to Lily as Kate had taken the single.

My thoughts were of Albus, my lips still tingling from his kisses.

The second I hit the pillow, my eyes shut and I mumbled, "Good night."

A/N Boom! Chloe and Lorcan are married and Lyss and Albus are slowly getting it on! Chloe's dress and the bridesmaids can be found on my blog (Link is on my author's page). Also Kayla (ohmymerlin) you are literally a star for all the tips, thank you so much!

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