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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 34 : Back to School
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 Back to School



“I can’t believe my little girl is leaving tomorrow to go back to school already!” My mum’s voice was too loud this early in the morning as she put a full plate of eggs and toast in front of me.




My mum had come back from her tropical vacation with her newest boytoy to find me crying in the living room with a tub of ice cream and re-runs of muggle addiction shows on. To put in nicely, she was highly concerned about me.




Her new boyfriend who’s name is Romeo had left to go back to his home so my mum and I could have some quality time together. And by quality time together I mean she can harass me to tell her what happened while I flick her off.




True love from the Patil family.




I mumbled something along the lines of, “Oh such joy!” mixed with a little, “Back to that hell hole.” I violently mushed around the eggs and toast, creating a brown muddled pile of goop. My stomach has been growling for god knows how long but I could find the strength to put the food in my mouth.




I know the horror. Since when does Brielle Patil willingly not eat?




It’s a crime, I tell you!




Mum tisked at me, “Don’t you go saying that lark, Brielle, you love Hogwarts.” She ruffled my hair before planting a sloppy kiss on my cheek.




I made a face, “Yeah, I love Hogwarts just not so much the people anymore.” I wiped my face off with the back of my sweatshirt, frowning. “And please, for the love of Merlin, can you stop wearing that horrific lipstick?”




Since returning from her vacation looking three shades darker and having a boyfriend three decades younger my mom has decided to wear red lipstick every day. Don’t get me wrong, red is a nice color and it matches well with our skin but not when you wear it every day.




I mean, c’mon, last night when I went to go wake her up at 3 am in the morning because I couldn’t figure out how to work the muggle computer she was wearing the stupid lipstick to bed.




That’s just bloody weird.




“I’ll stop wearing my lipstick when you shower and change your clothes. You smell like a pile of bird dung.”




Touché mother.




It was true, alas. I have been on a hunger strike mixed with a little personal hygiene strike as well for the hell of it because I’m not in the mood to impress anyone.




I was still currently wearing the same hoodie that I was wearing when Bill dropped off my luggage. I wasn’t willing to open up my luggage in fear that they may have put an exploding bomb in it for all I know. I mean, after all, someone did have to re-pack my stuff back up.




“I smell like bloody flowers, for your information.” I stuck my nose up high in the air before taking the plate and dumping the contents into the trash.




I could feel my mother’s eyes on me as she let out a huff of air, “Honey, you need to eat. You’ve lost so much weight since the last time I saw you. I know you’re in a rut but you shouldn’t punish your body.”




I ignored her and instead hummed a tune as I drank the last of my juice and put the cup in the sink.




“You need to shower as well, honey. You’re a mess.” She kept on going.




I tried to block her out so I hummed a bit louder, throwing in some random song lyrics. “Witch, you light up my wand like nobody else – “




“ – and you need to start responding to all these stupid letters all your friends are sending you –“ she waved a stack full of letters in her hand.




“ – the way you flip your cloak makes me wanna fly! You don’t know, oh no, you don’t know you’re a witch girl!” I finished the lyrics out strong, raising my voice to a new level of annoyingness.




I should be a professional singer.




My mother just stared at me with a frown before shoving the stack full of letters into my hands. She said, “If you’re going to go back and sulk in your room for your last day back home you might as well take all these letters with you.”




I made a face as I held the heavy stack of paper. “Fine, I guess.” I grumbled as I turned on my heel and made my way to my room.




The door shut with a loud thud as I dumped the letters onto my bed. I had no interest to see what any of them had to say for themselves so I pulled my nearest garbage tin close to me and conjured a fire in it.




I shall burn them!




Har har!




I am the cleverest witch alive.




I began to toss the letters in, only reading the name of the senders. The first one was from Albus, the next two from Dominique, the third was written in Fred’s horrible handwriting, with the next one from James…the list went on and on.




They all sent me thousands of letters it was honestly ridiculous.




I was down to my last one and right when I was getting ready to chuck that shit into the fire I noticed that it had a different family crest on it and was written in a different handwriting. I peered down at the name on the sender flap.








Oh my Merlin.




Shit dawg dilly dawg.




Yo, TPG mailed me. No way Jose.








Just kidding she’s still in hibernation but she’s doing a little dance of excitement from inside her cave.




I sat down on my bed, putting out the fire so I could properly read the mail without having to worry about catching my house on fire. I pulled at the flap and took the letter out. The ink was thick on the heavy paper as I smoothed it out on my lap so I could read it.




It read;




‘Dear Brielle,




Hey, It’s Josh! Well, I mean, clearly you would know that already because my name is on the front of the envelope but whatever. It was really nice seeing you again in Diagon Alley and I really think we should stay in touch. I don’t know how busy you are this winter break but maybe we can hang out sometime or possibly when you get back into school. I live really close to campus and I’m always lurking around during quidditch games.




Let me know.




Josh B. Fabel’




Okay, so it may not be much but it was something. This stupid letter was probably the best thing that had happened to be in the past couple days and I was glad for it. So stinking glad.




I scurried to my school bag so I could pull out a spare piece of parchment paper and a feather, smothering it in ink so I could scrawl a quick response back.








I’m so sorry this took so long to get back to you! This break has been…crazy and a lot of stuff has happened. I would love to catch up and meet with you. I’m going back to school tomorrow but maybe during one of the Hogsemede trips?




Brielle xx’




I put the two xx’s on the paper without even thinking and before I could smack myself in the face for being so stupid the ink had already dried. I made a face however I rolled it up and put a sticky note with his address on it.




I shoved it to the side of my bedroom, knowing my mum would pick it up when she went to go give our owl all the mail to deliver for the end of the day.




At least some things are going right now.








“I don’t want to go. Please don’t make me.” I practically begged my mum with a frown.




I felt like I was eleven again, staring at the train like it was the scariest thing possible except for this time it really was. I had almost no one. I couldn’t sit with the Wotters – that was sure as hell true. Amelia and I weren’t on good terms and I had no clue where Leslie stood on this whole entire situation.




It was such a mess and I didn’t know how to handle myself.




“You’ll be fine, Brielle.” My mum gave me a squeeze before pulling me away and looking me dead in the eyes. “Like I said,  I know you’re in a rut, honey, but you’re my daughter and I know how strong you are. You will make out of this just fine, you understand?”




I nodded my head slowly, chewing on my lip out of a nervous habit.




My mum hugged me one last time, planting a kiss on both my cheeks. Thankfully she was kind enough to not wear that narly red lipstick to the train station but her lips were still smothered with some other stupid glossy product.




Eugh, girls and their beauty products.




After blowing me six hundred imaginary kisses I made my way towards the train, my luggage trolley in tow. As soon as I had even neared the train my begs began to magically levitate into the compartments for luggage, leaving me barren of nothing but my carryon bag and desperation to go back to my house.




This honestly sucks.




I had managed to come at a decent enough time to snag a compartment all to myself, sitting in the farthest corner I could possibly find. I pulled my bag up to my lap and began to rummage in it until I found what I was looking for.




It was another letter for Josh that I had received yesterday. To put a long letter in short terms, we had basically agreed to get together during Hogsmeade. He told me he was sorry for what had happened at the Wotter’s New Year’s Eve party because it seems that it was all people could talk about. He even offered to take me away from school for a day if I needed to.




I was tempted to take him up on that offer.




There was a knock on the glass door as it slid open, making me jump.




“Hope you don’t mind some company, captain.” Malcolm stuck his head in, grinning at me. Next to him was Hunter Longbottom who was giving me one of his usual genuine smiles.




“We brought a bribe as well,” Hunter waved a large bag of chocolate frogs with a wink.




I had nearly forgotten about my two quidditch mates. I mean, of course, I didn’t actually forget about them but amongst all the drama they hadn’t come to my head. I suppose I wasn’t entirely alone, I guess.




I sighed though I smiled at them, “If you must sit with me you can, I guess.” I shrugged casually though I couldn’t help but crack a half smile when they both plopped down on the seat cushions.




Malcolm’s tall figure spread out on the seat opposite to me, tossing the chocolate frogs into my lap, “Catch.” He called casually, leaning back and putting his hands behind his neck.




The frogs bounced of my lap and landed near my feet. I crunched up my nose, “Brilliant aim, Malc. Remind me why you’re our chaser?”




“Erm – because I’m handsome?”




Hunter snorted, “Well, we all know that’s a lie.”




“Ah, sod off you lazy arse!” Malcolm growled defensively, swinging his foot and knocking his shoe off into Hunter’s face.




Hunter revolted at the shoe hitting him. He scrunched up his nose in distaste and made a gagging noise. “Merlin, can you feet smell any worse?!” He shoved the shoe away from him with the back of his hand.




Malcolm pretended to ponder, “Hm, I’m not sure. How about you take a good whiff and tell me, you little bitch.” He smirked before proceeding to jump Hunter and attempt to wrap his body around in him the shape of a pretzel so Hunter would be forced to smell his feet.








I smiled endearingly at them, my lips hurting from the sudden movement considering how cracked they were.




If I couldn’t have any of THOSE PEOPLE at least I had a little bit of my people.








“Home sweet home,” Hunter grinned as we stepped off the platform, having finally arrived to Hogwarts. Or well, at least close to it. We still had to take the boat ride and the carriage ride there.




Damn, Hogwarts was a real bitch to get to.




“Well…kind of.” Hunter corrected himself after a few minutes, chuckling before waving down a magical boat, stopping the wooden contraption with his foot. “Don’t just stand there, Bri, get in there!” He laughed.




I shook my head slightly with a lingering smile on my lips before carefully climbing into the boat. The boat and I never really were friends, to be honest. Earlier this year the damn thing moved when I was trying to get in it and instead I had one foot on the edge of the boat and the other foot on the platform.




To put one painful story short, I ended up ripping my favorite pair of jeans and straining almost every muscle in my legs.




I, Brielle Patil, was not ever meant to do a split and never will be able to after that horrid even.




Insert me shuddering here.




The boat thankfully didn’t try to throw me out this time (!!!) and I managed to safely make it to the little bench in the middle, sitting down on it. Malcolm climbed in after me, pushing Hunter out of the way while both boys fought over who would be the last one it.




Hunter grumbled as he plopped down on the second bench in the boat, grumbling about how Malcolm had played dirty or some lark like that.




Our magical boat wouldn’t start until it was full and since we had one more spot left we were stuck waiting there until some lonely soul took a seat in our boat. Malcolm kept complaining about how he wanted to go while I tried to flick water in his face.




Tried is the key word. I actually ended up flicking water in my own face but oh well. I still swear that the sorting hat made a mistake when he put me in Ravenclaw.




“Is this seat open?”




I stopped flicking salty water into my eyes – which were currently burning – to look up at the speaker of the voice. And of course, knowing my luck, standing in front of us was Albus. He had a half hopeful smile on his lips as he ruffled the back of his hair awkwardly. His black hair was sticking up at odd angels and he had his glasses perched on the bridge of his nose.




No one said anything.




I couldn’t find my voice so instead I kicked Hunter so he would answer.




“Ow! Merlin – no need to kick me, B!” Hunter cried like a little girl, rubbing his calf. 








Are you kidding me?!




Malcolm cleared his throat, “Uh, yeah it is open but – “ He cleared his throat again, this time trying to stall to figure out what to say. He looked towards me, raising an eyebrow.




Why are you looking at me?








“It’s open but they’re saving it for me!”




I turned my head slightly to see Leslie emerging from a crowd of stinky third year boys, cringing at the smell. She smoothed her skirt over before walking towards us and right past Albus, turning to smile at him. “Hope you don’t mind, Al. B and I have a tradition to always sit together on the boat ride.” She patted his shoulder comfortingly before turning on her heel to face us.




She shot me a small smile, winking, before stepping onto the boat effortlessly and sitting down next to Hunter.




“ – but yeah, that’s right! We were saving it for Leslie.” Malcolm finally finished his sentence, grinning proudly as the boat began to purr to life and magically steer its way towards Hogwarts. “Toodles Potter!”




Oh, Malcolm.




“Sorry I was late,” Leslie smiled at me, patting my knee before leaning back.




I peered at my friend silently before giving her a tight lip smile and nodded.




Leslie and I didn’t have a tradition to sit on the boat ride together. Half the time we always end up getting split up and on different boats. All I know is she just pulled a lie out of her arse to save me from one uncomfortable and painful boat ride.




I guess that’s what true friends are for.








“Are we there yet?” Hunter pathetically whined as he climbed out of the boat, frowning like a little child.




Shut up bitch you know we’re not there yet.




Leslie gave him a dirty look, “Stop talking and get in the carriage.”




Leslie grabbed me by my left wrist and began to tug me towards the front of the pack, stopping in front of an open carriage that had just come to a stop. I climbed up the few steps and made it my effort to sit as far away as possible, situating myself in the corner of one of the benches.




Leslie, being the needy and every so pushing best friend she is, also made it her effort to sit as close to me as possible shooting me a devilish grin. Even in my worst state she still enjoys seeing me in pain. Just kidding guys!




Leslie and I love each other.




Malcolm sat down on the other side of Leslie while Hunter took the other bench all to himself. He looked around suspiciously, probably eyeing up the crowd, before turning to the side and spreading his long legs over the seat.




He gave us a sheepish smile before explaining, “Don’t want to risk the chance of anyone else trying to sit here. I, er, like my space.” He awkwardly said, trying to come up with an excuse that didn’t involve me trying to avoid the Wotters.




Aw, Hunter is so cute.








In case you don’t know what that means it means I love you but it’s like a shorter version. Yay for muggle texting vocabulary!!




After a few minutes of silence Malcolm sat up, grinning as he spoke, “We should play a game to help the time pass!”




Leslie snorted, “Yeah? And what game should we play?” She asked sarcastically, reminding me a lot of our other friend Amelia.




I kind of miss Amelia.




Aw, shit, who am I kidding? I really miss Amelia. FML.




That’s another texting abbreviation. Woohoo.




“We can play, uh, oh I got it! We can play I Spy!” He grinned back at her. “I’ll even start off the game. I spy something green.”




Hunter rolled his eyes, “Trees.”




“How’d you know?” Malcolm gasped, looking genuinely a bit surprised.




“We’re in a forest, you dumbass.”




Why are we Ravenclaws again?




I couldn’t help but chuckle slightly at Hunter’s response, making my three companions turn to stare at me like I was a nice species or some shit like that. I may be upset but I’m not like depressed or anything.




Stop looking at me like that!




“Well someone is wearing their grumpy pants today.” Malcolm stuck his tongue out at Hunter before sitting back in the carriage with his arms crossed over his chest like a child.




Hunter rolled his eyes. “I guess I’ll go while Malc sits there and has a hissy fit.” Malcolm flipped him off before he continued. “I spy” He finally picked a color, his eyes settling on something just over our shoulders.




“Erm, Leslie’s hair?” I answered with a random guess, quickly shot down as he shook his head.




“Brielle’s wardrobe?” Malcolm asked, semi-joking though I had been wearing a lot of black.




I groaned, “Sod off.”








“We have a winner!” Hunter grinned halfway nodding towards Leslie who shrugged slightly when he told her she was right.




I turned my head a fraction of an inch to glance at Leslie, “Thestrals? I didn’t know you can see them…”I trailed off.




Thestrals were a magical animal that people could only see if they witnessed someone die. I knew for a fact that Hunter was at the deathbed of his aunt which is whom he saw die but Leslie I came up pretty blank.




“I saw Pickles die. Rest in peace.”




I stared at her.




I blinked a few times.




“Uh, Leslie?”




“Hm?” She raised an eyebrow.




“Wasn’t Pickles you pet mouse that you practically fed to Jenna’s cat after it ate a whole in your favorite lucky knickers?” I asked, chewing on my lip.




She blinked before nodding. “Yeah, that bitch had it coming. I mean, damn, who eats someone’s lucky knickers?”




I stared at her some more.




I blinked at her some more.




Only Leslie. Seriously – only this girl.




I laughed softly, rolling my eyes. “Only you can take a magical animal that usually is so serious and make the situation a joke. I mean, seriously, I can’t believe you can see them only because of Pickles. You’re a murderer.”




She gasped, “Am not!”




“Uh, news flash, you are.” I laughed, smiling softly. “You’re the reason Pickles is dead.”




Leslie stuck her tongue out, “I refuse to believe the bullshit coming out of your mouth.”




I rolled my eyes.




Okay, Les, whatever you want to think.








(Pickles is a fictional mouse and the situation he died in is also fictional. I don’t condone any harm done to animals and I am a strong animal lover so hopefully no one takes this the wrong way!) 

A/N: Heeeelllloooo guys! Long time no see haha! I hope you liked this chapter because it was a long one and took me awhile to write! We're starting to see glimpses of our true, funny, and odd Brielle back but she's still in a rut *sigh*

There will be a lot more Weasley/Potter in the next chapter and you will be seeing Amelia soon as well! The big quidditch came will be within the next three chapters or so. TPG (Josh Fabel) will also be coming into the story now more as well - any ideas on why?? People have been asking about Dominique/Victoire and we will find that out /very/ soon! 

I wanted to thank you all for sticking around and I love reading all your reviews. Speaking of reviews - WE'VE BROKEN 200 REVIEW! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND YOU GUYS JUST ROCK HONESTLY!!!

As always, I love you guys tons and hopefully you all will take some time to leave me a lil' review for me to read so I can smile! Love ya guys! Don't forget to tell me what you think! xx 


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The Invisible Thief : Back to School


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