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My Girl by kenpo
Chapter 1 : My Girl
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 Obtain my admiration, and I’ll grant you approval for my child’s companionship, Scorpius. My girl is turning rapidly into a woman, and although I normally trust my child’s intuition, in this situation I would wish to obtain my own conclusion.

That woman you wish to gift with your vows was, not long ago, my blushing blooming girl.

That young mind, which I continuously nourish, has grown an uncanny comparison to that mind which I am joint to.

That’s how, Scorpius, you and I obtain a commonality. Both of our souls drown slightly without our companions, clinging onto that vast mass of wit, that activity which grows and blossoms without asking for support.

Both of us find that living in a world that lacks our companions would turn to living in a world that lacks all light and passion.

Scorpius, you may not know of that bond which links us, but your companion and my companion harbor a bond vastly profound - so vast that you may not carry functions to grasp it.

You will grasp that bond fully, though, at an occasion that you bring a child into your world. At that point, no obligation will occur that, just for a flash, will grant you any doubt that your duty is too substantial.

It is not of significant function for this talk about your imaginary child to last. On that day which brings your first child into this world, you will know this bond of which I rant about. You, too, will harbor this distinct longing to show anybody who will stand it how much you worship and honor your family.

I’ll stand to absorb words you wish to spill, as your family and my family will act as a joint group.

As odd as it is for a Dad to think about, at that point, your child will call my baby girl “Mum”.

I’ll admit, your family is not a family I’d wish for my child to join. I fought my girl on that topic, and as usual, logic that my girl’s mind put forth was of high quality and quantity, so much that I had to abandon my position.

Scorpius, you wish to adopt this position of husband to my baby girl. You wish to nourish a part of that soul which hasn’t had a man’s touch apart from with whom blood is common.

My baby girl, who has for months stood firm in insisting that I say “woman”, has grown an bond with you, Scorpius Malfoy.

I withdraw my prior words. I trust my child’s intuition, as it is a product of that fascinating mind to which my soul is crazy about.

I wish you luck. That woman is stubborn as any, but not at all dainty. You’ll apply all your acts to goals which construct a solid bond. Your companion will not always act in a way that shows all of what passion you know.

You’ll know always, though, that you occupy most of my girl’s soul.

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My Girl: My Girl


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