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Wendy's story (Prev. Destined) by HermionesSecretClone
Chapter 4 : Of course I must see this baby
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"Are you sure you dont want any more bisciuts?"

"Sorry mum, I really have to go and meet my godchild."

"Oh okay."She sighs. I came to the parents' house before I met the baby so I could not have to worry about food.

I finished and left, apparating to Angie's house.Outside the door,I could hear a child crying.I took a breath and knocked.

"Wendy!" Angie squealed.

"Angie! How are you? Where is this godchild you are talking about?" I smiled. I was actually excited.

"Just in here." She led me into a small pink room with a crib in the middle. It was a beautiful nursery, with  slick wooden dressers and a beautiful rocking chair made out of the same material. It had cute pink bunnies on the walls. It was exactly what I imagined Angie would have for a kid.

She ushered me to a pink crib.Laying in there was a heartbreakingly beautiful child, looking about 1 year and ,maybe,a half old. Brown hair,and adorable baby blue eyes looked at me with interest. She looked to Angie. "Ma ma?" 

"Yes darling?" Angie cooed.

"Who dis?" She asked,pointing to me with a cute chubby finger.

"This is Wendy,Hon.Shes your godmother." Angie smiled.

"Up" The child said, reaching her arms out to me. I looked at Angie, and she urged me on. She was soft, and even cuter when being held. She layed against my chest, hugging around my neck.

"Wendy, this is Isabella. I call her Bella." She smiled, patting the childs-I mean, Bella's-hair.

"Hi Bella, I'm Wendy." I smiled.

"Hi Wenwy, I Bella." She giggled.

We went to the park,and I played with Bella whilst Angie relaxed. We flew kites, and rounded up some other kids to play duck duck goose, a muggle kiddie game.

"What dat?" A young girl asked after we decided to take a break from playing (For my sake,as they could play all day and still watch 5 movies.) She was pointing at my wand, which had just fell out of my purse. I liked to use non-extended purses,for easier finding, plus if a muggle saw that it would blow their mind. Damn.Think! "Its one of my sticks. I collect them." The young girl nodded. "I cowwect wocks. I wike dem bettew." She hopped up and skipped away after showing me a toothless smile.

"Wenwy, I hungy." Bella's voice came from right beside me.

"Okay. I'm a bit hungy too." I somewhat-cooed, holding her hand and walking to where Angie was sitting with a picnic basket beside her.

"Having fun sweetie?" Angie asked Bella.

"Wes! Can we get icecweam?" She looked up pleadingly at her mother.

"Maybe.What do you think,Wen?"

"Oh,well, if Bell wants it I guess I could go for some." I shrugged, trying to be a spoiling Godmother.

"Okay then, lets load up in the car." Angie's statement was followed by a 'Way!!' From Bell.


We arrived at the Icecream place in about five minutes. We all went out, and ran inside to the air conditioned icecream place,called 'Anna's Icecreamz'. We ordered and sat down. After eating a good amount of icecream, we left to go to the local mall,owned by a wizard,but muggles were still welcome.

We walked into a boutique, with a few fancy dresses.I looked around and tried on some items.

I walked out and up to Angie with my bags. "Wheres Bell?" I said, peering around.

"What? I thought she was with you!" She looked frightened. Just then, we heard a scream ripple across the mall. A wizard in robes was holding Bell. She was struggling, but he had her. Before we could get to her, he stupifiyed us and apparated.


DUN.DUN.DUN! So sorry again for the long wait but heres a long chapter that (hopefully) Makes up for it!! I want to thank aliciaandanne for reveiwing, and now things are starting to heat up!! MUAHAHAHA *SOBS* MUAHAHA *COUGH COUGH COUGH* "Stupid Allergies."-HSC Please r and r! I need constructve critisism!! Thanks!! (",) :)))


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Wendy's story (Prev. Destined): Of course I must see this baby


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