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Just Fly With It by lovestings
Chapter 4 : Problem #4
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“I hate you.”




Eh, no you don’t, you love me Beau.




I glanced at my brother, glaring, before saying “Shut up.”




As you can see, Beau and I share an undeniable sibling love for each other. We have a bond that no one can break. Iron clad grip, yo.




“I will not shut up!” Beau said a bit louder sitting up in the seat he was sitting in.




“Shut up, Mr. Zabini.” Headmistress McGonagall snapped, making Beau immediately shrink in his seat.




Ha! Who’s the big macho man now?




What a little wuss.




After McGonagall cleaned the eggs of her face she started screaming her knickers off in the great hall. She started hurling all these threats about detention and shit so people ran for the hills pretty fast. Too bad the crazy old hag caught me by the cloak just as I was about to make a break for it.




You can run from the police but the police will find you. Just a warning to all my friends out there.




In my case, McGonagall is the police.




I was sitting in the Headmistress’s office with an assortment of people. Wendy and Tara both flanked my sides. Wendy was sitting towards my right with an indifference expression and her hair now freshly cleaned with a charm, tied back in a ponytail. Tara was on my left, picking at her manicure and complaining about how she’s missing her favorite class of the day.




Funny thing is Tara doesn’t have a class this period – she has a free period.




Can’t blame the girl, though.




You can obviously already tell that Beau got caught with us and since my brother has the mouth the size of China he couldn’t help but blab on his friends as well.




Beau’s a whistleblower. I suggest we beat him up as punishment.




Fred didn’t seem to mind much about getting tattled on but Potter had a sour expression on his face as he sulked in his chair. It was pretty funny action though considering these boys are in here at least once every week so I don’t know why they’re making such a big deal about it now.




McGonagall cleared her throat, finally speaking, “I’m severely disappointed in you all. You are respectable seventh years and it is time you all start acting like it.”




Respectable seventh years? Pssht, I might as well be a first year at this point because I have the brain capacity of an eleven year old at best.




I still sleep in footy pajamas.




But, y’know, just to keep my feet warm is all.




Yeah, that’s it.




“I mean, for Merlin’s sake, we have three quidditch members here.” McGonagall gestured towards the three boys.




“Well, actually my dearest Minnie, we have four quidditch members. Adds is our new keeper!” Fred interrupted with a smile on his lips.




“Show some respect, Weasley.” She snapped at him though she arched an old, grey eyebrow towards me. “Ah, yes, well congratulations to you Ms. Zabini but just because you found a replacement for Mr. Wood does not mean you all can start a full out war in the Great Hall.”




“Actually, Professor, it was a food fight not a war.” I smiled at her.




Eh, McGonagall didn’t look so happy.




Crack a smile, women. It’s a joke for crying out loud!




She grimaced, “Please cut the snarky remarks, Zabini. I’m deducting points from your house for your actions and all of you will serve one morning detention on Saturday.”




There was a collection of groans and cries of outrage as soon as the words were spoken.




“C’mon Minnie!” Fred yelled.




“What, no! We have quidditch.”




Of course that was the only think Potter and my brother could think about.




“I don’t have time for this shit!”




You go, Wendy! Speaking your mind and all that great stuff! You stick it to the man.




“I have a hair appointment!”




Ah, the horror! Trust me – you do not want to see Tara when her roots start to grow in. It’s not a pretty sight.




I felt left out so I decided to scream something to, “I want to sleep in!”




I think my reasoning for not having detention on a Saturday morning is the best by far. I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want to sleep in?




I could probably sleep until dinner time if I really wanted to. I’m a pro at sleeping.




Here is an idea! Instead of being the keeper of the quidditch team I’ll be the keeper of the sleeping team.




Yep it’s a deal! I’ll have to hold tryouts though to find the rest of the team. I’m thinking Friday will be a great time to hold the tryouts during History of Magic.




Everyone is already sleeping in the class anyways so it won’t really matter.




“Enough, children!” McGonagall silenced us, waving her hands to silence us. “I do not care what you think – you will be serving out your punishment. Now go back to your classes and do try your best to stay out of trouble.”




Ha. I’ll try my best.




We were eventually shooed out of her office by two ugly looking gargoyles that stood ground, jeering at us and snarling. You’d think they’d want to get a friendlier looking pair of statues to guard the door so people wouldn’t be so scared to get thrown into the office but instead they find the hottest headed pieces of stone in the castle to stand ground.




Great logic here!




“This is your entire fault, Zabini.” Potter grumbled under his breath, walking a bit ahead of the group of us.




There was a loud scoff as Beau stopped walking, stomping his foot against the ground. “You better not be talking about me, James Sirius Potter, or my feelings are going to be severely hurt.”








This is why I am embarrassed to be related to him.




“Stop being a bloody pansy, Beau.” Wendy snapped at him, rolling her eyes and grabbing him by the collar so he would continue walking.




Gosh, isn’t Wendy so kind and considerate? She should totally have a career with kids when she gets older. I can just see it now!




Blech, sarcasm, get used to it!




“Stop being such a cry baby, Potter.” I snapped back at him, keeping my casual walking pace next to Tara. “You’ve had countless detentions before – one more won’t hurt you.”




“It’ll hurt me though!” Beau whined from a little bit in front of me, frowning. “Mum said she was going to cut me off if I got in trouble again.”




“Don’t worry, Zabini, you can always resort to stripping if you’re so desperate for money.” Tara responded with a cheeky grin, flicking my brother on the forehead as she walked a bit in front of the group. “As much as I love sticking around with you lot, I can’t. If I’m anymore late to divination she’ll start reading my future to the class and spit some bullshit about how being fifteen minutes late to class is a domino effect in my life that will end with me having some tragic death.”




“We can only hope for such a wonderful thing.”




Tara snorted, flipping off Wendy. “Shut up,” She mumbled before waving goodbye and taking the sharp left turn leading up to the awkward, skinny staircase.




“I should probably get going as well.” Wendy commented as she glanced down at her watch. “I can’t be late to class either.”




“You don’t have a class, Wendy.”




She shrugged, “Yeah, so?”




“So, how can you be late to class then?” I asked, deadpanning.




Her face was blank for a second before she just shrugged again. “Aw, shit, I don’t know. I just want to go back to the room and sleep. Peace bitches.” Wendy threw up two piece signs with her hands before walking away, deserting me with the three most idiotic boys at our school.








Thank you so much, Wendy and Tara!




You guys rock! Totally my favorite people in the world! 




“I have Charms,” Beau mumbled, obviously in a mood, before stalking off without saying a word.




I let out a sigh, shaking my head as I watched him walk away. Sometimes Beau made me worry. I mean, can he act any more like a girl or what? Maybe we should get a gender swap.




Hm, nah. That’s weird. I don’t want to be a boy. They smell.




“Look Addiekinz, you’re with your two favorite people now!” Fred cheered happily, flinging his arms around both me and Potter. “What do you guys say about skipping good old Potions and instead hitting up the kitchens together?”




I ignored Fred’s statement about him and Potter being my two favorite people and instead arched my eyebrow as I responded, “Fred, we just ate.”




“Really? It feels like hours ago! I can practically feel my stomach eating itself in hunger.”




I blinked a few times, staring up at him. “Fred, we literally ate half an hour ago.”




“Ah, the horror!” He cried, pulling me into the side of his chest as he spoke, doing a similar thing to Potter. “I may pass out at any moment. Quick, James, throw me a pancake or I might die.”




“What the hell?!” Potter semi-shouted, shrugging off his cousins arm. “I don’t have a damn pancake so I guess you’re dead.”




Fred let out a girlish scream before dropping to his knees, “NO PLEASE I NEED THE PANCAKE!” He screamed at the top of his lungs before collapsing head first into the floor.




What the hell did I just witness?




I nudged Fred with my foot, “Uh, Freddiekinz, you still alive?”




There was a beat of silence before Fred gasped for air and whispered, “Pancakes.”




I started at Fred for a few moments before making eye contact with Potter. He still looked annoyed though he had a small smile on his lips while watching Fred. His intense brown eyes caught mine as he the edge of his lips quivered into a half smile.




“Wanna leave him here and just go to Potions?”




I shrugged, “Sounds good to me.”




Once Potter and I were almost two thirds the way to Potions there was an echo of someone screaming, “Please! Professor Strout I need the pancakes! THE PANCAKES!”




Oh, Freddy.




Problem #4: Freddy needs pancakes. 

A/N: Heya guys! I'm back and with another chapter :) I just want to start off with saying I read/respond to every review I get and each one means a lot to me! It really makes me smile when I see that you guys have taken your time to tell me something you like about the story or something I can improve on! 

Based on the reviews I know a lot of you guys are looking foward to quidditch with James but that is next chapter! Hopefully you've all liked this little fill in chapter right here. 

So, as always, please let me know what you think down bellow in a review! I appreciate every single one I get and I love you all loads for reading! 


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Just Fly With It : Problem #4


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