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Friendships and More by ScoroseOTP
Chapter 18 : 2 Rules.
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Hermione and Ron practically ran to her, glancing at each other first.
I stood still for a moment. Taking it in before making my way slowly, as if all time had stopped around me, I reached the end of the bed and smiled widely at the sight in front of me


“What do you reckon they’re talking about?” Lucy asked, gossip being discussed with family once more

“I don’t know. Maybe we shouldn’t speak about it” Auttie offered

“Buuuut we could discuss it a little bit” Lily giggled

“I’d say they’re asking him for more information” Rox decided

“I don’t think my parents would want more information, not so soon, they would have guessed he doesn’t have any more” Hugo claimed

“What do you think they’re talking about then?” Noah asked, I smiled due to the fact we all know Noah loves gossip as much as the next girl (girl being the main word here)

“I don’t know, maybe they’re telling him something new?” Hugo suggested

“Maybe” Auttie nodded

“They might just be saying thank you” Al stated

“You think?” Lily asked

“Yeah. We all know whatever happened, it affected Scor but he still managed to get Rose up here pretty quickly. Madame Pomfrey said it could have made the difference” Al reminded everyone who made a hum in agreement

My mind began racing the mention of his name shook something inside of me, something changed. I felt a rush of blood circulating around my body. Everything seemed to become clearer, yet less easy to understand. Why my parent’s would be talking to Scor puzzles me. Where am I to mean everyone’s here? Why is everyone talking around me? That’s just rude. I don’t feel right. This isn’t my room. Everyone was talking around me, I felt my mouth moving but no words were coming out. Everyone was stepping closer; I was feeling more and more claustrophobic. Everyone was also speaking at me all at once.

I spoke first croakily, “Scor”

“Rose. Rose, can you hear me?” Al repeated from my right hand side, grabbing hold of my hand

“Al?” I croaked again

“Yeah. I’m here Rose. Can you open your eyes?” he asked, squeezing my hand

I tried, fluttering my eyelids, the harsh light burning my eyes

“I hate the morning” I spoke, clearer this time

“It’s 1 in the afternoon genius” Hugo remarked

“Then I hate sunlight smartarse” I sarcastically spoke back, opening my eyes more and more

“She’s back!” Beau smiled widely from next to Al after I’d opened my eyes fully

“Where did I go?” I asked, very confused and surprised I was so witty at the moment

“You’re in the Hospital Wing Rose” Auttie’s voice told me everything I needed to know

I opened my eyes wider to see around me, picked up my head to conform what my best friend had said. She was right.

“What happened? Auttie?” I moved my head up quickly in fear of what was happening but the sudden rush to my head didn’t agree with me, “My head hurts like a bitch”

“I don’t doubt that” she said simply smiling

I tried to sit up but failed, although I was helped. Then while sat up straight, I realised what I needed.

“Can have something to eat?” I asked

“Probably not” Noah shook his head, smiling as well

“Hermione! Ron! Scor!” Auttie suddenly rushed out

“Mum? Dad?” I asked just as they walked in

“Oh Rosie!” Mum rushed straight to my left side

“How you feeling Rose Petal?” Dad smiled down at me, just like he did after I’d woken up in the hospital when I was 6 after falling out of the tree that I eased Al’s fall in (I was a tad shocked I’d saved Al from breaking his arm that maybe I fell out of the tree myself and broke my arm instead)

“I need something to eat Daddy!” I exclaimed

“Okay Petal I’m going to get some for you” Dad smiled and walked off and as he did another person appeared

“Well, look who decided to show up. Miss me?” I spoke sarcastically to Scor as he appeared, grinning at the end of my bed

“Nah. Not much” he shook his head and laughed

“Rose. You’re awake. Everybody, you need to leave while I check her over. Outside. Now” Madame Pomfrey came and ushered everyone away, “Everyone” she turned and said to my parents who weren’t but then eventually did walk away.

Everyone walked off and Madame Pomfrey checked me over. Twice. And then directed me to a shower, which was amazing. As soon as I’d woken up I was overwhelmed. I was hungry, not in my own bed and I felt sticky. Therefore the shower was fantastic and the food I found next to my bed when I got back was gladly received. However the bed being my own would have been gratefully accepted, but 2 out of 3? I wasn’t going to complain. I mean, the clothes I got to put on were my own, my lazy Saturday loungewear. Although I had my Chudley Cannons hoodie on, not my Whimborne Wasps one. It’s one of my Dad’s ancient ones, very baggy and much more comfortable really. While I was eating Madame Pomfrey came over again.

“How are you feeling Rose?” she smiled

“Much better. My head doesn’t hurt as much” I smiled back

“Good. Now are you ready to see everyone? I have about a dozen impatient visitors for you” she looked towards the direction of the door and back again with a sigh

“Very ready” I nodded

“Very well” she nodded curtly and made her way towards the door, “Rose is ready to see you now. However I have two rules. Rule one. Only two visitors at a time. Rule two. For 15 minutes at a time. Are we clear?” she spoke sternly to them all

“Clear” was the unanimous response

“Right. Mr and Mrs Weasley, if you’d like to follow me” she ushered my parents in

My thoughts were still unclear. I didn’t have a clue what had happened but to be honest that could be saved until later. I was just glad to see my parents. I got up and was stood at the side of my bed, using the chair as support as my Mum and Dad walked through the partially closed curtains around my bed

“Mum” I whispered and the proceeded to cry into her shoulder as she wrapped me in a hug

“Rose sweetheart. Stop crying, what’s wrong?” Mum asked, sitting me down on the chair next to my bed and wiping my tears away from my face with her thumbs, while crouching to be slightly less than eye level with me

“I’ve missed you” I smiled weakly taking hold of her hand, “both of you” I looked up at Dad

“We’ve missed you too Rose Petal” Dad smiled at me, sitting on the edge of my bed

“I’m sorry. I’m being silly” I apologised, wiping my tears away, letting go of my Mum’s while doing so

“You’re not being silly at all” Mum shook her head and sat on the chair next to me

“No. I am. I’ve been doing this since I was 11, surely I should be able to spend a couple months away from my parents by now!” I shook my head in a fashion just the same as my Mum

“It’s okay, you’ve been through a lot these past couple of days, months actually” Mum said, stroking my arm as she did, but with that I knew that she meant my tough times with Scor

“What I’ve been doing is sleeping. That’s not too difficult. Now, enough about me” I joked, pulling my legs up onto the chair and hugging them, “What’s been going on with you two?” I asked, genuinely wanting to hear the answer

It turns out Dad’s just been working. Nothing interesting was happening there. And Mum, as always, was being rushed off her feet what with her job and on top of that, her campaign. I think she’s making this more difficult than it should be but I’m not going to be the one to tell Hermione Weasley she’s wrong. Bad things occur when this happens. When our 15 minutes were up, Hugo and Lily appeared and Mum and Dad said they’d be back tomorrow.

I spread my legs onto the second chair Mum had just occupied and laughed as they stood like lemons next to me, “Are you going to just stand there or are you waiting for a formal invitation?”

“Well, I guess a near death experience doesn’t affect Rose ‘bone crusher’ Weasley” Hugo joked, jumping up onto the bed and putting his feet on the arm of my chair

“Bone crusher? I thought it was Rose ‘smasher’ Weasley?” Lily corrected him as she did the same but her legs on the arm of my legs chair

“I like Rose ‘fantabulous’ Weasley” I added

“Nah” they both looked at each other and shook their heads

“Charming what a wonderful family I have!” I joked

“I’d say it was the best. I mean we’ve all been here since you were admitted” Lily justified

“Oh, you have, have you?” I asked


“And you didn’t leave once?” I asked

“Well, we’ve been here in and out” she resigned

I thought about replying more harshly but decided against it, “I bet that was Madame Pomfrey’s fault”

“Yeah. She said we had to leave” Hugo nodded

“Oh well, what was I to do when I was asleep?” I smiled, sympathetically

“Nothing. In fact, you were really quite boring” he laughed

“What did you expect? Me to do a show every hour to entertain you?” I asked

“I don’t know! You didn’t twitch once though” he shrugged

“What, didn’t you poke me hard enough?” I grinned thinking he probably did try and poke me

“How did you know he did that?” Lily looked astonished

“I know a lot about you two, probably more than you hope actually” I said mysteriously

“What?!” they turned to each other in unison and almost shouted

I tapped my nose, “I have my contacts” I said, trying not to laugh

The rest of the time I spent with Lily and Hugo was spent them trying to figure out what I knew about them that they didn’t want me to know. To be honest, I know very little that they haven’t already told me. I just know those two better than I know most people. Lily’s my honorary little sister and Hugo’s my actual brother! I’m bound to know what they would have done while I was asleep! It’s common knowledge really. On cue, Roxy and Lucy came in and told them their turn was up but not before I got a big hug from my baby brother and honorary baby sister.

“Hey Rosie” Rox came in with a grin

“Hey you two!” I smiled widely at my cousins, “It’s nice to see some of my family care about me” (I practically shouted, getting the reaction I’d hoped out of Hugo and Lily who were now leaving, having verbal abused me in order to get more information, getting nowhere)

“Of course!” Lucy smiled, lying down in my bed

“Make yourself comfortable by all means” I smirked

“Thanks Rose” Rox smiled and joined Lucy lying next to her

I moved to the opposite seat so I could see their faces and asked, “So, you enjoyed my Haunted House?”

“Oh yeah. It was great” Rox nodded

“Expect for the whole part that wanted to eat you” Luce added

“Oh, well, yeah. That was a big downside” Rox agreed

“I didn’t like that part much either to be honest” I joked

“But I guess we all got a sleepover out of it” Luce looked on the bright side

“Yep because I love hospitals, don’t you?” I sarcastically replied

“You’ve been asleep. Don’t complain” Luce shot me down

“Besides, we had our own sleepover. We stayed in your room actually” Rox smiled

“By the way, you should really clean it” Luce added

“I’ll remember the next time I have an accident to go back and clean my room first” I nodded, imitating writing this time

“Just thought I’d mention it” she shrugged, “Anyhow, we had a family sleepover!” she continued

“Without me!” I exclaimed, quite offended

“Well. In honour of you really. Besides, it was meant to be a girls sleepover and boys, with Auttie and Beau but they changed it” Rox revivified

“Oh. Okay, well, that’s good I suppose” I nodded

“I’d say it was. We all wrote home and told everyone” Luce revealed

“Actually I’ve got all their replies in my bag, along with all the post you’ve gotten, via us and on your own” Rox rummaged through her bag and found me a huge bundle of letters to read through and answer

I love my family to pieces and my friends are defiantly included in that. Having a sleepover with my family, that’s going beyond the friendship contract. Rox and Luce seemed really grateful as well, it was really sweet. And all the letters made my heart swell, everyone cares so much. Weasley’s stick together. The fact that I don’t see Rox and Luce a lot meant that I always have a lot to talk about with them. So, after they had told me everything about their lives, they left, giving me a hug, switching with Al and Noah.

I moved now to my bed and sat cross legged, smiling as they came in and sat down in the chairs I had been occupying

“Don’t ever do that to me again!” Al practically shouted at me

“What?” I sat there, completely taken back by what he had just said

“You heard him. Don’t do that again” Noah spoke in the same voice

“Do what?” I asked, really quite afraid

“Pass out” Noah stated

“Not wake up for days” Al added

“Don’t even think about doing that again” Noah told me

“You scared the crap out of us” Al spoke harshly but at the same time softly (well softer than before)

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I won’t. I’m sorry” I spoke shaking my head and crying into my hands (I’m going to have to check if I should be on my period soon- I’m so emotional)

“What are you doing now?” Al asked, sounding exhausted

“Oh, I’m sorry, am I not allowed to cry?” I asked, snapping my head up to them both, who had made themselves comfortable putting their legs up onto the bed, “Are you two laughing?”

“No. But now we’re sorry. We didn’t mean to make you cry” Al said through a laugh that was trying to escape

“You didn’t mean that?” I said, getting slightly angry

“No. We did. That scared the shit out of us” Noah reassured me

“We just thought it’d be fun to open with that, because if you fucking do that again, we may have to kill you” Al said, reminding me of Beau’s dramatic tendencies (well they do say if you spend enough time with a person you pick up their traits)

“Wouldn’t that be counterproductive?” I wondered

“We may have to think this through a bit more” Al said, directing it to Noah

“Maybe” he nodded, “Had enough sleep now?” Noah now turned to me and spoke now normally

“I don’t reckon so. Another couple of days would be better” I sarcastically replied

“I knew you’d say that” Noah replied as if he knew everything, smartarse

“I’m sorry! I am getting a bit too predictable? Is this all a bit too predictable for you? Would you like me to almost die more often?” I asked, very sarcastically

“Maybe not more often but it would make life more excitable if we did this occasionally” he shrugged

Al and I both looked at him in shock.

“Not just you though Rose. Any of us really” he tried to reassure me

“Well! That’s defiantly not what I expected” I sat back in astonishment

The rest of the time I spent with Al and Noah was time Al and I felt was necessary. We convinced Noah that perhaps his idea wasn’t a good one. At all. He came round to it in the end, although strangely enough, it took a while. I was never really worried about him but I may consider doing so now. That was one odd conversation. My girls then turned up and I could not be more grateful for them.

“Rose!” Beau shouted as she came in

“Beau!” I shouted, admittedly not as loud, back

She came straight into my open arms, giving me a huge hug, “We thought you were dead!” she exclaimed, crying into my shoulder

“That’s a tad exaggeration” Auttie brought us back to reality

“Auttie!” I squealed and she joined in on the hug, which was now quick damp as both Auttie and I were crying

Once the hug was over they sat on the bed, Auttie and I on the pillow end, facing Beau on the foot end

“We were very worried about you though” Beau shrugged

“I’m sorry” was all I could say through the constant tears falling down my cheeks

“Don’t be sorry. We worry anyway” Auttie said, passing me a tissue

“I heard you guys had a sleepover?” I suggested

“Yeah. Well, we didn’t want anyone to be alone” Beau shrugged

“We didn’t want to be alone” Auttie amended Beau’s statement

“Was it really that bad?” I asked in disbelief

“Yeah, it was pretty bad Rose. Madame Pomfrey said you wouldn’t wake up for days. And no one knows what really happened in there” Auttie nodded and took my hand

“Oh” was as much as I could think to say before I started crying again

“What day is it?” I looked up and asked them

“Sunday” Auttie answered

“the 15th” Beau added

“Ah!” I had a sudden realisation

“What?” Auttie asked, very confused

“No wonder I’m so god damn emotional. My period is due tomorrow!” I sighed in relief

“Or it could be all the medication you’re on” Auttie offered

“Come on Aut’, we all know how she is that time of the month. It’s her period. Possibly both. God help us if it is though!” Beau laughed at the knowledge that I am very unstable for 5 days a month as a result of my period, whether it’s crying all over the place, or hating everyone or thing that breathes, it differs every month

“God help us eh?” I joked, the tears stopping

“So, what’s new?!” I grinned widely

“Why on earth would you want to hear about us?” Beau smiled at me, bewildered

“Why wouldn’t I?” I grinned back

“Because any normal person would be begging for details about what happened to themselves! Do you even remember anything about Friday night?” Auttie asked as if that was something I should have done

“When have I ever been normal?” I joked

“She’s got a point” Beau nodded in agreement

“You don’t remember anything then?” Auttie verified

“I remember the third years coming in” I shrugged (maybe I can remember a bit more than that. But there’s only one person I’m talking about that with)

“Is that all?” Auttie questioned

“For now. Who knows? I may remember more” I shrugged again

“Yeah. Maybe” Auttie nodded

“So! What’s new?” I asked

Auttie and Beau talked about crap with me for a while which made me happy. They didn’t have much to say but the three of us made it last! We know how to talk waffle! In fact, we’re pretty god damn good at it! We figured that I was going to be okay and treated this like any other time we’ve sat around and talked. They were good therapy for me considering they’d brought back the memories. Although my heart lifted and fell at the same time when Scor came in, saying it was his turn.

He sat on the end of the bed at first almost hesitatingly

“Don’t be like that” I shook my head a scooted over to the side of the bed and patted the newly vacated patch next to me

“Are you sure?” he asks, getting up and coming towards me

I nodded and as he sat down I placed my head on his shoulder, wrapping his one arm into a hug sort of thing.

“What’s got into you?” he asked kissing the top of my head

I didn’t answer for a while but then whispered a simple “Thank you” starting crying (again)(surprise surprise)

“For what?” he asked as if he’d done nothing (I’d had half a mind to hit him)

“For saving me” I said, looking up at him now

“Oh that. You know I’d do that any day of the week” he shrugged

“Thank you all the same” I thanked, kissing him on the cheek and returning back to my original position

“You said I could look after you forever. This was part of the deal” he whispered, putting his head on top of mine

“I don’t know what happened Scor, and by the sounds of it neither does anyone else. But I do remember you destroying the Boggart. That’s my last memory before I blanked out” I said, eyes shut, wincing almost

“We don’t know why. I’m sorry, but we’re trying, whatever happened, we’ll figure it out. Everyone’s trying” he spoke soothingly

“There was a moment when I thought it was going to consume me. Just for a moment. And then you got rid of it and hope was restored just as I blanked out” I told him

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I should have been quicker. I shouldn’t have panicked” he apologised

“That’s not what I meant” I said, having a horrible recollection I’d said the same thing to him before,
I looked up at him now holding on to him still so he couldn’t leave, “You gave me hope. You were the light in the dark. You’re my knight in shining armour”

“You’re what?” he asked

“My knight in shining armour, it’s a muggle thing. The knight always saves the damsel in distress. Just like you did for me” I smiled

“Oh. Well, I’ll be your knight everyday if I need to be” he smiled back

“Good. I’m going to need it” I replied

“I’ve missed you” Scor mentioned, as he got hold of my one hand and intertwined our fingers

“It’s only been a day” I looked at him grinning

“Now, that’s not what I meant” he said, leaning in for a kiss

He kissed me once, which was it. But it was enough.

He then turned to me and asked something I wasn’t really expecting, “How high on drugs are you at the moment?”

“I’ve got no idea” I replied, “Why?”

“No reason” he said, but with the persisting stare of what I like to call ‘the look’ he continued, “It’s just, I want to know you mean all this”

“I mean every word. Honest” I replied, looking up into his wide eyes

Madame Pomfrey then wondered in with some sort of potion, “Rose, you’ll need to take this now. And Mister Malfoy, your time is up”

“Seeing as there is only one of me, shouldn’t I have longer?” he argued as I drank the potion

“I’m afraid that’s not the case. Besides, that potion is very drowsy, Rose won’t be dreaming tonight” she said and walked off back into her office

“I’ll see in the morning then Ro’” he smiled

“Love you” I said, while my eyes were closing I was drifting off to sleep

“Love you too” he replied just before he left

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