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Unlikely by HazelMidnight172
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10: The Quiet One
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Scorpius was the quiet one.



It had always been that way, growing up. He was raised along side sassy Gypsy, who lit up every room that she entered with her lively spirit and cheek, and outspoken Genie, who was never afraid to throw a (metaphorical) dung bomb and watch it explode.



His mother was the centre of every party when he was younger. Always bubbling and net-working, and Aunt Daphne was the same.



Draco and Blaise were constantly busy trying to keep up with the demands of their upbeat wives. Any shyness that they had once harboured had dissolved with the monthly parties, balls and social events. Scorpius shrank more and more in to the back ground as he grew up.



Then, his young Uncle Jonathon had brought Lizzy home from Australia when Scorpius was eight years old, and he had yet another vivacious family member. But Lizzy was different. She understood him. Nothing ever got past her. Scorpius often felt that she was the only one that really knew him, until he got to Hogwarts.



The rest of the family had assumed that Scorpius would be in Slytherin. They didn’t know him well enough to know that Slytherin just wasn’t him. The night before he came to Hogwarts for the first time, he had overheard Aunt Lizzy talking to his parents.



“Don’t be disappointed if he’s not in Slytherin,” she had said.



“Of course he’ll be in Slytherin. Why wouldn’t he be?” his mother had asked.



“I'm not saying that he won't be. Just... be prepared,” his aunt had told his parents.



Scorpius hadn’t heard the rest. He didn’t want to.



Scorpius was happy in Gryffindor. The first few months had been tough, but eventually the other Gryffindors had gotten used to the shy little Malfoy boy. Even James Potter was nice to him sometimes.



Scorpius had grown much closer to Gypsy since he came to Hogwarts. She was still as high-spirited as she had always been, but he felt that she listened to him more now. He didn’t always talk a lot, but when he did, it was usually because he had something important to say. Generally, when he was with his cousins, he was content to let them do the talking for him, as they had done for most of his life.



Scorpius watched Rose cross the common room over the top of his book. Rose had gotten very pretty since last year, he noticed. Her red hair was as thick and wavy as it had always been, and her brown eyes still sparkled when she laughed, but there was something different now. Scorpius couldn’t quite put his finger on it.



“Hey, Scor!” Rose smiled as she sat down next to him.



“Hey, Rose,” Scorpius said quietly. He never felt the same need that his cousins had to yell and scream things as mundane as a greeting.



“What are you reading?”



Scorpius held up his book to show her the front cover.



“Dracula,” Rose read. “Muggle book?”



Scorpius nodded. “Aunt Lizzy sent it to me,” he told her.



“Any good?”



“Yeah. Pretty good. The muggle perception of vampires is a bit off though.”



Rose smiled. “It always is.”



The pair fell in to a comfortable silence, as Rose pulled out her own book and started reading too.



Scorpius liked being around Rose. She never pressured him to talk like his parents tried to. She never yelled at him and stormed out of the room like his cousins did. Rose understood him too.



Gypsy had asked him over the summer if he ever thought of Rose as more than a friend. Scorpius hadn’t known how to answer. Rose was beautiful. She was sweet. She was funny. She was smart. He was yet to find anything wrong with her at all. She was the only girl Scorpius had ever met whom he thought he could be happy with. But she was his friend. He adored her, and couldn’t stand the thought that a failed relationship attempt might ruin their friendship.



Rose was perfect, which was exactly why Scorpius would never tell her that he liked her. She would never know. Not in a million years.



Scorpius was the quiet one. He could keep this secret.




A/N: Thanks so much to the wonderful people who have favourited my story!


I am currently in the process of writing a Teddy/Victoire story set in Rose, Scorpius, Albus and Gypsy's first year, so if you are interested in seeing glimpses of their growing friendship through Victoire's eyes, check out "Dear Teddy". The first chapter is now published.


Also, I haven't had any reviews since chapter 4 on this story! Do you like my characters? Do the relationships feel natural? Are things moving too quickly? I'd really appreciate it if you took a moment to let me know what you think!


Thanks for reading!




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