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Mrs. Malfoy; The Past And Present. by signedheart
Chapter 5 : Dragon Roars.
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 Promise of a fantastic, lazy Saturday thrilled me. Sunlight seeped in through the blind covered windows, casting dark shadows and dancing light to play across the room. Pale skin soaked up some of the much needed sunlight as I watched my husband play on the floor with our child. Silly little things made Scorpius smile, especially the way his father would create dazzling creations of smoke for him to watch. Tiny creatures floating around the room, spouting from the tip of his father's wand.

I loved watching my little family as they interacted with each other. Draco was a perfect father, never wanting to be away from his son.

I made my way down to sit on the floor next to my favorite two men.

"Can you say 'Dada?'" Draco was murmuring to Scorpius who just looked up at him in amusement.

"He's too young for words dear."

He shook his head, "Never too early to start."

"It might be a little early," I laughed.

He handed Scorpius his favorite stuffed dragon, delighting in the joy that lit up his little face, "Between our brains he's going to be a little genius."

"Can't argue with that logic," I laughed, "but he's going to say mum first."

"Oh no he's not!"

"Want to bet?" I challenged him, and he was always up for a challenge.

I saw the familiar glint of competition sparkle in his narrowing eyes, "Oh like the bet we have on which house he'll be in?"

"Yes, similar to that I suppose."

"Similar in the way that I'm going to win both of them."

"Who knows, he could wind up in Hufflepuff," I shrugged, knowing exactly what buttons to press.

"Don't you dare!" He threw up his hands.

"He is quite friendly after all," I nodded at the happy baby who had been watching us bicker. He had this large grin on his face, like he did most of the time.

"I'd rather him be a bloody lion..."

"What was that?" I knew I had gotten him. I knew it wasn't fair to be picking on another house, especially as one as nice as Hufflepuff, but they were just the house that everyone did. Many pureblooded families saw that as the lowest house. Gryffindors were bad, but their bravery could get them in trouble ( Oh, like a certain golden three). But Hufflepuffs were everything that Slytherins weren't. Tolerant, friendly, kind-hearted...

"Nothing!" He replied grumpily and I couldn't help but smile at him. Our son pulled the same face on me when I tried to put him down for naps. I leaned in closer and kissed him softly, the repeated the action to the soft head of little Scorpius. He smiled up at me before he continued to gnaw on his little fist, somehow managing to fit the entire thing in his mouth.

I sat there on the floor with Draco, Scorpius in his little bouncing chair, and helped make "scary" dragon noises as Draco and I would take turns moving the toy to make it look like it was walking.

After a while of play I saw his head start to droop, and I knew it was time for his nap. He protested when I picked him up though, wanting to continuing to playing with his parents and toys.

"I can get him," Draco offered. But, I knew better.

Draco couldn't put him down. He would give in and allow him to stay awake and play. He hated seeing him sad. I obviously did too but I also knew that he needed a nap or he would be a thousand times more miserable later that night.

"No, I got him," I kissed him quickly as I made my way out of the room, baby in arms.

I was fighting a losing battle. I, the girl who helped defeat Voldemort, was no match for her infant child.

"Scorpius, please go to sleep," I tried to reason with the baby. He, of course, didn't know what I was trying to say and instead looked up at me curiously. He didn't want to nap, instead he was alert and playing with his toys that attached to the wooden bars of his curb. I knew he needed to go to sleep soon, or else he would fall asleep later in the evening, thus screwing up his sleeping patterns that he had just recently established. He babbled out some baby talk as he watched me. I had feed and changed him, hoping that he would feel more comfortable that way and fall asleep. Didn't happen. I had tried leaving and hoping he would fall asleep on his own, but wails pierced my ear drums and broke my heart the second I was out of sight. Finally I had given up and defaulted to carrying him around the room and rocking him in the chair until he gave in and I could sneak out of the room.

"Did you just put him down for a nap?" Draco smirked as he made his way over to me.

"Yes, finally!" I sighed out. "He was particularly hard today to be put down. He just kept latching on and pulling my hair anytime I would try to set him down in his crib, refusing to let go. And crying when I would leave."

He gave me a look, that look, as he reached where I was standing. "Does that mean we can have adult fun now?"

I rolled my eyes at him, "Draco..."

"Come on," he winked at me.

"I have vomit in my hair right now..." I stated bluntly.

It was his turn to use the eye roll, "Sometimes I swear you forget we're magic." A quick spell removed the foul smelling baby spit up from my hair, as well as the spot on my shoulder that I hadn't realized was there. "There you go."

"Thank you," I smiled at him.

"So..." I caught a glimpse of the returning smirk before his lips made contact with my skin on my neck.

I exhaled raggedly. "So...I think I need a little adult time," I whispered to him.

"Good," he pulled me in for a kiss and I melted.

Another Sunday rolled around and I had spent the morning with my favorite redheaded family. I figured that, since it was such a nice day out, Scorpius and I would spend the rest of the day at the park. He always loved it there. There were so many new sensations. New things to see, hear, touch, smell, and, to my horror, taste. At four months he was a slobbering mess as his baby teeth were coming in. He was still adorable, spit bubbles and all.

We spent the day playing with his toys and watching as things moved around us. He was delighted by a passing dog. It was so much bigger than the kneazle we had at home and it was easy to tell that he was amazed by its size alone. He reached out towards people and animals as they passed, always eager to make new friends. Hey, maybe he really would be a Hufflepuff. That thought was something I would keep away from his daddy.

We had a long time before Scorpius would be old enough to think about it anyway. I smiled at Scorpius, I couldn't imagine him being any bigger. At almost five months now he was already so much bigger than when he was first born. He seemed to grow everyday. And though it made me sad it also delighted me. I couldn't wait to spend my life watching him grow up, to be there every step of the way.

I was just packing up to leave when I heard a gasp.

"Look at the baaaaby!" I heard a shrill screech from the right side of me. Then the pitter patter of a heels moving on the pavement in a quick motion. A bouncy blonde teenager squealed and cooed as she came rushing towards my son and I. She couldn't have been more than seventeen. She was dragging along who I assumed to be her boyfriend. "Look at how cute he is!" She shouted again, smiling too broadly and jumping up and down, practically on top of us.

I stared at her, clutching Scorpius tighter to me.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she took the hint and took a step back. "I just get so excited over babies, especially such little cuties like this one," she smiled again. "What's his name?"

"Scorpius," I couldn't help but smiling, looking down at my son peacefully taking in the crazed teenager. He looked up at suddenly and his expression was priceless, looking much like his father's when he was unimpressed.

"How interesting," her bubbly personality faltered for a moment, but not enough for me to question it. It was an odd name, but it fit. Draco and Hermione weird exactly the most common names either.

I smiled in return.

She turned to her boyfriend suddenly, "Look at how perfect he is! Don't you want one?"

He stiffened and shook his head slowly in disagreement. He didn't look nearly as thrilled to be there as she was. He just kept looking at Scorpius like he was the root of all evil. Typical teenage male being terrified of babies. But it was understandable, at their age a baby really should be the last thing they think about.

"Can I hold him?"

"Uh...I don't know, he's little." I didn't want her touching my baby. Sure I let Ginny or Mrs. Weasley touch him, but that's only because they have kids of their own. And I trusted them. This was a perfect stranger.

"Oh please!" She whined, "I really need to hold him."


"Please, I'll be careful! I just want to hold a baby. Please, please, please!"

"I don't think that's a good idea, maybe you have a family member who has a-"

And then she was crying. Not just crying but whimpering as she looked at Scorpius with depressed eyes.

Ugh. How much harm could she do holding him for three seconds? As long as I was right there. Ready to catch him and take him back if something terrible did happen. So despite my gut telling me no, I reluctantly agreed. "Okay fine. But you have to be careful."

"Really?!" The tears were gone and a smile lit up her pretty face. She did a little wiggling happy dance before she got serious and held her arms out.

I carefully placed him in her arms, guiding hers to hold him properly. She took to it rather well. I watched as she smiled and cooed at Scorpius.

Though I noticed that he didn't respond to her like he did most people. He seemed weary of her. His little arms reaching out for me immediately.

This is when the boyfriend finally came closer, wrapping his arms around his girlfriend. "I guess he'll do," I heard him mutter under his breath.

I was confused but I didn't have time to ponder it. I reached out for my son but all I got was a sick twisted smile from little miss bubbly. "Thanks for the baby!"

And all of a sudden...

They were gone.

All three of them.



-Author's Note-
Hey lovelies! Reviews would make my day!! 

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