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We Are Who We Are by ohnobeans
Chapter 6 : Chasing
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She had always been the wild child. Always seeking the next thing that would make her feel greatawesomeon-top-of-the-world. It never mattered how long the high lasted as long as it was there. That’s why she went off to chase dragons with Uncle Charlie. That’s why she may or may not have (she most definitely did) dabbled in drugs before deciding highs were so much better when you didn’t have to come down.

Sex drugs alcohol parties dragons fire. Roxanne liked, no loved, it all. She chased them all. She had one (two, three, four, five) too many notches on her bedpost. Not even being arrested for public intoxication had slowed her down (because Uncle Harry took care of it with a stern warning that if it happened again he wouldn’t take care of it).

But this? This took the cake. Never before had she fucked up so badly (including the fifth time she got arrested and Uncle Harry finally made her spend the night in jail). 

The pregnancy test sat on the bathroom sink glaring up at her with its boldfaced message. PREGNANT.

 How? She may be a bit of a scarlet woman (her grandmother’s words, not hers), but she neverever forgot to use protection (Roxy was responsible enough to know she was way too irresponsible to handle a baby) and then she remembered the alcohol and the handsome American named Randy and something clicked.
 She fought her desire to runrunrun and instead (using every bit of Gryffindor bravery she had) went to tell the….father.

“Can’t you just, y’know, get rid of it?” She punched him in his stupid American face and stalked off to find her Uncle Charlie who followed up Roxanne’s punch with a punch of his own and a kick off the dragon reserve forever.

What now? “You can’t chase dragons while pregnant, Rox,” Her Uncle Charlie told her and her heart broke into itty-bitty-bits-and-pieces that felt like they would never be whole again.

 So she took time off. No more chasing dragons and alcohol and drugs and fire and parties and boys. She works in the terribly boring, whitewhite office on the reserve and gives birth to Charlotte Angelina Weasley on December 12, 2029 when she is twenty-two years old. Her daughter is born on her favorite uncles birthday, so it seems appropriate to name her after him.

Fast forward four years and Uncle Charlie is retiring. “I’m gettin’ too old for this, Rox,” He said to her as she tended to a fresh burn, “Sixty-one is too old to be chasing dragons.”

Char is four now. Four was too young to be chasing dragons on a reserve with no other children. Roxanne is twenty-six and too young to be feeling so lonely on a reserve filled with her favorite creatures. Without Uncle Charlie here her dream feels....empty. Not even her beloved Hungarian Horntails are able to fill her with the fire she so desperately seeks. 

Should we move home? A bad burn that lands her in the hospital for six days answers that question. The next day she quits, packs their bags, and floos home. Just like that. Goodbye Romania.

Home is weird for Roxanne and Charlotte, but Charlotte is so very happygiggly. She runs around with five-year-old daughter of Teddy and Victoire, Genevieve and the five-year-old daughter of Rose and Scorpius, Lyra. The three girls become fast friends and Roxanne knows that they will never leave home again.

Sometimes her cousins joke about how funny it was that the resident wild child works an office job, but Roxanne is okay with it. She chases her daughter and nieces and nephews around and that’s enough for her.

 (although she never says no to chasing alcohol)

A/N: Roxanne is one of my absolute favorite characters. I played her in a RPG awhile ago and absolutely fell in love with her characterization. My characterizations of other characters has changed, but Rox has always stayed my wild child. I hope you guys like her :) 

As always pleaseplease review! I love to know what you all think!! 

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