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I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us by alicia and anne
Chapter 33 : I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us
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 Louis opened his eyes slowly.

He had had such a terrible dream last night, a dream that he was glad that he had woken up from. Sitting up slowly, Louis prepared himself for the onslaught of sickeness that he had been feeling for the past few days, but nothing came. Blinking the sleep from his eyes, he turned to look at the clock on his bedside cabinet for the time. He was amazed to see that it was nearing eleven in the morning. He hadn’t slept that long since Samantha was born.

Louis turned to look quickly at where Samantha's Moses’ basket was set up, to find that it was now gone. Louis gave a frown and looked around the room as what happened last night began to dawn on him. Noticing quickly that Freya's things were missing from his room. Panic began to set into him when he realised that he hadn’t been dreaming, it had actually happened.

“No. No. No.” Louis cried out. He flung the cover off of him as he rushed off of the bed, tripping slightly as he opened the door to his bedroom and ran from the room.

“Where’s Samantha?” he yelled frantically as he ran down the stairs, the panic flooding through him. “Where’s Samantha?”

He ran into the front room, seeing that it was empty, he was beginning to hyperventilate. She had left him, she had taken Samantha and left him. Louis looked up when he heard the sounds of people running from the kitchen towards him and he saw his mother and father rushing into the room looking worried.

“Louis?” Bill asked in concern. “What’s wrong?”

“Where’s Samantha?” Louis asked, his hand on his chest as he tried to stop himself from hyperventilating.

“Dom’s got her in the kitchen. What’s wrong?”

Louis felt slight relief go through him at those words. “Is Freya in there?” Louis asked, although he already knew the answer.

“No, love. We thought you were both upstairs. We were going to wake you up soon to come down for lunch.”

Louis shook his head, feeling like the walls were closing in on him, he felt like he was barely able to get any air into his lungs.

“She’s gone. She left me.” He choked out. The world was beginning to spin. He couldn’t seem to focus. Louis saw his mother and fathers face fall, before his father grabbed for his arms and steered him to the sofa, sitting him down.

“Louis, just breathe. Take deep breaths.”

Louis nodded as he listened to his fathers words, his head was still swimming as he tried to copy his father’s instructions.

“What happened?” Bill asked once Louis had calmed down enough to begin talking.

“Dad, she’s left me. Freya’s left me.” Louis told him, feeling the tears coming to his eyes.

“What makes you think that she’s left? She could have just gone out without telling anyone.”

“She told me that she was going to last night. I didn’t stop her. I just went to sleep, I was so tired I couldn’t stay awake. I begged her to talk about it in the morning. Why didn’t I do something then? Why didn’t I stop her?”
Louis asked tearfully. “I could have done more. I should have done more. I begged her not to leave me, begged her not to take Samantha.”

“Samantha’s here, Louis. Samantha hasn’t gone anywhere.” Dom stated from the door, her niece was cradled in her arms.

“Bill,” Louis heard Kieron say, causing Bill to look up at him. “I’ve just checked and all of Freya’s stuff has gone.”

Bill ran a hand over his face as he decided what to do.

“Louis, go and get changed. We’re going to go to Freya’s parents’ house to sort all of this out.” He told him, as he moved to sit on the sofa himself. He grabbed his wand from his pocket and waved it, so that his own shoes flew over to him so that he could put them on. Louis rushed from the room so that he could go and get changed.

When he came back downstairs it was to see his father waiting at the front door. Fleur and Dom were talking to him hurriedly and Kieron was now holding Samantha, an angry look across his face.

“I get what you’re both saying, but if we all go wands blazing then she won’t talk to us. What needs to happen is a talk between Louis and Freya.”

“I’ll come with you.” Kieron stated going to hand Samantha to Dom, but she moved out of the way.

“No, you are staying here with us, holding Samantha. I know what your tempers like, you’ll end up punching Freya’s father.” Dom shook her head at her boyfriend.

“The man deserves it.” Kieron growled.

“Let’s just go,” Louis said, opening the door and rushing out. He heard his father following before taking hold of Louis’ arm and apparating them both.

Louis stumbled slightly on their arrival, but straightened up and stormed towards the front door of the Jackson household. He slammed his fist against the door a few times before bending down to yell Freya’s name through the letter box.

When he got no answer Louis went back to banging on the door loudly, he knew that someone was in there.

“Freya, open the door. We need to talk.” Louis yelled loudly, his hand hurting from hitting it against the door.

The door opened quickly and Louis nearly fell forwards. He managed to right himself and looked up to see Ted Jackson looking angrily down at him.

“Freya doesn’t want to talk to you. She doesn’t want to talk to anyone.” Ted told him angrily, trying to shut the door again, but Louis put his foot in the way.

“I need to talk to Freya,” Louis stated. “Can you please let me talk to her?”

“I’ve told you, Freya doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Please leave my property.”

“She can’t just ignore me, we have a child together.” Louis told him.

“A child she never wanted.” Ted countered quickly, shocking Louis.

“She did, she told me that she did.” Louis stuttered.

“She felt like she had to keep the child because you wanted her to.” Ted informed him.

“Her name is Samantha.”

“I told you both that this would happen, that this would be too hard for you, that you wouldn’t cope.”

“No, you brainwashed her into thinking that she couldn’t cope.”

Ted glared down at the teenager in front of him, anger filling his face at his words.

“You can’t stop me talking to her,” Louis said darting passed Ted. But Ted grabbed his arm painfully and pulled him backwards and out of the house, causing Louis to stumble onto the gravel.

“No, but I can stop you trespassing on my property.” Ted growled. Ted was met with a fist connecting to his face, which knocked him to the floor.

Louis looked at his father, who was standing over Ted and cradling his fist with his other hand.

“If you ever man handle my son again, you’ll have more to worry about than a broken nose.”

“I’m going to the Ministry and having you charged with assault, now get the hell off of my property.” Ted roared, getting to his feet and clutching hold of his nose, which was bleeding.

“See you in court.” Bill spat before taking Louis by the arm gently and taking him far enough away so that they could apparate back home.


“Louis!” Fleur called as Louis stormed into the house and ran up the stairs, ignoring her calls for him. She was standing next to Kieron, who had Samantha sleeping soundly in her arms. Kieron rocked the baby gently as everyone looked to Bill for answers as he walked into the house. He sighed and shook his head at them as he shut the door behind him.

“She’s not coming back,” he told her simply.

“So she’s just left her baby?” Fleur asked, outraged. Bill walked forwards to his wife who run her hands through her long silky blonde hair in frustration.

“She’s going back to Hogwarts,” Bill told Fleur with a deep breath. The annoyance at Freya’s behaviour was written all over his face as he looked over at his Granddaughter. He didn't understand how Freya had the heart to leave this precious baby behind.

“And what about Louis? What if Louis wanted to go back to Hogwarts?” Fleur demanded angrily. “She should have discussed things with us all first, she shouldn’t have just up and left because she didn’t like things. She has a baby to think about now and a family, that she wanted.”

“I know,” Bill stated. “We should go and have a talk with Louis.”

The entire family walked up the stairs, all of them wanting to be there for Louis. But when Bill tried to open the door, he noticed that it was locked.

“Louis, please open the door.” Bill stated, knocking on the door, but there was no answer form the other side.
They knew that he had pushed something against the door to stop them from opening the door.

Bill turned to look at the others and shook his head sadly, “What do we do now?” he asked them.

“I’ll break the door down.” Kieron stated in a dark voice as he moved to hand Samantha to Dom, who crossed her arms and shook her head at him.

“You are not to let go of her. The minute you do, I know that you’re going to head straight to Freya’s house.” Dom stated knowingly. Kieron’s jaw clenched as he held onto Samantha more securely.

“Because,” Kieron began through clenched teeth, “I would have a few words with her father.”

“You would do more than that and end up in Azkaban. I am not having you do that, now keep hold of Snorter.”

Kieron grumbled at her under his breath as he shook his head. He had tried to pass the baby to anyone else, but they had been under orders to not take her from Kieron. It was the only thing that was keeping him calm enough.

“I don’t know what to do,” Bill stated quietly, feeling pretty useless. He gave a shrug of his shoulders and sighed before placing his hands on his hips.

“I think we need to get in touch with Horatio,” Fleur said as she looked around at the others. “If anyone is going to get him out of that room or get Louis to talk, it’s going to be him.”

“You’re right, I’ll go and get him.” Kieron stated, going to hand Samantha to someone else, but one look from Dom made him stop. He gave an annoyed groan at her look. “You can’t make me keep hold of her forever.”

“Only until I know that you’re not going to do anything stupid.”

“Your dad has already punched him.”

“And how is he going to get the charges against him dropped if his lawyer is being done for the same crime?” Dom countered.

“I’m not even qualified yet, he’ll be using Blaise of course.”

“Alright, calm down you two. Kieron, you’re keeping hold of Samantha, we need you to look after her whilst we find Horatio.” Bill stated, giving his family jobs. “Who’s going to look where?”

“I’ll go to his house,” Dom offered, Kieron shot her a quick look at those words, but Dom ignored him.

“I’ll go to Percy’s house and see if Horatio is there.” Bill offered. “Victoire, can you check George’s shop for me? I know that Horatio likes to visit Louis there when he’s working, there’s a slim chance he may have turned up. If not, can you inform George about the situation.”

Victoire nodded and left to go down the stairs, Dom followed after her with Kieron trailing behind.

“Fleur, if you keep trying to get him to open the door. I don’t want him in there alone, I’m worried.” Bill said to his wife, who nodded.

Bill smiled and gave her a kiss before resting his forehead against hers, “We’ll get him through this.”


Bill was the one to find Horatio at Percy’s house, he had been invited around for lunch by Percy and Audrey. The minute Horatio had seen Bill’s face, he knew that something was wrong with Louis. He had followed Bill without question, Molly following them both.

“Louis, open the door.” Horatio demanded as his fist pounded on the door. He had run straight up here as soon as he had arrived at the house, knowing that Louis wouldn’t have left his room. There was no answer to Horatio, who ran his tongue over his teeth as he began seething in anger.

“Louis, I will break the door down.”

Still no answer. Horatio felt his hand curl up into a fist angrily before he turned to look at the Weasley family and Kieron, who was feeding Samantha with a bottle.

“How could she do this?” Horatio asked them, “Just leave him? Just leave Samantha?”

“We don’t understand it either. We don’t know why she didn’t talk to one of us if she was struggling so much, she knew that we were here for her, knew that we would help her.” Fleur said as she wrapped her arms around herself,
Molly moved over to her aunt and wrapped an arm around her in comfort.

“He’s not going to open the door to me,” Horatio said to Bill, “Do you have a broom? I’m going to break in through his window.”

“Yeah, out in the garden shed.” Bill said with a nod, Horatio and the others all followed him down the stairs again, none of them knowing what else to do.

Horatio was thankful that he didn’t have to smash his way through Louis’s bedroom window, he wasn’t sure if he would have been able to. It took a lot to actually fly up on the broomstick and manage to get to the window, flying wasn’t exactly his strongest skill.

“You really didn’t want anyone to get into your room did you?” Horatio asked as he climbed through the window with a great deal of difficulty, in fact he nearly slipped off of the window sill twice.

There was no answer from Louis, who was sitting on his bed, his head in his hands.

“I’m surprised you thought that I wouldn’t get through, you know nothing can keep me from you.” Horatio said, placing the broom against the wall before taking a seat next to Louis, who didn’t look up at him.

Horatio looked at Louis, who wasn’t answering him. Louis moved his head out of his hands, his hair stuck out like he had run his hands through it constantly.

"I just -er- I need to-" Louis began, before he stopped muttering and ran a hand over his face slowly, trying to keep his composure and failing miserably. "Horatio, what do I do? What am I meant to do now?"

"You're going to do the best you can for Samantha."

"How can I? How can I do this without Freya? Fuck... just... I can’t do this."

His hand found his hair again and he pushed it back before taking a deep breath. He placed his shaking hands on his hips and paced a little, he felt lost. "Why did she leave? Why did she fucking leave us?"

"I don't know, Louis." Horatio admitted. He really had no clue what would have made her leave Louis and Samantha, when they both needed her the most.

"She wanted to leave last night, she wanted to talk about it all, but I was too tired. I was exhausted and she promised that we would talk today. I was going to help her, I was going to beg her to stay with me." Louis informed him, one hand on his hip as the other was used with emphasis.

Horatio watched his friend sadly, hating that Louis was falling apart in front of his eyes.

"This morning when I saw that she had gone, I was terrified that she had taken Samantha with her. But when I saw that she was with Dom, I-" he faltered again, "-why didn’t she want her, Horatio? I thought we were going to do this together? Did I not help enough? Was it too much for her?"

"Louis, you’ve done everything that you could. You cared for Samantha a lot more than Freya did. You’ve done the best that you could."

“I should have done more. I should have noticed before, I should have made her talk to a Healer or something?”
Louis shook his head, he was shaking again as he paced.

Horatio was silent.

“And now, I can’t even speak to her. Her dad is going to make sure of that.”

“Maybe you can write her a letter?”

Louis let out a small scoff. “Her dad will probably be stopping that as well.”

“Maybe you can try and go to her house again?”

Louis shook his head sadly, backing up to the wall and slouching down against it. He pulled his legs up and hung his head.

“Maybe she doesn’t want to talk to me?”

Horatio stood up at his words and walked over so that he could sit next to him. He put an arm around his best friend and pulled him closer to him, so that Louis’s head rested against Horatio’s chest as he hugged him. Louis wrapped his arms around Horatio and Horatio could feel his sobs beginning to escape him. Horatio felt his own eyes stinging. He hated seeing Louis this broken, hated seeing him this upset, hated that there was nothing he could do to make this better.

Horatio placed his face in Louis’s hair and knew that all he could do was be here for him, show him that he wasn’t going to be alone.

“We’ll get through to her, we’ll talk to her.” Horatio told Louis, slightly muffled by the soft hair he was resting his head on.

Louis nodded against his chest.

“Your parents are really worried about you.” Horatio told Louis, after they had been in silence for a while and Louis’s sobs had died down. “They want to see you, but you managed to block the door.”

“I didn’t want to see anyone.” Louis sounded defeated and it tore at Horatio’s heart.

“I’m here.”

“That’s different. You’re my best friend, I knew that nothing would stop you from getting in.” Louis stated, moving away from Horatio to sit up straighter, wiping at his eyes with his thumbs.

“Are you ready to go downstairs yet?” Horatio asked him. Louis shook his head in response.

“If we’re going to stay up here, I’m at least moving off of the floor. My arse has gone numb.” Horatio stood up and walked gingerly around for a moment, trying to get the circulation going back through him as he walked over to Louis’s bed and took a seat on it.

Louis sighed as he followed suit, taking a place next to Horatio and laying backwards so that he was looking up at the ceiling. It felt weird to him that Freya wasn’t here, that she was gone. It didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel real.

He raised a hand and covered his face as he screwed his eyes up tightly, tears threatening to spill again. All he could feel right now was pain.

He felt Horatio lay down next to him, before taking his hand and holding it comfortingly.


Louis opened his eyes slowly and looked sleepily around the room. He hadn’t even realised that he had fallen asleep.

He sat up slowly and felt an unpleasant clenching in his stomach as everything came flooding back to him. He wanted nothing more than to just hide in here forever, to avoid everyone and everything, to just disappear from everything. But he couldn’t, he had a daughter that needed him even more now. He couldn’t let Samantha down.

It was that fault that was stopping him from letting himself completely fall apart. Samantha was the reason he was going to carry on even though he felt like he was beginning to die inside.

Louis stood up from the bed and began to walk over to the door of his bedroom. The furniture he had placed against it earlier had been moved, more likely by Horatio who was no longer in the room.

Louis walked down the stairs slowly, hearing Horatio’s voice floating up them.

“He’s been arrested.” He heard Horatio’s sad tone, he was confused for a moment, wondering just who was arrested.

“I’m sorry it had to be this way, Horatio. But the Goblins wanted a lot worse than for him to be arrested.”

“I get it, he was an idiot. My brother is one of the biggest idiots I know.”

“He’s looking at a few years in Azkaban for this.”

Louis walked down the stairs slowly and made his way into the front room quietly.

He felt every eye turn to look at him and he felt like he couldn’t take it. He just wanted to hug his daughter.
He looked around the room and saw that Kieron had hold of her.

“Can I have Samantha, please?” Louis asked, holding his hands out so that he could take his daughter.

Kieron nodded before handing Samantha to Louis gently. Louis held her close to him and kissed her on the side of the head. She would make everything right, she would help him through this and when Freya comes back they would all cope together. They would sort everything out between them and go back to being a family. Louis knew deep down that Freya loved them still.

“Louis what are you going to do?” he heard his sister Victoire ask him.

“She’s going to come around, I know she is. Freya just needs some time to figure things out. She’s not leaving me, she’s not leaving Samantha. I know her. She’s just scared.” Louis told them, not looking up from his daughter.

“And if she doesn’t come back?” Victoire prompted.

Louis waited for a few beats before answering them.

“Then, I’ll have to love Samantha enough for the both of us.”

A/N: I will get back to editing this chapter soon, I swear. I just wanted to upload it for you all as soon as I could and it's now 3am... So, I hope you liked it.

There's only one more chapter to go, which makes me very sad. ;( But the sequel is ready, summary and banner are done. All that needs to be done is a bit more writing to the first chapter. 

Let me know what you all think. *hugs*

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