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A Vision In White by LightLeviosa5443
Chapter 1 : From The Beginning
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I stood still as Mum fixed my dress, trying not to sniffle, and Lucy and Gwen tried to fix the makeup I kept smudging and find a way to keep my unruly hair in place. I smiled at the effort they were putting forth. I hugged them warmly when they finally made to leave the room, and gave me my few precious moments alone. I looked in the mirror and studied my reflection. A vision in a white dress, that’s what you said you knew I’d look like. I left the room and went to take my fathers arm. As everyone made their way down, I closed my eyes and reflected on our history, from the beginning.


We met on the train to Hogwarts in our first year, I’ll never forget the look on your face when I asked if I could sit with you, and then ten of my cousins proceeded to cram into the tiny little compartment. Your eyes were wide for the rest of the ride as my family talked about Quidditch, and apparating, NEWTS, which classes they were least excited for, and even the ghosts of Hogwarts. I introduced myself to you.

“Hi, My name is Roxanne, what’s your name?” I kind of had to shout this over the noise my cousins were making. You looked at me with your wide eyes and then at the hand I had extended in greeting.

“M.. m.. my name is Aoife.” You were stuttering and nervous, and your hand was shaking as you reached out to grasp mine.

But it stopped shaking once we touched. It was like a fire had been set ablaze and chills ran up my arms. We just stared at each other for a moment, curious of the feeling we had gotten at our touch. We didn’t let go of our hands. Until my brother Fred catcalled and told me to stop harassing the new girl.

I’m pretty sure in that moment I knew I liked you, not as a friend, but as something more.

Later that night when you were sorted into Gryffindor, I remember praying that I would end up with you. Most of my cousins wanted to be in Gryffindor because that’s where almost all of our family ended up. But me? I wanted to be with you. I just felt this magnetic pull. I felt like you were supposed to be a presence in my life. I’m glad to know I was right.

You hugged me when I got to the Gryffindor table. I was the last to be called by the hat. The curse of the Weasley last name. I knew Mum and Dad would be proud, but I didn’t know you would be. We were inseparable from that moment on. We took the same classes, shared clothes, secrets, tears, food. We studied together for hours before exams.

It wasn’t until two years later that our friendship evolved. Our dorm room was empty, aside from the two of us. We were laying on your bed, the drapes were closed. We had cast a muffliato spell, we were gossiping about other people, and just being ridiculous and didn’t want anyone to hear us.

“If you had to kiss anyone in our year, who would you kiss?” I asked, pretending to be joking around. I kind of blushed at the question, and you went quiet for a bit, “Nevermind, it was a silly question, you don’t have to answer that.”

I kicked myself. Mum always said I took the bravery found in Gryffindors too far sometimes. That I was too fearless, I didn’t know boundaries, and when to not say something. I had been hoping you’d say me, I didn’t think you’d be embarrassed to say a real answer. There was a silence that didn’t sit well with me, my stomach was uneasy. I looked up at you, my face hiding under the veil of my hair. You were looking at me, you were biting your lip and there was a blush on your cheeks. I wondered what you could be thinking.

“You.” You said it so soft I almost didn’t hear.

“What was that?” I couldn’t have heard that right.

You didn’t answer me again, not with words anyway. Instead you raised my head with your hands and made me look at you. And then you kissed me. It was the sweetest kiss I had ever had. It wasn’t like the disgusting one I had with the next door neighbor when I was four, or the boring ones that mums always seemed to give you before you left for anywhere. No, this kiss was amazing. It gave me butterflies in my stomach and tingles in my toes. It made me want to stay in that moment forever. When we pulled away the blush had spread.

We were never just friends from that moment.

You told your parents about us that summer. We had been walking around in the garden behind your house. You had tried to sneakily grab hold of my hand, but your Mum had been outside and saw it. You told them, you didn’t care. Neither did they, she said she knew before we did. For once, I wasn’t as brave. It took me a whole nother year to tell my parents. We hid our relationship in the halls of Hogwarts. I didn’t want my cousins and older brother to find out. I didn’t know what people would say, how they would act. I was confused by what to do. Tell my family and risk the consequences, or keep it a secret and risk losing you.

You said you didn’t want to hide it anymore that summer, and I agreed. I woke up early that summer morning. I was sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea when Mum and Dad came down. I told them I had to tell them something. It was the most terrifying moment of my life. Not knowing what their reactions would be. Praying that they wouldn’t be bad.

I didn’t know how to say it, so I just told them everything, from the beginning of the story. The way your handshake had given me chills, to the way you made me happy when everything else made me sad or mad. They smiled and just hugged me. Like your Mum, they had known before we did. I floo’d you that day. We spent the entire day in the garden of The Burrow holding hands and lying in the field. We saw elephants with top hats and monkeys with wings in the clouds. The summer breeze was cool and refreshing, and when the warm summer rain came later that afternoon, we continued to lie there until Nana Molly called us in.

The rest of our time at school was much like that. We’d steal kisses during mealtimes, or while studying. We’d sneak out onto the grounds and dance in the moonlight. We’d kiss before each quidditch game. You were a chaser, I was a beater. At the end of each game we’d kiss as well. I’ll never forget the look on your face when scouts from the Appleby Arrows, Kenmare Kestrels, and the Wimbourne Wasps came up to offer both of us positions on their teams. It took us nearly two weeks to decide, and we wouldn’t tell each other our decisions. The look on your face was priceless when you realized we had both accepted positions with the Wasps. We’ve been known as the leagues favourite couple since we began playing starting positions a year later.

I remember the night you proposed. It was cold and rainy and I had been trying to convince you that we didn’t need to go out for dinner that night. We actually got into a fight about it. You looked so upset by the time we were at the restaurant, and I couldn’t understand why. We had decided to walk home. Five minutes into the walk it started raining. You started crying and I just held you. I couldn’t understand why you had insisted on coming out to dinner, and then not enjoyed it, and cried when it started raining. I asked you why. You just shook your head.

When we were almost home I told you I didn’t care about having a perfect dinner or a lovely walk home with you. I just enjoyed being in your presence. You dropped to one knee and asked me to marry you. It was my turn to cry then.


At a nudge from Dad, I opened my eyes, and smiled to myself as I focused on the walk ahead of me. I had my hand on my father's arm, and when we came to the end of the winding path, and the beginning of the long aisle, I saw you. You were standing at the front, a vision in white. You smiled, and all the way from the back I could see the tears begin to brim in your eyes. We were finally getting married.

Twelves years of friendship, of fighting, hiding, loving, hating, laughing, crying. Twelve years with my best friend and only love had led to this moment. This moment of absolute certainty. This moment where the whispers of forever were no longer dreams, but promises. Where our bond was taken from something that we knew we shared between us, to something for everyone to witness, and something that held weight with the community around us.

I smiled at you, as I got close to the end of the aisle. My vision in white. I barely listened to the whole ceremony, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. You were crying from the start, and I was dry eyed until you said your vows. We murmured ‘I do’ and our families applauded.

Forever was no longer a desire and a dream. Forever was reality.


Hi all! Hoped you liked it!

I wrote this for Ravenclaw333's super awesome Ladies Loving Ladies challenge. For those of you that HAVE read My Little Secrets, yes that was the same gwen. For those that haven't, well, all of my stories connect, so I just brought in an OC from another story!

Thanks for reading, I'd love a review, tell me how you liked it, what worked, what didn't. What kind of cookie is the best cookie ever. You know, the usual!

xoxo Sarah

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