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The Last Heir by Smile_Beautiful_
Chapter 10 : True Identity
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I do not own Harry Potter! 

I had to triple check if I, in fact, had my eyes open, because I was surrounded by nothing but darkness. The harsh stone floors went through my thin robes, making me shiver from the cold. I was positive if I could see that I would see a puff of my breath in the freezing room.

I tried to stand up, but I heard the loud clangs of chains being scraped against the floor, telling me I wouldn’t be able to move far from where I already was. I brought my arms to wrap around my body, trying to keep the little warmth I still had inside of me.

As I tried to recall how I got here I head a loud yell from above, causing me to jump from the silence being broken.


Footsteps moved quickly on the wooden floors above, as they left and made their way towards the door that held me captive.

“Lumos.” A shaky voice whispered.

An ugly man stood before me, with messed up thin hair, scarred face, and small beady eyes. This man reminded me of a mouse by the way he kept twitching his hands and his buckteeth kept nibbling his chapped lips.

He pointed his wand at the chain that held me to the floor, muttering an incantation that caused the clasp around my ankles to set me free.

“Come, come quickly! We can’t leave the Dark Lord waiting!”

I was in the headquarters of the Dark Lord? This can’t be good.

I tried to stand, but my shaky legs kept buckling underneath me. The rat man ran forward, grabbed me arm and hoisted me up. A shutter of disgust went through my body as his long dirty fingernails scraped my skin.

He pulled me along, bringing me up the stone steps and led me through a large home. The rooms were all dark in taste, many blacks and greens littered each passing room giving off an eerie feeling.

He stopped at huge double doors and turned to me, “You…you must sh…show the Da… Dark Lord re…respect. Do…do not look hi…him in the eyes!”

I didn’t answer him, but squared my shoulders and held my head high as the doors opened. Many people sat at a long dinner table that seemed to not have seen food on its top in some time.

Many of the people bowed their heads in front of them, staring at the brown glossy finish. The rat man quickly fell to the floor, bowing in an odd fashion.

He looked up at me with scared eyes, “Bow.” He hissed.

A strange wave of courage went through me as I glared at the man and sneered. I looked up right at the snake like man that sat at the end of the table and gave him the same expression.

“I will not bow for someone I do not respect.”

I watched as Voldemort stood up, and made his way to me. When he was before me, his long boney finger made its way under my chin.

“I would expect nothing less of you, Charlotte.”

I was startled at the almost calmness to his voice as he held my jaw steadily.
He opened his mouth to speak again, but stopped abruptly when he saw the faint bruise on my cheek from where Mr. Malfoy slapped me.

“Who did this to you?”

I didn’t answer at first, being confused on why he actually cared that I was hit.

He gripped my arms tightly, “Charlotte, tell me who hit you.”

I stayed silent, but my eyes shifted to the blonde hair man whose eyes stayed focused on the table, then landed on Draco whose gazed locked onto my own. Voldemort seemed to follow my gaze, as his grip loosened just a bit, but his eyes blazed with anger.

“Draco, come here.” He said icily.

Draco nodded his head, and stood up quickly, keeping his eyes trained to the floor. His footsteps were hard on the wood floors, but became muffled when his shoes hit the plush carpet.

He went down onto one knee, “My Lord.”

“I am disappointed, Draco. She wasn’t your mission.”

His head snapped up, “My…my Lord?”

Voldemort pointed his wand at the boy in front of him, “Crucio.”

Draco went wide-eyed, as his body spazzed on the ground. He bit him lip tightly, trying not to scream, but it was useless. Within in seconds his cry hit the walls.


I realized what was happening, as I quickly went down on my knees besides Draco. I gripped his hand tightly trying to sooth him through his pain.

“STOP IT! HE ISN’T THE ONE WHO HIT ME! STOP IT!” I screamed back at evil wizard.

Voldemort released Draco from the cruse, his body still shaking as he held my hand tighter. Voldemort’s eyes seemed to soften as his gaze met mine.

“He isn’t?”

“No, Draco would never hurt me.”

Voldemort nodded his head at this, “My apologize young Mr. Malfoy.”

Draco swayed as he tried to sit up and bend on one knee again, “An honest mistake, my Lord. I do not blame you.”

“Charlotte, who was the one who hit you, then? Tell me, now.”

I swallowed a lump in my throat, “I wish to not say. No one needs to be hurt because of me.”

His red orbs blared into mine, before nodding his head, “I respect that,” He turned to the table with all his followers, “But as of now, no one is to hurt Ms. Peverell. Am I clear?”

A chores of “Yes, my Lord,” rang through the large room.

Voldemort held out his hand for me to take, and with a slight hesitation, I accepted his offer to help me off the ground.

“Draco, I appoint you Charlotte’s protector from now on. Will you accept this?”

Draco nodded, “Of course, my Lord. It would be an honor.”

“Leave us, all of you. I wish to speak with Charlotte and young Mr. Malfoy alone.”

All of the death eaters left quickly, leaving me alone with Draco and Voldemort.

The evil man walked away to sit back in a chair by the fire. Draco stayed on the ground, and I stood. Draco kept giving me worried glances and mouth “bow.”

“I do not want her to bow, Mr. Malfoy, she is my equal after all.”

My brows knitted together in confusion, “And how am I your equal?”

“Well, Charlotte, you are my only living heir after all.”

My mouth gasped open, as I met Draco’s equally confused looks.

“Your heir?”

“Yes, Charlotte Bay. You are my daughter.”

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The Last Heir: True Identity


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