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The Three Couples: After The War by skate9001
Chapter 5 : Luna in Africa?
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Luna Lovegood rung on the big brass bell with served as a doorbell at The Burrow. She was coming back to visit her friends for the first time since she returned to live at home. She was looking forward to seeing them, and also to hear their future plans. She had decided that she would like to travel, but she did have a year of school left, and it would be hard to support herself without any NEWTs.

Neville answered the door. He had arrived at the Burrow about an hour before, and though he was glad to see his friends, he was really looking forwards to seeing Luna. She had only answered one of his many letters, and the response simply stated that she was looking forwards to seeing all her friends again and that she was enjoying her time back at home.

"Hi Luna! It's so nice to see you again!"

"You too Neville" replied Luna in her usual dreamy tone, before stepping around him and into the house.

Neville stood, in the doorway, and watched as Luna walked away from him. He hadn't hoped for much, but THREE WORDS!?! He had dropped so many clues, she should of picked it up by now. Or maybe she had, and didn't know what to do?? Or worse, maybe bot saying anything was her way of saying no?

As Neville had expected, Luna didn't speak directly to him again that day. He had listened carefully though, while she told the group about what she was doing lately and what she was planning, and what he found out bothered him.

Luna was planning on going on a trip to Africa with a childhood friend named Rolf.

Luna didn't specify when she would be returning, and when Harry asked her, she simply replied, "Sometime".

Neville secretly loves seeing Luna, and was devastated that she was leaving. Surely this meant she had no feelings for him, because if she did, why would she leave?

At the end of the evening, Luna returned home, where she, her father, and Rolf were staying.

Rolf's parents had died in the war, and he was staying with Luna and her father until he could find a place of his own. He wasn't doing much searching now, because he didn't know how long he and Luna would be in Africa for, but he did have a few ideas, such as a small house near Luna's.

Luna went upstairs to her room and lay down on her bed, looking up at the picture she had in the ceiling, of her, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville. They were her closest friends, with tha addition of Rolf. Luna took out her wand, pointed it at the ceiling, and concentrating on Rolf's appearance, drew him on the ceiling right beside her. There, all her friends together.

Everyone at the Burrow wanted to meet Rolf, so Luna decided to invite everyone to her house next weekend so they could meet him. They would leave for Africa a few days later.

Author's note-- Looking at the number of reads of thus story and the number of reviews, I'm wondering if its worth continuing. I have received over 500 reads,and only 2 reviews. I would greatly appreciate some feedback!!

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The Three Couples: After The War: Luna in Africa?


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