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The Quidditch Cup by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 16 : Chapter Fifteen
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-Cora's pov-

Today was the day: The Quidditch Ball. I say that with sarcasm and sass because frankly I’m not even the slightest bit excited, like why would you ruin something as sacred as quidditch with a stupid ball?

It’s ridiculous. It has caused so much un-needed drama. And yes I am talking about James and my unnecessary quibble. It just made me so angry.

I mean yes, part of me did expect that he was going to ask me and honestly I was holding out for it. I can’t begin to explain how shit I felt when he said he’d already asked Midnight. The stupid cow. It actually made me feel a bit sick thinking about what they were going to do tonight, well I hope it won’t lead to anything but dancing at the ball, but I know James’ character and well I don’t know Midnight’s and actually that kind of scares me. There’s something off about her and I don’t like it. And no I’m not just jealous. Well partly.

The worst part about the whole Midnight thing. Was I had to go chase Eylan just to ask if his offer still stood. I’d just said no to the poor bloke and then I had to beg to get him to go with me. And yes I did have to beg, because I will tell you know I love him like a brother but Eylan is a sick and twisted prat, who enjoys watching me feel uncomfortable. I mean he had to say yes anyway, I’d heard his reasons for asking me.

I say that like I’m a consolation prize. Well actually, in this case I am. I don’t know why James gets so bloody worked up about Eylan anybody with two Knuts for brains could tell the poor bloke was gay.

Oh wait, you didn’t? Ok maybe nobody knew it. He told me when we were fourteen. We were at quidditch camp; it was in Switzerland that year. It was beautiful , the mountains the stars... yeah I’m getting off track sorry. It was one of our last night’s there and we were sitting by the lake, the moon was bright, the stars were out and it was the perfect romantic scenery. We were talking and things got quiet, we looked at each other for what felt like years, before he eventually reached down and kissed me. It was weird. I’d known Eylan for the majority of my life and don’t get me wrong he’s a very attractive man, he was back then. But kissing him just felt wrong. It didn’t help that it was my first kiss, honestly at first I blamed it on maybe I was a terrible kisser.

But when we broke off into our awkward silence, he surprised me. He looked at me with so much convicted that I felt sorry for him, he looked like he was beating himself up inside, fighting with his inner demons. He told me that night that he was gay. And he promised me to this day not to tell anybody. And I haven’t. Well except for you, but you won’t tell anybody will you?

It’s unheard of really a gay quidditch player. I know shocker. The world is adapting so much, but heaven forbid one player likes another man. It seems ridiculous but it’s true. I mean there probably are gay quidditch players, but they’ve been forced into hiding just so society will accept them. And honestly it makes me sick.

Eylan hasn’t told anybody. He hasn’t told his own Dad because he’s scared how he’s going to react. It shouldn’t be like it, but it is. It’s the harsh truth.

So when he asked me to the ball, he told me I didn’t have to but because I knew his secret it made it easier. He wouldn’t have to string another girl along because I already knew it wouldn’t be going anywhere. I told him there and then no, but he started laughing he knew why I didn’t want to go with him, and how naïve was I, to think it would happen.

You know, now I’m thinking about it. I think James is Eylan’s type too. Actually I’m a hundred percent sure he is. No wonder he’s always bloody nice to him and giving him that bloody smile that girls swoon over. But alas it looks like Eylan is in the same boat as me, not literally I’m not in the Durmstrang ship… haha get it? No yeah I’ll stop.

I actually haven't spoken to James much. It was just nods and the odd hello, every time he saw me, he dived the other way. I thought he was supposed to be a Gryffindor for Merlin’s sake. Shouldn’t he want to deal with his problems, instead of running bloody away?

The rest of the team were beginning to notice the drift too. See none of this would have happened without this stupid ball.

But there was no point in fighting it any longer, after all today was the big day. My dress was sorted. My Mum had met me last Hogsmeade trip and dragged Eylan with me to try it on and make sure our attire matched. Like the rest of the Durmstrang boys they’d be wearing their matching suits. My Mum just changed Krum’s slightly; ok she dyed the colour of it. He didn’t mind though, he didn’t even mind coming with me to try on the dresses, see what I mean about people with two Knuts being able to tell he was gay!?!

My dress was simple. Ok that’s a lie. My Mum picked the dress and I can tell you now nothing is ever simple with her. She was kind of annoyed when I chose the quidditch lifestyle instead of the girly one. So with me not having a fashion flare to decide, she was really in her element. I let her go wild; I let her relive her youth picking this dress for me. And when I saw her tears when I tried it on, I knew I’d done the right thing and I knew this was the right dress.

It was royal red. Tight with a mermaid fitting, the bottom flared out with individual red petal roses. The top of it was heart shaped and the back was low, not leaving much to the imagination. But in my Mum’s words “You might as well show off the figure quidditch has given you” I did argue back saying how I’d worked for this figure but she only told me to turn around a few dozen times to really take in the beauty of the dress.

It was beautiful. And she was right it did show off my figure perfectly. It made me feel powerful wearing it, in a way I couldn’t explain.

But enough of the dress, it’s only eight o’clock and right now I am starving. Classes had been cancelled today with the ball and us breaking up for the Christmas holidays. I was actually kind of relieved to break up. I just wanted to go home and relax for a while, give myself time to think. Saying that Christmas is never a time to think, Christmas at my house is always insane. Always has been always will be. And frankly I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I met Al and Scorp in the common room and walked up to the great hall. Al was telling us about how insane Melody was and how he couldn’t wait for the night to be over so he could break up with her. He said he was going to do it tomorrow, so she could have the whole of the Christmas holiday to get over him. And don’t worry I slapped him over the head for being such a ponce.

I mean the poor girl had probably already got him his Christmas present and now he was going to ruin her Christmas holiday by dumping him. Saying that there’s never really a good time to dump anyone I suppose.

We sat down at our usual place, the whole hall was majorly empty. There wasn’t a girl insight.

“It’s weird” Scorpius commented.

“How can they be getting ready so early?” I asked completely shocked. There was like ten hours until the ball!

“They have to make themselves pretty” Freddie said answering my question as he plopped down next to me. James slid in next to Al’s side, I smiled at him and he gave half of one back. I looked away becoming extremely interested in the rack of toast in front of me. What? Yes I realise I’m a hypocrite for not facing my problems but I’m not a Gryffindor, we Slytherins pride ourselves in our cowardly nature.

“Shouldn’t you have started getting ready yesterday then?” Scorpius asked me. My mouth dropped open, the cheeky shit. Al started laughing, Freddie did too. I made the mistake of looking at James, who was already looking at me.

What shocked me even more were the words that came out of his mouth. “You’re already beautiful” he said shrugging, he’d said it loud enough for me to hear, but I couldn’t work out if anybody else had. I just sat that dumbstruck. What was I supposed to say back to that?

Thanks? I’ll see you tonight at the ball with your veela girlfriend? Nope, it didn’t seem to cut it to me.

“Ah! Here’s my date” Freddie said laughing bringing me out of my thoughts. Andie came bombarding down the hall, her hair in plaits. She grinned as she sat down next to James grabbing the jug of orange juice. She didn’t even bother getting a goblet she just drank straight from the pitcher.

“Are you excited?” she asked “I’m excited” she replied to herself just as eagerly. Her eyes were scanning the hall rapidly “Where is everybody?” She turned her head getting a proper look at the hall “They’re probably getting ready” she answered herself, as she attempted to down the refillable pitcher.

“She’s like a little chipmunk on crack” Al commented laughing at his own statement.

“Defintely” I replied looking at her with concern.

“Andie are you ok?” Freddie asked amusement still lacing through his words.

“What? Me? Yep. I’m fine. Brilliant actually. Fantastic. Fantabidoesy. Spendid”

“Get to the point!” Scorpius cut across

“Icouldn’tsleeplastnightI’vehadtwelveenergydrinks” Andie blurted out.

“Did any of you get that?” James asked looking at us in confusion.

“You had twelve energy drinks!” I shouted. Her eyes went wide as she nodded rapidly. “How are you alive?” I asked lowering my tone.

“WHAT? Could I die? Please don’t say yes. I don’t want to die” she started pleading.

“Andie. Slow down” Al said reassuringly “You’re not going to die”

“Yet” Freddie unhelpfully added in. Andie paled. Her blue eyes widened in complete shock.

“Andie, you need to go to sleep” I told her.

“Sleep” she repeated. I nodded. She leaned her elbows on the table and placed her head on them. ”Sleep” she murmured closing her eyes.

“Did that really just work?” Scorp asked looking at Andie with uncertainty.

“Twelve energy drinks” Al said in amazement “That’s like her body weight in sugar. Incredible” he added as an afterthought laughing at the situation. Even I had to supress my smile. She was definitely excited about tonight.

“Good luck” Scorpius told Freddie.

He only shrugged; I’d heard he was meeting up with Leah as soon as he got in there anyway. A hyped up Andie would be that little German boy’s problem now.


It was half six and the nerves were kicking in. I had no idea what I was nervous for. It was just a ball with my best friend. I couldn’t understand why I was nervous. Ok I knew the reason it started with J and ended with ames. It was his little comment earlier that set butterflies swarming in my stomach. Like what sort of prat says something like that.

I was applying my makeup slowly making sure everyone was on point. The girls in my dorm were all helping each other and had been all day, I chipped in occasionally, I lent them my makeup that my Mum had, had imported especially and I even put a few grips in Sapphire’s hair. But I was no stylist.

Still though, I liked doing my own makeup. It was weird, it’s like how can so much confidence come by just putting a bit of liquid on my eye lids? Remarkable really.

I’d gone with the black shadowy effect with a winged line of liquid eye liner. My eyebrows didn’t need filling in, they were already dark enough. But the eye shadow really did make my hazel eyes pop; they brought out the green in them. My foundation was light, with rosy cheeks highlighting my cheek bones. I looked good, sophisticated almost. There was something missing.

Jade was studying me, she could see it too. “I know!” she said happily running off to the pile of make up in the middle of the room. She picked up a little black tube and held it solemnly as she brought it closer to me. She held it and I read the label “Luscious Red” lipstick. I opened it and grinned. It would tie in the dress perfectly. I did my bottom lip first and then my top I did it slowly doing my best to follow my lips without slipping.

“Perfect” Jade said grinning. Sapphire joined her in staring at me they had a menacing look about them, one I’d only saw when I agreed for them to dress me for the last proper Hogsmeade trip.

“Now for your hair” they said in union, they’d already got theirs done. They were just biding their time and waiting for me.

“Fine” I said laughing.

“Great! I’ll get my wand!”

Twenty minutes later and my hair was down and glossy it had vintage curls in it and flowed to the middle of my back. Everything was done. I put on my dress slowly appreciating that this was what it was all over. All the drama over one little dance, but it did make me feel happy. I looked good and I felt good. Maybe I could forget my troubles for the night.

“Can you take a picture of us?” Jade asked. I nodded taking the wizarding camera off her.

They were all taking pictures to show their parents, but I didn’t need to. Mine were going to be at the ball tonight. My Dad was supposedly giving a speech, he was after all one of the figures who organised the event and my Mum well she just tagged along so she could see me. They were going to be there two hour tops Mum said, a meal and speech. I can’t even say I’m bothered about them being there, I’m actually excited for my Mum to see me. Hopefully she wouldn’t cry again though.


I walked slowly behind Jade and Sapphire their dates being from Slytherin were already walking with them. I didn’t want to be a fifth wheel so I just walked slowly behind. Sometimes I forget how long the walk is from the Slytherin common room to the Great Hall, and I can tell you in heels the trip is five hundred times longer. Especially since they’d took me the long way.

We’d gone up a different stairwell, so we’d be walking down the stairs before the great hall rather than up them. Jade said it would make my entrance more dramatic than walking up the stairs. I made a joke about how it would look like I was ascending from hell, if we’d have gone the original quicker route. Of course that ended with a slap on the arm.

I’d actually enjoyed today spending some time with my dorm mates, but it did also remind me why I liked the quidditch and boyish life so much, I definitely could not go through with this every day.

They turned to look at me before they made their own way down the stairs. “Good luck!” They whispered in union, for twins it scared me how much they were a like.

I breathed in deeply. The nerves hitting me again. I bit my lip as I slowly walked down the stairs holding on to the bannister. I needed the extra support.

My eyes scanned the bottom of the stairs. The students were gathering , meeting up. I couldn’t see Eylan; there were too many Durmstrang boys already here. My eyes did see James though; he was waiting by the other set of stairs his back to me. I smiled sadly taking in a shaky breath. Closing my eyes for a second of composure, I opened them to see Eylan standing at the bottom of the stairs, his arm opened ready for me. He was grinning goofily and I couldn’t help but smile back. Tonight was going to be fun; I had my best friend at my side that’s all that matters.


DO YOU LOVE ME? I Think you should with this quick update, unless you hated the chapter then you probably hate me, and if that's the case i am truly sorry.

but anyway... like always I don't own anything that you recognise...

SO tell me what did you think, do you like Cora? like her dress. WHAT ABOUT THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM? Did you see Eylan coming? did you know? come on tell me!!!

I had it planned from the begining, i just told it a little different from what i originally intended, but hey ho it's out now, so come one tell me!!!

next chapter is from James P.O.V again so we shall see what happens mwahhahahahah.....

yeah so if you haven't got the hint already i would love it if you'd drop a little review telling me what you liked about it, or dislike come on.... i want to know good or bad... promise i won't over react!

Anyway thank you for reviewing and hopefully reviewing!! :)

- I'll try be quick with part two, but no promises xoxoxxo

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