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We Are Who We Are by ohnobeans
Chapter 5 : Drunk
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“Rose, you’re drunk, let’s go,”

A giggle, “mmnot druuuunk, Scorpy,”

“You’re absolutely pissed, Rosie,” the boy, Scorpy, sighs exasperatedly but you can see a small smile playing on his lips, “I told Al I’d get you back to your room, now let’s go.” 

There’s a pout forming on Rose’s (perfectly pink and kissable) lips, “I don’t waaaanna go to bed yet, Scorpiuuuuus,” a mischievous grin takes the place of the pout and Scorpius knows he’s in trouble (not just because he’s madly in love with the girl in front of him). The redhead dances away from the blonde and beings to drunkenly sing.

Scorpius rolls his eyes and walks over to the dancing girl, grabbing her around the waist and putting a hand over her mouth, “You’re going to get us caught, you ninny, stop singing,” Rose licks his hand and he scowls, “Cut it out, Rose.”

Rose turns to face him so that the two are nearly nose to nose (breathe, Scorpius, this is Rose, just Rosie your best friend). She lets out a breathy giggle, something she only does when drunk, and presses a drunken, sloppy kiss to his cheek, “I love you, Scorpius!”

Scorpius smiles, and it’s almost a sad smile, “I love you too, Rosie Posie,”

The girl in front of him frowns and pulls away, “No, Scorpius, I reallyreallyreally love you. This much,” She stretches her arms out wide and grins proudly, “In love with you!”

Scorpius’ heart stops. A drunken mind speaks a sober heart, right? There’s a beat of silence, and then a sigh, “Let’s get you to bed,”

Rose stomps her feet much like a petulant child would (except it’s something she does all the time), “M’not ready for bed!”

Scorpius raises an eyebrow at her behavior, knowing it’s futile to argue with her when she’s like this (or any time really, boy does that girl have a temper), “What are you ready for then?” He asks dryly. (He’d bet anything that she wants food).

“Blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes,” as an afterthought she adds, “with loads of syrup!” She grinned at him, her blueblue eyes glazed over from the alcohol.

Scorpius, almost as if he can’t help himself (he can’t), grins in response and holds out his hand for her to take. She links her fingers with his, and then, without so much as a warning (he really wish she’d start warning him) she was pulling him along (not that he’s complaining about her holding his hand, that is).

He tugs on her hand to slow her down, laughing all the while, “Slow down, Weaslette. I’m not cleaning up your vomit, remember the deal?”

“’I love you, Weaslette, but not enough to ever clean up your puke again. Next time you vomit near me you’re on your own, got it?’” She recites, looking back at him over her shoulder with a look that’s pure Weasley trouble, but she stops her pulling nonetheless causing him to collide with her.

“Bloody hell, Rosie, warn a bloke the next time you’re coming to a stop,” He steps back (being that close to a girl you’re infuriatingly in love with is begging for trouble, after all).

She pulls him back to her (bugger), “Don’ move away from me,”

Rose is so close (again) he can feel her breath tickling his neck. Before he can stop it her free hand is reaching up and tracing his jaw line (oh sweet Salazar this girl is going to be the death of him). He looks down to meet her eyes and what he sees in them scares the hell out of him.

He hastily backs away from her, putting at least a metre between them, “I told Al I’d get you to bed.” Scorpius manages to ground out, looking as if saying it was causing him pain.

Rose begins to protest, but Scorpius quickly silences her with his wand (he’ll pay for that in the morning). He grabs her hand and without looking at her he begins to walk towards Gryffindor Tower. Had he chanced a look he would have seen an incredible look of defeat and, although Rose would deny it with everything she’s got, heartbreak. 

A/N: well here's another Rose/Scorpius! they're about 16 here! 

next up is Roxanne. let me know if there's any character you're interested in seeing! :) as always, read and review! any reviews are welcome as I'm always trying to improve my writing! 

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